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  1. Its a shame but thanks to liberal policies during this election, this nation is experiencing not "White Flight" but "Economic Flight" where anyone who can afford to is fleeing the big cities and because this is only happening in cooperation with governors, they are leaving Democrat controlled states. Major destinations are the no income tax states, FL, TN, TX, and NH to a lessor extent. My part of E. TN a very conservative area, its almost impossible to buy a house right now and we can't build them fast enough. Listings for sale are lucky to last two hours and prices have gone up as high as 50%. I'm told FL is seeing 1,000 people a day move into the state. Think about that, 1,000. Man that's a new mid-size city a year. Keep in mind, economic flight means those with money/jobs/trades/careers. These big cities already strapped for cash due to left wing policies, it won't surprise me more and more of them pull a Detroit and founder. Yes I'm telling you all if you live in one of those cities under siege to get the hell out. The bus has already left and the media is not covering a word about it. Property levels, service levels, and standard of livings in those cities are going to tank. Covid was bad enough without liberal insane polities to influence an election. Tj
  2. So another thug will get glorified and cops careers ruined so Biden can get elected.
  3. They really do think they can hold the American people hostage with threats of violence to get their way. How cute!
  4. Its been interesting watching the old battle axe will herself to out live the Trump presidency. If we were totally honest, she's been nothing but a liberal puppet on a string for over a decade now. Age does that crap and I'm not sure our founding fathers didn't know that when they formed the constitution. After all, the job was suppose to be easy, interpret the law not make it. I won't make a hypocrite out of myself by saying she'll be missed or crap like that. She was part of the problem not the solution. No, I doubt the Republicans can get a replacement confirmed before the election but it is plenty of time for the Democrats to make asses of themselves in confirmation hearings just before election. They can't help it. You see its not a big show and they really are insane. Tj
  5. The big drop was last year after the whole take a knee thing. The fact it is even dropping more is not only alarming but shows a trend now.
  6. You know it never ceases to blow my mind the lack of liberal logic. They moaned and cried till they took nightsticks from cops and now are surprised as hell more people are being shot or killed during physical restraint. Now here we go again and this time their end game is an illogical no police. I'd tell you I can't wait to see the end game where its their butt the criminal throws on the fire but I'd rather not go there myself. Tj
  7. Seen the video of the white kid kicked in the head start to finish as well as the AR shooting, the media coverage on this idiots shooting was almost nil, none to be seen.
  8. I would suggest first thing, the Lyman reloading manual. IMHO, it has the best instruction on the how and why's of reloading. Then once you have a good idea of what you are doing, then you can decide on what tools best fit your needs. It's about $25 and also includes a lot of reload data. Other books have more data but the Lyman does the best job of describing the why's. Tj
  9. His entire situation reminds me of Jews and Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany. This country is a mess right now and no its not a big coincidence its an election year. Tj
  10. Well now its happened. Been telling anyone who'd listen it would. The police wouldn't protect private property so people did and now two kids are dead and a third wounded. Quite frankly, they'd play hell getting me to convict the shooter but we'll see what happens in this politically charged climate. The shooter was running away, trying to de-escalate the situation, but they were chasing him down. He was knocked to the asphalt and they tried to take his gun. Depending on circumstance may even have a possible fear of loss of consciousness but damn sure fear of severe bodily harm or death especially after the Portland attack being broadcast widely. Sounds like classic "Self Defense". Now unless they stop this shat, this will escalate. Now a percentage of the protestors will be armed. Sorry but these kids want a taste of the 60's, I say give it to them, the full Monty. Declare martial law and arrest any gathering more then three people using whatever force is necessary. Back in the day, it was billy clubs to the head and drag their ass off. I know. I've been there seen that. In this day of mass media, things are more homogeneous. They need to stop this crap or they'll get their half assed revolution and a bunch of kids will get killed. Tj
  11. I did the Kenny Moats Memorial ride yesterday. Kenny is a fallen officer in my county killed in the line of duty who left a wife and two children behind in 2016. A charity run, the proceeds goes to the family. The reason why I am posting this is this year was a record run. I'm talking motorcycles as far as the eyes can see both directions even on four lane highway straight away. . Almost every on coming car stopped in respect and people lined the roads. Never seen such a thing. Methinks the media left blitz is having the opposite effect here. Tj
  12. Take it from someone who has dealt with Crohn's Disease for decades. This is a serious thing. A ruptured intestine can be fatal. If that stuff doesn't clean you out like Sherman through Georgia and or you start running a fever, go to a different hospital ASAP and have the wife hire a lawyer. No kidding, i have known of two different people in my area who died because a hospital didn't catch they had a blockage not just constipated. I have four narrows and I drink that stuff every two years and it its very fast working, very. If not, I would have to be what I called "Rooter Routered" and you won't like that. That's on average one week in hospital, tube in stomach pumping it out to relieve pressure, steroids intravenously to the point you can't sleep to open you up, IV so you have fluids and nutrient, and nothing by mouth not even water. Future advice I can give you is keep track of your bowell movements from now on. Late, take Collace. Collace is a stool softener not a laxative. This will help things to move. I also use Raisan Brand the cereal to keep regular. Getting old sucks buddy. Tj
  13. After watching the unedited video of the kid getting kicked in the head incident start to finish, any idea I had that what is happening in Portland is somehow political went away in a big swoosh. The city is allowing criminals to run its streets mugging its people at will as a political and media ploy. Those kids are just thugs nothing more and "I'm black, black lives matter" doesn't justify criminal action. Tj
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