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  1. Got a BIL that's into Vettes. Just sold his two year old Vette and bought a brand new one because he wanted the last year of what he calls "The Good ones, the American Icon". I don't know if he's indicative of owners but he's not onboard with forsaking a forward V8 rear wheel drive. That's where I got the Fiero comment, him.
  2. Here we go again, Fiero reborn.
  3. TomJefferson

    Weird WX

    We're in full on tropical pattern here in the Smoky Mountains now. You just described our every day. North of here gets 5" in one day, we get nothing. Sunny and pretty no rain forecast, torrential downfall T storm. Coming early right now. Our normal 3PM later is now 1PM.
  4. TomJefferson

    Nice lazy Saturday short road trip. What did you do today?

    BTDT. Wife and I did the car show circuit about ten summers, excuse the pun, before we got burned out. Riding the bike does the same thing to me. You get out in the heat and with the bike the sun, it just drains you.
  5. TomJefferson

    Nice lazy Saturday short road trip. What did you do today?

    Old friend, that doesn't sound like fun.
  6. TomJefferson

    Nice lazy Saturday short road trip. What did you do today?

    Hooked up with buddies on the Dragon and rode my bike my usual circle 84 miles. Barely beat the rain the entire way. Smoky Mountain run, Foothills, US 129 Dragon, then Rt 72 the long way home. As for guns, had two of them on me, a pocket gun in my front left pocket (Ruger LCP new model) and Kimber Micro 9 with Stoner camo grips in my carry vest, one for left hand draw the other for right hand. Its really not as tactical as it sounds. When it gets too hot for a vest, I can take my vest off without handling a gun in public, put it in my saddle bag, and still have a gun in my pocket. Motorcycles offer some unique carry challenges and no privacy is one of them. Right hand on throttle is another one. Thinking about riding my bike over to the Shed to see Fabulous Thunderbirds. Last time I saw them was with CSN years ago. Problem is wife's expecting company so I could end up in the outhouse. LOL Tj
  7. TomJefferson

    How Stupid Can I Be ? !

    My friend if they gave out stupid awards, I'd have a chest full of metals. Years ago living in a high crime area, I use to sleep with a gun literally under my pillow. That ended when I woke up one morning and somehow I had totally disassembled the gun in my sleep. Never did find the mag reject button. Scared the daylights out of me. Tj
  8. TomJefferson

    Man with knife attacks police....

    A lot more patience than I would have had. That guy was coming at them, nuff said on that.
  9. TomJefferson

    Met a very unusal cool man today!

    I'm out at the Dragon at Pumkin Center Market on my bike having a fountain drink when this guy rides in on a BMW loaded down for the long haul. He hops off and first thing puts a "Trump 2020" red hat on. OK, not so strange. I say "Like your hat" and he introduces himself. He's a retired Israeli cop touring the US on a motorcycle. Boy did he stop at the right place. Keith that owns the Pumpkin Center Market is retired cop from Connecticut, Gary that I ride with is a retired cop, and I'm active in the Republican party not even to mention armed. Anyway he's a super nice guy. He grabs a drink, comes outside, sits beside me to have a smoke and we talk. Thought you guys would get a kick out of this. He tells me they like Trump so much in Israel they're naming a city after him. I hadn't heard that one on the news. Tj
  10. TomJefferson

    Man tries to rob fireworks stand, winds up shot in face

    I love happy endings.
  11. You guys may know, I retired June 1st and every day since then I've been riding my motorcycles in preparation for my "Easy Rider" a trip out west destination Yellowstone hitting the last two rides on my bucket list one in CO and one in Montana, plus a few nice to sees thrown in. A guy my age can't just hop on a motorcycle and go cross country so I've been conditioning myself and testing gear. This weekend I was invited to a party in KY, 4.5 hour drive time from my location in the Smoky Mountains so I hopped on my Harley and off I went. Trip up, 5 hours with stops, 92 degrees but lower humidity than home so super nice run. I simply threw the cruise control on, kicked back on my back rest, put my feet up on my highway pegs, and cranked up the tunes. I arrived relaxed enough to do the party then go visit old friends. A Harley tour bike is in its elements on the freeway man. I've had cars not so comfortable on trips. Return trip, different story entirely. Holiday long weekend a last day Sunday, I 75 was bumper to bumper with crazies and the weather turned from 92 sunny to 75 and torrential rain. There was too many slow downs to a crawl to remember and one major accident that shut the interstate completely down. My five hour time turned into 7.5 hours with additional stops to gear up. I had more four wheelers try to kill me than I normally do in a year. Its amazing what idiots will do to get 18' farther ahead and despite me cruising 5 mph over, how fast they think they can go in bumper to bumper. They were going by me in a blurr only to have to slam the brakes just down the road. No wonder the accident that closed the interstate a big ole SUV was upside down and in pieces with two other cars so demolished I couldn't tell you what they were just hunks of wreckage. Bright spots, my Harley Street Glide handled the wet road as well if not better than many cars. The Rain X for plastic repelled water from my windshield and face shield of my tour helmet. Best of all, my new rain suit, Milwaukee, worked better than any I've ever owned. I arrived home tired but dry. I can't speak more highly of that new rain suit. It zips up the entire leg so easy to put on, all zippers have velcro lapping, heat sheilds on the legs, and for the first time ever no water down the neck because it velcros at the neck. Helps living where I do and asking all those tour guys what's the best. As for endurance, I pretty much look Hispanic now from the sun and I figure I'm at two days running then take one day off repeat so far. I put in 4-6 hours a day when at home. I'm working on the timing now. Got two weddings I have to go to, things like that. I'll let you guys know when and start updating when I do. I've had quite a few of you fellas from the boards stop by here to say "Hi" and even stay a day or two in the past so hope to meet some of you all I haven't met at the shoots. Those of you that do know me won't recognize me. I'm 80lbs lighter and in the best shape I've been in years not to mention being so dark and a beard. Sorry I have no plans of visiting any state that doesn't allow CCW and/or doesn't have a reciprocal with TN. Right now I am thinking TN to Nashville then north through KY, MO, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Dakotas, and kind of open on the return leg. If froggy I might cut over the the left coast kind of a jog in and out. Got a niece in southern Oregon. Keep the rubber side down. Tj
  12. TomJefferson

    RIP Ross Perot

    Trump rev 1. Shame we weren't smart enough to elect a non-lawyer/career politician back then.
  13. TomJefferson

    Weekend Dry Run for my "Easy Rider"

    Since you asked. Meet folks here from TX almost every day. They tell me the Twisted Sisters is patched now and open. The patch is smooth as hell but the rest of the road still rough as a cob. I found that amusing because it was rough as a cob when I ran those roads. Not much changes I reckon.
  14. TomJefferson

    Cades Cove GSMNP

    Oh dang, missed you but then if you called, I'm up in those mountains every day and much of it there's no cell service.
  15. TomJefferson

    What you did for the 4th?

    Hot and muggy here so I took my Indian Scout out for a mountain ride, met up with friends on the Dragon where I ate patriotic hotdog for breakfast, stopped by mom's to visit a spell, logged 84 miles on the bike, grill steaks with my wife and son, watched the president after dinner (way cool aircraft), then watched the fun as my dogs all went nuts over the outburst of fireworks in our valley. Good one all in all. I am really starting to appreciate that little Indian Scout. Its like a hybrid cruiser and crotch rocket and more importantly has a radiator. 92 degrees 80% humidity, man my Harley rebels but the Indian pays it no mind. You know old buddy, I think automotive things are as much of the 4th as fireworks. Tj
  16. TomJefferson

    My new ride...

    Oh cool you bought one! Congratulations. That's making quite the stir with the folks who don't drive blah cars.
  17. TomJefferson

    ANTIFA Get's Schooled On How To Use A Helmet

    Tj Story Time "Helmet Justice" My buddy Moose and I are riding motorcycles on a hot Texas day when we get stopped by a train in a long line of traffic. Its a long train and we're sweating like stuck pigs waiting on the train to pass when this man in a filling station goes way out of his way to point his car right at our two side by side bikes. He starts laying on the horn in an attempt to cut line. That's all it could have been because there was a berm so no left turn. We have no idea where he expected us to go because if there was somewhere to go, we'd been gone long before him. Moose is the closet so he holds up his hand then shakes his head "no". Now the man gets froggy and starts revving his engine like he's going to run us over. He keeps getting closer and closer, pulling up then slamming on the brakes till Moose finally gives him the one finger salute. Now the man slams his car out of gear, gets out, approaches us waving his hands, and screaming crap like he's going to kick our ass etc. Not our first rodeo both our bikes go on the kickstand in unison. As I dismount, Moose calmly takes off his helmet and still sitting on his bike bashes the guy right in the face with the top of his helmet. Down he goes, both hands to his face wallowing on the ground. To our surprise, the other cars start honking their horns, clapping, and yelling things out the window like "Yeah." After a few minutes, the train passes and we pull off leaving our would be assailant on the ground. I was watching in my mirror as some of the passing cars were throwing stuff out their windows at the guy. In retrospect, maybe the guy should have waiting on the train to pass like all the rest of us. Tj
  18. TomJefferson

    ANTIFA Get's Schooled On How To Use A Helmet

    First let me say anyone truly dangerous isn't going to be around these idiots in the first place. One day somebodies going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, be confronted by these malicious juveniles, somebodies going to die or a few somebodies, and there will be hell to pay.
  19. TomJefferson

    My Birthday Present (Shingles)

    I had Shingles not once but twice. I didn't think you could get them twice. I was wrong. First time was in my 30s, the classic around the waist band. Back then I got zero treatment from the doctors. Second time was 25 years later. This time it was around the chest and man did that hurt bad. Not sure the lyrica helped but the blocker sure did. Of the dreaded diseases everyone is in a panic over these days, the only one I didn't have as a child was Mumps. Back then, we called things like Chicken Pox and Measles childhood diseases because everyone got them. Heck, I had two different types of Measles, regular and German. Anyway your meds should help and like constipation, this too shall pass. Tj
  20. TomJefferson

    Killed this sucker today

    Yep, hands down no question, that was a bad snake. No mistaking a copperhead.
  21. TomJefferson

    Defensive Vehicle Disabling

    Spent much of my youth in the Bayou country where wrecked cars and trucks use to be used as erosion devices on streams. Made for some great interactive targets. It would be easier to list what I would rather not be shooting at a car with than what I would. A .308 common round will crack a brake drum like it was puddy and car doors its hard to come up with what won't punch right through. What it taught me is we have a lot of myths about gun calibers and cars and more often than not its at what angle more than what caliber. I'll give you an example, at 55 mph drop .177 caliber BBs out a window, the following car the radiator will be penetrated as the BBs bounce and within minutes overheat and be disabled. Its an old trucker/biker trick. Back in the 60's and 70's it was a .357 mag will crack an engine block. Another one was 9mm and .38's will bounce right off a windshield. Maybe, maybe not but in this day of high mag counts and rapid fire, its not so applicable. It really has to be defined at what angle and what range. Close up, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of .22 lr. I mean I could tell you things like of the guns I have to take out a car my first choice would be my 8mm Mauser with WWII surplus solid bronze armor piercing bullets and I wouldn't feel underarmed with .44 mag or .308 but you know that's kind of what I have type of options. I can recommend a good training tool. Get yourself a $20 used steel barrel and fill it with wet sand. It has a rounded surface and pretty much anything that punches right through, a car would be no problem. It also will give you an idea of percentages for a given caliber at a given range. Its like most things, a lot of shot placement. BTW just so stir the pot, try this with the old 9mm vs .45 acp argument at say less than 25 yards with standard FMJs. If I had to say anything about it, its around 200 grains + or - 20 grains and 1,000 ft/sec minimum is a good option. That leaves a lot of area. Cars/vehicles are just not like in the movies where bullets bounce off them with a spark. Its amazing how much will just cut right through them. Tj
  22. TomJefferson

    Buying A "Firearm" Out Of State

    Unfortunately because FFL's can't keep track of all the different state laws, they typically don't even try to take advantage of the exceptions to the "must be FFL". Its almost always an FFL even if its a shotgun. This is a really stupid law, done on purpose. All the fed has to do to eleviate that is allow FFLs to fill out Form 4473s for out of state buyers. The tracking mechanism, manufacturer to wholesaler to FFL to buyer is the same and no reason for that rule other than purposely make it difficult to buy a gun. Tj
  23. TomJefferson

    Buying A "Firearm" Out Of State

    You can but they'll have to ship it to your FFL in FL for pickup. We have a couple gun stores here in TN in Pigeon Forge that specialize in selling to folks out of state, Smoky Mountain Knife Works is one. They do it so often, they have agreements with many FFL's in other states already. Otherwise, you can purchase, go home, send a copy of the FFL in your state of your choice and they'll ship. Tj
  24. TomJefferson

    Defensive Vehicle Disabling

    Having shot interactive targets most of my life, it would surprise you how many round types can play hell on a car. One of my personal favorites is the .308. First fired an M60 in basic at 5 ton trucks. I was pretty impressed. Tj
  25. TomJefferson

    I had to do some head chopping today

    Since you brought it up. Had my bike parked out by the hill the other day. I'm sitting on it gearing up ready to leave when I hear this rustle under the foliage. Its two garter snakes coiled in a ball doing the dirty deed. They roll off the hill right under my bike. I simply raised my feet up on the foot boards, finished gearing up, then rode off as normal. Didn't try to kill them, didn't try not to. I didn't care. Apparently they rolled on because there wasn't little squashed snakes when I got back. Yes, I do have snake rule. If I can recognize it right off and its not a viper, I leave it alone but if its viper or even if I can't tell, its dead meat. I had mice kill one of my vehicles once and kind of like snakes now. Tj