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    Long time reloader and competitive shooting. Started doing IPSC in 1980. Enjoy long range shooting at prairie dogs and have taught all over the US for M/O classes.

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  1. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  2. Non FMJ bullets with exposed lead are usually considered expanding. I'm pretty sure you would be home free. Greg
  3. I would look for UNIQUE, 296/H110 (same thing, or Blue Dot. If would use 240 grain load data on the 180's and move up from there but a bit of Google-fu will almost certainly find what you need on the 180's. Greg
  4. Infectious disease was my specialty for my last 10 years in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I managed everything from HIV to chickenpox. I'm still learning but my 30+ years as a nurse sure paid off for me as a foundation. Since this all started I have been taking muscle relaxants to deal with the violent head shaking I have done because of the blatant lies and falsehoods. My brother is a physician and we've had many discussions about all this a d he's helped me realize that I was not the crazy one in this mix. I'm at peace where my wife and I am immunologically and I have my brother on speed dial for any meds I might need and I won't hesitate in using to deal with an early onset to stop it cold. I functioned at a far higher pay grade in the system prior to retirement and I feel like my support/information systems are in place. Greg
  5. Remember that immune systems kind of pick and choose their efficacy. There are trends both ways but no one can bet on beating or catching XXX bug. Greg PS: I am a firm believer there have been millions of asymptomatic cases of this stuff and immunity is much more in existence than we will ever know.
  6. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  7. GLShooter


    I shoot the 6 MM TNT in the 6X45 and my wildcats. I've never shot them in a 20. I've shot a few 22's and wouldn't hesitate to use them in my fast movers. Greg
  8. Yeah the "Right to TRy" was long over due. That is one thing that TRUMP managed to do and I believe the entire country benefited by it. TI am in lock step with you on this forcing unstudied drugs being forced on anyone.. Greg
  9. I'm clueless how the government works. Well maybe I have some insight after 20+ years. I believe you have a great grasp on reality. Greg
  10. Your incubation numbers are right. I've read many anecdotal instances of close proximity people not catching it. The cruise ship early on had several documented non-transmissions. I have one friend who's wife didn't catch it from him. This outbreak pod just really illustrates the insanity of trying to control this short of going full blown crazy Australia and even they aren't stopping it with military patrols. Greg
  11. My guess would be that Robert's wife got it on the trip somewhere else and somehow the others got it at the dinners before #2. . An even wilder guess would be that the they all got a virus that took far longer to incubate and show up from their dinners before shot #2. I'd have to be drinking a lot of whiskey to say the period was that far prior to the symptoms. I'm pretty much with you the days down't add up. Lack of contact post shot #2 eliminates the common thread there. I guess it will always be a puzzle but at least everyone pulled through. They shouldn't bother with lottery tickets they won their big prize for the year. Greg
  12. I'll look at this in the AM. I think I'll take two Tylenol before I start. Greg
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