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    Long time reloader and competitive shooting. Started doing IPSC in 1980. Enjoy long range shooting at prairie dogs and have taught all over the US for M/O classes.

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  1. I'm taking it easy. Bringing some of my records of purchase up to date and trying to figure which way to run..LOL Right now I'm juggling chain saws with a finished barrel on the way, some more thread protectors coming in and deciding do do a new custom barrel for my 22 conversion on my M16 means I have to order a GM blank and ship it off to be turned and chambered.. I've got one action at a gunsmiths being pinned for my Remage Of course I have passports in the pipeline to do the 9 MM PCC and when they get here that will kick off. I hope to have that one done very soon. It turns out the 22 caliber I wanted done for the Ruger won't happen as they don't have a reamer in house but instead once the 20 caliber stock hits from the driller the machinist has told me he will do me up a 20 LBC as soon as they hit. I have the golden ticket on the machine time. I hope to shoot some next week with the fast movers. Greg
  2. That's a good report. I like the consistency you saw. I will see about getting one of those in the near future.
  3. Good morning from nice and pleasant Arizona. Greg
  4. Those look great Ted. I love the labels because they can be read unlike if I did them. I would consider SHARPIE stripes just in case Murphy shows up and tips your box over.. I could buy you a plane ticket you could take two week organizing my reloading room. I think it might wait until we find our new country abode. Found one onteh net last week with a nice metal building that would do and it also had a real quaint wood building that would be fun to fix up and use that would look real rustic. Let us know how they shoot. Greg
  5. Just had three packages show up. Two were on time and the other was a day early. The early one was pair of thread protectors for my projects. The 9 MM tube gets one and the new Rugage switch barrel gets one when it gets here next week..LOL Greg
  6. A couple more parts of the puzzle. Greg
  7. Good choice of goodies. Running a suppressor without an adjustable block is the road to madness!! They are far from a pain to use IMHO. Greg
  8. Absolutely not. Keep in mind I'm just a Hobbyist and Dirt Shooter. I can safely say I haven't ever bought one that cost that much in any one of my three dozen plus I run and have yet to have a BCG go bad. I broke a SOCOM bolt of questionable origin once, lost a lug, and that is the sum and total of BCG related failures in my past three decades. Far and away my BCG's average right on $100.00. I have a couple of Young's that are a tad more than $100.00 but I got mine at dealer cost. Toolcraft is the yeoman of the industry and you will be pleased with how it holds up. Coatings help on clean up but $100.00 is a bit over much IMHO. I've had excellent luck with the PSA set ups and will often buy a 223 version and swap out a different bolt for my wild stuff. Greg
  9. I did 25 years in OKC. I know of what you speak there!! Greg
  10. Good morning from Arizona. Only 80 this AM at 0630!! Greg
  11. Just got a package in yesterday via USPS. It was a day early. The odd thing is I have package setting in San Francisco that the shipper swears is at FEDEX since 7-22-20!! I cancelled that one and ordered from a different company. As for Trinidad I knew about the GS school years ago and then when I became a nurse about the sex change set up there as it was banned in Oklahoma except in the hospital I worked in. What a dichotomy!! Greg
  12. AZ is great. I've lived in PHX since '98 and am way retired so we are looking to move to BFE in the future so I can have my own reloading building plis a range and the wife can have her sewing studio. I want to be able to shoot at night and not bother the neighbors. When I do that here they get a bit testy. Greg
  13. They do make wonderful firearms for sure. Greg
  14. I really like that rifle. I loked at the CZ version in a gun rag article last PM and it sure is tempting. If they had it in a LH version I might bite. This is my Ruger 10-22 Magnum. I ended up with it because my gunsmith refused to build me a 22 Hornet single shot. He told me I needed something I didn't have to load for. This one has a Hogue overmold stock, a Volquartsen full FCG assembly and a Green Mountain barrel. Greg
  15. Good morning from sultry Arizona. Humid as all get out but no rain in the forecast. Greg
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