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  1. I am quite confused. Are you saying that these conflicts we are engaged in today are the same or different from the big deuce? Because Hitler did declare war on America. And that is different than today's conflicts.
  2. Dude deserves to get shot. And the idiot scanning for threats made me chuckle
  3. Are you making reference to the LBL shoot in kentucky or the one the guys were trying to organize on the west?
  4. A Garand is only .7 pounds heavier than a fully loaded A2. That doesn't make it light, but thats not a huge difference
  5. I had a heart cath done about a year ago. I was 25 at the time. There are many different ways they can go in. It is really just dependent on the hospital how they do it. They went in through the femoral with me. Other than soreness at the incision site for a few days following, i never felt a thing. I actually watched the entire proceedure on the screen that the doc was watching. It was pretty cool. Needless to say i was scared as piss before going in, but it wasn't bad at all. After they were all done, i had to lay on my back for either 4 or 6 hours. I can't recall. But i went in the morning and was home that afternoon.
  6. Hahahaha. I've never seen your chest. Hahaha. You can always PM me....................
  7. it doesn't matter how terrible this movie might be, i'll still own it
  8. Hum............... i don't remember looking so cute as a child..........
  9. You absolutely will not do any such thing. I have posted no pictures of myself on here and i expect you to place no change on that. Besides i'm not the one who is photoshopping you. I'm just the one enjoying it.
  10. I am absolutely delighted with the turn this thread has taken. Legs, Dub, I am quite curious to see what you guys can do to/with Carmen. Hahaha
  11. You and me both brother. War is war. Men die. Both sides lose. But this...........this make my blood boil.
  12. Well the Corps. made sure i did my share of shooting in the rain, mud, snow, ice, heat, etc, etc. But to tell you the truth, i would rather shoot in a nice steady rain in the 50's than sit out in the blazing sun in the 90's. I absolutely hate the heat. My idea summer time high would be about 65. Winter would stick around 20. I need to move to Alaska.........
  13. I'm sorry. What is the difference in a wimp and a girlie man?
  14. F LI C K that makes me hot........... forget waterboarding. Just give me some one on one with my Ka-bar.
  15. See i hate that. Everyone thinks my tone was so serious and mean in that post and it wasn't. I made the smartass face and the wink wink face. You of all people know that i joke around just as much as the next guy. It's just hard to see that people are joking. That's what sucks about text. Tone is often misinterpretted. FOR CLAIRFICATION: It does not bother me that people joke around. I care not. Please everyone continue with your fun. I shall return to my lair so as not to cause anymore dilemmas on the armory page. Everyone please enjoy your day.
  16. Nope, it doesn't offend me. Amuses more than anything else. I know not your intent on anyone elses. I simply see a bunch of guys harrassing a girl. I have nothing against good fun. Nor do i think i ran off the dep end. Simply answered a question presented to me. I apologize if i ruined your fun. I meant not to shat in your cornflakes. I thought my winky eyebrow smiley face showed i wasn't being pissy or having ill intent.
  17. It's one thing to find a woman attractive. It is one thing to admire the beauty of a woman or anything for that matter. But to sit by and constantly hound a woman as a group effort to get pictures, especially asking for bikini pictures, is just disrespectful, rude and downright pathetic. It is the stuff of high school children. I understand this is the nature of man. It's just kind of disappointing that i have to be stereotyped into this category. I mean no offense to anyone. I just know i matured out of that stage in like the 10th grade. I love pictures. I am a firm believer that a picture easily speaks a thousand words. I especially love pictures of people. They can capture memories that may have otherwise been forgotten. But to beg and plead for a woman to send you bikini pictures is just childish in my book. Atleast get to know her and pm her the request.....
  18. Sorry. I've been on an island for a couple days. Litteraly, an uninhabited island. Just sitting back enjoying some beer, fishing all day and night, getting a nice sunburn/tan, and grilling over an open fire while everyone else plays at work. It's a tough life.
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