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  1. TomJefferson

    Going to National Parks Is Racist, Declares ABC News

    Well I hoped the liberal bastages believed this BS and stay away. The Covid numbers at Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are now through the roof. Got more great news too, same assholes coming here and spreading the disease are now banning US from going to their states, ie NY, NJ, Chicago. Anyway its a shock to a liberal that black folk mostly are inner city and don't like the woods. They can't generalize blacks and can only generalize whites. If blacks aren't going to National Parks it has to be all those signs saying "Whites Only". A liberal by definition is an idiot. Tj
  2. I guess they never look in their stands to see who use to watch.
  3. TomJefferson

    Moving to the DFW area!

    Good luck. Spent ten years myself in Houston. Lot's of opportunity in big cities which is why there are big cities in the first place. As far as Dallas goes, God knows I've lived in worse. Hell I lived in Chicago which makes Dallas look like a utopia. Still there are many things big cities have in common like life is in the fast lane, crime, traffic, etc. but it was them I made my career so I could end where I have. We all must choose career path or standard of living. As far as big cities go, Dallas offers a much better mix than most. Tj
  4. TomJefferson

    The REAL reason for the spike in C19 “cases!”

    Mind you her acessment of the media and political twisting of numbers is correct, her assessment of what actually is is not correct because she doesn't take lag time into consideration or demographics. People typically do no die of Covid the day they are diagnosed and typical hospital stays are weeks not days. Also, 65% of the case increases right now are people from the ages of 20-45. Without all the hype, what I can tell you is this one bad bug that left to its own will over tax our medical system not only killing Covid 19 patients but folks who can't get access to medical care that normally would. Next, its a virus though its disease if very bad, its transmission is like any other virus. That's how it moves from one person to the next. Covid 19 does not have a brain so doesn't choose its victims. Man is the media and politicians misleading us on all that. Anyway there's Covid 19 the virus then there is Covid 19 the disease, two totally different topics. How we get a microbiological disease any disease and covid 19 is no exception is how much exposure, how long, and how susceptible we are. Put simply that's why summer disease numbers naturally decline because transmission is down and people are generally more healthy. This entire thing of shutting down was to buy our hospitals time to react to this crisis. Its turned however, like the girl says, into some political point during an election year. Even to me who has a micro background and totally believes how bad this bug is, some of the crap that's going on right now is fugging ridiculous. For example, did you ever recall getting the flu or virus from a restaurant? Know why? People coughing their head off don't go to resturants, if they did, you would avoid them, and you aren't in there but a limited amount of time. Logic has gone out the window. My greatest fear is not we can't stop this virus because we can't. My greatest fear is we have squandered the time all this BS has bought and come this fall we are all in for hell. Like those numbers do not take into consideration we're still mitigating its spread, I don't see more hospital bed availability in my area, no new hospitals, no test hospitals waiting to be set up, no major hiring of medical personal and training, etc. That girl is dead nuts on this has become some political BS and the real danger is now lost in politics. I mean how stupid do they think we are that protests with 1,000s are OK but not a football game? This pandemic like all pandemics in history is a personal responsibility and sadly like all others government has and will be shown to be powerless against it. As I have previously, I encourage my brothers here on the forum to see through the smoke and mirrors, take the natural precautions, and get on with life. Its a hoax and its the end of the world are both equally wrong. Apply some common sense, change a few things like wear a mask WITH eye protection when in close quarters with strangers, change your clothes, shower, and wash your hands frequently and do what you do. You know when to do what and when and don't need the media or politicians who never took a science course to tell you. Tj
  5. I hope they burn it down. The irony in that would be hilarious.
  6. TomJefferson

    A little crazy near me today.....

    Word is out, you are a hero of the revolution if you are a criminal. Nobody is safe right now. I haven't said in my life my favorite line as I have the last few weeks. What do you do if someone comes at you with a gun? ...........................Shoot them first. Tj
  7. Of course they are preparing charges. The message throughout this nightmare is they(the political system) supports the looting, rioting, burning, and in this case criminal trespassing and there is nothing the police or we can do about it. Yes, both political sides sees this a win. The Democrats and Republicans both see it as base consolidation appealing to different segments but vitalizing both segments. We the people are caught in the middle. We already let them trash our freedoms over this pandemic as a good idea to temporarily put a hold on things to give hospital times to some now draconian plan to control lives long term so why not see how far we will allow ourselves to be pushed for our safety? Its all very Machiavellian, ignore who's doing what to you because you have a common enemy and you can't get a more visible common enemy than cops and the white rich. Almost all the charges brought up during this BLM media induced crisis has been BS. Why not? They can depend on a broken criminal justice system that's not only taking months even years to actually do anything but a system broken by the pandemic that's been letting actual burglars go free with no jail or bail all over the country. A close friend of mine, a retired Coast Guard Captain, his disabled kid caught a burglar in the act, got the snot beat out of him, and when caught with the goods in his hands just minutes later, the criminal got a summons in October no less. We may have to interface with the public during this pandemic but the elite isn't. All you have to do is watch TV and see all the elite bastages broadcasting from their basements. Heck even Biden is. What we are experiencing is classic Tin Foil Sci Fi pandemic shat here man. Classic! Its exactly like the play book. A disease that kills and disables for even if you survive your resources are depleted from long hospital stays, a breakdown of society with lawlessness, wealth redistribution by force, police pulled back, and not only are we on our own but damned if we do or if we don't. Its like NOLA Katrina on steroids. Now these people not only can they afford lawyers, hell they are lawyers. Those of us who don't have the money thus clout to stay out of jail, dang, and you can bet the media isn't covering that aspect of the lone defender defending home and castle having the system come down upon them for daring to not give up life and limb for the political cause. I'm sure there's hundreds out there right now already in trouble for daring to do anything to stop this. They go after cops for doing their job, there's no hesitation to go after society because we society put the cops out there. Old Tj isn't telling folks to get ready because I'm wise. I'm hearing this from every cop buddy I have and I have tons of them. This isn't Helter Skelter some sort of BS racial war. Its criminal gets a pass, screw you if you have money they can suck out of you, and we have only two choices. We can either hide and pray its not our turn or we can fly the flag and dare any motherfreaker stupid enough to try to desecrate it. Its time to stop talking Rebel Flags and statues and be that rebel. Not only stand behind our police but in front of them till we win our country back. Its time to be their worst nightmare. Turn the TV off and get involved. I'm proud as hell of my friends that have volunteered to be auxiliary cops right now and of those part timers pulling full time. I would too if I wasn't old as snot. I will do what I can do. I carry as I always have. I won't drop my morals or ethics, I fly my flag, wave at every cop I see to let them know they aren't alone, my politicians not only all know my name but know how I feel, and God help the SOB that crosses that line that's always been there and always will. Tj
  8. TomJefferson

    You Don't Have to Defund the Police, You Can Just Demoralize Them

    I'd say they've already done the demoralizing.
  9. "When the police are told to stand down, you better be prepared to stand up." Tj I applaud what this couple had the courage to do. If they were so obviously stinking rich, I'd offer actual support. Even then there is such a thing as a principle and nothing sucks as much as this "Police stand down" BS. As for these kids, I have two comments. I'm pretty old now and if the media had given my generation the green light to loot and vandalize and the politicians had the cops stand down, I have little doubt it would be worse then than what it is now. Kids are kids and the blame for this shat needs to go squarely where it should be, the left politicians. Next, note here guys this BS is indeed spreading out to the burbs. If you aren't lock and loaded, man, are you missing the clues. With the big cities standing down, it won't take them long to realize the rest of us have so few cops, it wont take much to overwhelm them. Now that doesn't always men mass numbers for a line stuff but as simple as they can't be in two places at the same time. Even old Tj has upped his game. Having had to actually legally use a firearm many times in life for self defense, my choice of weapon and amount of ammunition normally is a lot less than most of you guys. I'm talking I usually only carry a pocket pistol. For now, I've upped that man to what many of you all would call normal. Had to get pretty creative too. I've even cranked out the old shoulder holsters so I can carry a full size with spare mags concealed. At home, I haven't changed much but then I have been prepared for "Mutant Zombie Bikers" for years, a term from a friends book mean social unrest. Having already lived through a home invasion, there's a hidden gun in every room and an AR with spare mags ready to rock and roll. Never thought there would be a warning but here you are a warning. The decay of our society is happening live on TV. This is a hell of a lot of crazy shat to get Joe Biden elected. Its no big happy coincidence Joe Biden says something racist and within a month cities are in flames. There are too many assholes out there who think the TV is their best friend and the TV is telling them "go for it" even if your politicians and police are not standing down. These people are not going to stop and ask you who you voted for. They don't care and right now insane as it sounds old Charlie Manson's "Helter Skelter" is being encouraged by the media. Like Obama's first run for president, crime in general is going to increase and so will black on white crime. With this pandemic restrictions, exponentially increase and you are not going to hear about it on the news if it makes the special people look bad. For those of you in "Must retreat" states, my prayers are with you. To the rest of us, I say "Lock and load boys". This is going to get worse before it gets better. Tj
  10. Probably to keep his gun from being jerked out of his hands.
  11. TomJefferson

    DOJ Has Been on an Indictment Spree Against Violent Anarchists

    Our freedom ends at the feet of out neighbor. That's all our rights not just Free Speech. Our rights do not entitle us to deprive the rights of others by the exercising thereof. Deprive your neighbors of their rights, they have just as much right to defend themselves. Tj
  12. TomJefferson

    Equality for All

    As long as politicians tell rioters its OK, it will get worse. Did you all see the video of the black man chasing old white guys with a bullhorn screaming "Racist" with a ball bat over his shoulders? That took me back because there's a good chance I would have shot him if I was his target. That ball bat is a deadly weapon and that guy actually chasing his victims is a very clear intent of aggression. That kid thought he was entitled due to his race and yeah he got himself busted which then the protestors protested hm getting busted. A new standard is being created in which violent acts are condoned thus encouraged with remains to be seen a perceived entitlement and immunity based on race and political leaning. This is the type crap people die over.
  13. He's seeing spooks under his bed. Used it to be relevant and try to take pressure off him as now the most hated man in NASCAR. NASCAR "Hey our token black driver despite this being a southern sport wants the Rebel Flag gone cause he gets all offended and now he's skeered the KKK boogie man is coming to get him." NASCAR Give me a break. Ever been to a NASCAR race? NASCAR pandering to its black fans is like the major league baseball pandering to its Lithuanian fans all three of them..
  14. One day they will turn to the suburbs and private property. It will not end well. Tj