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  1. except for that gpu maybe...................
  2. i pray for both of you guys and envy neither of you
  3. There are many actions or feelings that can cause one to throw up. Nervousness, anxiety, fear, disgust, shock.
  4. i've never seen them before............
  5. I know what ya mean man. When i first saw them all layed out, i had to just stop and grin for a minute before i start finger f***ing them all.
  6. Hey guys. Made it home after 9 hours of driving at about 8 last night. My time, Ray. Straight to shower and bet it was for me. I had an absolutely awesome time and can not wait until the next one. I hope more of you guys are able to make it next time. You really missed out. Here are just a few of the photos that i snapped. I was able to get brass in most of them. You may just have to look for it.
  7. Thanks. I get that a lot!!!!
  8. I did. The others helped me out with it also though
  9. Keep one of those cold for me. And thanks for recommending bolt. Its what I am using on my curve right now to post.
  10. Hooah. Kitty cat climbed into my rockin chair......
  11. Now Raymond, you know my name is Jon. Haha
  12. I bet it still shoots.............
  13. Yeah, Wylie just about half an hour from here. I hate charlotte though. I was born in the country and plan on moving back once i'm done with school
  14. i'll get there thursday evening. maybe 6-ish
  15. Man, this thread saw some action since i was on here last. Stu, i hope you can make it dude. I can easily nap a squirrel, coon, opossum or some other small critter if it'll help put your mind at ease. I'll even grab one off the road. My pet got hit. Yeah, my pet opossum............who always wanted to be buried in Kentucky............... Also, Red, I'll be bringing a ruger redhawk and a ruger blackhawk both in .44 if you have a bullet or two to spare and you are welcome to throw your handloads through them yourself if you fancy. I had planned on making a tinfoil dinner for myself atleast one of those nights. I heart tinfoil dinners and i've not been able to have one in a few years, so i must indulge atleast one of the nights.........
  16. I don't know how to read it myself, but it's really not all that different than morse code. You just have 1 and 0 instead of dots and dashes.
  17. Thanks Sarge. There is nothing better than a good laugh to start the morning
  18. I always wondered what that binary code said............
  19. seriously, how do you keep from stuffing one in your duffle bag and taking it home?
  20. Pm me your number and i'll text you. Shoot, i'll write anyone. I'm addicted to my blackberry
  21. Hey Oak, i can just take that GPU to him. Eventually..................
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