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    Long time reloader and competitive shooting. Started doing IPSC in 1980. Enjoy long range shooting at prairie dogs and have taught all over the US for M/O classes.

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  1. That lasted about as long as I expected. O got a but torqued at Foxes they ran about an hour and a half, that I saw, post resolve. The damn comentator wanted a deminar6om hostage events with why it happens what goes on and what to do to avoid it. Total blather. I've had a bit of training on both ends over the years. The responses were decent but the questions were so unsophisticated it just irritated me. Rant off. Greg
  2. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  3. Hang in there and get well soon Rampy. Greg
  4. Today I'll be spending some time getting ready for a short indoor range trip. I'll select a 22 pistol and my 9 9MM PCC. The new custom barrel came in last month and got mounted so it will be its first run. I need to remount the Villain and grab up some ammo. I loaded 1000 rounds a bit ago so that is a no brainer. I've been buying 22 ammo as I find it and have laid in an extra 1000 or so. I got some Power Points I want to hoard and try on ground squirrels this year. My shooting partner has a birthday so I'll wrap up 250 or 300 rounds for him. His Ruger pistol is a little picky so I suspect CCI will get selected for him. I see another 1000 rounds of 9MM to be loaded soon and my 45 ACP factory equivalent 200 grainers are way down in inventory. I have a grundle of those bullets on the shelf so i hope to do two hours on the press and box up 500 or so. I need to do a LEOSA qualification so polishing up my skills is in order. The course6is pretty easy but squeaking by on something like that us not my style. I like a minimum of 98% when I shoot things like that. I know I cleaned the BOP course for the last 15 years of employment and win the Best in the West at my instructor school. No sense slowing down now...lol Greg
  5. Good morning from dark Arizona. Greg
  6. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  7. Sometimes taking a flier on a cheap barrel works. Sometimes that's what you get. I know that BCA 22 Nosler was a real POS. Thank goodness I got a real quality tube from BHW that shoots. At this point due to delivery times you might look at Tactical Ammunition for a 6X45 if you want to stick with it. I own 4 or 5 6C45 tubes and love it. I even shat obe6in an AR at 500 in F-CLASS and did pretty decent. Greg
  8. I doubt if two extra rounds mean much after I fire 14 from my Browning High Power. Those 9 MM 90 grain XTP's can be loaded faster and will dang sure make a bigger hole hole going in and coming out than this wannabe. Greg
  9. Good morning from Arizona.
  10. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  11. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  12. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
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