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  1. I have a close friend in New Mexico. Man, if you could here him complain about all the stupid crap going on there in the name of Covid, it would blow your alls minds.
  2. I was surprised but my Senator was one that voted against it. Sent her an attagirl.
  3. Just a reminder, I sold all my semi rifles when I retired at the gun show.
  4. For the net record, I just retired. Got hard up for money and sold all my rifles to the nice black kid with the gold tooth and gold chains at the local gun show. He seemed nice and assured me he was a TN resident with no felonies. I didn't want to be a racist and he had cash. Tj
  5. A good portion of my Facebook friends list is dropping it.
  6. Good luck with that snowflake. You look like you'd be very very popular in prison. Tj
  7. Believe it or not, ran into the same BS when I ETS's in 1976 except worse. I went home to KY after the service. Keep in mind, it takes six months to establish a state or residence and a local address plus utiities, all of which I met. I had a Louisiana drivers license and paid taxes in Louisiana. OK, doing the right thing, within 30 days I go to the KY DMV, get my license, and register my car. That set a string of events in motion that blew my mind. It wasn't a week and I see the county sheriff in my drive eyeing my car. I go out and ask "What's up?" and he tells me I hadn't paid property tax on that car for three years and he's going to take it. I tell him I was in the Army and had established residency in Louisiana. "Oh that's different" he says. Then goes on to say "You have 90 days to prove it or I'm taking your car." Next I get a letter from the state telling me I owe three years income tax. Now I'm about to book, leave the state when my dad calls his lawyer a family friend who tells me to come on in. He writes a letter, apparently there WAS some Ky law about service time, and the whole thing went away but not after it cost me $100 which was a lot of money back then. Two years later, I left KY for good never to return again. Kentucky wasn't the only state that screwed me. When I moved from IL to TN, under threat of taking my drivers license through state reciprocal agreements if I did not comply, i had to pay Illinois state income tax for the first six months I lved in TN despite not having a job or residence in IL those six months. Now you want to talk Batshit crazy? You all mentioned NY. NY has this screw ball law they call the "Snow Bird Law" that technically if you go to NY for business and stay in a hotel, you owe them state income tax for the days your are there. Now that's despite you have no permanent residency or direct income from the state. No kidding. They don't have a mechanism to enforce it but its on the books. Socialist/social welfare states are nuts man. Tj
  8. What I'm hearing is the NYC numbers are even worse. How you like that one? Disarm the people then cut back or run off the police. Talk about a formula for disaster. Progressive liberals are nuts. Bad for them, good for us here where I live. Police support here never has been as high as it is right now. Tj
  9. Good info guys. Thanks Rampy best I hope from the VA is to pick up drug costs my insurance doesn't cover. I know they'd bill my insurance. Its basically one drug and possibly can be service related. That would be left to be seen. I'm sure there would be some sort of judgement involved on whether it is or isn't. My medical issue started very slight just before ETS and my first surgery 4 years later. I've just always had very good insurance till now. Don't get me wrong guys. I'm not hurting for money. Its just this whole "Predict when you are going to die" thing that's a bummer. I keep telling my kid, I plan to spend his inheritance. I may too. I just haven't yet because well I bought all that crap before I retired and having traveled for a living my entire life, world travel is not in my plans. For example, my diesel truck only has 27,000 miles on it, etc. Plan I'm on now is within a year to get where our monthly expenses is covered by our income not including IRA or bank withdraws leaving bank and IRA for Mr. Murphy events or new toys like a car, new bike, gun, etc., maybe a trip but I doubt it. I know this won't happen but if I never stay in a hotel again, that would be fine by me. I'm kind of lazy now. Got enough I could buy a small retirement business but just don't want to. Today I put in four hours on the bike. Jacket weather, leaves just turning, heck of a nice ride. Tj
  10. Retired a year ago in June. Good news is I burned a set of brand new tires off my Harley that first season and about to again this one. I've put 25,000 miles on my bike and she's still purring like a lion. Covid 19 concerns has caused me to rethink some trips but not much changes in my almost daily riding. Can't get better isolation than on a motorcycle in the mountains. Yes, my gun head buddies, I carry everywhere I go. Probably the Ruger LCP II gets most carry time but cooler weather the Kimber Micro 9 and Sig 938 do. Things to watch for? Holy Cow does Medicare suck. I'm paying out $600 a month for the wife and my secondary insurance and with prescriptions is well over $1000 a month. Still haven't sorted this one out. May be better for the wife to file separately and me VA? Anyway something like that. The idea of the entire US being on Medicare makes me laugh because we'd have a revolution. Worse than the money, medicare only covers the bare minimum. I'll give you an example, wife needs cataract/astigmatism surgery. Medicare only covers basic lens and scalpel. To get laser and contoured lens so she doesn't need glasses that's an additional $2,600 per eye. The eye drops, wife is in the dreaded donut, was $528 each surgery. (Beat that one by forgetting insurance and buying it from a company directly for $55). That's out of your pocket and they won't even set it up if you unless you have good credit. I don't know what to tell you other than Medicare ain't medicaid. Like most, we retire we try to economize. Good luck because now you are going to find "Sorry you been a customer for 25 years, you don't get the low price we advertise." That's when I say, "Well how long do I have to drop your service before I do?" Advice I can give those thinking of retiring is: The entire system is setup to take what you earned after you retire. I'm not kidding. Besides social security and pension, your month income, best have a lot of money not just in a 401K/IRA but in the bank and cash stashed in a safe. I use the cash for toys. Assets you can sell for cash is a very good thing. Don't forget taxes and plan withdraws from IRA/401ks around taxes. I'm paying off my house right now but spreading out the payoff over a couple years to save on taxes. Even retired unless the bare minimum, you will still be paying for those who won't work. Its all about monthly budget and God help you if you are one of those live beyond your means types because a fixed income is simply not forgiving. Dealing with all the retirement BS is almost like a full time job. Last but not least, stay active. A damn couch can kill you faster than a bullet. I've heard others say they are busier retired than they were working. I always thought BS but man, that's how it is for me. There's not enough hours in the day. Its like a lifetime of put this offs are now due payment. Now all this said, so far, so good. I've been having a blast. Doing some work on the side. my bank account has held solid not declining. That'll change next year as the side work dried up but will level off again after the house is paid for. We have an attitude. We'll deal with it come hell or high water. We've been dirt poor before so we can do it again but so far that isn't the case. Even with all the hassles, It's still way worth it. Funniest thing is how what was important isn't anymore. You see, you've won if you can retire. What you did before you retired just doesn't matter anymore or even what you had or have. Its about cutting the stress levels and having fun. Good luck you all. Tj
  11. OH yeah, Robertshaw was once the number 1 or number 2 controls company in the US until the Brits bought us out and destroyed the company. We were Honneywells direct competitor. Ironically one of the only two divisions still called Robertshaw, makes that self actuated regulator. The Brits entire plan was to close down all the US plants and move it overseas. Then dumb of dumber did so and then killed the Robertshaw name thus killed their name recognition.
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