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  1. TomJefferson

    I don’t tip for take out; but now I do...

    We aren't doing take out unless we know its prepared anyone handling the food wears masks and gloves. Around here, that means we don't. The one exception is pizza. It comes out of a hot oven on a pizza paddle straight into the box. I pretty much grew up in a pizza joint as a kid. My best friends parents owned one. That said when Domino's Pizza did their half off sale a couple weeks ago, we stocked up and froze pizza. Kind of sucks now that our microwave just went out. One more example, of God has one heck of a sense of humor. Other exceptions, of course, is any food you can bring home then reheat up over 212 degrees F. That's a lot when you think of it, soups, Mexican food like burritos, etc. Tell you something else I do. I motorcycle now with hand sanitizer. You ought to watch me get gas. Its a downright procedure now of what I tough when. If I buy a drink, I rub it down with sanatizer. One stop a couple days ago, I did my hands four times, gas, restroom soap wash, pay, and drink wash. I also wear a mask. Now that said, I do anyway this time of year. The damn pollen will kill you even if Covid doesn't. Motorcycling like fishing, hunting, hiking, even driving a car are all good social isolation things to do. Now this said, I have a minor in microbiology and worked with germs that make Covid look like a wimp when I was in the Army. I'm very conscious of cross contamination etc. I tell you this because with a few adjustments, like Trump has been telling us all every day, There's no reason why we can't do almost anything, sit down restaurants, work, etc. For decades I've laughed at how we as a society have worried about some cooks hair getting in the pot when we should have been worried about snot, spit, and where that hands been. A few adjustments and there's no reason life can't go on until we build us a inherent immunity or have a vaccine. Since I'm on a roll, it kills me to listen to the talking heads about this shat. Never saw so many ignorant people willing to kill people for some political gain. For example, a doctor doesn't need the FDA's approval to use drugs already FDA approved. Likewise serum treatments, man that's 19th century medicine, 1800s. Now because Trumps president some idiot on TV is telling Americans, it must be approved. Makes me want to go Elvis on my TV and shoot it. Anyway, get out and enjoy the outdoors guys. You may find you like it. Tj
  2. TomJefferson

    Holy George Orwell

    Rode my motorcycle 6 hours yesterday. Figured I'd take that ticket and then go to court, shurg, and say "What law did I break?" I didn't even get a look from two state troopers and LEOs from three counties. In fact, Monroe county sheriff had in the paper he would not tolerate any of his officers stopping people for being out. Graham County NC is still manning their nobody in road blocks. About four of us, all friends and all social distanced about laughed our butt off when a Grahmn County car went by. We now call Graham county Propseroes County and the cars that come out of there "Red Death". Anyway rode 6 hours in the mountains despite the Governmors orders. That said, as far as I know, I did not violate a single safety protocol. I must have sanitized or washed my damn hands six times and I even wore gloves and a mask all day. Now to be fair about it, I always wear a mask and gloves when riding this time of year. The pollen would choke a horse. Stopped at two stores but only bought one drink which I sanatized before opening. Both places were using good practices. The one store had its door propped open so customers didn't have to touch it. The other serving food had a clear plastic sheet floor to ceiling in front of its food to limit exposure by customers while the food handlers wore masks and gloves. There was this one group that let's not say made nervous but definitely wasn't good protocol. They had designated a meeting spot and one by one staggered in hugging and stuff not practicing social distancing till there was like a dozen or so of them. Even then, they were off to themselves not endangering others. They chose an isolated spot to meet. Could have been a Walmart parking lot I reckon. The point I'm making is "one size fits all" and "Get the innocent to get the guilty." like always is unfair, unconstitutional, doesn't apply to everyone, and often doesn't work. These peckerwood politicians while worrying if we leave our house are willing to throw the Turkey hunter alone in the woods under the same bus with Ghetto mom let the kids play in the city park. This bug is not going away fellas. Its here now and all the government BS in the world isn't going to make it disappear like magic and we can't hide in our homes for two years waiting on a vaccine to be approved and distributed. Instead of thinking short term and violating our constitutional rights, just maybe they should think long term, educate the public how to live with this? You'd think "Let nobody die from this bug" is a better option than "Let grandma dies next year instead of this when we have more hospital beds." Tj
  3. TomJefferson

    Holy George Orwell

    Well there's doing the right thing because its the right thing to do then there's just plain being forced to do stupid crap. The fact some city folks are going insane in their apartments taking a drive isn't going to give me or anyone Covid 19. The assumption if they are moving, they are congregating is future crime BS and yet another get the innocent to get the guilty. All they've done is push this down to the enforcement level thus cops and having them try to figure out what to do if anything. As a law, at least in TN, it violates our state constitution but hey the county the other side of the mountains from the Dragon and Skyway are shutting down two of the four highways to get across the mountains and one of those is a Federal Highway. One of the big things I noticed when visiting China is they have so many laws, it blew my mind how many of them simply ignore them based on they can't catch us all It should be simple, but it won't. It should be if your actions endanger others then stop it but expecting cops to play doctors is about as wise as expecting a politician to. I mean hell, they are closing down national parks with isolation you can only dream of in a pandemic. Duh? Tj
  4. TomJefferson

    Holy George Orwell

    Governor Lee of TN announced yesterday a "Shelter in place" order......................get ready for it.........................based on tracking our cell phone movement. Holy George Orwell Batman. Seeing you can't pass a virus car to car etc., this is some scary shat, scarier than the damn virus. Well guess what? I lived most of my life without a cell phone and I can again. I won't endanger anyone. Its not my style and I do have a medical background so........................catch me if you can. Tj
  5. TomJefferson

    Hey Valkyrie1911

    Dang Val, you have another birthday? Happy one bud.
  6. TomJefferson

    Oregon + Other Governors EOs to "Stay at Home"

    A lot of political posturing right now. Its almost a "Let's see how far we can push it.". The county just the other side of the Dragon and Skyway announced they are shutting the county down to out of state visitors. They're setting up road blocks and you have to show a local ID. Besides the Dragon is US129 a federal highway, they listed so many roads there isn't enough cops in the county to cover 1 or 2. Being Hillbilly NC, they're big announcement isn't even known this side of the mountains let alone Nationwide. The idea these guys think they'll get infected by a passing car or motorcycle had me in stitches. I figure Billybobjimjack just wanted his ten minutes of fame. None of this crap they're asking is enforceable, none, even Trump. People are doing it because its the right thing to do. Its funny that it makes them feel powerful but its also a warning that "One size fits all" of the big cities can be downright problematic to us rural folks. I for one am not being inconvenienced that much. Almost all my recreational activities other than the occasional basketball game or concert are outdoor activities. You aren't going to catch some virus shooting, fishing, taking a hike in the woods, hunting, motorcycling, or even driving a car Knoxville asked that all non-essential business close so my son, a millennial is home with pay playing video games with all his pals online. Now my daughter inlaw is a nurse so she strips and showers when she comes home. We use hand sanitizer etc. but then we were anyway cause we don't want the damn flu. Oh we have some concerns, my nephew who never took a science class in his life thinks its all a hoax and is pissed at us older folks we won't watch his kids right up until there was a corona positive at his wife's place of work and even then he's upset the schools announced now they are closed till the end of April. We don't have to worry about the millennial, its the damn "Me Generation" that will spread this bug. Otherwise unpopular as it is, Trump is right. People will learn the "do's and don'ts" during this time and we can start getting back to normal. If you avoid the flu, you can avoid this bug, a virus is a virus, and this one has no more a brain than the flu does. BTW, This is a bad bug. Published twice in "Mortality and Morbidity" I can tell you we have never seen anything like this one. We have as a people zero inherent immunity so even you guys that never get the flu, this one can get you and whoopie you young guys will live but you'll have the lungs of a 70 year old smoker. Our 1.3% mortality rate is because we've done all this crap or we would be like Italy. We have slowed the transmission and not overwhelmed our hospitals yet. Now to tell you how bad this is if we do assume only a 50% infection rate like they claim, that's still 2.5 million deaths. This bug is just getting started and the worst is yet to come. It isn't going to go away like magic or the flu would have gone away. Gradually we will as a people build us a natural immunity through very limited exposure like a live virus vaccination and eventually they'll be a vaccine which if they are smart will just be added to the flu shot. People will continue to die from this thing from now on but it will be not as dangerous with time. Until then, practice good procedures and try to go on with your life. Like I said, this is only working because of us, the people. Like post 9/11, once more I find myself proud to be an American because the people are really stepping up, well other than my nephew. Life will change forever after this but it won't be government shutdowns. People will know now and react on their own just like the schools have been already regarding flu. Just now, its going to be on the personal level like us folks who avoid the flu every year. Tj
  7. TomJefferson

    CA issues statewide “stay home” order

    More one size fits all mentality from socialists. Tj
  8. TomJefferson

    The chinese are lying but how much?

    Bigger than you can probably believe. More than the media saying the Dems are blocking the stimulus package because of corporations not "Pork" proposals. I do business in China. The company I work with owns a plant there. Been there and traveled China. Unlike our socialist, China is partnered with business. Like our socialist, they'll let people die to project their political agenda. You can fill in the blanks. They won't let their economy tank to save lives. Apparently our socialist are willing to let people die to force their political agenda because apparently neither are we. I love the people of China but their government sucks. I love the American people more but our government sucks too. Tj
  9. TomJefferson

    My daughter's being kicked out of her dorm.

    Doing the same here at UT.
  10. TomJefferson

    Gun sales in Tennessee halted

    Just a quick comment. Its not a big leap of logic that a lot of folks especially lower income folks are going to be outta work over this and that's where the entitlement mentality lives. We're really close to going all Argentina on this and crime rates will sky rocket. Note: Argentina devalued their currency by 50% to pay debt and before they recovered people were shooting each other over food. No surprise at all there's a run on guns. They're thinking Stephen King "The Stand" at least all the bad parts with less pickings. Tj
  11. TomJefferson

    Domestic Travel now under threat.

    Terminals are only second to schools for disease spreading and in some cases worse because its city to city rather than a community. When the airlines asked for "Free Money", they opened themselves up for this much as the Big Three did so Obama could restructure them. We should have seen this coming. On the other hand, they try to stop all interstate traffic except the big trucks, they'll have a real problem on their hands. American's will ignore that more then they did the snow bans in Ohio. If you have a reason strong enough to risk your health to get there, hell or high water will stop an American. There would be so many local police would be incapable of enforcing it and in many instances just flat out won't. This I can tell you about China the news isn't. China is a country as a culture they ignore government bans and laws. Its like they know there's too many of them to enforce it. For example, "No Smoking" they just ignore it completely opposite of here or Europe. Next and I know many of you won't like this, their family bond is much much higher than anywhere in the world I have traveled. They put it way above government which is why their government, once more different than us, encourages it. For example, housing is mostly built so families can live together. Typical is son and daughter live on the 2nd floor and Grandma and Grandpa on the 3rd and rural communes are like family villages. Don't want to get into the BS of one son which is totally wrong as Americans believe it is. I have no doubt and what I hear from China, if the government can lock cities and intercity travel down, the people have to agree with it which means this truly is one bad ass bug. Last but not least, keep your ammo dry fellas. If this bug is truly that bad, the entitlements will feel justified taking by force from the haves. Its just a matter of time. There's already been riots and looting on massive scales in other countries, Iran etc. While the media is "God Blessing Medical folks", they should be cops because the more we shut things down even temporarily, the more crime will increase. Think ENOLA! This could be like a national hurricane and bottom feeders aren't much on putting back supplies for hard times and they live paycheck to paycheck and WILL be the most impacted by this shutdown. I mean really these fools are stocking up on toilet paper without a thought in the world if you don't eat you don't shat. Tj
  12. TomJefferson

    The Upside To A Pandemic

    Yep. Got a call last night from a family member wanting to buy ammo.
  13. TomJefferson

    Hey muddyduck

    Happy Birthday buddy!
  14. TomJefferson

    Biden Loses Argument Over Gun Ban With Michigan Voter

    Mr. All you need is your trusty shotgun shoot them through the door Biden, tell me it isn't so?
  15. TomJefferson

    Houston Live stock show and Rodeo Cancelled

    Shame. When I use to live in Houston use to go every year. Its a lot of fun. Saw some big country stars too.