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  1. TomJefferson

    Gov. Northam Declares Emergency for VA Lobby Day

    Do any of those demonstrations or protests? The left tries to equate them to the Democratic process like marching in the 1960's was like going to war but it isn't. Best you can hope for is you change some minds so the next vote goes differently. What this demonstration, did and boy watch it go away in the news fast, is draw national attention to the Dems war on guns and what's coming to your state and the nation if we keep going down this path. Up to 20,000 armed citizens standing outside their hastily put up chain link fence, supported by the very same police they sent to put them down, and roaming the streets in a freezing cold, outght to send a clear message to the "Don't need a guns" cowering behind their desks too fearful even to address the 4,000 unarmed that made through the "Surprise, surprise, we changed the law about gun carry and put up a fence". Oh I"m sure many went home and that weasel of a governor will take as much credit for peaceful as he can but that was more the weather than his tricks tried to violate the 1st and 2nd Amendment but ultimately all he did was emphasize "Look how they'll discard your rights". Too much to hope average Joe will stop letting the TV thinK for him. After all for a butthole, its his best friend. All we need is those who know better to take heed. Tj
  2. TomJefferson

    Hey Nwatson99

    Happy Birthday old friend.
  3. TomJefferson

    Lost a brother and sister in blue this morning

    Yet more proof gun control works to disarm honest citizens only. A very sad turn of events and my heart goes out to the two officers and their families, however I have to wonder what role their thinking gun play shouldn't or couldn't be involved played?
  4. TomJefferson

    Gov. Northam Declares Emergency for VA Lobby Day

    Scared shitless aren't they? So badly scared, they're making shat up to suspend rights and overturn laws.
  5. TomJefferson

    Virginia 2A Update: Gun Range Ban, New AWB, & Hot Mics

    Welcome to the entire USA if the Dems win Nov.
  6. TomJefferson

    Geaux Tigers!

    What a great game! down by 10 first time this season, LSU came back to lead by 10 by the half. Clemson closed to within 3 then LSU went on a rout that had them killing the clock almost the entire fourth quarter. Goth teams have great quarterbacks and specialize in the "Big Play" which made for one exciting Championship. What it did tell me however is Oklahoma probably shouldn't have been in the playoffs. Georgia gave them a much better game in the SEC Championship. Anyway in case nobody else has said SEC, SEC, SEC. Tj
  7. TomJefferson

    Global Cooling At Your House

    Mild January so far here in the Smoky Mountains. In fact, got in three good days of riding motorcycles. Unfortunately that usually means a nasty late January to late February.
  8. TomJefferson

    Ukrainian plane carrying 180 crashes in Tehran

    "Whoops, looked like a F16 to me. Oh well, Insha Allah."
  9. Yeah, Trump blew him up because he's brown. Give me a break already.
  10. TomJefferson

    Open Carry Vs Concealed Carry

    I don't know man Sometimes "Crazy Tj" has a gun has it benefits and it stops a lot of BS before even starts. It is why traditional police carry is open carry. Does it invite Rambo Badguy to steal the gun or shoot you first? Man that's a good question that you could write books on. Certainly it has happened with cops but not often. Yes retention holsters are a good idea. Heck cowboy holsters are/were retention holsters. The problem is in a mixed crowd, unless you are Mr. Scared cowering in a corner, you probably are just as much the first target and sometimes best to have the bad guy seek easier targets. Certainly discourage has more benefits than discourage but in practical application most of us aren't cops so by definition the bad guy gets the first move. In my life have to use my gun in earnest many times, I have always found it remarkable that it is much like the "Old West" where the bad guy gets the first move. Now that said, not once has it been "call you out draw down at noon". Every time its been you don't know what his intention is until he draws. (Disclaimer here, I have never drawn down on someone that didn't deserve it, legally not emotionally." Only time on an unarmed person was to stop a aggravated sexual assault. The rest of the time, they had weapons. We don't get to escalate the force level. Only cops do because we as society charge them with apprehension. It certainly makes more sense for a cop to open carry than us. Carrying period in self defense actual application reminds me of a famous Wild Bill Hickock gunfight. Hired by a saloon keeper to gun down Wild Bill, he got the draw on Wild Bill in the middle of the street. Had him dead ti rights gun pointed right at him. Wild Bill thought fast, opened his eyes wide, looked off to his right, and started yelling, "Don't shoot him. He's drunk". When the would be assassin looked to see what it was, Wild Bill drew his gun and shot him in the head. Keep in mind this was the Wild West. Not popular, Wild Bill was put on trial for shooting the bad guy. He was acquitted but trail it was. You know other than a bad guy doing onto others, that's the way its going to be. No matter how fast your draw, you can't out draw someone with the drop on you, and by definition the bad guy gets the first move. That's why concealed carry is more desirable on this topic than open carry. We're going to have to Wild Bill our opponent even to get to our gun. Anyway all this discussion of Open Carry comes down to when its appropriate. I open carry a lot but seldom for self defense purposes with the exception of guard duty which is like neon sign, not here. By far, mostly its been once more like cowboy days and a line from "The Unforgiven". "For snakes and such." Not so much otherwise. Now you can't bring this up without discussing gun size. Its a given that nobody ever in a gunfight ever said, "Boy I wish I had had a smaller caliber or less bullets" but its equally true "Damn I wish I had a gun." is often said. Clothing can scream gun as much as open carry does and an imprinted gun is no more than open carry with a slower draw. Now having said open carry is fine when appropriate, I find open carry to make some political statement not a good idea unless its part of a published mass demonstration. Appropriate isn't scaring the sheep and is bad manners at best and downright dangerous. Living here in the Smoky Mountains the home of the Dragon, motorcycles has given me a lot of different insight to open carry. I see so many people every season on a bike that you can obviously tell they have a gun. I even get amused that many times we talk guns and they have no idea I have one too. What I learned is it doesn't freak people out as much as the TV would like for us to think. In fact, I ride with a retired cop and for five years now nobody has said a thing to him about having an obvious gun on his hip. That said, like me, we're not covered in prison tatts and well groomed. I find it best in life on the entire subject of when to carry period the best is to be considerate and not an jerk about it. Tj
  11. <-------- Went "Old School" with a classic double edge razor, shaving soap, and shaving brush. The new razors are a lot more safety razor and user friendly and the new blades are stainless so last a very long time. Cost is a fraction of disposables.
  12. TomJefferson

    Any one stock pile food?

    <------------------six months to a year depending on how many need it. That's on top of my normal larder, freezer/pantry, which is about six months. Largest bulk items long term storage are freeze dried food stuffs which has up to a 25 year storage life. Have some complete meals of freeze dried, I use them for camping and boating, but majority of it is item like corn, peas, fruit, etc. The idea being a meal is a meal which you will tire of but if you have the fixings, you can make 1,000 different meals. Collected this stuff over years of bulk buys, sales, etc. various places. Some I had I ordered, hard to find items, and had to wait six months till it shipped. I quit buying MRE due to a five year shelf life. Much of that stuff expecially the tray rats ended up at the local homeless shelter. They appreciated a turkey dinner. Hard to not eat the freeze dried fruit. That's good stuff man. Anyway the plan became over time to buy what I eat now. The idea of some crisis and eating beans and rice every day gives me the heebie jeebies. On top of that, we buy meat in bulk, slice, and freeze in vacuum packs. canned food, and about every other year or so I buy bulk herloom garden seeds for storage. The idea there is like living on a self sustaining farm which I did as a child, you need to have enough food in storage to get you through till a garden starts yielding. Same thinking I keep things like salt back for curing meat. Powers out, better to do that than have a big neighborhood BBQ. Yea between this stuff, guns and ammo, if it ever came to light, the media would be calling me a survival nut. I never have thought of it that way. The son of Great Depression babies, my family has always had food laid back for what we call "Hard Times". BTW, Just added some Benton's Bacon, country cured smoke house salt pork. Man, I wish I had a smoke house. Tj
  13. TomJefferson

    Oh the Drama....More Rental Car Saga.....

    Yeah, its a Jeep. The idea is its a Jeep that can be used to haul things not really a Cowboy Caddy. Nothing in Rampy's description surprises me and about what I expected. Personally I wouldn't buy a Jeep and expect not to be one but then I like Jeeps. Tj
  14. TomJefferson

    3 Critical Qualities of a Holster

    OK, I have to ask. What's the guy doing digging around triggers on carry guns? What is his hang up, a carry method has to keep you from being stupid?
  15. TomJefferson

    Whoops! Broke the law yesterday.

    As for the alarm, it did not alarm when I left but re-entered the store I just left. That was different. That said, people paid it about as much attention as a bell during Christmas shopping, not even a stare. Must get a lot of them.