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  1. Sorry for your loss pal. To folks who have never been around horses a lot, I tell them "They're like big dogs". That's how attached you get to them and them to you.
  2. You have to be a real liberal to see blowing up a suspect into a million pieces is more preferable than shooting them.
  3. Not surprised. Nothing, not even the 2020 election, has shocked me more than this AZ election.
  4. Howdy. Use to shoot long distances till my health failed me. If you need any help, just ask away? Tj
  5. What delayed us on houses was moving state to state due to work transfers. We weren't anywhere long enough to buy a house. Broke I know. I started life literally with almost nothing but debt. My first move in the Army I had this used Ford Maverick I owed money on and loaded everything the wife and I owned into it and could still see out the back window. That winter if I wanted heat, the only meat I ate, I shot. You know what I learned? If you live on a budget and are always on time with your bills, no matter how much we make, we always feel broke. You know what always griped my ass? All the people who never did live on a budget telling me I'm rich because I did. More is nice but no matter how much it's really about what you do with it rather than how much.
  6. Haven't told anyone this one. Got a letter last week, the house is paid for. Two month ahead of our plan. We were so close, Wells Fargo just took the escrow and closed it out. I bought the house 30 years ago and refinanced once so to meet goals I had been sending them about $7K-$10K extra money a year. This kind of sort of me our original plan which WAS retire use a portion of the IRA to pay off the house and then two years later buy a new car. Of course, what makes a plan is options and a plan without options is a decision. Thanks to the pandemic and seeing what's coming, we shifted the plan. A mortgage is, other than taxes and insurance, is a fixed expenditure. The car we wanted wasn't. Seeing prices were going to soar, we snatched the car with hefty incentives two years ahead of schedule and pushed the house off those two years. Good more because the same car now is $20k more and they are discontinuing the model in 2023. Hemi Challenger. Thanks to the incentives, two years later we can still sell the car for what we paid for including TTL. Meanwhile the house is worth 4x initial investment and that's offers we get sight unseen. Due to the Blue Mass Exodus things are booming here right now. So far so good. Best advice I can give anyone on retirement is plan on maintaining your current budget and lifestyle not economizing. You will naturally because it costs to work but Gome Pyle "Surprise, Surprise" is going to eat up any surplus. Medicare cost alone is a shocker. I think every damn appliance in my house went out when I retired. Heat pump turned out to be a good thing. We went from 10 seer to 15 seer and despite the increase in power cost, my bill actually has gone down. That's the exception to the rule though. If I ever meet that Mr. Murphy, he's in deep shat. Tj
  7. No shat. I'm still waiting for someone to tell me how enhancing diseases isn't biological warfare and forbidden by treaty? By my measurement, Fauci and anyone involved should be on their way to FT Leavenworth for a long time private room. Children who play with fire get burned. Men in power do, they kill millions. Tj
  8. It depends on how much value you put on bragging rights? Older we get, the less important that is. I can tell you Wagu is exceptional beef, something worth trying at least once in life. That said, if I had to name the most memorable steak I ever had, it was a veal T bone at an Italian restaurant in Oakland CA on the wharf. Absolute best, the Chop House in Chicago. Most memorable and at the time I thought was amazing was a place called "The Blue Star" between Midlin and Odessa TX. it was late night and I was starved. Most unusual for a really great steak, the steak house in Newark NJ airport, aged. You get my point? Worst and most expensive, was Four Seasons Houston TX. We sat there for hours upon hours and they brought out course after course, tiny things. It cost a fortune and we left hungry. Creating memories is what we do. Was it worth it, they seldom are. Tj
  9. When I was five years old, we lived in Columbus Ohio a short time as my father took a construction job there. Having been raised up to that point on a farm and never been anywhere, my brother and I were fascinated by the escalator at Lazarus Department store. On the Mezzanine, they had this Japanese free samples of fried grasshoppers and chocolate covered ants. Being farm kids, we were not grossed out so chowed down. It really wasn't bad.
  10. Didn't you know to a liberal its A OK to wave your hand and group entire peoples together and then they cry "Racist" at every drop of a hat.
  11. Honestly, as much as I flew as a passenger for 40 years, I consider myself lucky to be alive. Had this happen once midflight. They tried to hush it up but sitting there, the door open, while the EMTs cart off the pilot is sorta glaring. Just to name a few: 737 torpedo had the engine catch on fire between Dallas and Houston. Elmyra NY snowy day, wing dragged the runway upon landing due to a crosswind. DC9 rear seal failure massive decompression. Drops due to a downdraft so many times I had a saying "Babies bounce". because moms know to keep them from falling but not flying. They bounce off the ceiling. It didn't seem to hurt them though mom was freaked the hell out. Worst, 727 over the midwest, about 200 ft in a thunderstorm. More forced landings that I can remember due to mechanical failures landing at some airport nowhere even near your destination. A few of these were iced wings, a scary thing. I flew in DC 10s. Nuff said. They were so scary it got to the point I'd turn around at the gate as soon as I saw it was one. A twin engine turboprop flying over the mountains in a thunderstorm, now there's an adventure you don't forget. I'm pretty sure I can't remember some. Like numerous tail drags. I can't even remember all the times I'd by sitting there looking out the window and going "Holy shat". Many near misses with other aircraft. I been up and down the G force slamming me in my seat too many times. What I can tell you is regardless of the news coverage, the crews have always been very professional and the more I flew the more I respected the pilots. As far as I'm concerned, all we hear about is pilot error and nobody covers the way more numerous pilot saves the day. I may have been cattle but after a decade or so became an aware bull. Tj
  12. Anti gun and supports every progressive left nut idea down the pike to include one time hiring illegals over citizens.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving fellas. Have a good one. Remember what its really about. I will endeavor to lay off giving family shat or telling off my sons MIL.
  14. Revolvers simply mean a shift in tactics. Its, to us older guys, back to shoot and move then counting rounds with a lot more reliance on point and shoot. Its the part of western movies that they don't show you. The problem with revolvers in these days of conceal carry isn't their inherent limited rounds or even reload times. It's due to their cylinders, they're fat compared to semi even full size let alone micros. One advantage seldom talked about is they have a way above average intimidation factor. That is, of course, in context of self defense not apprehension and/or some combat scenario. Its been interesting in my life to have lived through the transition of when everyone carried revolvers to everyone carries semis. Early transition in the 80's had issues with reliability (mostly due to maintenance instead of design) and trigger pull (once more a training issue) with the semi having a much lighter trigger pull. Interesting gun trivia, the first Glock lawsuit was here where I live a Knoxville cop who sued Glock after he blew an unarmed suspects head off claiming a too light trigger and no external safety. He, of course, lost but is it indicative of the transition from revolvers on finger discipline. Considering how light triggers are today, funny isn't it? Anyway as LEOs transitioned to semi-automatics from revolvers so did the public. The problem is training also shifted with LEOs and the application of apprehension and purely self defense are totally different let alone combat. This is a topic for another day. For now, just know its different. I have a good number of revolvers and to this day if I carried one, I would not feel outgunned, however I just don't these days. The one exception is a rural setting like in the forest. Hard to beat a hand cannon when potentially facing a large animal apex predator. I do find it quite ironic though that much of the old revolver tactics are coming back due to limited round capacity of micros. Tj
  15. The Holidays are depressing times and suicides have always been high during the season. This mass shooting thing is a fairly recent problem. A lot of it is due to the media attention and as everyone knows suicide is a plea for attention. People use to jump off tall buildings and such for attention but now they seem to want to take as many people with them as they can. A big part of it is this liberal agenda that God is dead, relative morality, you are God, there's no consequences for your actions, and it's all about you. The problem is they discover, there are consequences because its the best formula you can have to live your life alone and die alone. It depresses the hell out of them that their life is hell and come the Holidays they break like a twig. I call this often "Outlaws and Saints". Just because you believe i God doesn't mean you are a saint but at least when they go bad they know they're bad, an outlaw. People who don't are dangerous because today this is bad but tomorrow its good. The real Jefferson once wrote "You can't trust an Atheist because they are like a boat without an anchor." Seeing he himself was a Diest, I believe what he really meant was someone with relative morality. Anyway, society is broken in this country and as long as TV's are peoples only friend and they continue to push "Anything goes", it will.
  16. Anyone who's ever been to where I live, the Smoky Mountains, and spends time in the mountains knows what we don't have is an abundance of restrooms. Yet its here I ride my motorcycle all the time. You learn to watch your step the first 50 yards or so from the pull offs up any path because the tourist are not good at dig a six inch hole and bury it. Us locals have favorite spots. In fact, I once thought of writing a book "The best tree's in the Smoky Mountains to Pee Behind" but figured tourist wouldn't know about this lack of restroom facilities. My favorites are paths off pull offs that go straight uphill because tourist seem to use them less probably due to the effort involved. In my usual circle there's a spot just like that. I usually stop at this filling station with tables on the river and have myself a diet Dew knowing by the time I get to my favorite spot to relieve myself, I'll be ready to go. That stuff goes through me like Sherman through Georgia. Late one evening I'm doing my usual circle and by the time I get to my spot, I'm about to bust so I rush up the path, stand on the edge, and let it go over the mountain down the slope. I'm having one of those "Oh my" relief moments my eyes closed and my head pitched back when I hear this loud slurping sound. Not three feet from me is this big ole bear wolfing down the turds on the path. Needless say, I don't wait to put my thingy back in the box and there I go all hanging out right down to the road just as a line of motorcycles pass. Silly me I thought the rangers cleaned out my path from time to time. I learned different. I would see that bear or his cousin from time to time on that patch always late in the day as the sun is going down. You know I really don't know for sure if a bear shats in the woods but I can assure you they eat shat in the woods. Tj
  17. Just saying, last I heard both Russia and China have infrared satellites.
  18. A lot of conflicting information out there on this guy but for what it's worth and I can make out, he's got the classic mass shooter background. Comes from a broken home, 22, lives with his mother, introvert, and his own mom called the cops on him. The other stuff is kind of muddled and I don't know whether to believe it or not. Things like, son of a state representative chastised for calling Jan 6th "The shot at Lexington" etc. Biden has already called for the Assault Weapons Ban but I haven't seen anything other than two guns, one a long rifle. Either way, he got his 15 minutes of fame.
  19. Just like any other bird, however I would not recommend breading and frying. They're usually a little lean compared to turkey or chicken. Ducks the hard one. Lot's of fat.
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