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  1. Well i couldn't say ACT, now could I? I'd like to see Christopher Walken as a bad guy in #3.
  2. I liked Van Damn. He should do more Bad guys.
  3. After being a Patron for years I no longer see it as having any perks worth mentioning.Many of the highest posting members here liked to go into the Privacy of the Bar and Grill area and talk. We became great friends, know about each others Lives, Family's, business's, Health etc.......Only to be harassed by other members who have no sense of humor and very thin skin, as well as being complete hypocrites. So Thumper got us a Patron's only BnG, where we could stay and talk and mind our own business, paying for that privilege mind you. but even that wasn't good enough for some, including the Owner of this site and several senior staff members who have shunted us off into some little corner and treated us like second class Citizens here, All the While taking our money of course.. Now, it's Kneel's site and he can run it any way he chooses, but don't take our Money with one hand and stab us in the back with the other. That's Trashy behavior, both professionally and personally. I loved this site for a long time and many people here have become great friends, helping through tough medical issues and what not. I have lost count of the number of people I have referred here and how glowingly I've talked about the Place. Not anymore. I guess Kneel wanted a more Family Friendly Site, more Gun/Shooting Driven. Well how do we explain the Explosion of just worthless babbling found on the Armory now? The site's a complete Mess,no one seems to be at the wheel any longer, Good Staff guys are no longer here and Posts are Way down because a bunch of us are fed up with it. It's what kneel wanted, he got it........enjoy it.
  4. Alden, you ever read this? The Mountains At The Bottom Of The World by Ian Cameron Not bad, cheesy adventure story if you get some time at the beach, Read it over 35 years ago.
  5. Can I elect several members to send there? You know, quartering Party.
  6. This has always symbolized everything that is good about America to me.
  7. Ok, Drama Llama, what's up with all the Phony rambling Post? No one can write like that without trying to.
  8. I have a bunch of 30's, Only $75.00 each.
  9. So we're going to be your Personal T.V. Station? Why don't you just talk to members about your interest and not this Pre-packaged crap? I've had a few Glocks, Decent guns. See ? it's easy.
  10. It's early, and I don't get it? "As a half-black person, who, like all black, or even partially black, people, is partly, or maybe even mostly, Native American," WTF? over?
  11. Battle of the Atlantic could be considered the Biggest in the Western Hemisphere. Most Significant Battle could be the Battle of Midway, which is Just inside the Western Hemisphere. or Tenochtitlan? up to 400,000 and a few thousand Spanish in that one. I know, i know, just saying.
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