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    Long time reloader and competitive shooting. Started doing IPSC in 1980. Enjoy long range shooting at prairie dogs and have taught all over the US for M/O classes.

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  1. Congratulations. It sounds like you made some good sound decision on components. Greg
  2. GLShooter

    Still Buying Ammo ???

    Last year I bought three boxes of Grendel and five of Valkyrie. Other than a couple bricks of 22 that was the sum total of factory stuff last year. I won't be buying any more factory CF fodder AFAIK this year. The 22 stuff is always a possibility but I have two cases set back that I am leaving alone of Winchester Super X/Mexican and a one of OLD Remington when it was still quality stuff. Last year I loaded 5,568 rounds in various flavors. I still have some of that but it was mostly test ammo and back fill from the previous year. I'm setting on 300+ test rounds right now so when those are shot I'm sure they will get a refill. 9MM and 45 ACP have been the big ones for handguns the last year or so though a smattering of 380 and 357 has made it across the bench. Greg
  3. GLShooter

    Headcase---errr... Headspace

    HS gauges ideally should be made by the same guys that made the reamer. Not all HS gauges are the same from manufacturer to manufacturer. I suspect that you may well me on the minimum side. That being said you can safely fire factory BLK ammo in it and you probably;y would never know the difference. If you are a reloader then you'll adjust your dies to the chamber anyway. Most factory ammo/brass has a shoulder anywhere from 0.002-0.008 below SAAMI minimum. If you use a Hornady case comparator post firing you'll get a good idea of your chamber variation from the new unfired cases. If the 'smith told me a NO GO gauge would chamber I would be cautious but from your information I wouldn't even blink. I shoot a myriad of cartridges that the average smith would never have a gauge for as the chambers are custom designed with shoulder angles and placement all over the place. I've also got decades of experience shooting and designing non-standard cartridges so I do have a bit of insight here IMHO. Greg
  4. GLShooter

    Good Morning!

    Late but it's a cool cloudy morning here in Phoenix. Greg
  5. GLShooter

    Varget and the .223/5.56

    We compress it routinely with no issues. If you review the Hodgdon data it has a C after the load levels. This means COMPRESSED. Note that you don;t see any C's after any ball powders like H335 ir BLC2. Greg
  6. Dang Neil, I use to work those hours on Con Air when I was YOUNG. I couldn't hold a candle to you now. The last thing any man should ever do is apologize for doing an h0nest days work to anyone. I hope you get a break and some rest in the near future. Greg
  7. GLShooter

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from cool Arizona. I'm setting here waiting for the A/C guy to bring a fan motor for my heat pump downstairs so I can have heat on the first floor for the first time in five days. Greg
  8. GLShooter

    357 Sig

    I've seen the worry on some pilots faces..lol When I did medical flights on commercial airlines even though I was the medical person I usually carried the weapon for our trio of escorts. It came down to do you want the guy you trained with the gun or does the guy you trained want the trainer to be armed? It wasn't unusual for me to end up meeting the pilot on those runs before 911. Even afterwards I met them frequently on smaller craft. I always wore a double breasted suit and the others wore their correctional outfits.. I know that many thought I was a US Marshal when we would pick guys up at a hospital and the rear end crews always treated us/me well. Soft soap and a relaxed attitude always worked for me. In all the flights I scheduled and flew on I never had a bad experience from anyone. Even the inmates were always polite..lol I can imagine the military aspect of the trust issues even if it does seem silly. I only flew with coworkers so I was ahead of the curve but flying with a hodge podge changing group like you worked with could have been a strain. Even my interactions at other prison were paved by my work on ConAir meeting officers from all over the US week after week on 33 different airstrips we flew in and out of. I knew US Marshals in all those stops too and that was big help when we needed something. I was hoked in with their SOG outfit as I flew with their top dog many times and meeting them in Alexandria at their facility lots of the young guys knew me. I was detailed and available for some of their less published activites and always liked being treated as an equal. I really relive that in line with this topic all of us should strive to step up on our skills and be responsible shooters. Confidence, skill and a level head will triumph over adversity. The guys here all have knowledge and a huge amount of experience between them. I learn from you, Pepper, Tow, Ret and many more here all the time. I might disagree at times but food for thought is nourishing once it's digested in a proper manner and applied as needed. Greg
  9. GLShooter

    Varget and the .223/5.56

    I use SATERN funnels exclusively. The design lets the powder swirl down and pack tight. Greg
  10. GLShooter

    Varget and the .223/5.56

    With Varget none. With ball powders you can have issues. Greg
  11. GLShooter

    Handgun picture thread.

    Very nice. I love those sights. Greg
  12. GLShooter

    357 Sig

    Where the bullet hit is what turned the lights out. Head shots are not the most sought after under pressure but done right they are the fastest. The hero in this instance brought a unique skill set to the equation that most can't even understand. The ability to hit under pressure and quite frankly the willingness to use lethal force is not as common as many of the Keyboard Kommandos . think. Caliber choice was a good one in this case for the task at hand. A 9 MM or 45 ACP would have done the same thing if it went at the same path. A single draw and fire is not hard with any handgun if you have a modicum of skill and a killing stroke is on tap if you have that skill. It's the repetitive balls to the wall aimed fire that stacks up against the shooter. In a multi-shot string a 9 is generally easier to shoot than the 357 SIG and a 45 ACP is may be in the same neighborhood as it is not near as snappy in the hands. Of course handgun weight/design can mitigate things a great deal. I shoot one of the original little 45's and it is not the breakfast of champions for the casual shooter at speed. It requires that white knuckle grip we use in rapid fire bullseye and a whole bunch of technique as well as muscle memory to run it hard. Go out and shoot some 4" plates at 20 yards from the leather you usually use on single draw and fires and you can see how this can be a challenge in street dress. I've got some whiz bang competition rigs that are slicker than owl dookie for draws but my concealed carry rig is fast too but I will point out that in a match it is routinely only a one way shooting rage but when street carry comes up a whole new world of problems arise as what kind of clothing you have. What position are you in for the draw, is the target static? Quite simply you're going all in on a guy that will kill you if you come in 2nd. that's where what Rampy preachs and I taught comes. I believe in shooting the biggest gun for the task at hand that will allow me to triumph in any setting but in the real world no matter what you chose and what works we'll always think that "maybe" something else would have been advantageous. Bullet weight, velocity, round count , concealability and weight all come into play. The setting will dictate it some what also. The US Air Marshals picked the 357 SIG for their original load out with exactly ZERO testing. SIG came in and showed it to the big whigs in DC and they bit. At that time there was NO frangible/aircraft friendly ammo being loaded. The staff at FLETC were beside themselves over the lack of consideration for the environment AO and many a voice was raised in protest but the contract was already written and so it became reality. Greg
  13. GLShooter

    Is it just me?

    I don't know about that as I prefer spray stuff plus I'm not one to dwell overly long on what lube is used in a movie..Just sayin' Greg
  14. GLShooter

    New Old Guy

    Welcome to the board. Jump in and enjoy. Greg
  15. GLShooter

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from cold Arizona. Greg