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  1. That really sucks Plea. I hate how gay and politically correct the Corps. is becoming. That's cool you can take up wth the Army. I heard things aren't too bad over there. They actually get issued new gear!!!!! And their standards are much lower.
  2. Answer i can not about the Generals. But with the lieuts, I think of it as the order in which you would rather call on them. You'd rather call on the one with more experience first, then the younger one second. Or which you'd give more responsibilities to.
  3. That's awesome man. I can not draw to save my life. I lack anything that could be confused with skill...........
  4. I thought it was a pretty good movie. It was definitely way better than the 3rd one. The biggest thing that actually bothered me was that asstian bale kept slipping into the batman voice.........
  5. Man, I just got bullshatedly outed and shot down......... :-(
  6. I know not why you wish for my opinion. I've not seen Carmen in years. I will tell you this though. She is not unattractive in the least little bit. She just throws that out there so she can backpeddle on what she said she'd do........... Love ya Carmen >:-)
  7. Woot Woot. Montana at number 3. North Carolina at 20 isn't terrible. I tell you this though. My ex is from Jersey and it's true. They suck ass
  8. Isn't it marvelous? I forget how good i have it until i see my old glasses or hear someone talking about contacts.
  9. It was actually 3 days of crawling. Which was done through fire ant hills and a face to face confrontation with a bamboo viper!!!!!!!!!
  10. RPK, PRK. Call it whatever you want. It really doesn't matter. I had it done in feb of 2005 and it was the best money i never spent. The military paid for it. But recovery time was 3 days. I would definitely say it is worth the extra day of healing to not have to worry about that faulty epithelium flap. Either one is better than nothing. My vision went from 20/90 in both eyes to 20/16 in both eyes. Like a hawk my vision is.
  11. +1 brother. And i used to live 20 minutes from him. He is an amazing man and i can not wait to meet him.
  12. Well don't tell him the only reason it fell out of the truck is because of the battery acid that spilled on it and busted the cord loose that had been holding it to the hitch ball
  13. Haha. Oh. I think i just peed a little bit. Well i would still enjoy the presence of stu. Someone has to show us all how to fish.........
  14. Which reminds me, I need to write a song.....
  15. And whom. Whatever happened to whom?
  16. HAhaha. you said short. Man, there isn't a drive between new york, florida, california and washington state i've not made. Nothing on the western side of the miss is a short drive from virginia or north carolina. I did used to drive NC to MT in 30 hours . 2600 miles of goodness right there. I do supposed if it wasn't too far on the western side iw ould still try to make it. Maybe carpool
  17. i still regularly use words such as thee, thou, shall, shant, dost, doth
  18. True signs of genius. I do hope you shall be at the next one Mr. Jefferson, as well as many others who were unable to attend this one.
  19. Yeah, i'm uber guilty. I lost a lot of my hearing in the Corps. so i always wear plugs. But, i rarely wear eyewear. Typically only at ranges that require it
  20. Red hair = Red Barron?
  21. congratulations man. That has got to be an amazing feeling
  22. Ya know, we actually spent about ten minutes talking about how nice it would have been for you to be there bestowing upon us all that is the knowledge of TJ
  23. Wow. Either that's the worlds quickest delivery or someone planned ahead. I have a lot of reloading to do.......a lot
  24. Yes sir. It was a rather enjoyable time. Thank you for letting me get intimate with your A2. I'm sorry I couldn't get the iron sites any better than that on her. I tried. Hope you'll be there next time too and thanks for the bowling pins
  25. Important to realize this part.
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