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    Long time reloader and competitive shooting. Started doing IPSC in 1980. Enjoy long range shooting at prairie dogs and have taught all over the US for M/O classes.

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  1. I see they had a deal on their website about that. Maybe just a fast e-mail would turn teh trick. I'm blessed as I can hop in the car and be there in 15 minutes. Greg
  2. Not a meme but a PSA. Available on Amazon. ZOMBIE LOADING Greg
  3. Good morning from cold AZ. Greg
  4. I use a Gracey, forerunner to the Giraurd, that does it all. But on a Budget, we all understand that, with one of these on a handle TWO WAY LYMAN can save him self some hurt when used in conjunction with some added power. This is how mine was set up years ago. I decided decades ago that I wasn't going to do much hand prep. I only turned fifty necks by hand before I found out a way to power up the process. Greg
  5. Just give them a call. I bet they would be glad to send you a couple.. JUst tell 'em you have on of old measures and need a set. Greg
  6. i have a conglomerate. Curently I have three 243 LBC AR uppers, two 24" and a 20", one each 264 LBC and 6.5 Grendel AR uppers. In the bolt guns I have a 243 LBC Savage and the new RUGAGE barrel up no Grendels. I knew going in that the Ruger would be a test bed for LBC barrels although being a bolt gun it would give you a litre hot rodding room if left in its original chambering. I believe if I decided to but a dedicated Grendel bolt it would be a CZ . Last I heard there is a new deep hole driller on the horizon and my 20 LBC quest will continue sooner than I expected and hopefully the 20 Practical REMAGE will be born also. I've ben waiting a long time on those 20's so I am jazzed about that. Greg
  7. I haven't worn out one of the cam plates on the measure but who knows Murphy lives in my house. I meant to include the 300 return springs ala original that lets me do away with the jerk bar. Dillon is most helpful in keeping me in small parts without charge. Greg
  8. It's a lot cleaner than biting the head off a chicken and writing SUB-MOA with its blood on my forehead. Greg PS: My Savage B-Mag in 17WSM still has its stickers and it shoots mighty fine to.
  9. I think you are on solid ground Tow. One thing about it using a revolver they can take god awful loadings and survive. If you get to using a mallet to hit the ejector rod then I would say backing off a tad is in order. AFAIK I've never exceeded the book max by much on my loadings across the board or seen anty indications of that in a handgun. Greg
  10. Not going anywhere. We are a far piece away from a "ground zero" acting out zone. Even given that I figure if I can't handle any bad things headed my way then I have sorely overrated myself but if my past performances are any indicators I think I have that down pretty pat.. I know that I'm not going to stand around on my front lawn brandishing a rifle and have my wife there with a pistol that is inoperable. One next door neighbor is a retired cop and the other one is a nice young ultra-conservative couple so we have at least three houses for a AO to work. I hope all remain safe and if that any of those that just have to go in to harms way are successful and come out unscathed. Greg
  11. Good morning from cool cloudy Arizona. Greg
  12. Like the guys said the M1A is a bear on brass no matter what the choice. The FED is softer beyond a doubt and it is shot in 3 times, 4 if you are lucky, and thrown it in the scrap bucket. The violence of the design is yanking brass out when it is still semi-fluid and that doesn't help. Getting more reloads with the same stuff in a bolt gun is easy if you load to sane levels. Since FGMM won't have any crimp and I feel it is the only way to fly on that. I do have other brands of "match" 308 brass but day in day out the FED will win out. I have a couple of cases of the FGMM factory stuff setting here along with a case, 200 rounds, of Remington Premier and a few boxes of sundry types that I use for benchmark comparisons. When I go for the Gold in Heavy Medal the Ferederl gets stuffed in teh mags. In other chamberings like 223 the FED will not last quite as long but it will get you 6-10 with no issues. In hand fun stuff like 38/45 I have had no issues with it and actually preferred it in 45 ACP back when it was readily available. Most of my current loadings in the two are done with Winchester or R-P. Neither seems to ever wear out in those low pressure rounds. Greg
  13. I just used a twisted paper clip to hold the two parts together where the rod passes through. I'll get a picture tomorrow afternoon. Greg This is the current genre of the measure mounted up on one of my 300's. This also coincidentally is the one that I had to round the tab off for clearance when I had it set up on my 650. Greg
  14. I agree with you. On my 550 I just added the two return springs that go around the hopper and on to a peg on the powder bar just like the original 300. I tie wired the two moving parts that the jerk rod goes through. It is much smoother. Greg
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