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  1. Thanks, We're already quite attached to it. We're spending the night tonight to catch the lunar eclipse.,
  2. I told you all we'd wake up one day and those big city liberals would be giving us no choice but take a bus or train and we'd be going "What bus or train?"
  3. Morning from Smoky Mountains Tn. Bit tired. I've been at this truck camper thing about 7:30 to 5:00 every day now for a week. Its like moving into an apartment.
  4. We'll she's finally home to stay. I had to take her back so they could get a number for a warranty, a very small tear in the canvas so they could eventually replace it all. Had me put it on a concrete platform that must have been at a 20 degree angle up a loose gravel mound. Man, if I can load this thing on that, I can load it anywhere. It was so bad I couldn't back up it except in four wheel drive. We're in the process of loading her up. As many of you all know, you buy a new camper, its like buying a house or moving to an apartment. You have to move in. The difference in a Truck Camper, its more like stocking up a knew giant backpack. Unless you want the backseat of your truck totally unusable with stuff, there's a size and weight issue. In fact, we're using a lot of backpack gear, small light weight. Man is thing comfortable. Full size queen bed is a Serta mattress which we topped with 2" memory foam topper, same we have on our bed at home. I added a small folding step to make getting in and out of bed easier. My boondocking gear, I bought using my Amex miles. Bought a Champion inverter 2500 watts enough to run the AC and fridge plus battery charge. Plan is to pull a small trailer on very long hauls which will have genny, gas, water, and external blackwater tank. With the solar panel, should give me a good seven days of boondocking. Here she is popped up. Pop up and pop down is hit one button. Its like the advantages of a tent and hard side. 7' ceiling height and the Max fan, pulls a breeze in for when you don't want to run AC. We can sit upright in bed and plenty of room in the bed for us and our three ankle biter little dogs. Access is Torklift scissor steps so just like steps at a house. Inside pic is from the bed. The square on the left is the bathroom and grey things are hanging bags for extended stays.
  5. What I've read so far, three guns, semiauto rifle, handgun, and shotgun, no specifics on what types. He apparently published a manifesto with his clear intent on the net along with rantings about white genocide and immigration displacement as a government policy. Me? I think its it wanted to be net famous. A nut case for sure.
  6. I'm probably stating the obvious. When Obama unable to get his Cap and Trade bill passed used the three letter agencies to shut down the coal industry, that's when Democrats began the rein of terror on American industry using that method. When they're in power, the agency bureaucrats feel impowered. The FDA shutdown the Abbot baby formula plant that makes Similac, the number 1 baby formula, despite not having in proof of a link to the infant deaths they were investigating. They cited Health Code violations or pretty much things that needed to be fixed. Usual is to allow the plants to fix issues but keep operating pretty much like a restaurant health inspection. They decided to shut her down completely with no thought to the consequences. Same thing now is happening to the petrochemical industry, example the San Antonio refinery. We're in for a hell of a ride with these Marxists and I fear this is just the beginning. Tj
  7. You guys remember the video of the druggie with the knife in Chicago being shot at the fast food place after slashing tires and refusing to lay the knife down? After they threw that officer under the bus, I'd had been looking for a new job myself.
  8. Mind you I think Trump hands down was the best president of my lifetime, however the entire Covid 19 shutdown was an overreach of government power and a clusterfug of the highest order. Tj
  9. Took a motorcycle ride yesterday. As you may have heard, the baby formula shortage has really hit TN hard. About everyone I bumped into was talking about pallets of baby formula sent to the border.
  10. All I can tell you is man did I overthink this camper I just bought. Its actually been detrimental.
  11. I was just talking yesterday to a friend of mine that when we were small, we didn't have baby formula. Mom's had to do a lot more than today. It was just whole milk and then add a little this a little that and starting infants on solids slowly over a long period of time. It never ceases to amaze me how much life skills have been lost in this age of convenience. Heck most millennials can't imagine a time when food didn't have an expiration date and you had to rely on appearance, smell, and taste. This shortage was directly caused by government during the pandemic. They all but devastated the dairy industry. Just by closing the schools, the number 1 consumer of milk products, farmers were pouring milk out on the ground and they closed the schools for two years. Farmers cost meanwhile didn't go away. I'm afraid there won't be a quick fix to this. Tj
  12. TN just passed "Right to Carry" concealed handgun for 18 year olds.
  13. When Hillary was secretary of state, she brokered the uranium deal with Russia. Being blunt, massive amounts of pay off's were involved to both the Clintons directly and to their fake charity. Unlike Ukraine which kept throwing the Bidens a bone, I don't think the Russians were too damn happy with that. If you guys have been watching any of the videos on the net, just those videos, man, are the Russians taking massive casualties in both personnel and equipment. Putin is vowing to stop the influx of western military aid now. The Ukraine war, Russia is taking causalities like it hasn't seen since WWII. Their economy is being trashed and so is ours and Putin is pointing a finger right at us. Man, this is scary stuff. Its like 1939 all over again. Tj
  14. Yep, its insane here right now. Just in my county, two giant Amazon warehouses are going up, Denzo is expanding yet again, Smith and Wesson plant is under construction, and there's more moderate size business' going in, they can't keep track of it. Houses are lucky to make it two days on the market and selling prices are above asking. We even now have two "wouldn't go there because the cost is way too high" restaurants now. My semi rural existence is threatened.
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