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  1. Good morning to yah from Fairbanks!
  2. I have a Maglite 6 D cell "attitude adjuster" that I should get converted.
  3. I have visiting here for 10 days and will be here 10 more. North Portland is nice and full of every kind of pervert druggie and outright insane wackos. So far they seem to be pretty easy going and laid back. I think half of the town works in the food, beverage and cannabis industry. There are hundreds of small eateries, breweries and pubs. I like watching freaks and Portland is full of them. I saw the biggest dike I haver ever seen. It must have been over 400 lbs, wearing a pastel green spandex jump suit. Some scary stuff. I'll be back in Alaska soon.
  4. Not having to worry about neighbors, I use Brenneke slugs. It's the same a I carry when in bear country. Why change ?
  5. I don't have to worry about neighbors. so I keep my shotguns loaded with Brenneke Black Magic slugs. They put big entry and exit holes in large mammals, including humans. I would use #4 buck if I had neighbors nearby.
  6. I'm all for the demise of the BATFE, but with FBI corruption, will there be an improvement?
  7. Welcome and thanks for the entertaining videos. Am looking forward for more. Here is a link to a site that you can get more ideas from: http://www.theboxotruth.com/
  8. So, are you interested in the variety of grips for the Double Eagle that I found ?
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