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    Long time reloader and competitive shooting. Started doing IPSC in 1980. Enjoy long range shooting at prairie dogs and have taught all over the US for M/O classes.

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  1. The armorer was a LOCKSMITH as were 95% in the Bureau. They were trained how to CLEAN guns. Not REPAIR them!! The Lt. Was just a walking soup sandwich. I had one SORT Lt. here at PHX that was a Marine sniper. He tried to teach me ballistics. He knew nothing about actually putting a bullet on target at unknown range. Said he learned everything from the USMC Black Book of Death that was their manual. I had one USMC sniper on my Team. He thought that REMOIL was the best cleaner for his gun. I spent 2 days cleaning the bores on six rifles. They preferred 870s over Benelli Super 90s because they could strip them down to clean. They had no idea on how to strip and clean an 870. SORT was a real shat show on maintenance. Tactics were good but the stuff to live and die with not so much. Greg
  2. Oh we certainly had different missions for sure. Mine was not even close to your demands for guns. Absolutely lock step with nothing custom in out world. We had different sniper rifles bought by new institutions coming on line that knew ZERO about guns and ammo. I had one of the stupidest armors in the US at El Reno where I started. He thought you couldn't shot military ball in the McMillans because the cases were too thick!! One Lt. ordered 32X scopes for them there because he thought that was the way to go. Needles to say I had a word with him even though I was not on SORT/SWAT at the time. I had guys all over the US I trained that had some very interesting theories as to gear and their inflated skill sets. LOL I will say the USPB when I was with them would let you carry a 1911 if the CPA of the area OK'd it..LOL The US Marshals I worked with had nice toys and I rubbed shoulders with their SOG guys on the planes and in Louisiana at the SOG school. They had me on alert one year to go to Central America after a drug lord they were chasing. They wanted a medical guy they trusted and that could shoot. They told me that had an MP5 and a SIG ready for me. All I had to bring was my war zone medical kit and my butt..LOL I know that Central Office was asked to detail me to end the hostage situation here at the state joint years ago. It went all the way up to the USAG from what I was told. The FBOP director vacillated on it. I was ready to go but they managed to resolve it without any gun play. I did do the medical intake with full body X-rays on those two scum bags though. They reminded me of Nichols and McVey that I took care of in Oklahoma ate El Reno. McVey was a crazed look where as Nichols was a whimpy holistic kind of guy. I much prefer the precision of an AR over the shotgun for most scenarios except maybe house clearing in the prison but I am perfectly happy with a handgun in that setting too. Our Colt sub guns were nice but I always felt my other team mates didn't really work with them enough.. Our group were allowed to use slugs and #4 buck. The average BOP guys couldn't use slugs, thank you Lord!! Few of the SORT guys had the drive to get really good. They were far better than the average group we worked with but not cutting edge. I shot with the DEA and US marshal guys. They had some very skilled guys on their teams. I was comfortable and would have gone in a stack with them in a heart beat. The FBI used our range for their sniper classes at times. They shot OK but I never saw them work past 100 yards. True the 100 yard is a long shot for police work but better to have it and not need it then suddenly need it right now and not have the skill to get it done. The shooter from Ruby Ridge was one of their instructors a couple of times BTW. The Secret Service guys used our range too. They were interesting and they had ammo that would not pass the factory ammo smell test. I chatted with them on occasion but when they popped open the case with the 300 Win Mag 700's and the HANDLOADED ammo that were moly coated they were turning red when I asked who authorized that.LOL What a wonderful life we had.. Greg
  3. I always disliked the 00 for stuff past 25 yards same as the #4's out of the IC barreled riot guns. I shot an Improved Modified in my 870 Police, custom choked, and at 50 yards I can keep the 18/18 on a Milpark and the #4's are just hard to count. I agree on the responsibility down range but turning loose a slug might be even more devastating in an urban environment. At least at 50 yards teh person hit is probably going to do OK with buck shot in 'em. A slug won't be in 'em it will be through 'em!! My AO of course didn't patrol about. Over my career they armed me with M14's, M1 Carbines, M16's, AR15's and 9 MM Colt sub guns with the odd HK MP5 thrown in. AS an M/O instructor I shot Remington's, McMillans, AIC's , Harts and a couple others. Handguns were Model 10'.s S&W 559'd, Ruger DAOs, Glocks and Sig's. We did medical escorts to town and medical centers plus flying on ConAir so gun expertise was valued by many and disparaged by a great number of the admins. That being said when gun play was in the offing through chatter etc. they always called on the Gene Wilder looking guy. I hated OC crap!! Greg
  4. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  5. We used #4 buck in the Bureau. I used it almost exclusively in my 3Gun stuff as the higher pellet count was better on steel at distance. One God thing about by little gun is the giggle switch and a DTA muzzle break. Quite the combo for hot and heavy work. Greg BTW my M1A's diet is 168 FGMM or before IMI 150 FMJ's.
  6. I have a 10 1/2" XM 177. It sure doesn't have the velocity but it will shoot lights out on target. I don't want to get dinged at 200 yards with it..LOL I've won several matches with it but I would want a good ballet for up close and personal at reduced velocities. An FMJ ain't it. Greg
  7. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  8. They make decent tubes. Not sure about 0.5 MOA out of an AR 10 at 300 but not unheard of. That cut off barrel deal can work out nice at times. I got a spiral fluted 6X6.8 one time. Got a call at noon that they had one they cut to 17" from 18" and did I want it. So 48 hours later it was on the porch. It does shoot well and I got a deal on that one. I can't wait for your groups. Greg
  9. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  10. Plenty of components. Just resting on my laurels. Three new uppers in process. LOL Greg
  11. I feel your sweat. I lived in OKC for 28 years. Greg
  12. I don't recall seeing a "kit" upper over the years. I just order the pieces. I don't see any reason to have them all as a bulk order. I usually buy the completion kit with all the goodies for around $18.00 plus my upper of choice. Charging handles and BCG's run from mild to wild in price but that's a different ball of wax. Greg
  13. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
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