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  1. Light and Darkness are equals. But you could argue either way. Dark energy pushes every thing in theory. Dark energy is the reason why the universe is accelerating out ward. It even pushes light out of the way/propels it, taking the space over from light. Of course this is all theory just like pretty much else in this topic. Now a question that relates to this topic sarge. What is more important for a shadow to exist light? or darkness?
  2. For one we should thank Lou Dobbs for bring this to the attention to the nation, even considering he works for CNN. I am a member of the NRA and i have followed this care, since i have heard of it on the local news. The NRA should be right there behind him. Good for the GOA to have the balls to back up a honest man who has served this great country.
  3. Very nice article many good points in it. You dont have to worry about people flaming or die-section anything you say here. I do like what you wrote in the end of the article the most and agree with it.
  4. Good luck. We just finished up are season in MN.
  5. Now if i wouldnt buy ammo and guns all the time i would have enough money to buy a camera. But sadly i dont have one at this time. When i get one i will have to take a pic of everything and share.
  6. The total amount was around $1,000. I've wanted a G19 for awhile so i said why not and get one. I also cant stand having less then 10 mags for any of my weapons so i had to buy 10 right away.
  7. Yep obama made me go out and blow a good chunk of my savings today. I bought a new Glock 19, 1000 rounds of ammo and 10 clips. I guess i am a panic buyer now too.
  8. Well its to see that a few people here are prepared. But were gonna have to work on getting some more people geared up. You never what could happen, specially in this economy.
  9. How many of you are prepared to be self Sufficient for at least 6 months? If you lose your job, Economy goes into a depression, SHTF situation or any thing that would cause you to live off your savings, food and water stock piles. They say we should have a 6 months supply of Cash, Food, and Water etc... Just wondering how many people actually prepare for at least that amount of time.
  10. Thank you for sharing that with us all!
  11. Range4848


    Only way you get to be a merc, considering thats what your pretty much ask is... Either you have been in the military or a Police officer(member of a swat team usualy only way to get in as a cop). Now they dont just pick any one who was in the Military. You generally had to be SF, a sniper, ranger, or recon etc... Top Three companies are Black water who we all know and they generally recruit their people. Armor grp who is out of Britian. Then lastly DynCorp. Not many people know about them. If you want to get a Job with Black water or Armor grp good luck, if they dont recruit you. Now Dyn Corp is pretty much the same way but. They have more Contracts with less risk in them like being a guard at ARCENT. Which doesnt need as much expeirence to get a job. Hope this answers your question.
  12. To be honest you more then likely wont even find a Gen 1 NV scope for that much. Night vision is still some serious money, sadly. I think ATN has some Gen 1 Monoculars for under $300. Night Optics has a scope i believe for under $400 but its Gen 1. I've only really used ATN, and Night Optics brands. I know theres a few other out there but never delt with them. If you want a decent NV scope you will spend $2500+ on one. Myself if i was going to spend that kinda money on a scope or a pair of binos i would get a Thermal Sights instead.
  13. Never had a problem with firing it. Your just going to have a bigger exit whole on the game you shot is all.
  14. .25 moa is possible, i've done it a few times (i just got lucky) and seen it done a few times. But i was firing a M24 with years of experience. KENNYOHIOHUNTER pretty much covered every thing in his post. Distance shooting take alot of range time, to get good at it. Some people just are not cut out for it and simply cant do it. If your just starting out, i would sugest finding some one you know who was a former sniper, or who has shot in many competitions to help you get started. They will teach you how to judge wind and all that. Finding a range past 300 yards is tough. Good Luck and let us know when you get your rifle and how the shooting goes.
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