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  1. I find the whole idea of supressing fire as a tactic suspect especially in a defensive position. If the purpose of the individual infantry soldier is to put lead in the air and hope the enemy runs into it and also to seek cover to avoid the enemies supressing fire we end up with battles that look like the Ohio shootout, only with more ammo and explosives. If that is how they fight, then it is no wonder they are breaking their guns. I am not faulting the fighting man in any way here, they do something that I do not, but it seems to me there is a better way of doing it. How about we give them 10/22s full auto of course. This would solve the issues of ammo weight and weapons overheating. This will give them far more ammo to spray and will still have the effect of keeping the other guys head down and hurting when they are hit. At the same time, dedicated shooters can target the enemy deliberately and effect kills with a serious rifle. Military tactics have evolved over the centuries, maybe the time to evolve again is here.


    Guys, this is somewhat of a spoof, don't flame me please.


    This is why i say suppressing fire isn't used as it once was. Nam for example, we knew not where the fire was coming from in the dense jungle, so we sprayed everything, hoping to keep them at bay until we could accomplish whatever it was we needed to accomplish. We don't really face issues like that currently. Its definitely much more of a one shot one kill situation. Well, should be atleast.......


    Edited because i can't type

  2. M14 with a 20 round mag. :oh yea:


    Sorry, this argument has been around a long time and a combat rifle fills more roles than one shot one kill. In laying down suppressive fire the more rounds the better.


    Now when you guys come up with the gun that will fire a .30 caliber bullet that weighs the same as a 5.56mm and produces less heat when fired not more, you'll have something. Until then this bridge was crossed in the early 60s and a rifle was born that has, almost from day one, proven its self as more effective effective in combat than the heavier slower rate of fire guns.


    All this author has done is bring up a very old issue and present as new.




    Agreed. However. suppresive fired isn't used as it once was. I do not believe there will ever be a "perfect" gun. Certainly not a perfect weapon of war. There are to many different needs found on the battle field to have one weapon or one caliber fill the role.......

  3. :laugh: Just an observation of simple phisycs. Mass and speed create more hydrostatic shock requiring less accuricy, allowing for a larger window for error. I can assure though that error is never more prone than when sombody is shooting at you.



    I agree with almost everything that most have said on this particular thread. A single shot from a 5.56 will drop any man if placed in his brain housing group. However, the military does not spend the time or the money to teach it's warriors to have this capability. I have dropped many deer with the .223 but this is because i have no problem putting the round right at the base of the skull. As much as i love the M-16/AR-15 platform, i firmly believe that our military should be armed with a .30 caliber round. I think we should go back to the m-14. There is one might fine battle rifle.

  4. LOL


    he eats EVERYTHING! Cake, peperoni, soup..


    and he tries to play with himself in the mirror, and he has a thing with walls. He'll just sit infront of a wall for an hour or so, and just look at it, then sleep next to it.


    thats kinda scary.............

  5. It's not just the ladies, if I had a dollar for every fat slob dude walking around with his shirt off I could retire! On the subject of Ally McBeal (Calista Flockhart), I saw her and Harrison Ford in Jackson Hole a couple of months ago and in real life she is quite attractive. She could gain a couple of pounds but she wasn't anorexic looking. Maybe she's eating again.

    It's true that there are just as many fat men as women. And i don't think kenny is talking about people out of shape. I'm sure there are few people on this site with washboard abs. I believe kenny speaks of the individuals who have the "pooch" almost touching their kness. Or the men and women with the back tits. Not people out of shape, but people who are obese.


    And Harrison Ford is the man

  6. Dude is talking about suicide because he feels he has nothing to live for. Make him realize there are more important things in life than finances. Let him know how much he means to you as a friend and how much would not want him to do something like this. And ofcourse as everyone said, let the pros do what they do best. You don't want to run the risk of not saying anything at all and then him killing himself. I know that would make me feel guilty. I'd have to know that i atleast tried to save my friend from himself.

  7. An you return to that comment. haha. Trust me there is fat on my body, you havent seen me in a while!


    I'm here often. I just post rarely. And it hasn't been that long. Everyone has fat on their body. Except Ally mcbeal. And she is just gross. But that doesn't make you fat.

  8. I will not say that ghost do not exist. Or aliens. I can not prove that they do not. But, i also have never had any personal experience to believe that they do. So, i will believe in them when i see them. Until then, i sit the fence and believe that lots of odd things happen to lots of good people.

  9. Have you ever had a brother in law's home get invaded with knife-in-hand assailants and they died (I'm sure a traumatic death) from fighting off his attackers until his arms were covered in bloody slashes and they bled to death? I would have given anything if he had a gun to protect himself with.


    there is nothing cool about that

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