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  1. LOL, You just described me almost every time I go outside the house these days. Covid, my wife does the shopping and I run the mountains.
  2. If I can't give a gun to my son without filling out a form, its backdoor gun registration. Like a conceal carry permit trying to regulate what you can't see, any law like this is a moment in time and can't be enforced unless you have a paper trail. If you have a paper trail then all guns before that window of time not purchased at a dealer a dealer that's still in business, can be confiscated thus a confiscation law. Its BS like this why counties are declaring themselves 2nd Amendment counties. Its a waste of resources that only makes criminals out of lawful citizens. Tj
  3. I might be able to provide some clarity. TN passed an online permit, TN carry only, last year. That doesn't require the 8 hour class, proficiency test, or fingerprints but does include a background check and online course/test. This new bill would negate the online requirement and fee. TN legislature is finally figuring out if someone needs to carry a gun, they aren't going to give a shat what the government says and all we're really debating is outside the shirt vs inside a shirt. Open carry is not uncommon here except in the major cities and even then in most of them its not illegal. Had a friend, year ago, get busted for open carry in Knoxville. He was a gun store employee and left his 1911 small of the back carry open when he went into Walmart. Showed the cop his permit which confused the guy who then thought permit meant concealed only. He got a public apology from the Chief of police published in the paper promising to train his officers. Literally for decades before permits, I carried concealed without one. Twice, I had a gun confiscated by cops and twice got the gun back. In fact, still own that gun. That was once in TX and once in TN. They ran a background check on me and gun and gave it back. Of course, that was with some prodding from me, phone calls. Since my permit, now a lifetime permit, I've yet to have to show my permit. Concealed is concealed and trying to regulate what you can't see is stupid by its nature. Tj
  4. I'm 15 minutes away from 3 major hospitals, one of those UT which is where I go/send if if its anything life threatening. 20 minutes from the Dragon. Riding down to the Skyway today. Forecast is a high of 63' and sunny. Takes me about an hour to get there but I take 360 which is one of my favorite roads to ride, curvy country road with lake and farms. We sometimes when we have time go down 68 past the white water rivers. Its an interesting road. What I call a "Shift Road" because you have to shift through the gears because of hills and curves. Yep, I like the edge of civilization, close enough for the amenities but far enough away, I'm not in the thick of it. TN is different that way. Here you can have a multi-million dollar mansion and next door a trailer park. Free means very little zoning laws. I'm in a county adjacent to a large city, in the county, not in a city. Lived pretty much like that when I lived in the Chicago area years ago but then even though I was six miles from work, it could take 1.5 hours due to traffic. Go ten minutes west or north, I was in the boonies. The night my son was born was a hell of a ride. Blizzard weather that night and miles from the hospital. My 4x4 offroad truck that was so out of place there wasn't that night. Anyway the Skyway, drive wise, is just like the Foothills except higher and longer. Like the Foothills, plenty of pull offs and great views. Tj
  5. Yep, liberal and really a heck of a lot worse weather on that side of the mountains vs the TN side, a lot more snow and ice. Pretty city though. TN side, VA hospital is Johnson City, however there's an expanded clinic in Knoxville. Buddy I ride with is retired Coastie Captain that uses the VA. 90% of his medical, he uses the clinic but for specialist etc., its a 1.5 hour drive to Johnson City. As you would expect from a retired rescue chopper pilot, he has a hip problem, bad hearing, and a pace maker. On average, he only does the Johnson city run about once every three months. He's quite pleased with the overall service. For example, he got the vaccine weeks before we could get my mom's in the same group as him and the VA here was doing down to 60 weeks before and TN is still on 65. The geography here is kind of important. Knoxville is the major city and it lies in a massive valley surrounded by three sides by mountains. With the prevailing SW wind, most weather patterns from blue northerners go north of us. What doesn't, the warm air typically shifts the weather pattern to where we get snow in the mountains and rain in the valley. We've had one light snow here in the valley this winter. That said, if I wanted to see snow, it was a short drive to all the snow I wanted. Summer is the exact opposite pattern, still warmer in the valley, we can get out of the heat by going to the mountains, which is where I ride most of the time. Places like Gatlinburg, get more rain and snow than the valley because its nestled up against the mountains. Its like weather patterns come off the plateau, pass over the valley, then bounce off the mountains. That's why they're called Smoky Mountains. Fun riding/driving, we've got, of course, the Dragon, Foothills, and Skyway, all on the TN side. Cars like yours literally travel in packs and both cars and motorcycles come here to run those roads from all over the world. So much so, there's an entire industry around it, restaurants, hotels, entertainment, and shops. I mention this because its kind of hard to leave here for better sports vehicle conditions. You have to travel far and then its not as good. I'm not a big Dragon fan mostly because living here i know every curve like its my brother and its a tad too busy for my taste. I typically only do it when its the fastest way between point a and point b. About once a month in season, I do the Skyway, Dragon, and Foothills, a big circle which we call "The Triple". My usual circle includes the Foothills and along the lake. Thanks to TVA, there's hundreds of miles of navigable fresh water. The Bass Masters was here last week. If offroading is your thing, the largest in the SE is here. Numerous ones, Coal Creek alone is over 240 miles of trails. The area is very conservative, 76% in my county. In fact, my county is a "Gun Rights" county where our local law enforcement is forbidden from enforcing non-state gun laws. Better, knowing many, they wouldn't even if they could. They didn't the 94' AWB. Not that many ranges because most people shoot in their yard etc. A lifetime carry permit, I've yet to have to show it to anyone. In fact, one time my gun popped out in a store, The two cops standing there saw it and simply said, "You're showing". If ranges are your thing, Knoxville has a nice TWRA range with rifle, pistol, and skeet while Oakridge has a military 1,000 yard range. Crime rates are low. I mean we have the usual druggie on druggie crime in the big city but stranger on stranger crime is very low. No kidding, my county every crime no matter how small is in the paper and our court system is worse than Texas for if you don't want to do the time, don't do the crime. Knoxville proper is like most mid-size cities and tends to run more liberal. All of our Federal representatives are Republicans. Hands down we have the best Castle Doctrine in the US where any breakin to your home is considered in its self to be an act of sever bodily harm or death which is extended to your car if you are in it and you have indemnity from civil action. That means you can shoot anyone who illegally enters your home even if they are unarmed and if you do, you won't be sued which really means you don't have to kill them. Taxes blow most peoples minds. I pay less a year, for example, for a similar house than they do a year in a state like IL. Like TX, we are a pay as you go state. For example, when my county needed new schools, they taxed new housing a one time $1 a ft tax. State parks, like TX, have a small fee but 100% goes the state park system. Even our lottery 100% actually does go to education which is how we were the first state to offer free college for everyone for two years. State has a balanced budget amendment which is how we can keep taxes down and afford way more things like universal healthcare which we call Ten Care that even covers males. Another good law, get arrested for anything, you lose government housing for two years. The governor, Bill Lee, is not only a Republican but a businessman not a career politician. Like FL, although some of the cities went off on dumb as hell like Nashville, the state has not be draconian during this Covid thing. Other than personal responsibility city to city or business to business, my county has not been on shutdown. More rules in Knox county but not as crazy as Nashville did. I know folks who never have worn a mask during this thing but most of us do when it makes sense to. Car tags are $25 no matter how new or how much they are worth. Sales tax is high, 9% but that too is pay as you go. I pay for my own trash pick up, $17 month, and fire protection is $100 a year. We don't pay for layers upon layers of government nor seek government permission for everything. I can pee off my porch, shoot a gun in my yard, add a room to my house, put an outbuilding on my property and don't have to pay Bill Bob's cousin to inspect or permit. Good news is we have all this freedom, bad news, like FL people and business' are moving here like crazy. Amazon is opening a new facility now over 800 jobs. Its taking one of my fav public golf courses. Denzo the tier II automotive supplier has expanded three times since they came here. Apartment have sprung up all around them. With this can't evict DC BS, housing is at a premium right now and prices are going up. My son is closing on a house now. Not too bad though, 3 bdr 1.5 bath full basement with enough land to park a dozen campers or boats for $180k. All this said, this is still the Volunteer state. Some natural disaster happens, it blows my mind how many people come out of the woods to help their neighbors. Its a way of life here. Having lived in seven states, I can't imagine living anywhere but here now. I moved here from IL, the Chicago area 30 years ago and man it was like moving from prison to freedom. Tj
  6. Phizer It was quite the ordeal too. My county its been health department only vaccination in car which has been like trying to push ten pounds of crap through a half inch hole. Doesn't matter how many doses they get, they can't distribute fast enough. My wife spent hours every day finding who had doses and rushing to get us registered before they slots filled which typically was only a 20 minute window of time. We got an appointment in two counties outside our own. Took the earliest which was only 11 miles from our house at UT hospital and it took more time parking the car than getting the shots. Just saying, centralized control of who gets the shots has been a cluster. IMHO, instead of this BS of who can get a shot, sending it to the open market like normal vaccines would have been far more effective with more people covered more quickly. At one point, I was eligible but not my wife. I guess they couldn't imagine someone who isn't so selfish that they'd rather be alive if their spouse dies, etc. If you recall polio, that was done school age children and everyone in their family first. The reasoning was school age children were the most impacted, it was spread mostly in schools, and did no good to inoculate only one member in a household. I think the Johnson and Johnson vaccine will change the ballgame or at least I hope it will.
  7. Couldn't even begin to tell you how many people from FL live in my county. They're everywhere. Many, like me, moved here because of the climate neither too hot or too cold. Lately though, like FL, its the northern invasion as people escape totalitarian state and local governments and high taxes and regulations. TN is a no income state like FL and TX.
  8. Things to ponder. Covid 19 originates in China. China, according to them, was the most prepared country in the world due to making most the worlds protective gear. US economy tanks. Trump loses election. Biden who's son is in bed with China wins. Biden first month implements the Obama regulations that sends jobs overseas like water. Big winner is China. And we're suppose to be worried about Russians posting on Facebook.
  9. I damn sure felt like it there for awhile. I have an over active immune system so man, it knocked me down like no flu shot ever even came close. Every muscle and bone in my body downright hurt like hell and I couldn't breathe. Taking pain meds and doing a breathing treatment, I was able to avoid going to the hospital but man it was close. It sure let me know I hadn't had Covid 19 before that. I don't expect it to be so bad next shot because I will have some antibodies. My wife and 86 year old mom had no adverse reactions other than some lethargy. Me, man I thought I was dying for sure. I believe those stats are accurate. Tj
  10. Still hanging in there. Covid is probably kept my bank account level by preventing me doing something silly but so far so good. My IRA is at Fidelity. Now that's cool because to make a withdrawal all I have to do is go online and a check shows up a couple days later. As planned, oh man, decades ago, I'm taking that money out a little at a time to pay off the house. That said, I could write a check at anytime to pay the house off without raising my tax burden. Unless you want the government using your money for a year which is a much bigger deal when on a fixed income, retirement is all about managing that tax burden. The exception, of course, is if you are below the poverty level in which you'll either end up working still or being real good at minimalist living. Covid has made it kind of impossible to visit life long friends so I've been hanging with a, get this one, retired Coast Guard Captain. We mostly ride motorcycles which is a whole social group of people in its self. Figure that? Being an Army vet, go an entire lifetime not know a handful of coasties and suddenly I'm surrounded with them. This guy was a rescue chopper pilot which, oh wow, gave him a set of as you would expect pay for your youth health issues at his age. Red, coming your way. For example, needs hearing aides, bad hip, etc. You get out age, we can sit around and talk about how screwed up our bodies are. Our circle typically doesn't talk about it but it comes up doing physical activity. Currently I'm in fun talking him into the new BMW R18 and he's talking me into a new Challenger Scat Pack. Nice guy, you all would like him. He's meeting his brother and going to TX to hog hunt next week, buys guns, doesn't have his CCW, but I'm working on him. Got my first Covid shot last week with the next one scheduled mid-March. This should open the summer up for me to travel assuming some of you all in communist states lift some of your alls nuts restrictions. If you take out the political spin and look at the per capita numbers, no kidding, none of that shat seems to make a damn bit of difference anyway. Top five states for covid are "shut everything downs" while the 6th is open it all up. The science on this thing has been spun worse than Global Warming but math doesn't lie. Past pandemics have always been about personal responsibility and to the disdain of politicians, this one is too and you are going to do more harm telling everyone to wear a fricken mask in the desert giving them a false sense of security while they ignore the washing their hands. Its not rocket science, its common sense that you touch more things than breathe the spit of others. Anyway, Governor Bill Lee has done a good job. TN has not been in shutdown with very few one size fits all orders and what is protocol instead of being insane in TN is different area to area and about what you would expect. For example Big Cities, you take more precautions than in Bugtussle. Damn shot made me sick as a dog one night but by the next night, I was find and dandy. Getting the shot, man was that a hassle here. It was a matter of beat thousands to open slots on the computer and being willing to travel or wait through another summer. Anyway my Bucket List motorcycle trip is back on for this summer. Opted to not buy a camper and bought a soft topper for my truck which I'll use for the trip. I have enough shat just sitting there not being used and after a lifetime of sleeping outdoors, which change now? Wife will probably back out following me anyway and I'll end up ultra light camping and hotels like always. Been busy as Sam Hell since I retired. Last week was so busy, I just as well have been working. Even this weekend, it was go into the big city to buy booze because my kids bought a house and I get my bar back again on Saturday and I was on my bike all day Sunday. It was 77 here, the warm before a front.. There's a few things retired folks don't tell us when we're young. A, don't plan on sleeping late every day. After a lifetime of getting up early and a screwed up body, that ain't happening. Things slow down alright but all those things needing done you did on autopilot, no choice because you work, are now looming "OH craps" I put that off too longs. Its little wonder so many old folks move into condo's and crap. Rock and roll fellas. Tj
  11. Don't look at me fellas. I'm still learning and every day is a new adventure.
  12. Thanks guys. Spent the day being pampered.
  13. Yep, I have almost as many "Stupid Crap" stories in gun stores as gun shows. Tj
  14. I have a close friend in New Mexico. Man, if you could here him complain about all the stupid crap going on there in the name of Covid, it would blow your alls minds.
  15. I was surprised but my Senator was one that voted against it. Sent her an attagirl.
  16. Just a reminder, I sold all my semi rifles when I retired at the gun show.
  17. For the net record, I just retired. Got hard up for money and sold all my rifles to the nice black kid with the gold tooth and gold chains at the local gun show. He seemed nice and assured me he was a TN resident with no felonies. I didn't want to be a racist and he had cash. Tj
  18. A good portion of my Facebook friends list is dropping it.
  19. Good luck with that snowflake. You look like you'd be very very popular in prison. Tj
  20. Believe it or not, ran into the same BS when I ETS's in 1976 except worse. I went home to KY after the service. Keep in mind, it takes six months to establish a state or residence and a local address plus utiities, all of which I met. I had a Louisiana drivers license and paid taxes in Louisiana. OK, doing the right thing, within 30 days I go to the KY DMV, get my license, and register my car. That set a string of events in motion that blew my mind. It wasn't a week and I see the county sheriff in my drive eyeing my car. I go out and ask "What's up?" and he tells me I hadn't paid property tax on that car for three years and he's going to take it. I tell him I was in the Army and had established residency in Louisiana. "Oh that's different" he says. Then goes on to say "You have 90 days to prove it or I'm taking your car." Next I get a letter from the state telling me I owe three years income tax. Now I'm about to book, leave the state when my dad calls his lawyer a family friend who tells me to come on in. He writes a letter, apparently there WAS some Ky law about service time, and the whole thing went away but not after it cost me $100 which was a lot of money back then. Two years later, I left KY for good never to return again. Kentucky wasn't the only state that screwed me. When I moved from IL to TN, under threat of taking my drivers license through state reciprocal agreements if I did not comply, i had to pay Illinois state income tax for the first six months I lved in TN despite not having a job or residence in IL those six months. Now you want to talk Batshit crazy? You all mentioned NY. NY has this screw ball law they call the "Snow Bird Law" that technically if you go to NY for business and stay in a hotel, you owe them state income tax for the days your are there. Now that's despite you have no permanent residency or direct income from the state. No kidding. They don't have a mechanism to enforce it but its on the books. Socialist/social welfare states are nuts man. Tj
  21. What I'm hearing is the NYC numbers are even worse. How you like that one? Disarm the people then cut back or run off the police. Talk about a formula for disaster. Progressive liberals are nuts. Bad for them, good for us here where I live. Police support here never has been as high as it is right now. Tj
  22. Good info guys. Thanks Rampy best I hope from the VA is to pick up drug costs my insurance doesn't cover. I know they'd bill my insurance. Its basically one drug and possibly can be service related. That would be left to be seen. I'm sure there would be some sort of judgement involved on whether it is or isn't. My medical issue started very slight just before ETS and my first surgery 4 years later. I've just always had very good insurance till now. Don't get me wrong guys. I'm not hurting for money. Its just this whole "Predict when you are going to die" thing that's a bummer. I keep telling my kid, I plan to spend his inheritance. I may too. I just haven't yet because well I bought all that crap before I retired and having traveled for a living my entire life, world travel is not in my plans. For example, my diesel truck only has 27,000 miles on it, etc. Plan I'm on now is within a year to get where our monthly expenses is covered by our income not including IRA or bank withdraws leaving bank and IRA for Mr. Murphy events or new toys like a car, new bike, gun, etc., maybe a trip but I doubt it. I know this won't happen but if I never stay in a hotel again, that would be fine by me. I'm kind of lazy now. Got enough I could buy a small retirement business but just don't want to. Today I put in four hours on the bike. Jacket weather, leaves just turning, heck of a nice ride. Tj
  23. Retired a year ago in June. Good news is I burned a set of brand new tires off my Harley that first season and about to again this one. I've put 25,000 miles on my bike and she's still purring like a lion. Covid 19 concerns has caused me to rethink some trips but not much changes in my almost daily riding. Can't get better isolation than on a motorcycle in the mountains. Yes, my gun head buddies, I carry everywhere I go. Probably the Ruger LCP II gets most carry time but cooler weather the Kimber Micro 9 and Sig 938 do. Things to watch for? Holy Cow does Medicare suck. I'm paying out $600 a month for the wife and my secondary insurance and with prescriptions is well over $1000 a month. Still haven't sorted this one out. May be better for the wife to file separately and me VA? Anyway something like that. The idea of the entire US being on Medicare makes me laugh because we'd have a revolution. Worse than the money, medicare only covers the bare minimum. I'll give you an example, wife needs cataract/astigmatism surgery. Medicare only covers basic lens and scalpel. To get laser and contoured lens so she doesn't need glasses that's an additional $2,600 per eye. The eye drops, wife is in the dreaded donut, was $528 each surgery. (Beat that one by forgetting insurance and buying it from a company directly for $55). That's out of your pocket and they won't even set it up if you unless you have good credit. I don't know what to tell you other than Medicare ain't medicaid. Like most, we retire we try to economize. Good luck because now you are going to find "Sorry you been a customer for 25 years, you don't get the low price we advertise." That's when I say, "Well how long do I have to drop your service before I do?" Advice I can give those thinking of retiring is: The entire system is setup to take what you earned after you retire. I'm not kidding. Besides social security and pension, your month income, best have a lot of money not just in a 401K/IRA but in the bank and cash stashed in a safe. I use the cash for toys. Assets you can sell for cash is a very good thing. Don't forget taxes and plan withdraws from IRA/401ks around taxes. I'm paying off my house right now but spreading out the payoff over a couple years to save on taxes. Even retired unless the bare minimum, you will still be paying for those who won't work. Its all about monthly budget and God help you if you are one of those live beyond your means types because a fixed income is simply not forgiving. Dealing with all the retirement BS is almost like a full time job. Last but not least, stay active. A damn couch can kill you faster than a bullet. I've heard others say they are busier retired than they were working. I always thought BS but man, that's how it is for me. There's not enough hours in the day. Its like a lifetime of put this offs are now due payment. Now all this said, so far, so good. I've been having a blast. Doing some work on the side. my bank account has held solid not declining. That'll change next year as the side work dried up but will level off again after the house is paid for. We have an attitude. We'll deal with it come hell or high water. We've been dirt poor before so we can do it again but so far that isn't the case. Even with all the hassles, It's still way worth it. Funniest thing is how what was important isn't anymore. You see, you've won if you can retire. What you did before you retired just doesn't matter anymore or even what you had or have. Its about cutting the stress levels and having fun. Good luck you all. Tj
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