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  1. I am but a child among the elite, but i do thank you
  2. I do thank you all. Truly, it is a nice reprieve from the normalities of life
  3. Someone record me a copy. I don't have cable.......... :-( And, i'm with the wagon. SO mad i get
  4. Thanks guys. And such a gorgeous morn it was that greated me. I'm so ready for winter
  5. If this is a matter of importance, than i would hae to say that sex is very low on my priority list. I love sex and will probably still be doing it when i am 124, but it isn't important to me.
  6. I fear neither. Respect the dangerous one, but not fear. I was even bitten by a copperhead during the summer of 2002. If it is not trying to harm me, i will simply relocate it.
  7. I do suppose i shall have to play it safe and only shoot 7.62 out of them
  8. No, the small ring was the fr-7 made off the 1916. It can't handle full load nato. But, the fr-8 can.
  9. No, they are both military surplus. One is a Kar98 that was converted by the israelis to shoot 7.62 in the 70's. The other is a spanish fr8
  10. so you are saying .308s are safe in a 7.62 but not the other way?
  11. So, i am sure this has been discussed at more than one time on here and i apologize if it has, but i can't find it. My question is are these two interchangable? I have heard so many different stories. I know the head spacing is slightly different. I had heard the pressures were drastically different, like 50,000 psi vs. 62,000 psi. But, then heard that was a mistake because they had originally been measured as 50,000 cpu vs. 62,000 psi. I have two 7.62x51 mausers and want to know if .308 is safe to shoot in them. I am presuming no. The most i have read is that 7.62s can go in .308 but not vice versa.......... anyone?
  12. Oh, how i heart a Ma Deuce...... Where is advance?
  13. Yeah, that one turned out pretty good. It got me tied for first in the christmas photo contest las year. But, i lost in the run-off. I truly don't think i would be able to do anything that creative or original this year.........
  14. I've always wondered why they swab the arm with alcohol before giving a lethal injection................
  15. my name, profession and jonusmc was taken and my email provider suggested jonusmc5 so i took it
  16. Cool. I've never had anything against them. I've kinda just always assumed they were one of those things people spent so much money on because it was the "cool thing to have". I guess once again, it's simply a matter of getting what you pay for.
  17. Well i know surefires are great for mounts, but you agree they are the best for everyday handheld lights as well?
  18. Haha. Fair enough. Is the beam adjustable? I love a flashlight with a tight beam.
  19. but that's what im asking. what is so great about them?
  20. What is so great about surefires? I've never owned one as they are awfully expensive as are their batteries. Can someone fill me in on what i am missing? I have a 115 lumen waterproof flashlight that runs on 3 AAAs that i got for $25 bucks at walmart.
  21. Hum............very curious i am to see the outcome of this. Please do keep us updated as you find new information
  22. I want to punch her in the mouth............
  23. Hello brethren. I am looking to get my first 1911 and am not exactly flowing in the financial area. I see RIA's are cheap. From looking at this thread it seems they are pretty good quality too. Is there anyone that has anything to say for or against that?
  24. And i agree with Ray. Back to the point, Military mostly loved Bush. He was good to us. None of them like barry. Only the old stupid liberal vets and the chair force.
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