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    Long time reloader and competitive shooting. Started doing IPSC in 1980. Enjoy long range shooting at prairie dogs and have taught all over the US for M/O classes.

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  1. I managed to change out my plunger assembly on my main 1911 yesterday. Hopefully that will fix the early slide stop problem. It feels a tad stiffer. This week I'll so some recoil spring swapping on my wannabe Gold Cup. It is way to heavy now. I'll drop it to 16.5 or 15.5. I have 3 uppers I need to get some sample cases out if. A 17-223 a 6 PPC and a 6X6.8. I have NIB 223 BCA side charger I bought dirt cheap so need to try it. I got a bcg and ordered a custom 45 ACP barrel. Probably will get an NFA lower and build the 45 now with a 10 MM upper down the road. Greg
  2. Yep. No Holy Grail numbers. I run adjustable blocks on 90% of my AR's. Shooting everything from 17-223 to 458 SOCOM on a lower with standard buffer and springs. O can tune one in about five shots. I prefer to run BIG gas ports. I want lots of latitude and since I got a suppressor last year I do want that in spades. Greg
  3. I wish we all had a dollar for every Standard Practice that gets ignored. Some guys like to really strip em down with cleaners. One custom barrel company leaves a wax in the bore used when the button is pulled. I never clean that out and the barrels will sometimes shoot the best group of the day on the first five shots. Greg
  4. I have never seen a table on non-223/556 barrels. Of course port location dictates size on all of them. A mid 6X45 will be totally different than a mid 243 for instance. Greg
  5. If I break one in it's pretty simple, 5X1,5X2, 5X3 and then 3X5 shot groups. Truth be known I don't break anything in now. I strt from the get go shooting groups. Most days I'll shoot 50 or 100 rounds on the first outing getting groups and speeds. YMMV Greg
  6. Bush I've had them with burrs hanging down and a round will push it up and block the hole. I always run a patch through my bores when I get them. If one is there I'll get it out with a tight patch catching it. After that a shot will take out any slight edge lefet. Greg
  7. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  8. My credit cards are in a shielded holder. Greg
  9. Thats bad news. Doing your job cam be hard behind bars. I started as a CO but even my medical job was part CO work. Prayers for the officers. Greg
  10. Happy Thanksgiving all. Eat hardy and enjoy the family. Greg
  11. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  12. You are most welcome. GeePee is a part of the brain trust here on the ARMORY. More centuries of knowledge here than you can shake a stick at. I just chime in when I can help a tad. I guess if you keep your eyes and ears open long enough some knowledge dies stick. I'm still learning myself. Greg
  13. Thanks Glenn. The only one I didn't look at was Hodgdon. Since they bought out Western that makes perfect sense. I never load FMJ military speck stuff except my 55 grainers for my M16. No doubt your method works as I've seen some outstanding work you've done. I did that big write up in the stickies using THE FCC and a torque wrench. I certainly proved the effect off various crimping in accuracy. I just go along with my bushing dies adjusting neck tension. Have a great Thanksgiving. Stay warm my friend. Greg
  14. Lee copies stuff from other sources. He rarely reference the source. The 62 FMJ is not listed on most manuals as it is a weight that is kind of odd to be seen in the fields. Most 223's in that range are 60's an65's and 69's. Because LEE does no work on his own I have never bothered to pick up one of his books. Lots of guys love them and they work well for them. I prefer stuff from the bullet and powder companies. I think I use books from six different companies and the variance from book to book is very educational. On that note I will point out that manuals are GUIDES and are not carved in stone . Any time you step away from any published spec as in bullet, lot number of powder or primers and barrel manufacturer you have just turned the book you bought into a suggested not a mandatory tome. Just like buying a cake mix we all add or subtract somewhere on that recipe. The pressures will not get out of hand seating to the canneleur Internal pressures will go up but realize that seating deeper also raised the volume of the chamber thereby increasing burning area and lowering the pressure. It's a teeter totter on pressure. If you seat way away from the lands, and 2.22 is not that far, you will increase internal case pressure. As you lengthen out the case pressure drops. As you get longer the distance to the lands will decrease causing a rise in pressure as the bullet is now starting to engrave and pressures rise. Think of an inverted bell curve for pressure with uber-short to the left and uber-long to the right. I just ran a load using a 68 grain Hornady match bullet as they did not list the 62. The pressure difference between 2.220 and 2.260 ON THAT bullet was 1,428 PSI. Both were well below the 55,000 you are dealing with. This is a COMPUTER MODEL that will get me close in most cases but not something that a guy will bet the house on. Range numbers and observation need to be applied to it. The COL on handguns cause more issue as their capacity is so low that a 0.050 shortening can raise pressures as opposed to a rifle cartridge where you may see a slight increase but well within the safe operational MAX. You will find that MAX on any non-target application 223 will never exceed 2.260 as that is the internal size of the magazine we feed through. Seeing one that says 2.350, many do BTW, means you are dealing with single load long range stuff or altered mags in the AR. Many bolt guns can handle the extra length. We have 223 AR mags from ASC that are STAINLEES STEEL that will allow us to laod out to nominal 2.316 and these are a boon for getting close to the lands. Most AR's won't ever get you close on the lands on a factory barrel. I shoot custom barrels with custom reamers and my specs are designed around shooting a family of bullets that will actually let me go to or in to the lands. A bit more esoteric but still embodies the realm of sane pressures and gear management. Good luck on your work. BTW I don't crimp any AR loads relying on resident neck tension to handle the job. Many disagree but my side of the argument has lots of support. My trophy rack is anecdotal proof of it too..LOL Loading for a bot gun vs an auto does have some nuances when it comes to tolerances. Chambers difference may enter in to it but as long as you run 0.003-0.004 tension you will be home free onthe 223 AR. In bolt guns I will go down to around 0.0005 to 0.002 depending on the cartridge and usage. Greg PS: One last safety tip on the AR. NEVER NECK SIZE ONLY!!
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