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  1. TomJefferson

    Robot vacuums?

    Isn't that why God invented wives?
  2. 21st Century "Sin Tax". They all work the same way. Tax something for some moral reason to get people to stop but they spend the revenue then are shocked when the people do stop and the state ends up with another big fat deficit. Last "Sin Tax" in TN was a Democrat governor Bredesen on cigarettes. Despite nobody in TN more than an hour from another state, he passed it higher than the other states. He spent the projected revenue but not only did it never come but what revenue they did have went down. He freaked and formed a state secret police to go into surrounding states, catch TN citizens buying cigarettes out of state, then confiscate the cigarettes. It was a very successful program. He only spent $250,000 to confiscate ten cartons. Needless to say, he just got his butt handed to him running for Senator. That's the thing with Democrats. They only become moral when it suits them and nine times out of ten it suits them when it involves money. Tj
  3. TomJefferson

    Is Noneya still the only one not getting any guns?

    Hey Val, how the heck are you? I'm not right now. Been probably six months but then its not a financial thing as much as a what to buy thing. I haven't budgeted buying guns in years now. What I do is I have a 2.5 gallon water jug I use as a piggy bank. I put my loose change in there and loose small denomination folding money and when its full, buy a gun. I use to use a gallon jug, but my taste have gotten more expensive. That way it may have in impact on how many soft drinks I buy or how big a lunch but no impact on my home budget. I'm thinking finally taking the plunge on a 10mm but haven't made up my mind yet. Tj
  4. TomJefferson

    Is a .22 cal pistol a reliable training tool?

    Heck, I sit on my porch shooting BB guns all the time. Trigger time is trigger time, the rest is getting use to recoil.
  5. Any gun confiscation bloodshed is a win win for leftest gun grabbers because everyone involved, gun owners, LEOs, military, etc. is on their who gives a crap shat list to begin with. There's the sad truth to that one. Tj
  6. TomJefferson

    Training vs. Experience.....By Greg Ellifritz

    Yeah, can't beat experience but then training shortens the learning curve tremendously. I wish to hell I had the classes available these days when I was young and just started out carrying especially legal aspects and scenario tactics. The Army did a pretty good job of training me how to shoot but the scenario tactics and legal aspects, let's just say a totally different world. When I did take classes, I actually had too much world experience for my taste and the biggest realization besides what I didn't know was how damn lucky I had been. Anyway grab and growl on training. At the bear minimum, you'll have fun and almost assuredly learn something new. Tj
  7. TomJefferson

    So, What Else Do You Collect ?

    Don't even get me going on "Survival Gear" in that, I'm a hoarder deluxe model. Knives, flashlights, camp/pack stoves, tents, bags, ground pads, cots, heaters, fishing gear, and enough long term storage food to last a year or more. I have so many flashlights, there's one in every room of my house and at least three by the doors. and so many fishing poles I have a rack suspending them from the ceiling in my garage. I'm talking I'm bad. I've got camp stoves never taken out of the box. So bad when I retire, I figure I'll buy space in a flea market and run themes, this summer camping gear, next summer..................
  8. To a liberal, anyone who wants a gun is crazy.
  9. TomJefferson

    Kimber Camp Guard

    I knew I shouldn't have clicked on that link. Now I want one.
  10. TomJefferson

    So, What Else Do You Collect ?

    James Dean, fast cars, motorcycles, guitars, and guns.
  11. TomJefferson

    Opinion: New York’s Anti-Gun Fervor Reaches A New Height

    One thing you can say about Democrats, they don't let silly things like freedom, the constitution, or even if it will make a damn bit of difference stand in the way of a political agenda.
  12. TomJefferson

    Wifey was in an accident tonight......

    Yep, I've haggle with insurance claims adjusters to where I knew exactly when they got back to their office from lunch and called them every day till they tired of me and would give in. Sad it has to be that way. We use to have a lot more control than we do today. I even liked take the cash or get her fix days because more often than not if you took the cash, you could find a good deal, still get it fixed, and have money left over. Heck you could drive it around with the dent if you wanted. Did the take the check thing twice in the 80's. Now they all have contracts with salvage yards and more often than not cost too much to buy a total back. They'll total it, the salvage yard fixes it, then sells it on a salvage title. Bad news is if its your car, we lose but the good news is you can find some hell of a good deals on vehicles with salvage titles. Oh yeah, I remember "Its your car so your call" which was before the 1974 privacy act and shortly after. We controlled what happened and the insurance had the right to not only drop us but black ball us. Once the government stepped in, its been going all the insurance companies way. The salvage title thing is what I figure will happen to my son's car. A 2007 Dodge Caliber 1.8L stick with touring suspension, it Bluebooks for $3,500. The damage is two fender skins, two bumper skins, and a headlight assembly which is more than $5,000 labor and paint in a a shop retail but if salvage yard buys the skins that's $300 each and a salvage headlight assembly about $50 then they spray it, they can make a thousand or two out of it. Sad really, I bought that car new and had to order it to get the options I wanted. Knew the engineer personally that designed the 1.8L which btw was a World Class engine so same engine shared by Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, and Dodge. More baffles in the oil pan than the 2l.0 and 2.4L, it was the quietest of the 3 engines. It was the 2nd fastest of the Calibers just a little behind the 2.4L R/T but way better gas mileage and the touring suspension gave it a much bigger car ride. In fact, my dealer gave us a standard Caliber once as a rental and we took it back we hated so much. That said, 117,000 miles and a little four, It was getting into the time to fix this or that stage. STill we can't complain, all those miles, the only repair period was replacing the clutch which we got done for $400 and Billybobjimjacks redneck garage. Nice bug gas mizer but not enough left or enough car for me to hassle with it and in mechanics the apple didn't fall close to the tree. My son is a classic millennial and anything over changing the oil, changing a tire, or changing a light bulb, he's over his head. Circumstance has as much to do with which path as anything else. Anyway while I can tell you years ago about making out on these type things, you con't anymore. To get that Mazda 6 my son had to use all the insurance monies and cash in a life insurance policy. Accidents always cost us. If its not time and hassle, its money with money mitigating the time and hassle. Lon, I agree with these guys. Let the insurance company assess blame and figure out costs before you lawyer up. You lawyer up before that, the lawyers just going to recommend the same thing before he can do anything. Tj
  13. TomJefferson

    Wifey was in an accident tonight......

    Insurance on their part would be very good. As I posted, if they pay they are more likely to fix your truck. Unfortunately insurance companies are all weasels, all good at taking our money, but its when we file a claim we separate the good ones from the bad ones. Just be polite, persistent, and dicker with them if you have to. Unfortunately our fault their fault, most see a claim as a claim.
  14. TomJefferson

    Wifey was in an accident tonight......

    Sorry to hear that but glad everyone is OK. My son totalled his car two weeks ago. Five car pile up on the interstate, not his fault. Lot's of hassles and stress until you get back to the new normal, but you will. My son had to hustle rides to work for two weeks but he finally replaced his car, Mazda 6. You all will too. The main thing is they ain't hurt. BTW, Great pics. Classic example of what I was trying to get over about rather have my family in a truck, because that's what happens when 5,000lbs plus meets 3,000 lbs. Your family had a lot more room to go before it was run out of built in crush and at a much better height level. I got my head handed to me in that thread by the "I'd rather be in self destructing bug car" crowd. That egg carton effect absorbs impact up until a point, then physics takes over. Your truck looks fixable for sure but you know how that goes. It really depends on whether the insurance company will pay to fix it. If that total number is lower for them, they total it. Bright side to that is if the other guys insurance is paying, they're a little less likely too and will lean it to be fixed if that's what you want. Stay involved not with the adjuster that figures out what is needed to fix it but the claims adjuster the guy in the office making the decisions and working with the other insurance company. My kids it was hopeless, high mileage 2007 bug car, fender, hood, two bumpers, I knew it from the pics. Total. I'm not up on Thudra's enough to know your year, vehicle value, or repair premium for Japanes transplant, but unless that drivers side tow in is something major I can't see, I'd say fixable. I'd keep an eye on the family a few days. This impact trauma stuff often takes a couple days before its noticeable. Thank God everyone is ok but unfortunately the reason why I told you my story is this crap is a part of life. My son, a young cop decided it was a good idea to stop three lanes of interstate traffic in a city during rush hour. The chain reaction began. My son managed to stop but not the three cars behind him. Sometimes you can do all you can do and its still like that three that fell on my cars. Unless we have some magic crystal ball, we have no control over it. Tj
  15. TomJefferson

    It’s monday & Springfields don’t float.

    If it makes you feel any better, a lifetime of boating I got you beat. You haven't lived till you chased a $800 cell phone across your deck to only watch it bonce one last time to go plop 80' down. Did you know a Coleman lantern will burn about 10'-15' down? My favorite story was a lost pair of Ray Bans. Lost them for almost two years in my house, found them, then day 1 lost them in the lake. Hats? Let's just say I could open a hat store if I had them all. I figure I have about $3,000 in fishing gear on the bottom of that lake. If they ban ARs, that's where I figure mine will be. Handguns, I only use button down holsters on water, I know me. Tj