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    Long time reloader and competitive shooting. Started doing IPSC in 1980. Enjoy long range shooting at prairie dogs and have taught all over the US for M/O classes.

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  1. GLShooter

    AR Platform Scout Rifle

    A 450 Bushmaster or 458 SOCOM would do the trick. Greg
  2. GLShooter

    AR Platform Scout Rifle

    I bought a 600 around 76 without knowing about the Scout concept. Once you have one it's flexibility just makes itself known. Of course a poodle shooter hangs around too but for raw pound for pound the 600 rules the roost IMHO. Bare in mind I shoot mine left handed too. lol Greg
  3. GLShooter

    Merry Christmas to me!

    You'll shoot your eye out. Greg
  4. GLShooter

    Stupid mailman!!!!!!!!!!!

    You don't own a pry bar???? Tell 'em you heard a ticking and were afraid there might be a bomb in there and you wanted to save the boxes. Greg
  5. GLShooter

    Ok, I'm DONE!

    Bet'cha can't buy just one.... Greg
  6. No reason not to. Knowledge is always good and you will learn from it. I have a couple and while I don't teach them for money I do help a few along the way. I use to teach Hunters Safety in Oklahoma with our gun club and that was always rewarding. The Fed. BOP also gave me some instruction that let me work with my coworkers there. Looking back in all honesty all I took away from it was some massive range time and one small nugget on night shooting but then I had more experience than the instructors that taught me. The night shooting nugget was worth the time IMHO. I am also a national level Range Master through USPSA and that does come in handy at matches..lol If you do get certified please gyve some feedback on your assessment of the course. Greg
  7. GLShooter

    Something has to be done about these site delays!

    It's cold here in Phoenix, 50, and the grease is thicker. 20 seconds on my computer. Maybe 30 seconds on my phone. Acceptable but not greased..LOL Greg
  8. GLShooter

    Is Noneya still the only one not getting any guns?

    Congratulations on all the life events and welcome back. Greg
  9. Yep you did. Also the FCC shot this down yesterday and told them it was NO NO on taxing text. Greg
  10. GLShooter

    Shingles vaccine

    Waiting for the shots to come in here for the the wife and me. Have a friend with them now. She's having hell. Going in to have a nerve ablation to kill the pain in a week or so. They did a nerve isolation procedure with great results last week. I'm made a living managing infectious diseases in the prison and this one won't kill you but it can make you wish it would. Greg
  11. GLShooter

    Something has to be done about these site delays!

    Just took 18 seconds now . Windows XP ruining off Google Chrome. I noticed mt phone was much better yesterday what few times I used it. Greg
  12. GLShooter

    Angled Gas Port?

    I was talking this over and my memory was jogged by another shooter. Five years ago this concept was being done on a new style machine gun that was being developed with some input from him. The whole project ate up lots of money and machine time. No appreciable gains were noted by the developer. I actually had a discussion about the project with one of the international marketing guys that was a motivator in this a few weeks ago. Too bad it never took off. Greg
  13. GLShooter

    The waiting is the hardest part.

    Extra parts begat extra guns. I'm all for begating. Greg
  14. GLShooter

    I hit 50,000

    Congratulations! Greg
  15. GLShooter

    Hey Devils15