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  1. Its a win win for the Democrats. The more law enforcement violates peoples homes, the more people hate law enforcement, and they are the party of hate law enforcement. Second debate, they spent 20 minutes trashing cops and not a one spoke up even saying we need them. As for Harris, what a twit. Miss Civil Rights winner over being the recipient of busing in CALIFORNIA is a nutcase. In fact, the extreme left nutcases have taken over the Democratic Party.
  2. TomJefferson

    Digital vs. Balance Scale

    When I load, I load at different levels of precision. Of course, individual weighing each round is the highest precision. Now as for balance beam vs electronic scale, if you assume one grain is one grain no matter how you get there, they both have the same precision. The difference then is an electronic scale is much faster. Now that said unlike a scale purely based on gravity, an electronic scale is all about technique. You basically need to insure its in calibration by using a dead weight or two and the how differs by scale manufacturer with the better ones have a calibration feature. Calibration features vary from simply a zero adjustment to zero and span basically two adjustments here and then there. Its still way faster than a balance beam. Note on any scale, lower the range the more accurate the scale. As for which electronic scale, that depends on how precision a load you plan to do. I use an older Lyman with double weights. I do precision loads and my technique is pretty good because I have used scales my entire work career. A more expensive scale, it does fine but even it has a quirk. Mine is designed to work on either a 9 volt or AC adapter. It drifts more without the 9volt so I run both at the same time. Of the newer scales dedicated to reloading, I don't really know. The new Lyman 2000 uses one weight for calibration but claims to have "anti-drift" while the RCBS 2000 and Hornady 1500 use a classic two weight. I'd probably lean now to a two weight. All three of these are $100 plus options. Now that doesn't mean the cheapies don't have place either. If you check them say with a balance beam for repeatability, they're not bad for a slightly lessor precision loads. They're basically just not as precise and don't last as long but then how important that is depends on your weight goal and how many rounds you load. Tricklers are just like electronic scales in that they are faster than manually trickling with a powder spoon. Hands down the best trickler is the Redding no. 5. They all pretty much work on the same principle but the Redding has a very heavy base which makes it more stable. Pretty much all these things, the more you use them and continually check your results, the better you get and faster you get. There's a learning curve to this stuff just like there is to all the reloading stuff and this vs that down to how fast. I have found if you think of reloading as manufacturing, you do better. That means applying a quality control plan. I give as much emphasis to a quality control plan as I do actual load data. My plans include a sample timing etc and its continually changing. If I have a load, I have quality plan but many of the plans overlap. For example, a plinker load for .223 55 grain and 62 grain would possibly have the same plan, check this many rounds out of this many for powder weight, etc. Hope this helps. Tj
  3. TomJefferson

    Social Security help

    OK just did that too. Medicare part A which is hospital only everyone gets and is about 80% of billed. Medicare part B which is doctors visits that you have to pay for out of your Social Security, a little over $100 month. That pays 80% after the part B deductible depending on which plan of the B's you get. Most of us that gets more than minimum social security, that means plan F or G with F being slowly obsoleted. The other plans with all the free stuff, you have to be almost destitute to get. If you follow then, you get a supplemental plan that covers what A & B doesn't. Now here's what the salesman won't tell you. All supplemental part B plans are the same. What they cover is mandated by law, basically anything medicare covers. The only difference being how much they charge and how often they raise pricing. AARP is expensive. Now drug plans will blow your mind. They're nothing like private insurance. They're all way worse and who covers what all over the place. These you need to figure out what drugs you are on or predict what drugs you may be on, see who covers it best, and what the annualized cost is. You need to do that annualized cost thing because of the infamous "donut". Some drugs this plan doesn't cover at all, others its very little, etc. They have these schedules where the classify about every drug out there and they differ company to company. Donut is where they cover almost all the cost up until this amount then you aborb more cost then once you reach a plateau they pick up again. This by far is the vast majority of plans out there with one exception, AARP. AARP charges three times the monthly fee, you pay more per prescription, but there's no donut. This is why you need to shop around and think annual cost. The best approach is use a broker which carries many plans. They'll come to your house, download your meds in their computer, and tell you your annual cost and which plan is best. The exception again is AARP which they don't use brokers. Them you have to have their salesman come in and do the same thing. AARP relies heavily not on competing but advertising through AARP. Obviously if you follow all this craziness, you may have to work with your doctor to adjust your meds to make it easier on you. There's no rhyme or reason to that either. I just had a script for a generic drug which in this case I prefer but the plan insisted on the brand name. Go figure? Any of the chronic illness drugs, name your got to eat it from now on pill, cost is through the roof. Periodic meds are cheap. Now because this crap is all over the damn place and basically sucks donkey shat, the government passed a law once a year you can change supplemental with no penalty and they have to pick you up. That's the open enrollment period the talk about. Its not that's when you have to sign up but when you can change. Initial sign up, can be anytime but I'd start a good 3 months before. Now what that also means if open enrollment falls in your initial enrollment time, man, they're all busy doing changes and its harder to get them to help you and they know you have to so will give priority to those changing because that's a limited window of time. Open enrollment is Oct 15th through December 7th. Sucks to turn 65 then in January or February. Medicare part A and B are kind straight forward. Its the drug plans that has people doing crazy crap like getting divorced, liquidating, etc. to try to stay alive. For example, transplant rejection meds are so high its pretty common while even something as common as diabetes someone with poverty income will do something drastic like that. The idea being in true socialist fashion if you don't make crap money wise and don't own crap and don't have money in the bank, you can get on the free programs, Advantage plans, which are basically HMO's which you can forget pick your own doctor and treatment but you may be able to get dental and vision. Basically Medicare sucks. A single person ends up paying monthly about what a family does on private insurance and a couple almost double on average. The people who have private insurance that continues to cover them as a supplement after retirement have it made while those that don't, don't. Our insurance dropped us like a hot potato when we turned 65 and its not like they announce they are going to do that either. Tj
  4. TomJefferson

    Social Security help

    Oh yes, one more thing. Don't forget taxes. The IRS does not exempt Social Security. You have to think of it as gross income not net.
  5. TomJefferson

    Social Security help

    I'm on the early retirement socialist plan right now myself. Limit is $1,400 a month but no more than 10 hours a week income or they take $1 for every $2 over that amount out of Social Security. At my full retirement age, that restriction is lifted. Pretty much, I'm watching my bank account drain until I reach 66. To answer your question, there's a bunch of exceptions to what is income. You will have to read up on that. It includes things like pensions and 401K/IRA withdrawls but does include anything with a W2 or 1099. 1099 its net income after expenses. Most folks I know do something cash and carry like buying and reselling vehicles, flea markets, etc. instead of getting jobs. Your wife's/spouses income does count as income and you can't draw off a spouse till the spouse retires. My wife retired at 62. With me still working, it was only like $300 a month. Once I retired, she could draw off me and it tripled. The entire decision process is your best guess on how long you will live. Then its straight forward math. The other consideration is how fast your health is deteriorating and with like me, deciding I better retire so I can do the things I want to or I won't be able to do the things I want to. Its a lot of simply deciding I will do what I need to do, knowing what your monthly expense budget is, and what income you will have. That amount they reduce social security for retiring early reduces dramatically once you are over 65 to where those last months its not much. Likewise how much you gain waiting until you reach 70 is not much. There's some pretty good tables on this in percentages on the Social Security site. By browsing that, my estimate of how much we would draw was within $100 before I retired. Pretty much for me it was by this age, I won't be doing that anymore. For example, I doubt I will be motorcycling or boating at age 80, etc. There's a lot of gotcha who knew rules like for me my Birthday was on the 1st of the month so my government birthday was the 1st of the previous month. Good for Social Security but a Holy Cow for Medicare. Another surprise nobody tells us is to even claim disability I was told you can't as long as you are making over $1,000 a month. I don't know how long you have to not do that to claim. Now that's a catch 22 because the lower the amount you earn, the lower the amount you can draw if you don't get disability. In other words, the government has decreed, you can't retire because you can't work unless you are already unemployed. Another gotcha is you don't get paid until their magic pay day based on your Birthday. For example, I retired June 1st but didn't get my first Social Security check until the 3rd Wed in July. That mean seven weeks before a first check. I also had to be retired a month before my wife's increase picked up. I'm still having a hell of a time reducing my budget. Nobody cooperates either. For example, Cable TV is like the jokes. They'll not give you the introductory rate they advertise unless you don't have cable. Car insurance, same thing. Dropping this or that doesn't help as much as dropping it then changing insurance carriers. Automatic billing, I'm almost convinced doesn't end unless you cancel your credit card. Nobody cooperates on that. Its like pulling teeth. Good luck. I know its a hard decision. What I had to do was take a "Frig them" approach and I wasn't going to let the system dictate to me when I could retire and I'll just cope with whatever approach. The system is geared to have you work until the only thing you can do when you retire is watch the grass grow while draining every dime you have. Tj
  6. TomJefferson

    The Opioid Epidemic

    OK, You asked. Despite a majority of illegal opiods these days actually walking across the border on the backs of illegals then compressed into pill form in a garage, the government has targeted doctors for over prescribing to the point not only people who really need pain meds aren't getting them but they've forced the legal price up so high its a lucrative business even on a temporary basis. The disabled poor have to sell half or more of their pills on the black market to get the money to have some themselves. Orthopedic dispensation is under such scrutiny the government is mandating how much dosage carte blanc across the board for given conditions. Makes one hope they break a leg. Chronic orthopedic in many states is delegated to pain clinics that because of how much scrutiny they are under even the legal prudent ones it costs $400 or more just to walk in the door which is 3x-4x a specialist office call. In TN there's no refills so its once a month. When you make it so difficult for those who really need them to get that they turn to the black market then you make the market bigger and recreational use goes up not down. Then they sit back and scratch their head why so many people are buying black market pain meds. Its sad really. You got lawyers playing doctor in government. Once or twice a year in my county the drug task force rounds of the geriatric old people who are selling their pain meds so they can afford their pain meds. Its sad as hell to see their pictures being arrested. Meanwhile the next county over in the big city, kids are dropping like flies from over dose, the vast majority now on non-prescription alternatives like heroin or fake prescription drugs. In Knoxville in one year there were over 300 deaths. Take it from someone who lived then, its worse than the heroin epidemic of the 60's when there were all sorts of free clinics to address the problem. Its so bad you dare not let anyone know you take pain meds. Had a man a couple miles from me with cancer found shot dead in his bed over his meds. We've had more than one team of home invaders that would target old folks at random because they assume they had to have meds in their house of some sort. The man shot in bed his girlfriend mentioned he had cancer at a party. Facebook is like a billboard advertising who to rob. There was this one country store in Ky that it was like a bad chapter out of the series "Justified" that would round up locals with chronic illnesses, pay them, bus them to FL and back, and then sold the pills, thousands of them, as groceries to people with EBT cards. You would not believe the number of agencies involved in that raid. Every time I hear some politician proclaim they're going to fix the opioid crisis, I cringe because I know they'll just make it worse. Government fixes everything the same way all screwed up. They can't run a car rebate program let alone fix this problem. Its as simple as making it more expensive and harder to get just makes the black market more viable by being more profitable. Meanwhile those on the front lines are living horror stories while most of us, like me, have no clue what is going on. I sure didn't until I got to talking to a friend of mine on the drug task force.
  7. TomJefferson

    Epstein dead

    You know what's really sad? We've known what this man had been doing for years but he was in the protected class of "The Machine".
  8. TomJefferson

    How would a universal BGC change gun buying?

    What it really means is a backdoor gun registration so that any gun that can't be traced back to a Form 4473 with your name on it is an illegal gun with you subject to gun charges and the gun to confiscation.
  9. TomJefferson

    IS there anything we can do about shootings?

    Oh hell yes there's something that can be done about these shootings. Allow families to sue the crap out of the news networks for making the shooters more famous than Billy The Kid thus promoting the next shooting all in the name of elect a Democrat. When I hear those media buttheads ask "What's the motive" I want to scream "To Become famous dumbass". Lets be honest here, the shooting of innocent people for any reason whatsoever is irrational. Its crazy insane thinking. So what's the media after? To understand an insane man? No its not. Its so the can find any right wing thing they can and blast it 24/7 while ignoring the left wing shooters which is most of them because, surprise dumbbutt, shooting innocent people is not a conservative value. Killing period isn't. They scream gun control, Trump is responsible, and the whole time they are more so than a Dime Novel in the 1800s. Our media makes Goebells look good. Tj
  10. TomJefferson

    Here we go again. Active shooter El Paso Texas

    My heart felt condelences and prayers go out to the people in El Paso. Its a city I've been to many times and spent many a night. Despite of the crime in Juarez, there's good folks there both sides of the river. While the media and politicians will spin this horrible crime to their advantage offering up the same lame idea take away guns from the law abiding in the hopes they stop a criminal solutions, the real reason for this horrible crime is all the others, a nutcase wanting to become more famous than Billy The Kid. Dayton was just another example inspired just hours later by this horrible act. Our society is a "me" society ruled by cell phones and You Tube. The last thing that you will hear from the media is their part in such crimes against innocents. In fact, in their quest to destroy conservative movement and insure socialist rule, they'll throw dozens more under the bus by encouraging future mass shootings. I encourage all of you to stay the path and fight gun control. I don't know how this kid got his gun. I can assure you in TX with a little effort you can buy about any gun you can think of. First Israeli FA UZI's I ever saw were smuggled into TX from Mexico when I lived there. If you can't stop tons upon tons of illegal drugs, you aren't going to guns and every shipment of drugs coming into the country is accompanied by armed guards which aren't armed when they simply walk across the border to go back home. Next, we are going into another election cycle that's going to be as twisted as when Obama go first elected by the media. The propaganda machine is going to be in overtime mode. That not only means there's going to be more of this mass shooting happening which the odds any of us are impacted by it directly is very low but like Obama's first election, stranger on stranger crime on many levels all over the country is going to increase especially race and economic related crime. I encourage everyone to go armed and avoid gun free zones. Since this nut surrendered rather than put up a fight with cops, its pretty obvious A, his choice of a Walmart adjacent to a gun free zone was no accident, and B had one victim returned fire, he would have retreated. If you don't have your CCW, get one. If its too hot to carry your hand cannon, carry a mouse gun rather than go unarmed. Stop worrying about what you will or won't do. Anyone who has ever been in the line of fire whether its combat, law enforcement, or self defense can tell you, most people will do what needs to be done. If you are a good person, you will have no choice in the matter. That choice you make before you leave your house. The criminal makes the other choices. Yes its a no brainer that our duty in life is first to protect our family and second to protect our society so stop worrying about it. Accept it as fact. The problem is in self defense scenario, any self defense scenario, its not your decision to make. Its the criminals. Like this horrible crime, you can't depend on "Give them what they want" as self defense. Neither is run away a plan. Its a decision one obviously this horrible crime shows you is like playing Russian Roulette. Not to sound like an NRA commercial but "the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" is not just a slogan but reality and trust the bad guy to be good or anyone has a crystal ball that tells the future foolish. On personal note, now that I have retired its much easier to say this, from this point on I go nowhere unarmed and a gun free zone to me is a declaration that they welcome criminals to commit horrible crimes. Its a sign that declares old Tj won't be going there and to be brutally honest is I do, it will be better be tried by 12 than carried by 6. I'll tell you something else I have learned since I retired and have been on my motorcycle almost every day. My best riding buddy is a retired cop. Old habits die hard with him and he carries two guns everywhere he goes. We live in a county where every crime is in the newspaper and every criminal knows every cop. Its foolish for him not to. A uniformed officer in his life, let's just say he's quite content with not even making a serious effort at carrying concealed. If its too hot for a vest, he's open carrying on a Harley. He's not protesting a thing so not purposely looking for some confrontation to make some kind of political point. We've ridden together all over the SE US. You know what? Not once has anyone said a damn thing about him having a gun and two mags on his hip. Nobodies freaked out, nothing, unless you count "Nice gun" comments as something. Now I will admit,, he's clean cut, doesn't dress all tactical, or covered in body art either and we don't go places our attire is not suitable. Anyway it greatly makes me question the whole gun stigma the media pushes. God bless you all. These are strange times we live in for sure. Now is the time for all good men to go armed. Its going to get way worse before it gets better. Tj
  11. TomJefferson

    5.56 vs .223 brass

    Mil 5.56mm is a minimum 0.001" thicker which means due to brand variance sometimes you can see it, sometimes you can't. Seeing as it thins after being fired, you can't rely on a visual.
  12. TomJefferson

    My daughter’s new toy

    My G26 lives in my truck now. Its a great truck gun. I can keep in the console with G17 back up mags in a holster. It has the Glock reliability and corrosion resistance while being small enough to throw on your belt almost anytime. I need to run an errand in my truck when working on something, I don't have to stop and grab a gun. Anyway thanks to the G26, Kimber Micro 9, and Sig P938, I've increased my gun carry time dramatically and it beats the heck out of the use to have to wear suspenders due to all the weight I use to have on my belt and in my pockets.
  13. TomJefferson

    american muscle dilemma

    I don't want to pee on any parades but this may help. Performance wise, unless you plan on racing, I think you will find anything under a 6 second 0-60 mph is quick enough to have a lot of fun or do what you want it to do and for bragging rights these days you have to go to under 3 seconds. Most people I know who have the really fast cars, don't use them as such and those low profile z rated big tires are so damn expensive laying rubber is like shooting a machine gun in cost. My recommendation is pay a little more attention to the comfort and styling at least as much as the drive train if not more. Things like having a back seat or one people can you actually ride in is a big deal. Given a choice of 300hp with leather and the works of 400 hp bare bones, I'd take the 300. The hp these cars today put out are silly higher than the true muscle cars of the 60's. For example, 300 hp plus use to be a damn hot car back then. We have a Challenger. Love the car but had the new Chargers been out probably would have bought one of them. When I bought my last Challenger, it was our 2nd, the Charger sill looked like a Magnum with a fancy paint job. Now they are really sharp. Loved my Mustang, a 2006, great handling car but honestly the back seat just as well not have been there. Tj
  14. TomJefferson

    My daughter’s new toy

    I'm a fan of both the P 938 and Kimber Micro 9 and carry both on and off a lot. That said, my BIL has been carrying a Shield for a very long time and swears by them. Congrats,
  15. TomJefferson

    Friend Just Got Busted

    I reckon so. Getting old but I've been around awhile. I grew up in the 60's and even lived in Houston during the Cocaine Cowboy days. Though I kind of knew they smoked a little, after all he's in construction so a guarantee he's around it, I didn't have the foggiest clue about anything harder. They have a nice home, spoil the little girl crazy, and don't chase the Budweiser God (Gotta have a beer all the time). I've known these folks probably ten years, been in their house and they in mine ten years. Their little girl is at moms almost every day and children splurt out crap all the time. Knock on the door, come on in, close and never smelled pot and can smell pot on the wind at a drive in movie. She's active at the school and you couldn't ask for better neighbors. As you would guess, the real concern is the "white powdery substance" which around here is taken very seriously by the justice system. A nice neighborhood and dead end road, day before yesterday they got a deputy drive by for the fist time in anyone's memory. Its a street with virtually no crime, no breakins, yard theft, things like that. My mom got a kick out of it because he drove by their house to the dead end then got out of his car. Apparently he got a real surprise because the farm at the end of the road has a field of hemp. CBD is legal in TN and that guy has a growers license. She said he got out of his car, stared at the field, and put his hand on his head. God knows what they are thinking about that street now. Pot dealer and a field full of hemp next door, you have to admit that's pretty funny. Totally expected a search warrant and search at their house but not yet that I know of but if it was at night, I wouldn't know. I've not talked to them since it was in the paper but that's not uncommon. Despite dropping by almost every day at moms, I'm quite a bit older than they are. What I do know is she will do whatever to keep that little girl and desperate people aren't always ethical. Tj