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  1. Dude, that picture of you and your G-pops is awesome. Absolutely awesome.
  2. That does sound delicious. I will probably be bringing some tin-foil dinners too. Those are amazing and simple
  3. We have it down here also. It is America's oldest brewery after all. Rather delicious if i may say so myself. You are more than welcome to still bring me some.
  4. Yeah, this show was much better. I had placed an order ahead of time and had 16 lbs. of h335 waiting on me. Score! I did notice prices were down. I saw an AR for $850. Ofcourse i also still saw some stock A2 uppers going for $750
  5. I'll be there. Not bringing too much. A tent, canopy, camp grill, stove, some wood and a chainsaw. Long range bushy, maybe my old recurve a couple of double dueces, some handguns, fishing equipment and some grub.
  6. Desert Eagles are fun guns. Its unfortunate that they are so expensive. And the ammo is so expensive. And they weigh like 17 pounds
  7. I know. I lived in Missoula and Plains a few years back. Don't let em have it man. Leave an elk carcass in their car seat for me
  8. +1, however you could probably even start them out on a lower dosage of 5.56 Ambien.......
  9. I've never tried 100 yards with a pistol either, but i know skeet are great at 300 yards with a rifle!!!
  10. Tis a week of prayers, no doubt. Mine have been sent and continually will. I pray for strength for all that have lost
  11. Semper Fidelis brother. Now, let's not get ahead of ourselves people. Let's just stop and think about how much we all love california........................
  12. I know this is kinda old news, but man people are stupid. http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/index.jh...nes-in-berkeley
  13. Yeah, apparently anyone who owns a gun is a moron and anyone who disagrees with hydra is wrong.
  14. I thank you all for your kindness. As they are Christians, i hope they can hold strong and turn to the Lord instead of away from him
  15. I can not imagine. I have a son and just can't fathom that thought. They went in this morning thinking they were finally welcoming their son.........
  16. So you know your best friend who was your best man in your wedding, and you were his? Well my best friend was due to have his first child this morning. His wife went into labor and they rushed to the hospital only to find the child had died early this morning. This is an extremely hard time for them right now as they are waiting for her to finish dialating so she can give a still birth. If you have a best friend, a spouse, children or a kind heart, i ask that you please take a few minutes to pray for Matt and Jessica.
  17. I can do that as long as you don't mind me stamping out my reloads before i get to yours. Tell ya what, if you want to send me some brass, i can send you a test trial of like 20 bullets and we can go from there. Or if you'll be at the KY shoot, you can try some there
  18. I shall pray for you and yours. Sorry to hear of it brother
  19. Yeah, i know. But, us poor guys like to shoot too....
  20. All of those things can be done with a shotgun better and easier. Unless you want to shoot a deer in the eye at 200 yards...........
  21. So, I thought i could give a little money to anyone that wants to help me out. Anyone, please let me know if i am breaking any kind of armory rules. I know that a lot of people on here reload, but even more do not. So, i was thinking that if anyone wants to save me some brass or just pick some up the next time you are at the range, i will pay you for it. I won't pay the kind of prices people are selling for on gunbroker or i would just shop there, but i will offer you a set amount and cover shipping or if you'll be at the kentucky shoot, we can trade off there. I know it isn't a lot of money, but i'm just as poor as everyone else. Please let me know if you are interested. I will pay $5 per 100 .223, $2.50 per 100 9mm, .38 or .357 and 3.50 per 100 .44 mag. LIke i said i know it's not much, but a bucket of brass could turn a pretty penny. Pm me if interested. Thanks in advance. -Jon
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