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    Long time reloader and competitive shooting. Started doing IPSC in 1980. Enjoy long range shooting at prairie dogs and have taught all over the US for M/O classes.

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  1. Old school stuff can be fascinating when the history is there. Imagine someone in 50 years talking about our stuff like that. Greg
  2. I'm a PCP or CO2 guy. This is my BSA Techstar. $ for $ they are a good deal. This one was around $450.00 and the suppressor was another $190. It is as quiet as opening a can of Coke. Without The suppressor it rivals a 22 Short noise wise. This one is 22 caliber and does around 30-35 FPE. Dime size groups at 50 yards. I've killed ground squirrels out to 75 yards with it. I started with a very expensive pump and filled the gun up twice. I went down and bought a huge air tank at the scuba shop that will last forever in filling up the gun to 230 BAR. If I move to the country I'll buy a $400.00 compressor and a lighter/smaller carbon fiber tank. I would look at the Pyramid Air site and get some ideas. The Air Force guns are GTG and not overly expensive. I am looking for another rifle and what I am seeing is around $1,000-$1,500 for my needs. I am fighting about getting a .25. In my mind a.177 is fine for paper but I want to be able to shot vermin and for me that is at least a 22. I just never have like the springers myself as they are very dependent on repetitive holds and they tear up scopes. Not an issue with teh PCP/CO2. Greg
  3. Sorted through about 30 pounds of brass this AM and fired up the big Dillon to get the 9's and 556 shiny so I can sort them out. Put my range brass from the indoor trip in the Vibra-shine and it is coming along nicely. Looks like I'll need to set down and load 1000 9's this week if I have time. My indoor range stash is getting low. I'll clean the 25-15 tomorrow and get it ready for the next trip. I have to cogitate over what I want to load in it as I have a decent selection of lead stuff but would like to stick with something in the 240/255 range. I got in my new slide stop form my FEG HP clone and it dropped in nicely. I picked up a used Browning HP stop for $38.00. Brownells wants $110.00 for a new one but they don'y have them in stock. Greg PS. Want a hoot? Read this on the Athlon scope I sent back. Gregory, It has been determined that your Athlon Product will be replaced. We are currenlty back-ordered on this model and will send out a replacement as soon as they arrive. Below is an ETA of when they are expected. Keep in mind these dates are subject to change. Give us a call at 855-913-5678 if you have any questions about your replacement. ETA: No ETA at this time.
  4. Welcome to the board. Nice to meet another AR shooter. Once you have your requiset 50 posts feel free to post your barrel up in the Equipment Supply area. Greg
  5. Good morning from clear as a bell Arizona. Greg
  6. Very nice. I must say we can make this platform very busy in our search for perfection. Greg
  7. Good morning from warming up Arizona. Only 93 yesterday with a bunch of wind. greg
  8. I really tussled with buying one. I have no real need for it but I passed the need point decades ago. Really the cartridge does not have any sex appeal once you step away from a beautiful Colt Single Action with bone grips. I just love the big N-frame guns and how they point and run in DA. I've only tried a Redhawk a couple times but for me they are a bit less elegant. I could have bought a full, and I mean FULL custom, Redhawk 45 Colt at three times the price but even for me that would be a bit of a reach. This one will fill my niche...lol My 44 Special needs are handled by my Dirty Harry gun. I've won a match or two shooting them in NSL and even early USPSA matches. Greg
  9. Shot four cylinders through the new one today. Once the first one was out the next three shot into nice tea cups at 15. Poor light but it felt good to shoot a big bore revolver again. Once I get some ammo loaded I'll take it outside and evaluate it. I suspect the thinner grips will get swapped out for the fatter old school type like I run on all my other competition stuff. That Colt gives a really nice little push. I can't wait to see how it does pushed in DA. Greg
  10. I moved 250 pounds of bras but dug out 100 rounds of factory Federal that was $14.95/box. I had in indoor scheduled today so I'll blow up some processed trees. Greg I now have a 19, 25-2 and a 29 that sure look sweet beside it. Almost forgot a 586 rounds out the series.
  11. All I have to do now is identify a roll crimp for this puppy. Greg
  12. Yeppers. Check that and OIL THE SNOT OUT OF IT and try again. Greg
  13. Well I managed to go down and do the paperwork on this one today. Not a real rare one but one that I have thought about quite a long time. This is a 25-15 that has been lightly used 6 1/2" gun. I had a 4" back in 1982 but foolishly let it go. I ave dies, brass bullets and some factory loaded ammo and some HKS speed loaders so I am all set. Not a Redhawk for handling pressure but it is still a thumper on the wrong end. Everything is tight and the recoil area looks like it has had maybe a dowen rounds through it . The DA is not light but stacks nicely. The SA is superb. I will have to see what I think of the grips but have some old big target types from a 44 Mag that have been cut for speed loaders. The range will tell me..LOL So here you go. Greg PS: You know those masks we all wear on demand? In this case I got to make like a hamburgler at the cash register. I
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