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  1. My lifetime gun permit. As our hero Forest Gump would say, "One less thing to worry about." You have "Lifetime Permits" in your state? Tj
  2. TomJefferson

    Mossberg knowledge needed

    Yep, that's pretty darn neat.
  3. TomJefferson

    Hey towtruck

    Happy Birthday buddy!
  4. TomJefferson

    Hey GLShooter

    Yep, missed it too pal. I was out riding my motorcycle yesterday. Hope you had some fun.
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    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from the Smoky Mountains TN. I miss G.
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    Iron sights with your glass? Yes/No and why?

    Have them both ways but honestly it was more happenstance, depending on the rifle, than some desire to have irons in some combat scenario in case I break the glass. Short version, if removing irons is not practical and/or doesn't buy me anything when I mount a scope or making the irons usable without losing anything adding a scope, i do it. Some guns are simply designed that way. For example, a Mini-14 M1 style rifle the scope mount is on the side carrier and if you use a Russian scope, a POP, it mounts on the side of an AK and is removable with a lever. ArRs not unless it has a fixed handle but then I use a removable scope mount, US surplus type thing. A flat top, no I don't though I have irons around that attach. The flip side of this topic is the use of red dots both plain and magnified for fast target acquisition. Quite frankly if you get into all this long enough, you end up with combinations of rifles and sight systems every which way you can think of. Tj
  7. How nice of the government to give teachers back their right to defend themselves if they jump through hoops. Many years ago I was going into a warzone to deliver medical equipment. One of the things they issued me was a "Non-combatant Card." about the size of a drivers license. I said, "What am I suppose to do with this sarge? Hold it up in protest just before they shoot me?" That's what gun free zones are, that damn stupid card that serves no use and schools now if you haven't been paying attention are war zones. If there are any rights that should be absolute, the right to life thus the ability to defend one's self should be for no government or politician should be able to say "You must die" without due process and a jury of your peers. Still those of us into gun rights have learned, best to take baby steps before we can walk. Tj
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    OK, I'm now officially old.

    Signed up for Social Security yesterday. Official retirement date is Jun 1st. I have seven months of limit your income or they take it all away from me before I'm official retirement date and can make what I want. Got a deal worked out to do part time consulting for over a year after I retire. Check this, in writing I can do anywhere in the world as long as I have cell phone and internet. Fingers crossed I don't pull a Neil and go "Oh hell, and go back to work." Remember the thread I did on Medicare and the BS that involved? Well guess, what? This was no different. Man the rules and the socialist BS that's involved. I still don't understand all the BS about how much money I CAN'T make. Anyway, I'll muddle through and its all gone Jan 1, my US government official full retirement date. Learned one thing though. I now know why social security is in trouble. Seeing it is very telling. You go to the Social Security office that does Social Security and Medicare and over half the people there were young folks and that's just counting the folks that look half my age. Most of them at their age and shape, I was still working dawn to dusk. As usual, any advice you guys can give me on that how much money thing would be REALLY appreciated. Tj
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    F Troop Admits No Record of Crime With Bumpstock

    Don't ask me, I'm still trying to figure out the 92' AWB ban on bayonet lugs. Some things they ban just because they think they can.
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    OK, I'm now officially old.

    OK, Finally got a clarification from Social Security. They're only concerned with "Earned Income" defined as you worked for it that month with a limit of $1,470 and no more than 10 hours. Although non-earned income counts against your Medicare income and IRS taxes, it does not against that screwball can't make money rule until you are officially old enough. That means 401K or IRA withdraws, pensions, though taxed, don't count. I have seven months to keep my nose clean then I can do other things for I'll be 66 my full retirement age. My bank account is going to take a dip that first seven but I should be on plan without touching my IRA after that, well unless that Mr. Murphy butthole attacks me again. "Easy Rider" here I come! Plan to work my way to Colorado up to Yellowstone hitting the last of the top ten motorcycle rides on my bucket list. Tj
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    OK, I'm now officially old.

    Thanks guys! I just have to get through this first seven months to my official full retirement date. Born in 1954 that's 66. I have to deal with that $17 annual thing or $1,400 max but getting even simple questions answered has been impossible. You'd think you were pulling teeth. For example, is there a total cap on gross income? Like if you and yhour wife have over $50,000 coming in SS + Pensions etc. can you still earn that $1,400? Does a tax deferred dispersal, taking money out of an IRA count as income thus part of that $1,400? The guy I had was about as helpful as a rock. I got a bunch of stuff I want to do this summer and I'd hate it to be "Oh wait, Uncle Sam says you can't do it until dead of winter." Tj
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    Venezuela "Coup" Underway

    ................all this going on and all I can think of is Obama hugging Chavez like a long lost brother. Every country that has embraced socialism in the last 100 years its been a steady decline in their economy and many facing famine and genocide. Yet here we are half our country talking the same BS proclaiming we are smarter than that yet I look at their leaders and go, "Oh Crap!". Unless Americans get their head out their butts, this is coming our way fellas. Tj
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    Sports illustrated swimsuit edition

    Goat yes, sheep would be considered porno.
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    Sports illustrated swimsuit edition

    Well that ought to sell 3 magazines.
  15. Well don't color me surprised the shooter is a Trump hating left wing loony. Every time the progressive left pushes hate and activism innocent people die. BLM, it was cops dying. Trump's pro-Israel foreign policy, Jews are dying. Hate Christians, Churches shot up and Churches burned. Hate whites, whites and black die, black on whites and white retaliating against blacks, but all Democrats. Killing innocent people no matter what the media says or some demented nut is not a morally conservative position. Activism is not a conservative position. You want an old guys opinion, I wish the damn hippies from my generation would get the hell over carrying a sign was some kid of heroic deed. A few hours with a sign does not equate to going to war or serving society for career and it damn sure doesn't equate to dying doing so. They aren't no hero and their nuts killing people aren't martyrs. They're just nuts. What also is nuts is even having to have the conservation IF for punishing someone for saving lives. The damn crazy Islamic terrorist seeking their 20 virgins doesn't hold a candle to progressive liberals demanding people die for their causes. Tj
  16. The suspect called the police. There's way more to this story other than Temple and AR Type whatever the hell that is.
  17. TomJefferson

    Are these parts considered a machine gun?

    That's a yes and no. Technically owning them without installing them is not but then the fed has an "Intent" law which is just as bad as having an unlicensed FA. Installed, oh yeah, FA and illegal unless its a licensed Class III. In the past, the ATF has sold burst triggers online as a sting. That's a "Run Forest Run" and definitely not on my buy just in case list. Its a only if you have a Class III and I'd expect someone to check. In retrospect having now seen the ruling on bump fire stocks, I'm not surprised to see burst triggers pop up on the net again. Keep in mind, the bump fire stock ruling was you had to destroy them not simply take them off a rifle and put it in your safe. Tj
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    I almost cried today a Retiree's tale

    I've been using shrink wrap and a heat gun and latest gizmo a wire connection that both solders and shrink wraps with the heat gun. Before that I used "Liquid Electrical Tape" which is inexpensive in a small can.
  19. TomJefferson

    Started a service on the Jeep**pics added**

    Loved the "in good shape so I can tear it up" comment.
  20. After 18,000 miles on my 2014 Street Glide, I decided to finally upgrade to a more aggressive exhaust. After researching the daylights out of this including listening to numerous bikes and talking to owners, I opted for the Screaming Eagles 4" Thunders. What I was after was a more aggressive sound but not so aggressive that it would overpower my stereo and be 50 state legal. I really like the new sound. It has a nice deep rumble at idle, very aggressive sound on fast acceleration, but quiets down at cruise to a low rumble good for trips and didn't have to turn my stereo up even a notch. My bike sounds like a Harley now. On the 2014 above Rushmore Tour bikes, the ecm is far more adaptive than previous models. Changing the mufflers without changing the air intake does not require a remap of the ecm. The Screaming Eagles, a big decision path, provide the correct back pressure. I have zero spit and sputter for the the new pipes. As you would expect, there was minimal Hp increase, about 5 according to dyno's on same model HD's, however the increase in torque, dyno'ed at 10 ft/lbs is quite noticeable. For example, I noticed at 50 mph in 5th, I can bark the rear tire by simply throttling down. For non HD riders, Harley's are different that their power band is quite low. At 50 mph in 5th I'm around 2,000 rpms and in 6th I'm at 60 mph at 2,000 rpms. My bike is the 103 high output which simply means a 103 with the larger valves or basically the 107 valves. There's all sorts of different end tips for these mufflers. I went with the revolver blunt tips which is a blaxk outide with chrome inside. The whole thing was $500 with HD's current 20% off on exhausts in April. The more aggressive mufflers like Rhineharts or Chromworks were another $100 but would have required a remap. I like this so much I may in the future go ahead and do the entire Stage 1 upgrade, which is add the low flow air filter, $250 and do the remap but for now, I dot the sound I wanted a touch more power. Tj
  21. Liberals live in Rainbow La La land, not the real world.
  22. TomJefferson

    home security cameras

    If I was buying, it would be Arlo. Its not the cheapest but if you watch the You Tube reviews and comparisons, you'll see why. Its wireless, rechargeable magnet mounted, and best free software option.
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    Happy Tax Day!

    Yeah man I really enjoyed just paying enough taxes to buy two new cars the year I plan to retire. I'm sure the Democrats in congress after skimming their share will spend my hard earned money better than I would and while I may end up eating dog food on social security to keep from starving some illegal welfare heifer will have the good life. Tj
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    Notre Dame Cathedral On Fire In Paris

    What a tragic loss of history, architecture, and art. Those Gargoyles have been protecting that spire from evil for 700 years but failed against the modern French socialist construction worker. That dried up timber would have gone up in a flash. No it would not surprise me in the least to find it was an act of terror but my bet is a can't lose my job construction worker. If it was an act of terror, we won't hear about the cause even if someone takes credit and they know his name. France is already almost the Brexit tipping point and the backlash would be catastrophic to the liberal cause there. Tj
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    Assange arrested in London

    Interesting how he exposes literally thousands of pages of confidential government documents and he doesn't get into trouble till he tells on the DNC for rigging an election.