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  1. Any state that allows unsolicited mail out ballots and ballot harvesting just isn't a Democracy anymore and their elections only for show/perception. Government has always been a necessary evil and elections a choice of the lessor evil. TJ
  2. Congrats. Got one myself and its one of my fav carry pieces. Tj
  3. To be honest, we should have seen this coming with the set belt laws.
  4. Once more on this topic the talking heads and government defy science and nature to push a political agenda. No matter what politicians do or drug companies make, Covid 19 is a Corona virus like the common cold and the flu. Its going to behave like a Corona virus. No, Mederna hasn't cured the common cold. Corona, no matter what strain, is going to mutate. It doesn't have a brain so can't tell one person from another and is not going to pack its little virus bags and move away. Hiding from it only puts off the inevitable and any vaccine no matter what the principle isn't going to work better than a flu shot does against the flu. Covid 19 is a flu. Like the flu, of course, if you have had the disease you will be immune for a while but then after awhile you won't. Each time you get it however should not be as bad due to long term antibodies. Eventually to limit your odds, even if you had the disease a vaccine would not be a bad idea just like if you had the vaccine a booster will be. My county right now 10% of the hospitalizations have had the vaccine. In my immediate family my sisters family have all had it, they're anti-vaccers politically, 2 of the four shook it off and 2 were sick but no hospitalizations. I have two sister inlaws with it now, one took the Mederna vaccine and one didn't, one works in a school and one in a hospital neither hospitalized. One lifelong friend, another political antivaccer, baby sits his grandchildren and spent ten days in hospital with it. My sons friends one 20 something spent 3 weeks in the hospital last year with it and now has it a second time. Bad news for sure but none of it surprises me. Please do right by what is best for you and your family. What is right, however, I can't tell you because I don't know your circumstances and damn sure Joe Biden doesn't either. This for sure is one of those ignore the talking heads and do the right thing times. Tj
  5. Happy Happy buddy.
  6. You know guys the "this can, this can't" get covid is the biggest myth out there. If a door knob can carry covid, you can and anyone can. You think a little about what's going on and it blows your mind. If this vaccine is bad for small children? What the hell did all those forced vaccines when we were kids do to us? Yes, we can't keep our schools closed forever. For decades though we've known schools are major germ factories and when the flu reaches high levels we close our schools. That was left open to the individual schools and dependent on their circumstance. Along comes covid and its like we all got stupid, forgot all about this, and now are suppose to believe "One Size Fits All" when if there is anything that one size doesn't, its when to open or close schools due to illness. Its like power grab and they could give a hoot in hell who dies. My personal favorite, "OMG, Gotta vette Afghanistan refugees and give them covid vaccine" while our southern border is wide open. Notice how the talking heads never equated this increase in summer of covid to an open border and how illegals must travel south to north? Easier to ignore science and commonsense, and blame some Republican governor I reckon. There's so much BS out there, you need a shovel to get to the truth. Tj
  7. What I can add to this discussion is my sons 20 something buddy who spent 21 days in hospital with Covid is now infected again, not hospitalized this time but sick as a dog eating grass. People are so lost in the politicization of this pandemic, I'm pretty certain all the damn rhetoric has killed more folks than we will ever know. This isn't the measles. Covid 19 is a corona virus the same type of virus as the flu and common cold. While the talking heads are all into human behavior, its seems like they are re-inventing the wheel and totally missing the fact this new super flu is going to act like the flu no matter what the hell they mandate or declare. There's a reason why nobodies ever cured the common cold and no Mederna hasn't either. We've been doing flu shots for decades and now everyone is so surprised this vaccine you can still get Covid 19 and you may need a booster. The talking heads will tell you its about this protein and it works differently and it never crosses their minds the Corona virus doesn't give a shat and its going to act like a Corona virus does. It all reminds me of when I was in a hurricane and all my neighbors normally very intelligent people went all stupid on me. This virus is not going to pack its little virus bags and move away. It here to stay. You can't hide from it anymore than old Prospero could hide from the Red Death. Like the flu, all we can do is get use to this damn thing so it doesn't kill us all. The vaccines are just one tool and how you get there is up to you not some talking head on TV. Saw a story on Austrailia this morning. Man, have they gone all Adolph Hitler over this thing. They're rounding folks up and putting them in concentration camps, literally death camps, for as little as coughing and not wearing a mask to just being sick with Covid. Me? I'm pro-vaccine but anti-mandates including any or all vaccine mandates. This pandemic is about you and yours and not my place to judge one way or the other. I don't know your situation and damn sure that talking head doesn't. I'd much rather get Covid and fight it than have to fight our government over death camps. Tj
  8. My gastro doc retired on me so last week I had to go to a Clinic in Nashville, a 3 hour drive away, so we took the Challenger RT. It does better than average on trips, 80mph @ 2,000 rpms, nice ride, great stereo, and 25.5 mpg average. In fact, we got 375 miles out of that tank of gas. You guys know how big cities are. The wife and I are in the HOV lane keeping up with traffic at 80mph when the lane is going to end. I notice a car to my right is going to block me so its decision time, slow down and tick off the car behind me or speed the hell up. I think WTH and romp on the RT. That MDS Hemi went from 4 cylinders to 8, the active exhaust opened up with a roar, and at 80mph the tires barked, the car tail fished, and it threw us back in our seats as it took off like a rocket. Oh man, I was grinning ear to ear. I hadn't felt that much raw power at that speed since I got rid of my muscle cars. It felt like a big block kicking in the four barrel at 80 mph. Dang, what a rush. Tj
  9. Saw the pic of the Blackhawk flying around with a person hung under it this morning. Man, that's disgusting.
  10. Right now the Taliban is a group of disorganized gangs. Trump realized this in his attempt which is why he came up with the agreement he did. As time goes on the more organized they will become, the harder it will be for anyone to get out, and the more Americans and their allies will be targeted. Imagine the gangs of Chicago taking over the entire city and you have Afghanistan. In the comparrison to the fall of Saigon, the elephant in the room is no matter what we did or didn't do the Vietnamese were not going to come to America to attack us. These guys will and we gave them ore tools to do so than they ever dreamed. It was Biden's imcompetence that caused the airbase to be closed doing what the Taliban couldn't do, demoralize the Afghan Army and communicate to all the gangs to attack now. We are making one big ass mistake not blowing the hell out of the equpment we deserted. I'd turn our old base at Bogram into a glass parking lot. Tj
  11. Everyone gets spacey as they get old. Joe's problem is he's trying to hide it so trusting his advisors to do his thinking. The problem is he rewarded the clueless extreme elements of his party who have a different agenda than making Joe look good. I and many I know are not sure they don't want Joe gone so they have all the control. Say what you will about Obummer, he truly believed the left BS but he was his own man. Joe's not even that. Tj
  12. My wife asked about the equipment, all I could tell her was when Iran fell, it took 20 years for the F14s they had to stop flying. No spares, their numbers steadily declined but they kept them going robbing parts from other jets. Ground vehicles, I told her to just look at all the US old vehicles in Cuba. Small arms, all I said was lifetimes. When we have to go back in and I didn't say "If", it'll be a lot harder than the first time, a lot more casualties and resources needed. If they ever get organized to where all 18 ethnic tribes work together, it may be like Iran and we never can. They take Pakistan with its nuclear arsenal, God help us all. Tj
  13. Did you all see Biden's news conference today? Besides the lies you know were total BS, first time a handpicked reporter went off script he scooted? We're so screwed.
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