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  1. TomJefferson

    Killed this sucker today

    Yep, hands down no question, that was a bad snake. No mistaking a copperhead.
  2. TomJefferson

    Defensive Vehicle Disabling

    Spent much of my youth in the Bayou country where wrecked cars and trucks use to be used as erosion devices on streams. Made for some great interactive targets. It would be easier to list what I would rather not be shooting at a car with than what I would. A .308 common round will crack a brake drum like it was puddy and car doors its hard to come up with what won't punch right through. What it taught me is we have a lot of myths about gun calibers and cars and more often than not its at what angle more than what caliber. I'll give you an example, at 55 mph drop .177 caliber BBs out a window, the following car the radiator will be penetrated as the BBs bounce and within minutes overheat and be disabled. Its an old trucker/biker trick. Back in the 60's and 70's it was a .357 mag will crack an engine block. Another one was 9mm and .38's will bounce right off a windshield. Maybe, maybe not but in this day of high mag counts and rapid fire, its not so applicable. It really has to be defined at what angle and what range. Close up, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of .22 lr. I mean I could tell you things like of the guns I have to take out a car my first choice would be my 8mm Mauser with WWII surplus solid bronze armor piercing bullets and I wouldn't feel underarmed with .44 mag or .308 but you know that's kind of what I have type of options. I can recommend a good training tool. Get yourself a $20 used steel barrel and fill it with wet sand. It has a rounded surface and pretty much anything that punches right through, a car would be no problem. It also will give you an idea of percentages for a given caliber at a given range. Its like most things, a lot of shot placement. BTW just so stir the pot, try this with the old 9mm vs .45 acp argument at say less than 25 yards with standard FMJs. If I had to say anything about it, its around 200 grains + or - 20 grains and 1,000 ft/sec minimum is a good option. That leaves a lot of area. Cars/vehicles are just not like in the movies where bullets bounce off them with a spark. Its amazing how much will just cut right through them. Tj
  3. TomJefferson

    Buying A "Firearm" Out Of State

    Unfortunately because FFL's can't keep track of all the different state laws, they typically don't even try to take advantage of the exceptions to the "must be FFL". Its almost always an FFL even if its a shotgun. This is a really stupid law, done on purpose. All the fed has to do to eleviate that is allow FFLs to fill out Form 4473s for out of state buyers. The tracking mechanism, manufacturer to wholesaler to FFL to buyer is the same and no reason for that rule other than purposely make it difficult to buy a gun. Tj
  4. TomJefferson

    Buying A "Firearm" Out Of State

    You can but they'll have to ship it to your FFL in FL for pickup. We have a couple gun stores here in TN in Pigeon Forge that specialize in selling to folks out of state, Smoky Mountain Knife Works is one. They do it so often, they have agreements with many FFL's in other states already. Otherwise, you can purchase, go home, send a copy of the FFL in your state of your choice and they'll ship. Tj
  5. TomJefferson

    Defensive Vehicle Disabling

    Having shot interactive targets most of my life, it would surprise you how many round types can play hell on a car. One of my personal favorites is the .308. First fired an M60 in basic at 5 ton trucks. I was pretty impressed. Tj
  6. TomJefferson

    I had to do some head chopping today

    Since you brought it up. Had my bike parked out by the hill the other day. I'm sitting on it gearing up ready to leave when I hear this rustle under the foliage. Its two garter snakes coiled in a ball doing the dirty deed. They roll off the hill right under my bike. I simply raised my feet up on the foot boards, finished gearing up, then rode off as normal. Didn't try to kill them, didn't try not to. I didn't care. Apparently they rolled on because there wasn't little squashed snakes when I got back. Yes, I do have snake rule. If I can recognize it right off and its not a viper, I leave it alone but if its viper or even if I can't tell, its dead meat. I had mice kill one of my vehicles once and kind of like snakes now. Tj
  7. TomJefferson

    Cannot make this stuff up...

    That's hilarious when you think about it.
  8. TomJefferson

    Sarah Sanders leaving White House by end of month

    They're talking governor. This is a purely political move and its got the left scared crazy which is why they're attacking her. Keep in mind, electing Trump president changed the political ballgame, a radial shift because he never held public office. A magic line of must hold various offices and be the party chosen has been broken and it freaks out the establishment of both parties. Trump is a revolution of sorts, the ultimate political expression of those fed up with career politicians. There's very strong support for Trump in TN and now TN has a governor, Bill Lee, that's never held office. We haven't seen the last of Sarah. Tj
  9. TomJefferson

    Hey Longhair

  10. TomJefferson

    Apparently I rode my bike through an F0 Tornado

    It would have had you in stitches. They were all going slow as molasses in winter and I was wanting more speed because you need wind so the windshield and ferring provide some protection. I was even passing some cars doing 20 mph in 45 mph zones. I'm sure they thought I was nuts. I probably should have waited it out but it was one of those only a few miles from home things and I thought my rain gear would work. It didn't. I saw the funnel. I just didn't see it was touching down. It was a big wide slow sucker. Its those fast narrow ones and massive suckers, you really have to watch for and there was no hail which usually accompanies the bad ones.
  11. TomJefferson

    Apparently I rode my bike through an F0 Tornado

    You know I don't honestly think that was ever a question. Had I seen that funnel cloud touch down or the wind forced me to change lanes, or my visibility hit zero at times, I'd been holed up somewhere sipping on a hot coffee. As it was, it wouldn't have been had it not been literally the last 3-4 miles before home. I've learned on a bike its not the weather you have to worry about, its the other people. Seeing the route I took, you could say I risked a tornado rather than traffic.
  12. Technically/officially I guess. I saw the funnel cloud but didn't look like it touched down to me but the weather serviced declared it so right at the time I was there. F0 is 80mph winds. All I can tell you is my 900 lb Harley was getting pushed around like a moped being passed by an 18 wheeler and years of getting my rain gear just right went to hell in a hand basket as I got soaked to the bone. Friday, I was riding the gap in the weather (dry time before the next events) but got detained in the mountains. I ran into this nice family from PA that come down ever season which delayed me getting home by about an hour. Those of you all who live in tourist areas know what its like. There's folks who come every year you get to know and like. I got hit by the rain no sooner than I leave the mountains, pull over, and gear up. No problems, steady rain buzzing above 45 mph the windshield and ferring was doing its job and I could have rode in it all day. Its just when I get into the valley, the city outskirts, my speed reduced to inner city speeds with stop signs and red lights, I see the funnel and I don't have any speed to protect me any at all from the rain. I was getting pelted it felt like from every direction and even my boots got wet. You guys know how that is. Good leather boots it takes a good amount of time for them to get soaked soft but this was in minutes, like ten. Likewise the Rain X for plastic which works great at above 45 mph, doesn't work for crap when there isn't enough wind to move the water bubbles. Where the cars are all slowing down, I'm wanting to speed up. The standing water is no problem for me. I just ride left in the lane on the high side. Anyway guys its been a very long time since I got a good down to the bone soaking. Got me thinking. I can't remember the last time rain got me jump in the lake wet. Can you remember the last time for you? Tj
  13. TomJefferson

    Reloading & Glock

    You know I've enjoyed the Glock Kaboom Glock bashes more than most because of the worship some have for not a specific gun but a brand but the science behind the reloads make Glocks explode just isn't there to justify a total ban of reloads. That part is myth. The idea one has to be careful what they load and how is not myth but fact. The same can be said of all guns though to an extent. To add to what these guys already have advised, I would also add on a Glock I'd pay more attention to pressure than usual. Yes, that has to do with the rifling but also the chamber block design. Now most of us can't measure pressure at home but in chosing loads we can select powders with better pressure ratings for a given muzzle velocity. In layman terms, no hot loads or even high performance loads without a pressure data check which is basically what ammunition manufacturers do. SAAMI specs are typically on the conservative side. Tj
  14. TomJefferson

    Former Florida Deputy Arrested (Parkland School Shooting)

    Don't know what to make of this legal maneuver. On one hand the mans actions were despicable but on the other charging him rings of soviet communism with its criminal prosecution of failure.