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    Long time reloader and competitive shooting. Started doing IPSC in 1980. Enjoy long range shooting at prairie dogs and have taught all over the US for M/O classes.

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  1. GLShooter

    what is considered a high power rifle cartridge?

    Big wheelbarrow!! Greg
  2. GLShooter

    Degree of interchangeability?

    It'll be a cold day in Phoenix when I give a yes or no to a gear question. I claim Medicare Eligible privilege. Greg
  3. GLShooter

    LA Deputy Lied About Sniper

    I agree with the idea he has issues. I suspect he has telegraphed behavior before that showed things weren't quite right for him. The psych test story made me laugh. Back last century after I left the USBP I applied for the OKC Police department. I took al the tests that were laughably simplistic for math and English. They used the MMPI test for screening that has around 300+ questions. I took it and when I went in the next day to discuss my results and be interviewed by the panel they were astounded at my math and Englsh scores but the MMPI matched PERFECTLY for what they wanted in an officer. I mentioned i was going to be a math teacher and did all their test in my head and that I was pretty good at writing and English as RN"s did a lot of that. As to the MMPI I had been giving them to drug addicts/alcoholics for several years with the VA. I could give you any profile you want for any job I applied for. They just didn't know what to say as my skill set negated about half what-they went on. They did offer me a job..LOL Greg
  4. GLShooter

    Degree of interchangeability?

    In my case they are banned in the 3Gun competitions I shoot in. They cannot be used in F-Class as that is a load one shoot one deal. In High Power they would be useless over time. They would be disastrous if you are shooting in less than ideal conditions for groups. On moving targets if you must adjust for shot placement they would be hard to control as you work in the mental gymnastics of adapting on the fly. If shooting prairie dogs and you have to move much looking for the next target at 300 yards it would be a challenge to move smoothly and dial in any dope if you decide it is needed. In a SD situation you may not have time or want extra rounds on an assailant and then move onto the next. Also the gymnastics of holding a trigger back and moving the selector if you are left handed is no bueno. They are a toy to me inthe same group as bump stocks. Nothing wrong if a guy wants one but for me they don't give me something I want at this time. I've got a FA if I want be stylish when I'm shooting the dirt so they would be a step down for me. In all honesty I live in a world of precision shooting and love to just burn powder as well as the next guy for plinking but even then my plinking is pretty dang demanding..LOL Greg
  5. GLShooter

    Light weight suggestions

    Light costs money if you really want to go there. Everything from BCG's to triggers can be had lighter. I like ASC skeleton stocks for light. although I have a couple Rogers adjustables that are very light also. Just going with that barrel saved you the lions share of the weight problem. Greg
  6. GLShooter

    Degree of interchangeability?

    Welcome to the board. Pretty well universally interchangeable now a days. There are some out there with different size larger pins out there but not common at this point. We just had a thread on the binary triggers here BTW. They don't get a lot of love, Greg
  7. GLShooter

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  8. GLShooter

    LA Deputy Lied About Sniper

    I can't do the ink blot stiff thanks to my profession. I can't do the MMPI thanks to my profession. I can't believe a "sniper" shot someone and it penetrate his shirt with no damage to the shootee. I can't believe it took them this long to figure it out and I believe that anyone that gave credence to this should be relived of duty too. The reported no injury thing came out in the very first write up I read. Greg
  9. GLShooter

    what is considered a high power rifle cartridge?

    Depends how big your wheelbarrow is. Greg
  10. GLShooter

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Got my tools out and measured three bullets for distance to lands in the Ruger Grendel rifle. Looked over my previous data and picked three powders. I'll be shooting 85 Sieras and 123 Noslers in new cases along with some genuine, shock shock, FACTORY ammo using the 123 ELD bullet from Hornady. I'll make up 68 rounds so that will cover me for sight in and target work. This will use up all my Alexander/Lapua and I can stick with pure Lapua now or I may well call Starline and get 250 headed this way next month as my shooting it in the AR's seems to show it is holding up well. Greg
  11. GLShooter

    Gas systems & their implications

    TT just illustrated how he tunes his blocks. He and I differ in that I start with the block opened up quite a bit so I don't damage brass with poor ejection and then I go down in 1/2 turn increments until it won't lock back. I'll then increase to 1/4 turn more and check. If it runs I'll usually add 1/8 turn and call it good. Basically I tune them to just lock back on the empty mag. When you are at that juncture the rifle will be opening up with a little less harshness and felt recoil such as it is will decrease slightly as you are not accelerating the bolt mass as quickly with less gas pressure. I want harmonics to be as close to consistent as I can get them and less slamming around the better. I'm looking for bolt gun performance out of an inherently flawed design for accuracy. If I'm running wide open things just vibrate more and that is detrimental to the process. Now this is not to say that a normally gassed gun won't shoot because I have a group or two around here with standard AR gas systems that indicate otherwise. Difference in group size is hard to prove of which is the best but if you take an block and shoot it closed then open up gradually you will see groups go bigger and smaller across the range with the same load. You can do the same thing with crimping your loads as this varies pressure in the system in how much is built up prior to release and that is indicative of burn rate variations. I have a sticky here on crimp effect on three different rifles that pretty well illustrate that in the Reloading section under Consistent Crimp. Usually my ejection will be close to 5 o'clock. I shoot an AR left handed and still have no issues with brass. Looking at the under gassed loads you will see a decrease in ejection and extractor rim damage as the case is actually expanded and shrunk before it opens up whereas in the over gassed set up the case is still expanding and is also a bit more"fluid" and you will see increased swipes at the same load levels. Primers will also tend to look flatter on the OG set ups. The best illustration we have had on this ripping 'em out early was with the soft, way to soft, brass on the first 22 Nosler cases to hit the market. Without the adjustable block it was pretty much one and done if you ran a standard block and were drilled large. My 458 SOCOM is hard on rims too if you let it run wide open. Those are big rims and they are easily bent. Some of the commercial stuff came out loaded so hot that rims were getting ripped off and bent so bad you couldn't put them in a shell holder I got real good with a flat file on those!! I work in mostly non-standard chamberings across the board and need to make adjustment on the fly. I shoot a lot of powders that may or not be appropriate to the chamber according to the books. I'll shot as many a half a dozen powders and bullet weights in a given day and may be tweaking the gas as I go along with various changes. We're all beginners in various areas at times. The Internet helps the learning curve greatly and can be very beneficial in that. Don't take everything as gospel as to safety or efficacy. Trust but verify even if that means stating a thread or sending a PM to those that APPEAR to be in the knwo. This board has one of the best brain trust in the US for shooting and loading. They are so varied in their talents that it is truly amazing and almost all will share given a chance. I learn things here all the time and try to contribution when I can with my experiences and opinions. Tow Truck, Newbe and Flesh Wound, among many others, are always helpful so don';t ever not ask. Greg
  12. GLShooter

    Tick, tock Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    I don't think we are going to see RGB here at this time next year. My wife has a dear friend who's husband was just DX'd with liver, lung and pancreatic Ca. He's about 82 IIRC. He won't be with us come T'day if my guess is right. It's really tearing my wife up plus her Dad is now 94 and he is experiencing some odd symptomology the past few days that is weird enough to baffle me with all my experience. I am in hoovering/monitoring mode on this one pushing the stubborn old guy to go see his MD. Gtrreg
  13. GLShooter

    Good Morning!

    Mine says 74 at 59% that says it feels like 88. I don't know who at the Weather Channel does the heat index on my phone but they are full of crap. Greg
  14. Welcome to the board. The guys love pictures and a bit of history on builds. Jump in and enjoy. Greg
  15. GLShooter

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from the middle of the bass lake, my porch, in Phoenix. I'm wearing a SCBA thanks to the humidity. No rain just the content. Greg