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  1. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  2. I bought one before the price went up. I didn't know LEOs could get one for free. Greg
  3. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  4. Got in a new set of dies yesterday. The Hornady free bullets programming now doable on the internet. They just want pics of the UPC code and the receipt plus shipping. That saves me a stamp and killing a tree. The selection of bullets however is very limited. I suppose that's influenced by the pressure on the manufacturers at this point. Greg
  5. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  6. I understand where you're coming from hl. I have slowed down a tad. Picked us a 17 HMR CZ last month to play with. Decided I needed a 45 ACP PCC to match my 9 MM. That will be done next week. Nothing on the horizon. Greg
  7. Finally got to the reloadng room for the second time in two weeks. I got up at 0415 this AM and knocked out 500 9 MM's and went back later and finished off another 100 I'd loaded 400 last Wednesday for an indoor range trip on Thursday. Used my Dillon 550 and coasted along at an easy 350 rounds/hour. I had bought a hodge podge of primers from my local BR shop a month ago and used up 700 of those. I've never seen primers make much difference in 9 MM under 25 yards. The pistol likes the load or it doesn't and the one I'm loading has worked pretty well in everything I've shot it in. I'll be looking for a four or eight pound jug of 231. If no luck there I have about a years supply of HP 38 to fill in the blanks for a while. On Monday I spent some time with Starline on the phone talking about current production on some brass and potential for some newer stuff down the road. I guess if I want some of what I want I'll have to buy 25-50,000 cases. They are in demand so that wouldn't be an issue. Next week I'll have a 45 ACP PCC built so that is something to look forward to. Tactical Ordnance turned a custom barrel for me similar to my 9 MM. I explored 45 SUPER brass with Starline and may order in 500 pieces.. If I want to load that in the rifle I'll have to proceed with caution. I have a pretty heavy buffer so that nay work in my favor. Not sure about optics yet. I may go with a Holosun like I put on my 9 MM PCC. I picked up half a dozen magazines from Magazine Warehouse at a great price so that was nice. Joe Bob had the lower and Davidson had most of the rest when I went crazy with the plastic. I got in my scope for a new CZ 457 17 HMR along with the rings. I may get it put together Friday. It deserves a range trip. I have picked up several versions of ammo so maybe something will work, A 4X12 Athlon will be steering the rig. I had picked up four extra magazines for it so I am setting pretty on that. I need to pull the action out of the stock and drop the pull weight. By reputation these guns shoot well so I shall see for myself. Greg
  8. I've only seen the 30 caliber stuff with complaints. Greg
  9. That ammo has always been inconsistent over the years. Greg
  10. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  11. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  12. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  13. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  14. Good morning from a. Greg
  15. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  16. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  17. I noticed that last night. They just stood out for some reason. Do they use any in real life? Greg
  18. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  19. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  20. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  21. I never use this password on important sites. It's a trash word. They can use in on about 30 sites I'm on. Greg PS lifelock has not contacted me.
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