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  1. TomJefferson

    Thinking of selling a bunch of guns....advice needed.

    Nope, got a Bicentenial MK1.
  2. TomJefferson

    Hernia Gun Carry ----Funny Thing!

    I have this slight hernia, not enough for surgery and I don't want surgery, so I use hernia belts when I lift and things like that. Cost is $20. I'm browsing Amazon gun stuff and see this nylon belt carry system that's $20. I go "Holy Hell, looks just like a hernia belt"! Cost is $20. Then it dawns on me, why the hell not? I bought one. I love the thing! Works just like the hernia belt, has a button down holster for a mouse gun, spare mags, and a little pocket you can stash cash in. My hernia is a little high so it hides the gun even under a "T" shirt Of course, I walk around a lot with two guns now, but its pretty darn cool. Its the exact same type of belt as the hernia belt. Double duty! Tj
  3. TomJefferson

    Smaller guns trending?

    Oh my, stupidest thing I ever heard of. Its like arguing the right to rob and kill someone like its a profession. Its very UK thinking. Years ago there was a famous case of this farmer in the UK that this gang kept burglarizing him so he laid in wait one night with a shotgun and shot one of the burglars crippling him. It was bad enough the UK government prosecuted him and put him in prison for attempted murder, the burglar sued him for loss of revenue, he won, and the farmers wife had to sell the farm. Loss of revenue from what? Being a burglar? Tj
  4. TomJefferson

    Thinking of selling a bunch of guns....advice needed.

    Sold three. .357 Smith, Ruger Blackhawk, and my old Ruger LCP. Even after taking a hit on the Ruger LCP, the bottoms fell out on that one, I made $50 over what I paid for them. All guns I had another of, better versions. The guys a retired Marine, a collector, and doesn't sell guns. Hit it off with him, of course. Told him he could "Google" Gunbroker right then and there. Pretty obvious he never met anyone like me that knows guns and ammo like I do, like you all. I'd tell him, new, used, my price, no haggle. He mostly wanted, you guessed it, the stuff I didn't want to part with, the collectibles or my daily carries. He wanted a mouse gun for his wife so I sold him my LCP. I have a newer LCP II. He may be back. He's interested in one of my older ARs, 24" fixed carry handle. Adding the cash to my "wheal and deal" stash for when I retire. Plan to work a Flea Market selling a bunch of other crap I've collected over the years. I have so much I figure I can do themes, camping one summer, car parts another, music stuff another, things like that. Tj
  5. Pretty. Older I get the more I appreciate pretty guns and pretty grips.
  6. TomJefferson

    Senior Citizen Digestive Track

    I wish i could but can't. Chron's makes your gut a big incubator and you can't pass gas easily. Those things make me feel like I"m going to explode. When someone farts real big, I usually say "Bragging". As it is, i have to take an anerobic bacteria antibiotic daily. Still all in all, I'd rather deal with this stuff than a bad back or something like that. Bad bones can be downright debilitating where an IBD is only if you let it. Tj
  7. TomJefferson

    I knew it. That raid in Houston was total BS.

    Scary stuff right there.
  8. TomJefferson

    Thinking of selling a bunch of guns....advice needed.

    Oh yeah, I totally suspect this guy is looking to resale. No,, I'm not really hard up for cash. I initiated none of this. My buddy called me and ask me if I would sell him my Colt Then he calls me again about his buddy wants to buy guns and he buys a ton of guns. He's interested a lot in my 50th Anniversary Blackhawks but that damn sure isn't on my "good deal" list. Not hard up for cash, I don't plan on taking a loss and how much is as simple as going to Gunbroker. If he's looking for rape and pillage, its going to be very short meeting. If he's retail no questions asked or close, it will be too. Making a list of what I will part with a retail value used. The way resale guys around here work is say "I want this this and this" then throw out a big lot price in cash. One needs to not be clouded by the lot price and do the math or bend over. Tj
  9. TomJefferson

    Thinking of selling a bunch of guns....advice needed.

    Thanks, I thought about you when I did this post because over the years, I figure you are pretty much just like me. I've already thought about the root through the collection thing. I plan to pull out what I will part with and lay them out. I don't want to fool with the whole time thing and him playing salesman, don't buy now offer and he'll change his mind, crap. I'm retiring not dead and I wasn't looking to sell the gun I sold that got this started. I don't want to start relationship with him coming back and coming back. I actually hope he does know guns. If he doesn't, it will be too much haggle for me and I'll end up simply saying "No Thanks". Tj
  10. Last week a buddy of mine, retired policeman, wanted to buy my Colt Night Defender so I sold it to him. If you are not familiar with the Talo Night Defender, they made about 800 of them and sold for $1,100 new. I got a honey of a deal on mine so sold it for actually what I paid for it, $750. I do try to give good deals to friends that do the same for me. I'm going to retire in June so want some cash in the safe and my carry these days is a bit smaller, example Kimber Micro 9/Sig 938. That and I do have three smaller gun safes and not enough room in my safes. A lifetime of collecting, I'm a bit gun poor so to say. I wasn't really looking to do this till I retired but you know opportunity knocked. Well, its knocking again. My buddy tells his buddies about the deal he got. If you price Defenders, its like getting a collector gun for regular used price. Now one of his pals wants to come over and buy a crap load of my collection. My buddy tells me this guys just a gun collector but seeing my buddy trades and sells guns all the time, I doubt it. Anyway, I have an opportunity to move some guns at what I paid for them and others for literally double what I did and the buyer will have a big ole smile on his face. Of course, I won't part with my babies but I have quite a few I bought purely for simply having them. Heck, many I will be selling, I shot maybe once. Two question you all. What do you think of this in general? Any concerns? I really don't know this guy from Adam other than my buddy swears by him. I already know he's going to want to buy quite a few then offer me a package price but hell I can add. Tj
  11. TomJefferson

    Another hate crime hoax

    Oh yeah, fake from the get go. Anyone who'd say "This is MAGA country" in Chicago isn't paying attention. The last Republican Mayor of Chicago was over 100 years ago.
  12. TomJefferson

    Senior Citizen Digestive Track

    The capsules are better than the powder. You don't need as much. Take a couple before you eat and between the food pushing it down and the time the cap takes to dissolve more gets into your intestines instead of floating around in your stomach. I mentioned Raisin Bran in my previous post. Besides the bran, those dried raisins are like mini-prunes.
  13. TomJefferson

    Senior Citizen Digestive Track

    Heck, I have Chron's. I go from can't hold it in to I feel like the old man in that English spy comedy "The Kingsman" when the cable car racing down the mountain out of control about kills him stopping inches from his face says, "Best crap I've had in years." I go from "eat this" to slow me down and "eat that" to speed me up. I was using the doctor prescribed stuff but have decided to go more natural and quite frankly much better off. A couple neat things, Raisin Bran cereal and discovered this over the counter called "Prune Lax" which is an old school laxative made from actually just dried prunes in pill form. The Raisin Bran is for "I think I'm stopping up" and the Prune Lax is for "Oh hell, I think I'm going to explode" clogged up. They give you more control than Colace and a damn sure better than the heavy hitter laxatives that will unplug you alright but you spend a day in the can wondering if your brains are going to come out of your butt. Slowing down, I'm from the south so that one damn easy, Biscuits and Gravy. A good ole bacon flour gravy will set up in you like concrete. I feel like a damn Dutchman, build a dam and tear it down, sometimes especially this time of year when I don't get as much exercise naturally. Did I mention how much I hate "Daylight Savings Time"? I built me a small gym, treadmill and weight bench but let's just say "Man do I need to work on my motivation". Anyway I'm doing better, a lot better. When I was really overweight, man, I couldn't walk down my hill and back without thinking I was going to die. Now, its down and up without a thought. Dropping 80lbs is like a new me. Hell even women if they don't flirt check me out again now. Kind of flattering but believe me at my age the last thing I want or need is doing that "He/She" crap. Too much stress involved in that and stress will kill you faster than not able to have a crap. Getting old sure is grand! Its like driving an English sports car, drive if fix it. Tj
  14. TomJefferson

    Is there really that big of a difference?

    My advice is to use your common sense on this topic. You know which parts are important to making the firearm efficient and reliable and which aren't. Its like the old Glock BS that use to be on the forums of shooting underwater etc. or recently the Sig hit the gun with a hammer. That's not really ever been a criteria for me on why to buy a gun. The same goes for parts. Barrels, bolts, and triggers are important. The least talked about that is is lowers. An out of spec lower can mean failure due to simply firing and or difficult mag fits and difficult mag fits to misfires. Another worth mention is the term "MIL Spec" is misused in the industry. If it truly is MIL Spec then it not only means its dimensional correct but actually passed the lot/individual piece test requirements. Now you could write a book on how many of those tests you don't care about but it does mean you can't just take a claim as gospel. You have to do a little research. If you are looking for resale, its good to keep in mind 9 out of 10 people who own or buy ARs these days, you tell them you have this rocket ship, you'll get the deer in the headlights look. They don't know and don't want to know. I'm selling some guns now and if I told the ignorance, you'd laugh your butt off and I'm not just talking ARs. Most can barely identify with brands and damn sure can't timing. Ban, pre-ban, before they were bought out and completely MIL Spec, deer in the headlights. Right now the AR market is down, saturated. Although ammo has adjusted downward again, its till high for plinking and high volume shooting. I think my nephew has put 100 rounds through his God knows who made it el cheapo and he's happy as a lark. Know a lot of folks like that. Best advice in this thread is build for your needs. Its just not a good time to build for resale. Tj
  15. TomJefferson

    Oh hell no!

    There's so many mice in the forest around my house, I wish snakes came out in winter.