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  1. Tom-- why do you keep it on your night stand? Just asken......
  2. Side Armour or Kramer Leather the 2 best I have found.
  3. Glock 23, I have had one for almost 20 years - never a problem and I shoot a lot.
  4. I use both, 1st I use CLP for first 1,000 rounds,clean and degrease, treat with Miltec per the instructions, then CLP when I shoot. No problems yet.
  5. I prefer a .338 Federal 225 grain Nosler. I have has good luck with Elk, Moose and Brown Bear. I use a Remington Mountain rifle, but I am old school. I do plan to build a 6.5. I would like to use Sabre 18 inch CMV barrel and bolt. AA has a less expensive Stainless Steel , like $200 less, so I am vacillating.
  6. Be careful of moisture absorbed by the paper or cloth.
  7. Yeah!!! Congratulations! I am going on 6 years now. No more scope! It gets better with time. Charlie
  8. Maybe I should reconsider and go with AR 6.8. I have a RA XCR in 6.8, and a few AR 5.56, so I already have 6.8 mags. I am interested in the Grendel 6.5 because ammo is much less $ and I have been led to believe ( from what I have read) that the 6.8 ballistics are not as good as 6.5.
  9. I am planing to purchase a 6.5 upper. Quality ( reliability) trumps price for me. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Charlie
  10. I have several AR lower receivers marked 5.56. Will I damage them by shooting a 6.8 or 6.5 upper? Do I need a multi-caliber lower receiver to match the new uppers? Thanks, Charlie
  11. Yes, I used moly grease. Thanks
  12. Well things worked out okay. The tighten and back off approach worked. Got to 60ft lbs and called it good. Now to shoot it! Thanks for your help!
  13. Did the 90lbs effect accuracy in any meaningfull way. I have heard that the closer you are to 30lbs (on the upside) the better off you are. I sent a email to Randal & it bounced back. He is probably overloaded with orders like every one else. Anyway, that is my backup plan if all the kind advise I have received here fails. I am going work on it this afternoon. Thanks again you guys.
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