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    Is being gay wrong?

    To the OP, sex is what we do, its not who we are. Its an action like any other action. It doesn't define us. We aren't gong to die if we don't have sex nor is it a compulsion that can't be denied. Its not a race. Many of us believe the act of sex should be private thing and none of anyone's business what two consenting adults do. Its is politicians though that want to make it everyone's business. Its a rallying cry of the left to foster divide while their main issue, socialism, thus more power for the politicians is pursued. Is it right or wrong? Although I really don't care what two girlymen do, the ultimate objective of sex is not fun but procreation. The major objection to homosexuality is not the act but the political forcing it on society. We're off the deep end as its gone from tolerance to tax breaks and now men sharing restrooms with little girls. Tj
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    Had to get new tires on Thursday from Firestone

    I've bought quite a few tires from Firestone and yes, they're the kings of "Need this" up-sales. Its part of their business stratagem. I mostly use my dealer for normal maintenance. On that stuff, they're very competitive. Last few set of tires I bought from the dealer. They had the best price because they buy in volume from the tire manufacturers. Ironically the one exception was Firestone's came on my Challenger and they were actually more competitive at Firestone than the dealer. I don't trust any of the minimum wage guys for anything other than changing the oil and even then sometimes I have to interject. One time i had a guy on my BMW tell me he needed a alot for to the oil filter on my BMW for me to tell "No you don't, the BMW oil filter is on top of the engine not below it.". LOL Brakes unless it involves new lines and a total line flush, I do myself. Though easy, its too important to trust to some kid. I've had some bad experiences. Had the brakes go completely out one time because some kid at a brake business broke the bleeder and instead of replacing it jut wedged it in there. Batteries I replace every five years and don't wait on the "Where's the jumper cables". I rotate out my batteries so always have a good one or two in my garage. They're the original "Jumper box". Tj
  3. TomJefferson

    Dayumit I think my battery just went dead.

    Yep, just happened to my sons car. He got a new battery from autoparts store, they installed, six weeks later jumper cables, clean and tightened, they're rolling again.
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    What would you guys do?

    Deals a deal. Spell it out, shake a hand, its done. Deals have nothing to do with fair and everything to do with honor. I've seen more men limit themselves in life by worrying about the other guys profit than anything else and I've seen entire corporations sold over a handshake. In your case if he knew the deal and didn't live up to it, don't pay him, recover your funds, send him his product back, document that, and its his problem if he wants to trash them. Then mark him off as not to do business. Never do business with someone with no honor and always have honor, yourself. There is no deal worth my honor. I quit a 25 year career over my honor. Tj
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    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    What a horrific thing to wake up to. I'm a bit taken back. How horrible for the families of the victims and the people "down under" as they realize now their rainbow land socialist bubble just burst. We're talking a nation with UK style gun control where it takes almost an act of their congress to get to own a gun and a society once with so little crime, it was almost a miracle. Makes me wonder what the hell has been going on down there? The Muslims not assimilating thus creating a rub? What role does the media play? Its not like New Zealand is on the hot Islamic terrorist list. Our media will play it down like we're stupid and its about what color their skin is but its way more than that. Unfortunately, I know what our role in this is. New Zealand is the other side of the world from the middle-east and those folks didn't immigrate there by rowing a canoe. The Obama Administrations backing "Arab Spring" created the worlds largest mass exodus and mass immigration with us pushing our allies to take in these war refugees. Remember when Trump took over, Australia balked refusing to take an entire island of Islamic refugees and force us, the US, to take them? Trump wasn't in office for no time when this happened. We share some blame in this and our guaranteed media coverage will share a big part now of the next one, the next nut that sees himself as some sick hero with a manifesto. From a sociology standpoint, its real easy for some lily white socialist paradise to walk a higher road and feel superior. For all the problems we have here in the US, we've got a long history of being a massive melting pot. Finding out the problems and working through them of a diverse society is going to be a shocker to many of these countries taking in refugees from the middle east. Down under, got to remember these were countries that once hunted their aborignees like they were wild dogs to almost extinction and had segregation laws that made Jim Crow laws look easy. Apparently now we know the rainbow myth is just that a myth and they have their nuts just like we do. Now like us, they're going to find out all that massive gun control doesn't work and gun free just means easy target. Technology changes but man hasn't and through history societies have had two choices disarm their people, clamp down tyrannically, and live with mass casualties or arm everyone. You can't help but wonder how different it could have been if just one of those people could have fought back? This morning I watched the New Zealand prime minster tell the world she rejects this horrible thing. I couldn't help but say out loud "That isn't going to stop shat lady." Nobody in their right mind condones the mass murder of unarmed people. Its going to take way more than just saying "Bad boy". My heart and prayers go out to down under. Its a club of countries its membership I would wish on no country. As for me, its once more my media induced false impression has been shattered for even a small place like New Zealand has issues now. Tj
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    Dick's Sporting Goods to stop selling guns.

    Yep, and exiting entire business segments to become profitable, the first sign.
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/12/business/dicks-sporting-goods-stock-gun-control.html So I'm I"m watching the local news last night as they announce Dicks plans to stop selling guns and hunting gear in 125 stores due to slumping gun sales and while the news anchor is trying to make some sort of big anti-gun victory out of it, I'm laughing my head off. The wife asks me why I'm laughing and I tell her, "It worked. Our boycott worked.". Dicks was one of the first chains to stop selling ARs and then restrict sales of magazine sizes and I haven't bought a gun, ammo, or even socks from them since. So here they are, gun sales and gun ownership the highest in US history and they have so much slumping sales, they are getting out of the gun business and for that matter hunting. Now Elmer Fudd will join us. Now the left can think what they want but the goal of a business, any business, is to make money and the only ones who suffer by not taking a customers money is their stock holders. IMHO, the chain is taking its last breaths as it first contracts into the big cities. Its already being chewed to death by the large chains like Academy Sports. Price anything even shirts or shoes at Dicks and you'll find a bigger selection at much less cost elsewhere. Tj
  8. TomJefferson

    Dick's Sporting Goods to stop selling guns.

    The only chain sporting goods store in my county, I use to buy a lot stuff there. I had bought at least two guns, ammo, a couple pairs of Merrells, hiking attire, and God knows how much fishing supplies. I even did a thread about the fat girl manager carrying my gun purchase with me CCWing beside her and how she told me she had to run down customers all the time with guns, me going "What if its a real bad guy?" When they declared war on the AR15, I haven't darkened their door since. I've been driving the 20 miles to go elsewhere. I'm just not going to do it anymore. I'm not going to give my money to companies dedicated to socialism and taking our freedoms. A company announced this week a new phone app that tells you conservative friendly businesses or at least neutral ones. With all the MAGA hat bs etc. clever idea. Not everyone is going to be me but us gun culture guys tend to stick together and take each others "Don't go there's" to heart. Tj
  9. TomJefferson


    You would think two white guys saying "This is MAGA country" in CHICAGO that is the home of "The Machine" and hasn't elected a Republican mayor in over 100 years would be a clue to the media. I'm pretty much sick over hearing media talking heads trying to justify what this idiot did for personal gain. They just as well hold up a big sign "Whites deserve whatever they get." I hope they bury this guy under the jail but I won't hold my breath on that. It indeed is Chicago. Tj
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    Run Cows Run! Video of Oregon Shootout

    Well that was another "What the hell was he thinking?" moment.
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    I've been banned! UPDATED!!

    Heck I got banned from one site just because after the liberals all starting posting they'd go to Canada, i simply posted "Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.". We've gotten so you can't voice an opinion in this country if it offends someone which means you have to agree with them. Only the chosen liberals are allowed to be offensive. The rest of us are expected to simply take it in silence and not dare to disagree. How do you piss off a liberal? Point out the truth. Tj
  12. Yes, that's was a "Take the shot" moment if I ever heard of one.
  13. Since the lovefest with Obama which had the networks not daring to report world events that made him look bad and now get Trump at all costs, the entire news media are a bunch of sit on their ass lazy do nothings. My lame ass high school drop out nephew of mine got his GED, went to college on our tax dollars, and is now a news reporter in Boston. This is the kid who said he was voting for Obama because he was going to take away jobs from less deserving older people and give it to him. I'm convinced now the only thing you need to be to be a news reporter is blind faith in whatever liberal BS is floated. This kid that everyone who ever meets him hates, Im convinced will be on CNN one day. Tj
  14. TomJefferson

    Global Warming My Azz !!!

    Kill two birds with one stone, weather and your freedom. Tj
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    Crime and punishment

    It's an inalienable right to be able to defend one's life and nobody should have the right to tell another "You must die". The problem with gun control is its a false premise to begin with because its based on if someone will break this law they won't break that one. Felons do get guns even with prior convictions. All of gun control is like "Let's all be safe by punishing the innocent and inconveniencing criminals." If it wasn't so damn serious, it would be silly. It's just not good logic and violent crime convictions prove it false. I know it sounds barbaric and almost wild west but there is no safety nor a world where everyone holds hands and sing Kumbaya. We are much safer in life if we approach everyone we aren't willing to die for as you may have to take them out. Otherwise, we are the whistling blind man strolling through a mine field. That doesn't mean you have to be all paranoid ready to draw down every second. It just means a part of your life needs to be concerned with security and self defense training. Self defense training is more than just a gun. There's evil out there and its not going away, neither will it ever be legislated away. Making more people perfect victims damn sure isn't going to help. Here's an interesting statistic for you. Without even any number statistics which can be twisted to make the south side of Chicago appear safe, hands down the lowest crime rate society in history was our pioneer west a time when everyone carried a gun or most people did. Think about it? A single homicide and someone was known for 100's of miles and every crime potential death to the criminal. Stealing a horse or rustling cattle was a death sentence. God help you if you raped or killed a woman. Rob a bank, they had to be fast or every man in the town would shoot them. Prison sentences were very short but they were prisons from hell. The entire western expansion when it comes to crime doesn't hold a candle to a Saturday night in Chicago. I have traveled the world and on the topic of crime, I was most impressed and puzzled with China. It has all those people yet so little crime the stores leave their goods on the streets at night. At first, it made me question my culture because they are more family oriented than we are but the more I traveled the more I learned it really wasn't. Then I thought it was their system to only find out their system is more corrupt than ours is. Its the good ole boy network on steroids. Three things make it different. The first which I totally had a wrong impression from our media is their approach of guilty until proven innocent. On face value that sounds horrible but in practical application what it means if there's enough evidence to arrest you, you aren't getting out till you have a trial. They are less likely to arrest someone because its a big deal. This is the first aversion to crime. The second is they have a no nonsense reaction to unforgivable crimes like murder, rape, and even drug trafficking. They're death sentences. Last but not least, their prison systems are prisons from hell, ugly barbaric things that if your family doesn't support you with food and medicines etc. you are going to die. Crime there simply is not tolerated. With all those people, they can't afford it to be. Now you know why those UCLA basketball idiot stealing sunglasses was such a big deal. Now I'm not saying "Hey let's become China" but offering criminals a better life behind bars than on the streets while disarming the public is insane. Unless we want a system like China, gun control just doesn't work on any level. That's what the people pushing gun control want, to be like China where the government thus those in power have all the rights and people none and like the Chinese their end justifies their means. Freedom comes with a price and part of that price is you just may have to blow the other guys head off. Its either you hang their ass or allow the people to defend themselves. Doing neither is a formula for anarchy and eventually tyranny. Now you all can debate people you don't know who you can trust till the cows come in but the answer is nobody. Own it and you will sleep a lot better at night. It beats the hell out of trusting politicians that would sacrifice you for power at the drop of a hat and laws criminals by definition break. You can't legislate crime away. It takes more than just a law and you need to ask yourself how much you want to give up so cupcake doesn't have to pick up a gun? The one thing China taught me is I'd rather be a potential victim of a criminal than a guaranteed one of government. Tj
  16. TomJefferson

    Crime and punishment

    No you won't because your crystal ball future predictor isn't any better than mine. LOL What I can tell you is I won't be going "Thank God it wasn't a gun" when some nut cuts my head off with a machete. If they can't be trusted in public, which weapon they use isn't important. Of course, that's rhetorical because gun control laws only work on the law abiding and criminals can get guns. Thus the statement, if they can't be trusted with a gun, its kind of foolish to trust them with a knife or a hammer. Inanimate objects do not commit crimes, criminals do and if we are looking for excuses to lock criminals up again, the system broken for they shouldn't have been let out in the first place. TJ
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    It's absolutely BS when...

    Unfortunately nothing new about that. Back in the 60's I watched a house burn to the ground the family sitting in their yard in horror as five firetrucks sit idle just across the railroad tracks because the tracks was a city limit. You know me, I had to ask. Same answer, specific orders not to.
  18. TomJefferson

    Dayum being Retired and days of the week

    I got news for you old friend. Its not a retirement thing, its an age thing. Don't ask how I know.
  19. TomJefferson

    14 Confirmed Dead near Auburn University

    You guys see the vids of that monster? Man, was it big one. Closest I've seen to a land hurricane.
  20. TomJefferson

    It's absolutely BS when...

    Semantics but it is different. I don't respect cops for simply being a cop. I respect their job and their job like rank in the military requires a level of respect. Them I don't know until I get to know them. There's people in those uniforms. Its a left over from when I was wearing a uniform. Now that said, despite the negative press, we have far better police these days on a whole than we did decades ago. Mistakes are still made because people are people but there's far less mistakes and less malice and systemic corruption. Remembering the old days, it boggles my mind today's current animosity toward law enforcement. I sometimes wonder it borders on anarchy. The ancient Saxon's had a saying, "If you have so many laws you can't remember them, you have too many." Cops don't make laws but they sure do take the blame a lot for bad ones. Tj
  21. TomJefferson

    It's absolutely BS when...

    You want a funny one? It actually was the base commander here one time. It didn't work out too well for him.
  22. TomJefferson

    Crime and punishment

    Well here's hoping they never find a brick. A politician who claims they can predict the future is just as bad a liar as one that claims they can control the weather. The only way we can prevent crime is to punish the innocent along with the guilty is a premise that's contrary to freedom. You aren't a danger to society until you are a danger. I have a guy who worked for me, odd jobs, nice guy but a habitual drunk driver. He's serving two years now for being caught driving on a suspended license his 11th time. I use to tell him, you show up driving, no work for you. Now this guys never had an accident with his car that involved anyone but him. Driving is a privilege while owning a gun is a right. One time caught with a gun, he'd been gone. In TN, a mandatory 1 year just for starters. Now despite being dumb as a post, I like this guy, its pretty damn obvious the only way to keep him from driving was lock him up. He had to be caught first though. He's the first person I ever knew that his life was changed forever by a serial killer. His little brother was one of those bodies found under Gacy's house. Having seen the movie and read about Gacy when he told me who his brother was, I knew right off the bat. Now this guy has issues man. I'm talking here not a really bad guy even honest just the gears don't mesh up there. He's one of those people you have to say things like "Don't do that, it will blow up and we all die." This guys needed some serious help for decades. It blows my mind how we can speak now how barbaric my fathers generation was while we have decided in the name of saving insurance companies money to deny medical care to our mentally ill, closed our state institutions, throwing them on our streets, and turning our prisons into mental hospitals. Then we go "Hey you, that never broke a law or harmed anyone, you can't own a gun because we can't trust that other guy." One of the most pathetic things I've ever seen in my life is the streets of San Francisco. They got this one street off market square that they herd all their homeless to sleep at night. If you are brave enough to go there, you'll find people not only sleeping surrounded by feces and urine but those so mentally ill they're pounding their heads on the building walls. Some of those folks will never ever be better and some could be, but you will never know if you don't bother to find out. What we should know is having them on the streets with our wives and children is not a good idea and herding them after mid-night to this one street a half ass measure at best. Its an act of desperation of a failed system. It really is as simple as once someone has shown they can't be trusted like my worker, lock them up and the real problem is continually trying the same thing and expecting a different result. We've become a society of lawyers where the criminals have all the rights and victims none. We create them by ignoring them like criminals are an asset, something to make money on and a political platform. . Our pioneer ancestors were not idiots. They had it right. Having committed an unforgivable crime. find someone that can't be trusted in public ever again, you hang them, immediately. You find one that can't be trusted but hasn't committed that unforgivable crime yet, that's who you lock up, evaluate and treat till they can be trusted. We're not morally superior by turning the whole thing into a multi-billion dollar industry and our prisons and streets into mental hospitals. Sorry for the long post, I am one of those who have tried time and time again in life to help others not by just writing a check but by direct involvement. Yes, most like my worker have been a series of failures but in retrospect, its been worth it for those few successes. Its inherently wrong to punish the innocent to get the guilty. Its morally wrong. Nothing exemplifies how wrong it is than gun control which by any standard only controls the law abiding not the criminal. Tj
  23. Allow me first to welcome you to this internet site. This site is dedicated not only to your 2nd Amendment rights but the AR15 in particular. We are of the firm belief as a whole the more mature law abiding citizens who own AR15s the more secure both our nation is as well as our 2nd Amendment right to continue to own and use these fine rifles. We would like to help you make your selection in any way we can, however it becomes a little daunting of a task for the first time buyer who has little to no experience. Hopefully this post will help a little. First let me say, the core membership here has an amazing amount of AR15 experience and knowledge. Better yet, there are very few AR15 elitist buy only this or you are making one major mistake types. This is a good thing and one you should take advantage of. Most of the guys here are both avid collectors and frequent shooters. Why are you buying this rifle? This is the first question anyone thinking of buying a AR should ask them self. What makes the AR such an attractive gun isn't really its military looking features but the fact that its the most versatile gun system on the market today. There are almost limitless configurations, options, and alterations. Even better, if you want to try something different then for minimal investment you can change it. There's so many variations is why there is an entire forum to the weapon system. It follows that the better an idea of why you want the rifle, the better your initial investment will be. There are no wrong answers to gun ownership and the natural assumption that goes unsaid is self defense. That is a for granted on any firearm and configuration. There is however a big difference between just own one that will live in a safe, shot frequently, what range/distance you want to shoot, hunting, as close to military like as possible, LEO applications, home defense, etc. There's even basic considerations like is weight or size. Though the team here has years of experience on multiple configurations, its very hard to try to pass on years of experience in one thread. The closer idea you have to what you want, the better advice you will get. I encourage you to speak right up for there is no wrong reason. It is your right to own a fire arm and not anyone's to tell you it should be this color or size even less so than the automobile you drive. I have yet to see anyone given a hard time on this forum for saying, "I'm buying this for an investment, collectors item, of just because I can." We know not everyone is going to become an avid shooter though we will caution you that if any gun will turn you into one, it is the AR15. The following a list of general internet terms that will help you with your posting. "A Safe Queen" These are weapons that the owner typically becomes proficient with, then spends most of its time in a safe. There's all kinds of reasons guns become "Safe Queens" and that's the stuff entire topics are made of, however its not really that important in context to buying a first AR as to why but only that it will be. For example, a rifle that depends on batteries for its optics only has a different consideration than one that doesn't. etc. It is helpful information to those who are giving you advice. "Range Rifle" This is a general term to describe a rifle that its primary application is shooting targets. Of course, any AR can be used in the field in very harsh conditions but the range rifle typically accuracy is more important, weight is not as important, it influences your barrel length, optics that are best, and extras such a bipods a popular option on range guns. "Varmint Gun" This is a primary application for hunting small game such as groundhogs, coyotes, etc. Actually its a general term for hunting rifle. It does give the posters a good idea of what would work best for you as far as options go. "Plinker" A gun primarily used as a Plinker is generally thought of as a gun that high rate of fire is more important than accuracy, ranges are pretty close, and a lower cost weapon more desirable than a higher cost one. Like always all ARs can be used for Plinking. This is just a general internet gun site term. "Tactical Rifle or Bling Gun" These are terms used to describe guns that are typical shorter barrels, collapsible stocks, and capable of having a variety of attachment options. Its good to try to think of them as the movie or video game guns like "Call to Duty 4". Its also used to describe SWAT type weapons basically close quarters weapons. "Sniper Rifle" This is just a general term to describe rifles intended to reach out farther than 300 meters. This will usually involve higher level optics and a longer barrels as well as special barrels and fore stocks. "Ultimate Rifle" This is a general term to describe a rifle using the best of manufacturing techniques. That doesn't always mean it will have the best name recognition. We have a saying on the internet, "We are not the military so do not have to settle for what they give us." In this category, you will see many brand names mentioned that are not all that common in the general public. Most people looking for the ultimate rifle will research and become familiar with both manufacturing techniques as well as testing procedures. Of course any of these terms can be used in conjunction with any of the other terms like "Ultimate Sniper Rifle" etc. Where to Start Its always best to start by visiting our sponsors. Take time to look at not only complete rifles but options for varying rifles. This will give you a basic idea of what if available and cost as associated with it. We have a good mix here of both Industry and Aftermarket sponsors. Basic Components of an AR Because the AR is a system not just a gun, its basic components vary quite a bit from what people think of as a gun. Its good to have a basic understanding of this. "The Lower Receiver" This is technically the part of the gun that the government considers the gun and must be registered. This is the part that magazine fits in and houses the trigger assembly. A stripped lower is the just the part without trigger components or any other part of the gun. It is the starting point for assembling your own rifle. "Complete Lower" This is the receiver with the trigger assembly as well as typically a shoulder stock. These terms switch by who's selling them so one should read what is included. The general items are trigger and stock. "Complete Upper" This is typically the barrel and everything you need to just slap down on top of a complete lower to give you rifle. Unfortunately, this term definitely is supplier dependent. Many people advertise complete upper but leave out the bolt and charging handle. That's something to look for. It is a very good option since assembling the barrel to the Upper Receiver is considered the hardest part of assembling a rifle. Most people who assemble their ARs do a stripped lower but Complete Upper. "Furniture" This is simply a term to describe all the plastic parts of the AR like stock, hand guard, and hand grip. There are many options, styles, and colors and very often the most frequently things changed on rifles. Barrel Length The basic concept of a gun and how it performs is a matter of physics and those characteristics have not changed since the guns conception. Longer the barrel the more accurate it will be at distance is an example of basic gun characteristics. One of the biggest innovations in gun technology concerning barrels was the advent of the rifling which was shortly before the Napoleonic Wars. From that point the Musket became the Rifle named after the little grooves in the barrel that spins the bullet so it becomes more aerodynamic in flight increasing the guns effect accuracy at range. To give you an idea the combat effectiveness of a firearm in range tripled by the advent of rifling. The AR15 is a rifle. The most common barrel lengths are 14.5" with permanent suppressor or muzzle brake to make it the legal 16" required by law, 16", 20", and 24". There are of course some other lengths that are out there but those are the most popular. The rifle can become even more accurate by matching the twist rate or grove type to the bullet weight being fired. The most common twist rates in an AR are 1:7, 1:8, 1:9, and 1:12 and like the lengths a few others. The basic rule of thumb is smaller the bullet the higher the twist and vice versa. For the most part the same general principles of a barrel apply to the AR. Thinner the barrel the faster it will cool, thicker the barrel the less harmonics from vibration, longer it takes to get hot but longer it takes to cool, all barrels when hot due to metal expansion lose accuracy, and a warm barrel will be slightly more accurate than a cold one. The AR however is a little unique in that it has various barrel contours on many barrels to compromise some of these criteria. Chrome lining, chamber, bore, or both is often a major topic. The M16 was first introduced with a non-chrome barrel just like most other rifles of the period. In the humid environment of Vietnam it was found corrosion could be an issue. Chrome was added as an upgrade to reduce this problem. Chrome also added to the life of the barrel as far as total number of rounds fired. Technically you give up just a tad of accuracy with chrome but it is very little and typically not a concern except for the long distance shooter. For most of us, chrome or not is really not a major factor one way or the other. Our rifles will not see the same conditions as Vietnam or the military, however tt does have one major advantage in that it is far easier to clean. Different Chambers The military rifle M16 is actually a 5.56mm cartridge a very slight variation of the civilian .223. The 5.56mm is a slightly larger cartridge and depending on the specific ammunition can have higher pressures and faster muzzle velocities. The AR can be chambered for either .223 or 5.56mm. A rule of thumb is firing .223 is perfectly OK in a 5.56mm since its smaller but not so desirable to do the opposite. Both ammunition types are readily available on the market. All military surplus ammunition will be 5.56mm and commercial can be either or. Though this is discussed often, there aren't that many, if any, reports of catastrophic failures firing 5.56mm in .223 chambers. It does follow though if the 5.56 brass casing is ever so slightly larger it will have wear on the brass a consideration if reloading and wear on the chamber eventually over a large number of rounds. Bling Bling is simply an internet term for anything added to an AR other than what came in the box with the rifle. That includes optics, lights, lasers, night vision, extra hand grips, or special anything, etc. In General There are many fine AR manufacturers on the market. Generally the vast majority of them make a fine rifle that will reliably send ammunition down range time and time again. Because there are so many variations or options, sites like these are very popular on the internet. Its often a good idea to think of the AR as just a like car in there are many styles, colors, options, specialties, quality differences, and brand preferences but for the most part they all work. A key feature of the AR is its Military Heritage which means one part from any rifle can be used in another. That kind of levels the playing field more so than say one car brand to the other. Its sites like this one that discuss those fine points. I hope you find this post helpful and if anyone would like to ask a question or simply add to what I have posted, please feel free to. Tj
  24. TomJefferson

    Crime and punishment

    On this topic, I have one comment. If someone can't be trusted with a gun in public, they shouldn't be in public. Tj
  25. TomJefferson

    It's absolutely BS when...

    Well if it helps, we, society, doesn't pay you guys to give breaks. That's at your discretion.