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    Long time reloader and competitive shooting. Started doing IPSC in 1980. Enjoy long range shooting at prairie dogs and have taught all over the US for M/O classes.

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  1. Good morning from pleasant AZ. Greg
  2. I'll bow 10 times toward Ogden, Utah and hope you find those primers being used as a seat for. your Elf on a Shelf. Greg
  3. Not a bad assessment Q. Not being real big, 155 and 5'10", a firearm or other weapon, and they are legion, can certainly help me when the fur flies. I've been retired 13 years and I'm not near as strong at 70 as I was at 57. My BIL was A Kansas HP trooper. As he got older he told me he figured he'd better win a fight on the turnpike fast because he was Rookie strong. I resemble that remark. I've also found many in various LEO positions feel that "civilians" don't need guns. Last I checked every one of them was too big to carry in my back pocket to have handy. Many of my Wardens were anti-gun and discouraged the staff from developing the skills and they openly hated CCW. I never saw one turn down a steak dinner after they bet on me at SORT maneuvers against the best in the FBOP. I want to share the skills I've learned as there are no secrets in the shooting world. Greg
  4. I feel terrible. I have Hobbyist Privilege. I'll use ten of those this weekend to load $1,600 of 9MM, current advertised prices, at $80.00/box. I only have 250 rounds of them right now and need to get the worry off my mind. Greg
  5. Thank you for verifying my understanding of the process. Now about stolen guns..lol In 1987 in OKC I had a 61 Corvette stolen from my drive way. I had a bag with a STAR PD in the trunk. Car gone with pistol. Oh well. Of course the cops were given the serial number. I moved about 40 miles to Norman, Ok. In 1992 I got a call from the OKC PD. They asked if I had a gun stolen. Heck I'd forgotten about it and finally asked if it was a 45 and was told it was. The guy told me to come on down and they'd turn it over. The pistol had been found In South Texas in a traffic stop of undocumented aliens. NCIC did their thing and sent it to OK. I drove up to the PD flashed my DL and was handed the pistol. A bit shop worn and scratched but it still shoots and is my EDC. Greg
  6. Its like reading Cosmopolitan. You have to see what the enemy is plotting and doing. Greg
  7. I shudder ti think how nice the Corvette would be that I could buy if I sat down and started loading up my extra stuff at the current rates of sale..LOL I'd have to make a call or two but getting what few extra components I would need would only take me fifteen minutes to round out my numbers. Greg
  8. Certainly time to look for options during the move. I have two places here in PHX that do them but they aren't cheap but the quality is top notch. One I can even walk in and pick them out of the box coming back from anodizing if I want or get them in the white for project if I have a mind to go that route. Networking is the only way to fly. Greg
  9. Yep I'd run right over there and buy reloaded ammo from some guy that I know nothing about and who if he is selling reloads is most likely violating several Federal laws. I shot many years in matches with guys that I trusted implicitly to borrow ammo from but several others that I would not even have given theirs to my worst enemies. I've handed over more than a few boxes of my reloads to guys in need. All I ever asked was to get the brass back if they manged to get it. I've never made a penny on it. Greg
  10. I believe you have a pretty good crystal ball right there. I see about the same ideas in mine. Greg
  11. I don't see ho you would make money on the deal. I know dang well the gov't would never pay me for an AR what I have in it. They'd pay you for a piece'o'crap BCA when you handed them a full blown DD gun. Greg
  12. I've only taught on two bases in my years with the prison. We never checked anything that we brought in. Of course we were a government agency so that probably gave us quite a bit of latitude.. Greg
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