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    Long time reloader and competitive shooting. Started doing IPSC in 1980. Enjoy long range shooting at prairie dogs and have taught all over the US for M/O classes.

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  1. GLShooter

    Earthquake on November 30, 2018

    I've only been in one and it was not near that bad. I'll pass on that for addition to my bucket list. Greg
  2. GLShooter

    Incoming and Shocked

    Recoil and barrel life. Oh, and of course, the cool factor. Greg
  3. GLShooter

    Incoming and Shocked

    I haven't talked to Ritch if the reamer has changed but we aren't having issues not jamming in the LBC. My guess would be no. Greg
  4. GLShooter

    Hey jchtrh

    Late but
  5. GLShooter

    Incoming and Shocked

    The Grendel is rimless. It's more of a magazine location height issue AFAIK. Tactical Ordnance the same one doing my NXS barrels and the new A-30 barrel with the real chamber I just received. BHW is no longer doing wildcats per direct talks with the owner. Greg
  6. GLShooter

    Incoming and Shocked

    Not a clue until I can stuff it full of cartridges and run the bolt. I don't have a single round of that ammo loaded up. I'm in the middle of doing some brass for my new A-30 barrel and that is on the top for priority right now. That's one reason I wanted to find some factory ammo for it. Greg
  7. GLShooter

    Incoming and Shocked

    I picked the rifle up yesterday. Ordered on Wednesday and it arrived at Sportsman's on Friday. It took them 24 hours to get it in the books so not a bad wait at all. The BRC took about 25 minutes. I guess everyone in the US but Noneya was buying a gun... Proof of life on my ugly carpet. 20" tube threaded. Magazine is a C-Products issue. The trigger is so so but I had never pulled one with Ruger's version of the Accu-trigger. Certainly serviceable beyond any doubt. I'll stick a big X scope on it for testing. I looked all over town and NO ONE has any factory Grendel ammo for a baseline so it will be straight handloads for this one until I get a box or two in. I suspect it will only get a couple hundred rounds through it before it becomes a 243 LBC. I'll wring it out but I suspect it will be like most I have heard of in that it out shoots its price tag with little effort. Greg
  8. GLShooter

    New reloading manual advice...

    Yes on SWAG and swag, non-cap'd, is goodies you get for free. VLD is Very Low Drag. The VLD's are long and pointy and don't act like normal weight pills as the shank length is different and they require, many times, a faster twist. They also tend to be loaded right at or barely off the lands so overall cartridge length is longer than stated manuals length 99% of the time unless you have custom chambers. Solid monolithic bullets, aka copper, need to have reduced MAX loads as the pressures on them is a lot higher on engraving and they are long for length because of lower weight in the material compared to lead so the bullets are longer. They also are routinely shot at a minimum of 0.050 off the lands on purpose because of the pressure issues. Those little groves in the BARNES were put there to lower pressure somewhat but it is still an issue. Overall many rifles will not shoot the solids and if they do they are a bit expensive for just casual usage. Rifling type plays a part in the last issue on accuracy BTW. Greg
  9. GLShooter

    New reloading manual advice...

    Kinda screwed from the get go. Manuals are either pushing their bullets or their powders. No one makes both. Lyman is the closest you'll get to equal opportunity. It's just a fact of the world you'll have to either buy the books or just go ot the net to each site and down load sections as you need them. The Accurate on-line manual is excellent for their stuff and I feel is invaluable for using Accurate/Western powders. Hornady gives a fair mix of powders but of course use their bullets.The one saving thing about all this this is that same same weights OF SIMILAR CONSTRUCTION, will be close enough you can make the data work. A 55 FMJ Sierra and a 55 FMJ Hornady and a 55 Nosler are all pretty close in shank length and you can just start lower than the max but then the prudent loader does that anyway. With all the new bullets out one is forced to go to a bullet hat is close and do a SWAG on it for powders. It isn't all that scary and it isn't all that difficult. I'm looking at some heavy 105's for a 6 MM that no one lists anywhere but the challenge of picking a powder and charge will encompass about ten minutes. Me? I'd by a NEW Lyman, a new Hornady and Sierra. I would download teh Accurate manuals as well as what I needed from Hodgdon and if Alliant has something that would be needed they may have something you can work with. If I were flush I would add the Nolser. You will be out about $90.00 for the first three if you shop right. Nolser would be around $45.00 and you could big dog it with a SPEER but they are around $45.00. Probably not the best use of your $$'s IMHO. A reloader lives and dies by manuals. They are not set in stone like the 10 Commandments but they do make excellent guides for the thinking man to use. Greg
  10. GLShooter

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Since I have both I got the syringe out and checked capacities. The TAC 6 with Hornady brass is 32.7. The 243 LBC with Lapua brass is 36.17. All cases fired one time. Approximately 11% larger capacity for the LBC. Greg
  11. GLShooter

    Incoming and Shocked

    As long as it runs smoothly I'll be happy. I can't abide herky jerky feeding. Greg
  12. GLShooter

    Incoming and Shocked

    Since this is basically the same as the precision setup in a cheap stock like an SPS to the Remington I figured it's a good gamble. I'll wring it out as best as I can. Greg
  13. GLShooter

    Incoming and Shocked

    I haven't shot it yet. I need to remedy that. I need to peddle the shotguns. Never know what I might find at the next gun show as I a strong hankering for a K22 Model 17. This Grendel will be interesting. I haven't loaded for a new bolt gun in a bit. I have seen some super groups short with a Grendel RAP so at least some shoot. Greg
  14. GLShooter

    Incoming and Shocked

    Not really a lot of differencesNewby. All 18" cylinder bore 8 shot. Like driving a Chevy Biscayne vs. a Camoro. Both get you there but one's a lot more fun. Yep 572. Cool little rifle. Greg