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  1. I don't think I'd spend the money on an ACOG for just target shooting. I have one (TA-31F) and at 100 yards that reticle is not as precise as a fine duplex on a high power, nor was it meant to be. Either way it's an investment and using an ACOG for that purpose will probably leave you a little disapointed.
  2. Spend an extra $100 and get the target turrets put on for you @ Zeiss. I have the Conquest 4.5x14 and it's pretty much awesome.
  3. With better glass you can use less magnification and still see the target clearly enough to engage at distance, which in turn gives you a larger FOV for tracking a moving target. 4x ACOGs are a good example of this. With a bipod I can see soda cans @ 700-800 yards with mine.
  4. Mabey this will help. Zeiss Conquest 4.5x14.44 American Defense Recon Mount
  5. I would call it a Medium/Compact sized pistol. Funny you mention that because my buddy bought it to have as kind of a truck beater/everyday carry gun that will do it's job and didn't tie up a bunch of money. He's shot it a ton and so have I. I don't remember it ever having a serious bad spell. Not the most accurate pistol (4" barrel with a cam in the slide that twists it as it cycles, it's weird, I dunno), but you can kick cans down the road with it all day. 15 shot mags. There's something to be said for guns that you used a lot and don't worry too much about wear and tear, constant cleaning, etc. He actually just stopped by while I was posting this and picked it up. He just about shat a brick when he opened the case up. We fired a couple clips off my back deck and it runs like a champ. Thanks guys!
  6. My buddy wanted me to customize his Stoeger/Beretta Cougar. Pretty simple pistol to break down really. It has an anodized aluminum frame, so I didn't bother blasting it. Just cleaned and degreased really well. The barrel in stock form is just unfinished steel. Looks pretty much like rebar steel. It got pretty grungy looking in the few months that he's had it. I really didn't like how with the slide closed you could see the shatty looking steel chamber, it made the gun look cheaper than it really is, so I finished it with some Matte Black Gunkote. I polished the end of the barrel to give it some detail as well. Done properly, Gunkote looks like nothing short of a factory finish. Really good stuff. This project took less than 2 hours. Cheers!
  7. I own the M&P .45 and the 9mm, both full size. Couldn't make up my mind so I got both. They are simply the state of the art in polymer pistol design. I've never fired a pistol that felt more like an extension of my hand then that sweet little M&P 9mm. It's easily the best pistol I've ever put serious time behind. Never understood the .40 caliber. It's an answer to a problem that didn't really exist in my mind. Don't like the feel of Glocks(to much back angle on the grip) or the XD(sits up too high in my hand=poor recoil management=slower follow-ups, and it feels and looks cheap to me) I carry the M&P 9mm Mon-Fri, and the .45 (w/ bead blasted barrel and controls) on the weekends. She's my Sunday driver. I don't see myself buying another pistol ever again. Unless of course I lose them in a boating accident.
  8. If you can, find out why it's getting wholesaled after 600 rounds. See if you can shoot it first, if you haven't fired one before. You might hate it. The M&Ps are better.
  9. What? When I got my acog I couldn't wait to go to the range to start getting it figured out. It's the only way. And it's basically the same thing the other guys told him, but w/ less reading.
  10. Keep it under 200F and it's fine. Use wire to hang them from the oven racks. Beats waiting 2-3 weeks or whatever for the Alumahyde to air cure.
  11. Ruger 10/22 . Used to be "stainless" but I refinished the receiver and trigger group with matte black Gunkote. Hogue stock Tac-sol barrel Bushnell 3x9x40 (refinished w/ matte black Alumahyde II) Vqt charging handle and guide rod Harris bi-pod All kinds of stupid fun to shoot.
  12. OD Green Alumahyde II. Degrease %100 Preheat parts Shake can until your arm is numb. Apply in thin fogging coats (3-4) Let sit for 30 min (DONT TOUCH) Bake in 180-200F oven for 5-6 hours Let cool Assemble Play
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