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    Aside from excersizing my RIGHT to keep and bear arms:My kids and Paladin, photography, quilting, crochet, playing flute (git yer mind out of the gutter)writing, reading... and the rest not suited for all audiences *wink*

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  1. Probably a hassle since it would require a temporary transfer of the lower... I just don't trust my skills yet
  2. Cool, can they do engravings on lowers too? (for a price I'm sure)
  3. I like finding out what all the various marks on Mosin's and AK's mean might be a bit of geek, but not a dork...
  4. My TRUST has a pending build... but not me
  5. I much prefer Iron sights, Even my .30-.30 which has a scope, the mounts allow me to use the iron sights I don't shoot far enough to require anything else. Yet.
  6. Just a note, If you try to use the online form (probably a good idea at this point if you want to avoid fingerprinting) DEFINATELY do not try it with an 'unsupported browser' ! the drop downs don't drop down in the right boxes lol it's a mess!
  7. I Will Not Comply... To those who want us to comply... I have never understood why people are so willing to give up their freedom for a false sense of security... It makes me angry when someone else wants to take away my freedom so they can feel safer. I am harmless, unless you are not. The only threat to you is your behavior... Believe me, you are safer if I carry, if I own, and know how to operate firearms. Why? Because I am harmless unless the person at my door, or in my face, is not. I am not violent. Owning guns does not make me violent. Violent people who wish to harm those I love may see me become violent long enough to eradicate the threat. I hope I never have to find out how violent I can be. It is not a line I will cross without being pushed beyond myself.
  8. PS 90 is a lot of fun and if you get the right mag with it, it holds 50 of those powerful lil poppers Lots of fun to shoot, SO easy to clean!
  9. Beautiful dog , I'm jealous
  10. There are millions of reasons behind actions like that, but no excuses. None. If the person, people, are caught, make them pay with sweat and effort to make it right. Not only will it make them less likely to do it to your range again, it will restore their 'stock' in the place. It may not cure their 'affliction' but it may help keep them from causing trouble at the range again.
  11. hahahaha ya that'll get the blood flowin! that weren't no baby neither hehehehe
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