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    I just wanted to thank Justin Coffey and the team at Tactical Tailor. Recently I got a MAV and had some questions. I received a well written and informative e-mail that answered my question fully. It was nice to get good informative response from a gear company. Between the customer support and my initial impressions of my MAV, I plan to look at Tactical Tailor for future gear purchases.
  2. I'm thinking about doing a build with a dpms mark 12 barrel and wanted an easy to mount gas block with a flip down front sight. YHM has one that might fit the build, but I wanted to ask and see if anyone has used it. Mostly I'm interested if the mounting system is secure enough. Product in question http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Yankee-Hill...ght%20tower.htm
  3. Thank you for sending me your new product catalog. I had a question though. I didn't see either the AK mag pouch or the Triple AR mag pouch. Were they not included to save space, or are they being replaced by the new modular mag pouch? Thank you.
  4. Thank you for the advice. The new universal mag pouch looks more like what I want.
  5. I was thinking about buying a few triple 5.56 mag pouches, but wanted to know if they would work for any other mags. Mainly I wanted to know if they would work fine for 2 7.62 mags or even 1-2 ak mags. I know they are designed for 5.56 mags primarily, but I'd like to keep one rig that would work with most of my rifles. Thanks.
  6. I should have been more clear, but i was asking Gmountain about his IOR scope. I've handled eotechs at gunstores and while they are pretty nice, I'm sticking with my aimpoints for now. Maybe someday I'll consider an eotech though especially if he new XPS models prove to be reliable.
  7. I did some searching over on snipershide and I'm not sure what to think. Some people seem to think they are ok for the money. Their marketing claims though seem to be suspect(when I searched Bertrillium-Zantitium, all I got was info about counter sniper scopes and nothing else making the existence of whatever bertrillium is doubtful). . It might not hurt to play it safe and go with someone better known, like Leupold as others suggested. Please note that I do not have any experience with these optics, I'm only repeating what I've read so take it for what it's worth.
  8. How did you like the illumination? Can it be used in daylight and can it be set low enough at night? That and was it hard to zero?
  9. What do you think of the YHM handguard? I another project I've been considering I've wanted to build a gun with a 16" pencil barrel and use either a handguard like your or a JP Vtac. That way I have a lightweight carbine that has a rifle length sight radius. I have been leaning towards the Vtac, but I would mind opinions on the YHM customizable handguard.
  10. I'm thinking about doing another build and I was eyeing one of those 20" gov't profile uppers BCM is suppopsed to have available soon. I've handled one just like it from bushmaster and I really like the handling characteristics of a 20" gov't profile barrel as well as the long handguards and rifle length sight radius(carbine length puts the front sight too close for my eyes to adjust correctly). I have heard though that all a 20" barrel gives you is a longer and more cumbersome gun. However I don't live in an urban setting(I'm on a ranch) so outside of a truck, the length is not a problem. I thought though that since I would mind being able to shoot longer distances (400 yards) that the longer barrel might be of some benefit. Is that true or is a 16" barrel better regardless?
  11. So the warehouse sale on their website is for members only?
  12. I tried emailing model one and they have yet to respond. Same with JT Dist, but for some reason my email couldn't be received for some reason. I might try calling them tommorro. BTW nice rifle you have there. I'm thinking about doing something similar, but maybe with a slickside upper and a no fence lower.
  13. I'm planning on doing a retro carbine build, but before I even begin to start, I want to secure a 16" pencil barrel in a reasonable time frame. I talked with bushmaster and they gave me 14 to 16 weeks which is a bit longer than I'd go for. I was wondering if there is a chance the is some place I have overlooked in my search for a light barrel.
  14. I was going to get a vltor e-mod in an attempt to balance out my 16" hbar AR, but the money isn't there for one. I got to handle a rifle with a caa stock saddle and I'm thinking that maybe it would suffice. I was just interested in feedback from those who have one and whether or not it would add much weight(remember I want to add weight). Normally I avoid caa, but this is one item they make that seems ok.
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