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    Long time reloader and competitive shooting. Started doing IPSC in 1980. Enjoy long range shooting at prairie dogs and have taught all over the US for M/O classes.

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  1. That is great info. I'll have to print that out as a guideline to look at. Greg
  2. I have some 147's and they will get some attention. No heavy jacketed stuff but I could try some 160 lead as I have 8,000 of those. Greg
  3. I picked the HS503Cu. I wanted the Shake-awake feature and the solar power set up. It comes with the dot and dot circle for down and dirty. So far it has made me happy. I haven't got to drive it hard on multiple targets yet but as little as it moves around it should be a barn burner. It comes with the tall mount and one that lets you set it flat on the receiver like on a handgun rail. I'll be shooting the rifle at 50 yards later in the week so that should be a decent distance to work at. I did shoot it up close and personal indoors the other day and was happy with the hits at speed. I am researching paint at this time. I would like to do it with brushes but need to select a viable paint that will hold up. I could rattle can it if I hit a wall. I don't want to have to buy $150.00 worth of Duracaot. I'm not sure what will hold on the butt stock as it is a weird plastic. Greg
  4. Cleaning my 9 PCC this AM. I've put about 100 rounds through it now so am interested to see if I have any copper fouling. With polygonal rifling is is not like a standard barrel. Looking tat what I want to load for it for test ammo. With luck I can knock out fifty rounds tomorrow using five bullets. Anything from 90 -130 is available on the shelf so it's not like I'm trapped with a single pill. I have a grundle of various factory rounds I want to check that go from mild to wild running from FMJ's to Silvertips. I may well take the 45 Colt with me also as I have about 10 loads made up for it that I did in late April. I want to see how it does with some of my lead bullet loads. Greg
  5. I'd go short. Grouping will not vary much any more than barrel to barrel differences. my BLK is 16" but then I didn't get it for HD. I have other things at hand for that..LOL Greg
  6. Just to add to John above if you want to play the Deerslayer game look at the 450 Bushmaster. It actually is a better deal then the SOCOM,IMHO, that you can't use anyway, and has speed appropriate bullets available. Greg
  7. Belated though it be Happy Birthday to you!! Greg
  8. Good morning from hot as Hades Arizona. Greg
  9. Sounds like you care getting some good balance in your firearms usage. A bit of exposure and applied practice goes a long long way. I don't know about lasers causing a guy to give it up but I didn't deal with that in my job. We didn't use them in the prison. We did have some weapons lights but only on long guns. I never brought up patriotism. That was someone else..lol. I took the GLOCK over the SIG when doing my SORT/SWAT work in my career because I preferred the consistent trigger. I never had a problem cleaning my qualification with the BOP and Armed Escort that I taught. I have two CZ 204's that I can shoot alongside every American made bolt gun I have. My Remington 204 is good too but gets shaded by the other two by a consistent 0.1. Greg
  10. GLOCK loader just showed up. Simple but will get the job done. My Gson will like it. Greg
  11. My wife enjoyed visiting Sportsmans and the shooting supply shop without a mask. She was pushing me to buy more bullets and a better AR gun case. She loves to shoot and competed on the big stage at the US Nationals. She has better 3Gun gear than 90% of the competitors. Nothing like having top level gunsmiths building guns for free..lol Keep getting your wife out there. It'll pay many a benefit down the road. Greg
  12. I'd gamble on that one Bush. I'm not one for universal stuff usually but sometimes it works out. BTW aftermarket GLOCK mags are so cheap as to be laughable. Greg
  13. That will be great if you can get back in teh game. Greg
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