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  1. Definitely a cool little carbine. Somewhere, a traditionalist is losing their mind lol.
  2. Watson

    My 10/22

    Its a stock 10/22.
  3. Stabbing things. Works good.
  4. Test fired, it works. Needs fine tuning to get the hammer to stop riding over the sear. Ordered another hammer spring. I want a spare before I start trimming.
  5. Its probably my favorite. It’s actually really nice to shoot, I think the grip angle and weight of the gun does it well for the 44 magnum.
  6. If you don’t know about Skallywag Tactical... you should. This is their “Duclaw”. 2lbs of stabby cutty goodness. http://skallywagtactical.com/
  7. Watson

    My 10/22

    Yeah. I’m gonna just 550 it to a belt loop.
  8. Watson

    My 10/22

    I picked this thing up. Put a Rimfire scope on it. Took it along on a caribou hunting trip last year and it got beat absolutely senseless. So I painted it. Really like this gun.
  9. I’ve posted my Yugo before... but it changed a little bit. The ol’ krylon paint job.
  10. Since my hiatus, I’ve gotten a Sig P250, Sig SP2022 with a TLR-2G, and a Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 magnum. And yes, I carry them all concealed (Not at the same time. Yet.)
  11. Waiting on the front trunnion/bushing/nut (Whatever it’s called on a Sten) 16” barrel, and semi auto bolt.
  12. If I go, I’m bringing back a war bride. Maybe an angry Colombian woman is what I need.
  13. http://nypost.com/2017/10/04/vegas-shooter-must-have-had-help-at-some-point-authorities/ They don't think he was a lone wolf anymore.
  14. Guess stranger things have happened. Heart stopped before a bigger jelly fish grew.
  15. That's why I always laugh at government conspiracies. I live in the chaos every day. If only people knew how much of a cluster fudge uncle sam is on any given day. Nobody can pull off moves like that and keep it quiet. Too many Chelsea Manning's and Edward Snowden's in the world.
  16. Headshots I've seen look like someone cut the bottom off a full styrofoam cup. There's probably more at his feet.
  17. I don't personally buy into government conspiracies. What I think is he had a buddy help him. What does a coward do when being chased by a bear? Shoot his fastest friend in the knee to get away.
  18. We were talking about this at work today. If your objective was to cause as much damage as possible, why would you smoke yourself before you hold court and duke it out with police?
  19. That explains the rate and volume of fire. Why'd he do it. I can't think of any other mass shooting where someone didn't immediately come forward and say, I knew he was crazy or I didn't think they'd actually do it. Or it was already well established they weren't right in the head. Or they yelled Allahu Akbar and erased all other doubts they were garbage.
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