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  1. Its what the left wants, violent rhetoric and events to twist in the news so they can clamp down on all opposition. Is far as anyone knows, one of those FBI guys was screwing his old lady. I'm already missing the old days when the FBI was a law enforcement agency that caught bad guys.
  2. Yep, that's what they want now, an excuse to crack down on anyone who even dares to speak out.
  3. Excellent analogy! Like it or not we're all about to cross the river of a one party system and anyone who speaks out will have their hands nailed on the Senate door.
  4. KGB shat right there man. We have a senile old fool for a president and deep state is in charge now. Wait till the IRS gets all that money. We're all screwed then.
  5. Funny isn't it that after the socialist win it all, voter ID is required.
  6. People who think the presidency is a popularity contest are too damn dumb to vote. Those of us who voted for Trump didn't do so because he's a nice guy. He's not. He was our Monkey Wrench we threw into the works out of disgust for a corrupt broken federal government. We knew DC would almost revolt because Trump knew the corruption and where the skeletons were hidden as much as anyone and as I businessman held it in disdain. To our surprise really, we found he actually did make our lives better and hands down the best president for the American people in generations.
  7. If you all haven't figured it out yet, anyone who is not an avid party member is now a target. The KGB didn't have a thing over the FBI which is now nothing more than a political police.
  8. That was Maryville College. That was the greenway across from the College and you can see the University in the background. A college doesn't represent a city, county, or for that matter state. We did have one event a Gay reading at the public library which caused such an uproar, it was shut down and not had one there since. The best example though is "Park Sex". In Knoxville, there's parks you don't dare take your kids due to gay zipperless sex. If you look on a map, just across the river from my county in Knox, there's a park listed "IC King" listed family Kayaking. Gay took it over for their meets. Rather than arrest them, Knox County shut the park down. They started meeting in my county after that. Our approach was quite different. We arrested them.
  9. It would probably blow your alls minds how much the opposite it is. The county is 80% by voting record, conservative.
  10. Wait till the US gets a load of Biden's Green New Deal results this winter.
  11. My friend at my age, I could write a book just listing the food that doesn't agree with me anymore. I have this saying though, "Life is just not worth living without a milkshake every now and then." Of course, "milkshake' is implying all sorts of different foods.
  12. "All parties agree this is a fair settlement," Man what a bold faced lie.
  13. You know what's so hilarious to me about that? In my county, they'd do that to him even if they knew he was a federal agent.
  14. Yep, the problem is its like they don't realize kids are kids. Its part of their selective thinking to meet the social agenda that makes them cool, one of the in crowd, popular. They'll admit a child is too immature to drink, drive, even pick their own school classes but its okie dookie to pick their gender. It's mind boggling. Parents and for that matter teachers who try to live their lives through children to be that popular kid in school the one in the in crowd they never were to me is child abuse.
  15. I hope her family keeps an eye on her. The most hidden secret in WOKE America is the suicide rates associated with gender bending.
  16. Well allow me to educate you a little. Medical care during the Vietnam War wasn't just the vA. In fact, then it was a bad choice. Every fort back then had a full service hospital more often than not better staffed and equipped than area civilian hospitals that served not only service members but all dependents and retirees. Forts and bases back then we're surrounded by retirees. I could go into how much better commissaries and PXs were then but the medical care was a big factor. The decline began after the fall of Saigon in what we called "The Big Rift", mostly 1976 onward as the military was downsized to what Carter called his Rapid Deployment Force. The idea being you could defeat anyone if you put enough troops into the combat zone so fast your enemy couldn't compensate. Of course, that never happened and was total BS. What it did though was, even cutting out the free medical care promise, overburdened the already overburdened VA system to which we still haven't 100% recovered. Civilian care back then, insurance companies covered 100% of claims no questions asked, no managed healthcare. As insurance agencies started the BS we all live today where more money is spent on denying medical care than is spent on providing medical care, that too overburdened the VA system. Medicaid was very sexist which all but excluded males which also overburdened the VA. Volunteering with the local VA Administration, man, I could write a book on guys I've seen get VA benefits that even under the Vietnam Era promise wouldn't have been eligible. I've known guys that didn't even finish basic and at the time of their discharge it wasn't under honorable conditions even. That would vary depending on who was in office. At times, it was like whoever had some chronic illness, couldn't pay their medical bills, even if all they did was serve days in the military were being forced onto the VA system. Service related illness was stretched to an unbelievable point. All of this, of course, pushed by the medical industry and insurance industry which had a lot of sway with politicians. Don't even get me started on VA pensions. I knew one man who served in Germany your era who after getting his dishonorable discharge reversed got not only VA Medical Benefits but a $800 a month pension. Anyway wait times at VA's increased so long due to overburden and understaffed, it became almost useless. Then in the mid 90's, there was a big push to modernize the VA. If I could define the whole thing, I'd call it "How do you screw up a good idea". I personally find it hard to take joy in denying people medical care which was for a time all but unheard of before managed healthcare, especially my fellow veterans who at least served instead of being a burden on the system for generations making no contribution to society. Tj
  17. You may want to remember, every one of us Vietnam Era vets were promised in writing to have free medical for life. I still have the damn guarantee card. I keep it as a reminder never trust the government promises. It was about five years after the war ended, Carter kabashed that promise along with our GI bill school benefits. If you think that a lot, you may want to know a soldier today's pay in one week what we got in a month and we got more than the brown booters before us. You see when you have a draft, things like pay means very little because you have no choice on whether to serve.
  18. Then they are reverting to the way things were, draft era. During the draft, they drafted everyone they could and nobody got out for anything. In basic, the overweight guys were put on diets and special details to get they in shape faster and if they still failed, there were recycled to take basic all over again. Basic was also mind conditioning, very hard downright abusive compared to today. Guys would come in hippies and go out killers. What you are telling me is we're getting one step closer to a draft. Though I served with some great guys, good soldiers, that were drafted, I was and haven't changed my mind, in opposition to the draft. The problem with a professional military is to attract the higher end recruits you can't just require it through restrictions but have working conditions to where recruits stay and make a career out of it at least a higher percentage. That means better everything from a draft military, pay, benefits, housing, etc. The more the left pushes the military, the closer we come to a draft.
  19. Man, you nailed that one. I'd tell you it was some Sodam and Gamora stuff we're going through now but man, we passed that landmark. Remember when in the Bible Lot offered up his virgin daughter to the crowd to prevent violence? Heck, people are offering their children up now just to be part of the in crowd. You don't have to be religious to realize we're heading for a crash like the world has never seen. When we go down, the whole world will follow. Years ago when my boy was little, we use to attend all the school functions. There was this man, a phd no less, that always use to sit by me. He was mostly hitting me up for a job. One day he sit down beside me and almost daringly said, "I'm a hard core liberal". I just looked him and in all sincerity said, "You ever wonder that has something to do with the fact your daughter is on drugs and you are having to raise her children?" He got up and left to never speak to me again. Over the years, his farm burned down and the kids are no different than the mother. His wife got a menial job but he never worked again. Just today, I watched this guy sing the lefts praises and he works at Marathon oil. I'm convinced, if it was the Spanish Inquisition and our liberals were put on the stake as the fire licked their bodies they'd still be singing the Devils praises. Its not a pretty picture for our future. Tj
  20. So much for "We support our troops." I kid you not, when someone tells me "Thank you for your service", I don't even respond, nothing. In my day, I couldn't leave the fort in uniform without getting assaulted. One time after my car broke down, someone threw a can out a window of a car, hit me in the head, knocked me out, and not only didn't they stop but nobody else did. I went to work blood running down my face. I damn sure didn't serve for some sort of appreciation. Its insincere, a lie as big a lie as Pelosi now claiming she supports cops just before an election. It makes me feel sorry for people that they do it out of that's what's expected. I damn sure am not going to reply because its expected, answer one lie with another one. You don't have to hit me in the head twice. I'll never trust the left and what we have now is a bunch of "Hippie wannabes" like a Tommy Lee Jones in a Stephan Segal movie wishing they could have been hippies so they could make a difference. These guys are worse. Its like the SDS has taken over the country. This is one old vet, don't color me surprised. I for one believe old Robert Heinlein had it right. Why should anyone be able vote to send some kid to war, if they are not willing to do so themselves? The Draft is coming guys. They can't lower the standards low enough to meet peace time quotas now and this is just one more knife in the works. How can we expect a government that has no idea what's involved in the military to manage a professional military? How can we expect to meet quotas when kids are taught patriotism is bad from the minute they start school? This time they'll take your daughters, wives, and mothers along with panzy Biff and they'll be nothing more than cannon fodder. The extreme left are devils, always have been. Tj
  21. The world already knows that. Only us Americans are stupid enough to believe foreign companies pay druggie Americans with no experience in their business' millions of dollars.
  22. Biden said yesterday he was just cleaning up the mess Trump left. He truly does think we're all stupid.
  23. Yeah man, everyone wants a car that only lasts as long as a cell phone. Allow me to give you some math. A very good Lithium Ion battery will last on average 2,500 charges. That's if, and only if, you slow charge it. Fast charging reduces that number dramatically. That means a well taken care of battery charged every day will last 6.8 years. As it ages, the amount of charge lessens thus the range between charges gets less and less. The fast charging stations you see on TV, you can't have at home because our homes don't have enough power going to them and the average installation cost is probably more than the cost of our home. A fast charging station can charge one from empty to full charge in three hours. The intermeidate charger which you have to have installed in your home is 8 hours. A 15 amp extension cord is 24 hours. The big market for electric cars is China. China does not consider an electric car the same thing as gas car but more like a motorcycle with a roof. The number one selling models are under $5,000 new with a 60-100 mile range. Basically, they are a small commuter. China has high speed trains between every major city that you simply go to the counter or buy from the many ticket stores in the cities to get on one. Once you get to your destination, there's literally 1,000s of cabs to take you where you want to go. Hell show me a $5000 even a $10,000 electric car, I may even buy one and use my gasers for trips, but that isn't the way we're doing it. We don't have Chinas infrastructure and we're putting the cart before the horse. Average Americans not even the poor, can't afford to buy a new car every seven years. Without the infrastructure, it would pretty much end interstate travel except for the very rich or unemployed who do have the time for extremely long trips. Like China use to be, it will forces the poor onto Mopeds thus increasing commuter times even if you can afford an expensive electric car. Guys this isn't a "Save the planet" thing. Its a social restructure like the world hasn't seen since Maos "Great Leep Forward" that cause the deaths of millions of Chinese. The consequences of this is too numerous to count. This is some communist shat going on right now. For decades now I've been warning anyone who could listen that if NYC, Chicago, and Los Angelous, take over our government, we'll wake up one day and they'll tell us to "Take the bus" and well all go "What bus?". Our system, the constitution, is designed to prevent such things but now presidents since Obama just bypass congress all together by using the letter agencies to push their policies. This is some insane shat we're experiencing. Tj
  24. Use to be, when a president had the opposite party in power in congress, nothing got done, which is a good thing. Now, policies are implemented by presidents and carried out by three and four letter agencies without congress. Ask a coal miner, steel mill worker, coal fired power plant worker, how its worked out for then? Last week my SIL came to visit from KY. She was shocked about how cold we keep our house. We compared bills. Her's is over twice ours with a house literally half as large. She's on a budget, leveled out annual plan, and its twice our peak months. There she is living in the Saudi Arabia of coal too and the largest coal fired plant in the US USE to be 30 miles from her home. The key word being USE to be. The city she lives in, where I grew up, now has half the number of people for when I was a kid and over 50%, conservative estimate, of the people are on some sort of government assistance. All of the industry there was EPA regulated away over the years. The city's saying use to be "Where coal meets Iron". You know what? The area still votes overwhelmingly Democrat. Its like watching a frog in a slow boiling pot continually hitting the stove ignition button. The Dems throw them a crumb and then takes a leg. The frog knows he's doomed but simply won't admit it. Its more important to be in the in crowd to look cool while they're boiling to death. Tj
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