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  1. TomJefferson

    Barn Find

    Update! Spent about three hours Friday working on it enough to get it to be towed to my place where I have the tools to do such a project. Had it towed Saturday. Yesterday we fixed the one flat, added fluids, and did our first pass of what needs to be done. Good news is she purrs like a kitten with a nice deep rumble loping muscle car sound and we should be able to do the brakes and a detail to start enjoying the car on a limited basis. The cars simple amazingly beautiful inside and out cosmetically, almost like new. Bad news is its about exactly what you would expect from a 39 year old barn find that's been sitting in a barn over 13 years. Anything rubber that hasn't be replaced needs to be. At one point I just touched the axle bumper and it just broke in my hand. LOL I jury rigged that till we can replace them. Anyway a little TLC like a brake job and detail, we should be able to start showing this one and doing some limited driving. The paint and interior is that good. Back to total health is going to take awhile. Its back to autoparts stores, meets, and online shopping with a big whoopie when you find what you need. Finding this or that part is part of the fun. I'll have pics posted soon. Tj
  2. TomJefferson

    Barn Find

    I'm just learning about Vettes. Other than the average Joe, 50's, Stingrays, Coke bottles, newers. I don't know much on what changed when. I did know the Coke bottles were all detuned for the EPA pollution crap. Many buddies had them and hopped them up. When I first found this car, I researched and found it was one of only 40,000 and of the three models they had that year the L82 the most desirable with the L42 the least. Still I remember the era quite well. IN fact, I had three 1980 GM's and one 1979 over time. What they lacked in Hp, they made up for in torque and due to the older block designs designed for high compression their lower compression, the engines lasted one very long time. I'll not win any races with its 7 second 0-60 but it will look and sound damn fine getting there and though best to use "no alcohol" fuel with the lower compression I won't be adding a boat load of additves and possibly get away lower octane than my muscle car days. Man, I use to get all sorts of stares at stations adding crap to my tank. Funny part many didn't know the where the fills were in those days. LOL
  3. TomJefferson

    Barn Find

    Thanks guys. Car is still in the garage and I haven't picked it up yet. Buying a battery today, Sea Foam, brake fluid, and brake parts (rear drum wheel cylinder). I will need to access whether I can drive it to my place or call AAA to transport. Depends on how fast the wheel leak is. Can't even tell which wheel because its sat too long the stain is dried. Already have a buyer for the Z3 even before I've even finished detailing it for sale. I'll post pics once I get it home. Only pics now are barn pics which is with the car partially covered. Car looks show room and sounds great. We should have some fun before we sell it. If, the wife let's me sell it that is. She really enjoyed our show car days when we had muscle cars.
  4. TomJefferson

    Barn Find

    New car enters the Tj fleet a 1980 L82 Corvette. Black on black, all original, 77K miles, the thing looks immaculate. 2nd owner, a lady, drove it till the brakes went out and its been in a barn since 2006. If you are not familiar with Vettes, its one of the last years of the big coke bottle Vettes now an antigue. It was a hell of Barn find. I got the car for under $7K which means in the shape its in, I'll be able to flip it if I want and make some money. So far, what it needs is rear brake cylinder, battery, and windshield wipers though I may go ahead and replace the vacuum headlight actuators because they can't be long for this world. I may need to convert the AC, don't know on that yet. A little spit and polish this things show room man. Prettiest coke bottle Vette I've ever seen and still got all the pollution crap and a kick ass high end stereo with subwoofer the owner paid $1,500 for her only upgrade. Anyway if you are familiar with barn finds, it was a find it and then keep asking until you find the owner wanting some cash. They sold me the car then went on a trip to FL. I plan to detail our low mileage Z3 and sell it to replenish my "ready cash" then we'll show the Vette at the Friday car show and if someone wants it, we'll sell it, getting to enjoy it in the meantime. Usual sell prices around here is $11,500 to $14,500. I'll take a pic when I take delivery but can't over stress how great this car looks. If my wife wants to keep it, I'll upgrade the drive train but that's not really the plan. Tj
  5. TomJefferson

    Take it to the Limit, One more time.

    Thanks for all input guys. The doc didn't do a full culture or anything to know exactly what bugs set up residence in my lungs. Apparently in the middle of this drought and heat wave, its been pretty common. I'm doing much better. I now do take Ibutylrol, little inhaler, with me on the bike but haven't had to use it much. I've been taking the short way home from the mountains in the heat of the day and in addition to my normal drink stops, I take a thermos of lemon water (simple ice water with a slice of lemon in it). He did give me a sample of a 24 hour inhaler which I like so much I called him back for a script. Man that stuff is wicked. Makes you breath like a kid again. Looks like the weather is breaking by next weekend here, about a 10 degree drop. A little rain would go a long way to clean the air. It isn't helping my neighbors kids tree trimming business next hill over burned to the ground and without rain its been burning for three days now. Imagine a minute about a city block of cut trees stacked as high as a two story house going up in flames. Five alarm fire, with fire different departments showing up. Anyway biggest help hasn't been the meds but I now wear a mask when I ride in the valley. Nothing high tech just one of those then motorcycle masks things, camo, not the skull. I get home I immediately rinse my nose with normal saline, strip off all my stinky clothes, and shower. Two days in a row now, no problems. BTW, a heck of a lot of buddies are taking my lead now and dong the same and even the tour riders (tourists riding in from out of state are too). Its not uncommon now to see a dozen bikes go by all wearing masks. An exaggeration but not much, the air here is like soup and the foothills to the mountains are in a haze. It just can't escape and rain is the only way our air cleans. Its been four weeks since had a good rain. Nice we don't have to cut grass but breathing would be good. LOL If I ride today, I'll be on my little Indian Scout. High is going to be a record, 93 with high humidity. I'll shoot to the mountains where I can unmask and then remask the ride home. Part of my problem I think is I'm as tan as a Hispanic right now from riding all summer and very use to the heat body wise. I've been way over doing for my age. All day in the heat and muck, not good. Tj
  6. TomJefferson

    Take it to the Limit, One more time.

    Well old Tj did something stupid again so I thought I'd share with you all. As you may know, I retired June 1st and more days than not have been on my motorcycles ever since. We're in a drought here right now which living in a basin surrounded by mountains means the air quality is about as bad as it can be. After riding repeatably in temps above 95, I wake up one night and can't breathe. I'm talking can't get your breath that drowning panic feeling. I go to the doctor and he goes "Oh Shat". He gives me a shot in the butt of antibiotic, steroids in the arm, and a breathing treatment. Tells me if you dehydrate all that bad cap just stays down there and your lungs become a big petri dish. Dang. I should have known that. Anyway changed things quite a bit. I wear one of those masks now, drink way more fluids, and use breathing treatments. What I need though is a dang good rain to wash the crap out of the air. That's twice now this summer, I've taken it to the limit and ended up in front of my doctor. Getting old sucks guys. Tj
  7. TomJefferson

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    I wanted to revisit thread because I just had to modify my Simplisafe system. My kid and his wife just moved in with me temporarily till they can find a new home which means my "Away" mode doesn't work. Rather than reprogram which isn't that hard, I simply moved one motion detector to a different room Man this system is versatile.
  8. TomJefferson

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    I've used Simplisafe for about five years now and no complaints. Its a wireless system with two modes, home and away. Its programmable which sensors are on for which mode. I use both contacts for doors etc. and motion sensors for rooms. Cost is $20 month and response time has been really fast. Features I like, it will tell you which batteries need replaced on which sensor. They call my cell if there is an alarm before they call the police so you can avoid false alarms. You have a code word so they know its you. Works even if the power is cut to your house. I have a motion detector in my garage. I set this one off occasionally when I forget the alarm is on. It has keyfobs so you can use one controller but enter multiple doors. You customise the alarm system to your liking then you can change or add to it later on. I have a panic button in our bedroom. Beats having to call 911 before you shoot someone for breaking in. LOL Bottomline is it works and there's a reason why they're the fastest growing alarm company.
  9. TomJefferson

    How is this helping anything

    LOL, Oh yeah, both of us come off not biker. My biker name is Mr. Bill. Both of us are clean cut, no tatts, and confident. One of our regular stops to have a cold drink and BS is a retired cops place where all the local cops stop and swap war stories. Its what I meant about not looking like you want a confrontation when open carrying. Nobody thinks twice about a cowboy with a six gun but let hood rat carry the same, oh boy. BTW, Its the same when I get pulled over. Its "How you doing" not "Did you know what you did". In fact, last month I got pulled over on my bike and before we could even exchange "Hello", the officer said "I'm not stopping you to give you a ticket." He stopped me to advise me my back tire was low on air. Its one of the beef's I have with liberals that try to push that black kids looking like hood rats is a good thing. Its not. How someone treats a kid with baggie pants and bling is totally different than a kid with a collar shirt no matter what his color is. If these open carry protestors want people to accept open carry, the place, timing, and yes, their dress should be where it doesn't set off alarms. These days dressing like you are going to war in a crowded place carrying a rifle, not good. That said, the road I live on not dressed like you are Rambo, you could walk around all day with an AR and nobody would give it a second thought. Same at the mall, oh boy. Like you have pointed out, there's getting folks accustomed to guns then there's looking for a confrontation. Funny story! Same pal walks into the Harley dealer here, everyone scatters. Not because he had a gun but because he's picky as hell when he buys something and doesn't hesitate a second to tell them when somethings not to his liking. If we stop at what we call the gravel pit where everyone smokes dope and drinks, man, you could hear a pin drop and they all grew up with him, know he's not a cop anymore. He sure entertaining to ride with. Everyone likes him because there's no BS. Whatever pops in his head comes out his mouth and like me, right is right, wrong is wrong. Difference is he will tell them so if that's a cop, yeah, that's him. Tj
  10. TomJefferson

    How is this helping anything

    Consider the source? Now ask yourself if you were at that market, would you be scared or upset? The man I ride and have ridden motorcycles with most the last five years is a retired cop. He refuses to carry mouse guns so pretty much now for five years he's open carried everywhere we've gone. Its been one quite eye opening experience on this topic for me because not once has anyone said anything negative to him. I mean the most comments are "Nice gun" or "What is it?". Restaurants, stores, etc. nada not a thing. Now that said, like me, he absolutely does not look like an outlaw biker. Nor or is he making a big deal out of it. What its shown me though is this wild public panic everyone talks about isn't prevalent. Carrying a gun is like carrying a ball bat. Nobody raises an eyeball if its a ball player but they do if its a ganger and everyone is not the same, one size fits all. As for demonstrations of any sort, I'm not a fan. It doesn't sway my opinion on a topic and only seems to to those who these days are against about everything I believe in. Every politician I have knows my name and have met the vast majority of them personally. I'm not shy on my opinion on gun rights and garnering voting support for the same. I believe this to be far more effective than standing on a street corner or trying to scare soccer mom. I do believe we indeed as gun owners should desensitize folks to gun carry, however this should be at appropriate places and times. You don't win support yelling in someone's face. In fact, just the opposite and conservatives are about fed up with demonstrations of any sort. With the media encouraging mass shootings by making the shooter famous, now is not the time for this type demonstrations. It is the time to double down on political pressure. Writing an email, letter, or making phone calls may not be as fun as a demonstration but it will have better results. Tj
  11. More blame the tool instead of the user.. Same thinking as gun control. Rate we are going, more recreational users will be forced onto more dangerous black market drugs and those with chronic pain into hospice. Punishing the innocent to get to the guilty isn't right.
  12. TomJefferson

    did something stupid this weekend

    Getting old sucks my friend. Take it easy awhile and get better. Not to worry, you'll do something stupid again. We all do. Tj
  13. TomJefferson

    Where were you on 9/11?

    Where were you on 9/11? I was on an airplane heading to Boston with a stop in Chicago when the first plane went in. Got off in Chicago and noticed a crowd watching a TV in a bar when I saw the 2nd one go into the towers. Hurried to the car rental and got the 2nd to last car, a Chrysler Minivan. Watched the towers fall at a customers plant. They had set a TV up in their lunch room. Just miles from Ohare, I'll never forget walking outside and hearing birds for the first time there. There were no planes in the sky. The lack of background noise was eerie. Traveling with a co-worker from Boston, I kidnapped the rental car and we drove to Cleveland where I had family. Got there just in time to see gas lines and price gouging. Watched the Presidents speech in a bar. That was a hell of a speech. After a night in a hotel, got a rental car for the co-worker the next morning. Then, I drove home to TN. Not knowing whether I was caught up in it all, my kids school had sent him home. Scared the crap out of my family. The drive home there was little traffic as America was in shock. Almost everyone on the highways were like me, those stranded somewhere by airlines trying to get home. Things that I remember most? The dancing in the streets in the Arab world. The crying girl at National Car Rental that violated her company orders by renting us a car so my co-worker could get home to Boston. National Car Rental forgiving me the drop off fee on my car. Gas price gouging, the Muslim in Cleveland smiling ear to ear as he collected double gas prices, the mayor of Cleveland threatening to shut down gas stations that gouged, and the fat girl at a BP running out to change the sign while the gas pump changed cost with it in my hand after their US President said on the radio he'd revoke any franchise that gouged. Learning two people I did business with died in the towers. The sight of my wife and son waiting on me on the porch as exhausted I drove up our drive. Most of all, I remember Americans pulling together and vowing retribution. That was our generations Pearl Harbor and the most memorable shock in our collective lives since JFK was shot. Its saddens me that the left wants us to forget. Where were you? Tj
  14. TomJefferson

    Climate Change WIN for us!

    LOL, Now you are going to get me going. Most of them aren't. They can't make it as lawyers and too ugly to be on the news channels, so they become politicians.
  15. TomJefferson

    Climate Change WIN for us!

    Yes, that's the point. Politicians are lawyers.