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  1. ohhhden

    700 Yard Shooting AK-47

    New to this but, I am looking forward to shooting my AK. That is after I build it. Myself and a good friend want to build a couple AK's just to see if we can do it cheap and still get a good shooter. I am wanting to build a RPK style 7.62x39 or 7.62x51 or both. My budy is wanting to build more of a side or over folder. I am currently search for the highest quality inexpensive receiver available. I would appreciate any links, comments or opions about the best way to go. I am sure we will be proud to show them off on this site when finished. thanks Ohhhden I own a DPMS AR 10, 1975 Model AK (Bull Pup), Saiga Auto Loader Shotgun that I converted to a Bull Pup, Winchester Pump Tactical Shotgun and too many handguns to mention. Longest public range shot I can take is 275 Yards.