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  1. He's coming after 80% lowers AND anyone who bought one. This is the first salvo in "Can We?" confiscate firearms and make gun owners retro-active criminals. Its another major notch in the death by a 1,000 cuts. The 80% lower is a small enough target the fed/ATF can make a big dent in it. This will encourage the left to go after larger targets, all semi's including handguns with more than a 10 round mag and encourage blue state local law enforcement cooperation in enforcement. They will go after the sellers first and then any sales records they may have. When they do pass the retro-active laws, It will not be a good time for gun owners in blue states with state gun registries such as IL with its FOID law that lists every firearm you ever purchased. Chicago, years ago, already used FOID to identify handgun owners, used the information for search warrants, and did a house to house. Everyone needs to contact their representation in DC, especially blue states, and petition against any new congressional gun laws. We need just a handful to flip to prevent this draconian measure coming up. That's not an impossible task. Last week TN passed constitutional carry. Memphis strong in Blue control and 80% of TN's violent crime, actually wants to lower the age to 18 in lieu of 21. Now's not the time to hide. Its the time to stand up. Tj
  2. All mask mandates have done is get the stupid to wear a mask, gain a false sense of security, and stop washing their hands. Now which do you think you are going to do more, breathe someone's spit or touch something they touched? I'm not going to suggest people do something stupid and become sort of martyr but Americans damn sure selling their freedom cheap. Right now I'm riding my motorcycle wearing a mask even alone in the mountains and stripping my clothes and showering as soon as I get home. The damn pollen will choke a horse. I haven't all winter when covid was at its peak. Like my bike mask, ignoring these MFers and their damn mandates, doesn't relieve us of our personal responsibility and commonsense. Do what's right but to hell with them if it makes no sense at all. Hands down dumbest damn thing I've ever seen but exemplifies the current situation is that damn nose mask for eating in restaurants. If you think about that just a minute, OMG is that dumb. Tj
  3. I feel your pain. I could write a book about AT&T and being raped and pillaged like Attila the Hun.
  4. First time for us, the color matches our blue 2500 TRX 6.7L diesel; both blue just different blues. Got the blue truck because it was the only offroad package diesel I could find at the time and it was blue. Color has grown on us since 2008. This one will take awhile too. That its this color in that light and that color in that light is a tad different. That's not all they have in common either. Both I purchased where the timing was critical so I could get $10,000 off the sticker price. Give you an idea how good a deal, on used car lots just miles from my house, there's two R/Ts a 2015 and 2019 both for more money than what I paid for a new one. In fact, the 2015 has 30K miles on it and $1,000 more. Our plan really was retire then two years later when my 2012 was over ten years old buy a new car BUT then came Biden and the deal presented its self. More encouragement, was thanks to Covid, we spent none of the monies we had saved for retirement vacations like going to Italy, yeah sure great place to be in a pandemic, so this allowed us to trade in our 2012 Challenger and instead of financing a car, simply write a check without taking more money out of our IRA than planned. WE think of her as our "Trump Car" because it probably wouldn't have been possible without Trumps four years in office and probably wouldn't be possible two years of Biden in office. Even though mated with a 8 speed transmission, this car actually gets almost the exact same mpgs as my V6, the Dems have a hard on for V8s. Anyway we're enjoying the hell out of this beotch. Even just running around yesterday doing chores, it was barrel of fun. Tj
  5. You just very aptly put why we are Challenger fans. This is our 3rd. After owning Mustangs, we got into the handling but on a long trip, oh my. The Challenger is a much larger vehicle, wider and heavier. Its no Chrysler 300 but it does better on trips, more comfortable than most cars out there. One of the 2020 upgrades was a new seat design to improve comfort on long trips. Our personal jury is still out on that one. Our last Challenger was awfully comfortable. If its a major improvement, we haven't seen it yet. Still one of the biggest surprises when driving these cars is the realization, they actually are a bigger car. Unlike the Mustang and Camaro, even the backseat is quite usable with plenty room for full size adults. It is a two door though so a tad awkward to get in and out of the back seat especially for a generation that didn't have a concept of two doors that had a backseat. Anyway, bigger, heavier, roomier, better ride and thus more retro is why we chose this car over the other two pony cars. Our goal was a very fun daily driver, primary vehicle.
  6. This is mine and my wife's bucket list car. Totally enjoy a larger car with a more muscle car feel rather than a sports car, this is our 3rd Challenger. We have some miles on it now so got a decent feel for the car. 372 hp Hemi V8 has over 400 ft/lbs of torque. What that means is it has a lot of low end power. Our 305 hp V6, it was difficult to lay rubber unless you took the traction control off but this one, oh man, its difficult not to even wit the button on. We won't be doing that often. Those 20" low profile 245 speed rated tires cost a small fortune. Matched with the 8 speed auto, she travels highway speed 2,000 rpms or less. Our normal driving which is a combination of rural roads and city, we're getting a pretty fair 21 mpg. That's not bad for a car that will pin you to the seat. The rated 4.8 seconds 0-60 mph is actually very easy anyone can do by simply punching the pedal. I got a feeling you can do better using the "Sport" mode and paddle shifters after a little experience. The top 155 mph speed, I reckon we won't be figuring that one out anytime soon. The ride is what you would expect for a 4,200 lb car, very comfortable, however at low speeds bumps are pretty noticeable due to a much stiffer suspension than our 2012. Good news is that stiffer suspension means better in the curves. I figure I've picked up a good 5mph on my usual roads in the mountains without pressing it. Living in the Smoky Mountains, that's a good thing. Ride and performance is better than expected but then our expectations was based on our past Challengers. By far most impressive is for 2020 Dodge upgraded the exhaust system. This one came with factory Flowmasters. You can really hear this one when you accelerate. It has a very throaty muscle car sound and unlike our last Challgner which I was always thinking I should by a new set of Cat backs, I won't be this one. One of the things the younger folks worry about on the net on this car is performance in the wet and snow, mostly due to all that torque. I laugh at that now. It actually does very well which though I'm sure compared to a Honda Civic it may be much different, compared to the muscle cars of old, its a dream in the rain. I mean after all, we use to drive cars like this with standard differentials and bias tires. One of the things we worried about was that hood scoop is a real active hood scoop and water in the rain being sucked into the engine compartment. Dodge apparently did a very good job on this and the water catches really don't let any water in. Old folks options, we kind of got spoiled on our 2012 which had a lot of them. This car has even more, heated seas, heated steering wheel, remote start, and an upgraded backup camera that has an alarm that beeps giving you an indication of distance, kind of like "Stop stupid, you are about to hit that." Good temps here now, we've been using the sunroof a lot and the stereo is the best I ever had in a car. Two USB ports, bluetooth, and XM, man we've got as much music at our fingertips as we do at home. The stereo's file system is very much computer like. The paint job is going to take some getting use to. Called Indigo Blue, its that new paint the show folks like so much and what color it appears really depends on the lighting. It goes from a bright blue in direct sunlight, to a midnight blue in shade, and appears almost black at night. We're happy as can be with this car. Its a heck of a lot of fun and as I've said often we spend way too much time in our vehicles to drive boring.
  7. Actually, nope, never have. Seems like it would be fun if you have time on your hands.
  8. You know it worries me that you all in states with mandates will overdo when they are lifted. Here where there never was except in the major cities, we kind of just adjusted and went on with life. There won't be as many whoopie moments. Now that doesn't mean, we didn't have our idiocracy. The libtard mayor of Nashville shut down all the bars on the strip. He then used city money to bus in protestors during the George Floyd BS and now he's being sued to hell and back. Now the governor, Bill Lee, saw him on TV yesterday down on the strip buying a pair of cowboy boots encouraging folks to come on down. Bill Lee never did require state wide masks and other mandates. Yes, Bill Lee is a Republican and the major of Nashville is a Democrap. You want to know where we stand politically, you should have forced yourself to listen to Biden's speech where he tells us if we are all good subjects, he'll permit us to have a BBQ in our backyard on fourth of July is everyone's been vaccinated. Can you even imagine our founding fathers reaction who lived through smallpox and diphtheria reactions to this BS? TJ
  9. What I've read the New Feinstein bill would ban over 200 models of firearms and magazines over 10 rounds in addition to requiring background checks to transfer a firearm even, specifically mentioned in the bill, within a family. If they apply that to men "can accept" a larger than 10 round mag, that's it no semi-automatics. So here we are living in a country where our government is surrounded by a fence with barbed wire and protected by 5,000 soldiers as they legislate taking guns away. Let that sink in while you decide whether you plan to comply. Me? When I retired I sold almost all my guns at the gunshow 1 to 2 a time to the nice black young men with gold teeth, gold chains, and northern accents.
  10. Thanks, actual Anniversary is today and ironically or metaphorically, today is the first day we will be driving the new car in the rain.
  11. Tried to get you to give me a shout last time you were in this area. The Dragon is a challenge even not trying to see how fast you can do it. Its hairpin city to where it doesn't feel there's a straight stretch anywhere and damn near isn't. Its silly busy in summer but Covid has put a dent in that. Thursday through Sunday guarantee its being patrolled heavy but not so much so Monday through Wednesday. I'd not suggest not keeping it on your side of the road anytime and sometimes that even won't help. I tell folks all the time, its not the 318 curves you have to worry about, its the idiots taking those curves. Fastest I ever took it was in my old Challenger using the Sport Track feature. Its auto downshift engine braking is faster than a stick. Now don't think race track speeds. The record, held by a motorcycle, is only 55mph and that was taking both lanes dragging knees. Speed limit is 40 and man that's a generous 40. The better roads actually are the Foothills Parkway and Cherala (The Skyway). They're more like avg 50 mph. When you do what we locals call "The Big Circle", you go on another road on the TN side to get there, 360. Its a sweet road too a curvy 55 that runs by the lake and into the mountains through farms and fields. Unlike 360, on the NC side going between the Dragon and the Skyway, its only about 1/3rd fun road but it too is scenic. BTW, the other Challenger, 2nd in the running, we were looking at was in your color. It didn't have as many features as our Indigo Blue.
  12. OH man, I like that Hurst shifter, way cool. My wife will freak we don't have one. Looks just like the one her mom had in her 1970 Superbee. Tips are appreciated. We truly are novices on what all the car will do. The Uconnect, all we want really is phone with contacts. Probably won't be streaming Spotafy but the wife is making rumbles that direction. I'm doing a USB now. Trying albums with covers and some artist with more than one album to see what all the Uconnect will handle. About all we used in our last car was Sirrius. I have a lifetime in my truck which has a really low tech CD stereo. We get our 2nd Covid shot a week from today so unlike last year, planing some trips this year. Don't know where yet but we know we gotta do trips. One summer of nowhere has going batshit crazy. Camping, of course, I'll take my truck. We have a new soft topper which ought to be great for sleeping without setting up a tent etc. Car is for hotels/motels which the wife prefers. A lifetime of living out of hotels, I'm not as hot on them as she is. I have two theme songs both Eagles, "Take it to the limit" and "Outlaw Man".
  13. This is our 3rd Challenger. We love the cars. We were very much influenced by owning Mustangs. They're quite a bit roomier than a Mustang and quite a bit better ride on a trip without giving quite so much away on the wheelbase by going to a 4 dr. We took the foothills the other day at 60 mph and not even pushing it. That's about my normal motorcycle haul and about as fast as I could in my Mustang. We debated Charger and even test drove one. The new body style is fantastic. That said we found the wheelbase closer to a 300 than a Mustang and besides the looks of a 2 dr those 2drs discourage hauling other peoples kids around. LOL 2020 which is the Challenger 80th anniversary, they changed the seats. They're way more surround you sports car like, a stiffer butt pan, and way more lumbar support. Our jury is still out on that one but so far so good. Already we like the cloth seats better than the leather in our last one. We have a lot of things the jury is still out on and a lot we really love. We have no idea what to make of the functioning hood scoop. Love the instrument cluster especially the big letter MPH center guage with compass and outside temp but still struggling with the 8.4" info-center. Hell our jury is till out on the damn projector headlights. So far we can't tell a damn difference. We do like the halo LED outline rings instead of riding around all the time with those orange running lights. Our jury is till out on the stiffer suspension. It handles noticeably better than our 2012. still hwy rides as smooth, but is a bit more aggressive on low speed bumps. That should soften some with time so that jury will be out awhile. Haven't even played with the sport button yet. After a black car for eight years, hands down our favorite feature is the auto-start and heated seats and steering wheel. After a lifetime of either cook or freeze and measuring exactly where after we leave the house the car gets comfortable, its a big deal at our age. Nice surprise is the power difference. Our V6 like a our 2006 Mustang GT, to lay a patch, you best hit the traction control button which we called the fun button. This one has so much low end torque, all it takes is a bit more peddle and I don't even mean close to the floor and the full second faster 0-60 mph while the exhausts roar is a downright hoot. We don't really quite the handle on the 8 speed transmission yet, but so far our main reason, the same gas mileage, seems to be holding true. Like your car, the 25 mpg hwy is probably conservative. We don't really know yet because so far we can't keep our foot off that pedal. We actually found a 392 in our price range, a 2017 low miles but after seeing the Carfax, we opted out. 3 owners in 3 years plus having the battery changed already and transferred to dealers from OH, AZ, GA, and then TN, it was a big read flag. Fun test ride though. Tj
  14. I had the formula, never be home. I traveled for a living so when I was home, she was always happy to see me and I left before she got bored of me. Its a balancing act though. Gone too much women are like cows and will wonder off.
  15. 2020 Anniversary Dodge Challenger RT Blacktop edition in indigo blue. Cars a 5.7L Hemi MDS with 8speed transmission which gives it a 25 mpg hwy. Amazing really, its a mere 2,000 rpms at 80 mph. Car is equipped, old folks, like we wanted with heated seats& steering wheel, premium sound 8.4" screen with backup camera, and fob operated auto-start. Compared to our GT, man, this is different. It'll lay a patch on demand even with the traction control on. Of course, you don't want to do that much. It has 20" 245 low profile Eagle GT tires. Equipped with Brembo brakes and slotted/ported rotors, its a bit expensive to go crazy on. I'd post a pic but man this paint job is one of those how it looks depends on what lighting premium paints. Heavy on the metal flake, it looks bright blue in direct sunlight, dark blue in lower light, and black as hell after dark. Its like Dolly's "Coat of many colors". Anyway, its a heck of a fun car. 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds, its quick and it dual flow master factory exhaust very throaty. A sport suspension, I'd go on and on about how it handles but my GT had the same suspension. This is our 3rd Challenger. Obviously, we love these cars. Smaller than a Charger, they're still enough size and weight, they are road trip comfortable. Although not ideal for a multi-passenger, the back seats have way more room than Mustangs or Camaro so work good enough in a pinch. Biggest reason why I wanted to post this is advise you all to beware out there. We drove four hours round trip to buy our car in the country and saved $4,000. Hell I'd drive to hell and back much as you want for $1,000 an hour. Chrysler is running a $3,000 presidents day sale and a $10 a hp sale at the same time and it was like every dealer wanted some of that money. They were offering no dealer discounts, crap on trade in values, and unheard of dealer prep fees as high as $1,500. By shopping and traveling, we got a pre-covid type deal, $2000 dealer discount, Blue Book trade, and a $500 dealer fee. I literally bought this car for the same money I spent on my GT eight years ago which was very close to $10,000 off list and this ain't no GT. Anyway our 48the wedding anniverary is Friday and if you want to make a motorhead wife happy, this will do it. Tj
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