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  1. Thanks for the plug. How have your buffer's been doing? You should be machining them with my AFT Coolant. Sorry for MY shameless plug
  2. Well it is finally completed. Here is a list of goodies and deciding which stock combo to go with. LWRC M6A2 5.56 14.5 Troy Folding Front and Rear Irons Timney 3 lb. Skeleton trigger PSI Charging Handle KNS non-rotating trigger pins Blue Force Gear Redi-Mod Aimpoint CompM4s LaRue LT659-NV for absolute co-witness Magpul DE Rail Covers Tubb Buffer Spring H3 Buffer Magpul MOE DE Grip TangoDown Forward Grip Insight HX150R Arcturus light - They warranty replaced my H2X Vltor Scout Mount SM-OCG Vltor EMOD combo DE & Black - decided to stay with it, but which combo?
  3. I have ordered plenty of stuff from them and they are excellent. Great customer service and their return policy for exchange is very fair.
  4. Here it is! Did not get the LWRC logoed Troy's, but added a set anyway. Also, did not get the slotted Bolt Carrier, but the other uppers that came with the order did. Waiting on my Aimpoint CompM4 with Larue mount and Dark Earth SOPMOD, Tubb buffer spring, H3 Buffer, . Added Tangodown Battle Grip and Vertical Grip, Insight H2X Light with VLTOR mount, Blue Force Gear Redi-Mod, Magpul Rail Covers, KNS non-rotating trigger pins. Can be seen at LWRC
  5. Patience, I have to get my camera from the other house first. Won't be their until Thursday.
  6. Got it today and it is BADA$$! I will post pics and details later this week! Adding goodies first.
  7. I would love to, but I am flying out to Knoxville this weekend.
  8. Where did you get the Federal so cheap?
  9. The 557 is for .223. I just order the 557 & 4x combo for my new LWRC. Unfortunatly it is on back order, but the LWRC is not here yet. Can't wait!!!
  10. I have developed a product called Ultra Gun Clean that will remove anything on the gun including cosmoline, carbon, dirt, grease anything you can throw at it. We are in the final stages of marketing this product and it does work best in an ultrasonic bath, but without is fine. I use it in a small ultrasonic tank for my handguns with excellent results. PM me if interested.
  11. I'm being told 4-6 weeks delivery, but I am sure it will be sooner. I have started purchasing some toy's to go withit and have come to the conclusion I will have a bundle of money into this thing by the time I'm done (est. $3,500-$4,000). I will be sure to let you know the range report when that time comes.
  12. Newbee here Just wanted to let you know I just ordered my first AR15 today. I decided to go with the LWRC M6A2 5.56 model and added a few things at the dealer. I will post photo's and all the details later. This is a great site and I look forward to all your shared knowledge.
  13. I am interested in the same, but 7.62x39 setup.
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