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  1. My aimpoint 3x with LaRue flip mount is too tall for the standard 552, bought a LaRue riser which makes it functional. FWIW. Needless to say, LaRue has all my money, better than being in stocks this week.
  2. Grasshopper

    Aimpoint or Eotech

    "I'm just another American more than willing to help a terrorist find his virgins." I so badly want to plagerize your "signature" Send em home baby, more and sooner!
  3. Grasshopper

    Pics of the new EOTech 3X Magnifier

    now i'm depressed, waiting for Larue to ship my aimpoint M3 combo, second guessing suxxxxx!!!!!
  4. Grasshopper

    Unit History

    Yes, Thanks to all for your service, not just on 9/11, but yesterday, tomorrow and forever. Your sacrifice is still important to us non hollywood types. F'em, you are the soul and our freedom fighters. God Bless.
  5. Grasshopper

    Vehicle Picture Thread

    just for yuks, where does the gun rack go? (gotta work in my newbie replies)
  6. Grasshopper

    New Members Please Read!

    Natural talent, I only know one kind of his oragami. cool thread.
  7. Grasshopper

    New Members Please Read!

    good to know us "greenies" can avoid flack. good group!
  8. Grasshopper

    Hey!! Nwatson99 & OSP1340

    Im new but appreciative. Thx for all that y'all do.