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  1. Thank you gentlemen. Been a hectic last couple of months. Hopefully I can get caught up with y'all this weekend.
  2. I put the SD3G in mine and it ruined me. Shooting stock triggers sucks.
  3. Have you contacted Geissele about it? That'd be my first step. I've got the SD3G and love it. And for what they cost, I'm willing to bet they'll take care of it if it's an issue on their end.
  4. Hmm. Just checked their site. Penetrator is all sold out, no prices. Pmags are normal retail.
  5. My assumption has always been if you run, someone else will die a painful death. Easy to say we would run or fight from the comfort of our living rooms.
  6. More and more I find my attitude towards them the same as Wal Mart. Immoral business practices? Yeah. But they wouldn't exist if people stopped shopping there. People shopping there deserve to be ripped off.
  7. Man, I'm not trying to argue it's stupidity, it's unconstitutionality (is that a word?), or it's legality. I'm saying I would hate to have a company like PWS come under fire from a powerful agency that cares nothing for law for making a boneheaded move. Call the brace whatever you want, do whatever you want with it, bring out thousands of letters showing you're in the right. If the BATFE cared about any of that to begin with, the brace would never have needed a letter. All I'm saying is, as representatives of the firearm industry, they should not record themselves circumventing the intent of a firearm related device. BATFE does not care about the law or enforcing it, just crushing people who oppose it. We can all think of plenty of instances in the last few years (or decades) or BATFE doing illegal things to trap and destroy peoples lives.
  8. Possibly. But I doubt the BATFE cares about dates over use, and I've never met anyone with a stamp that decided they would rather not have an actual stock.
  9. I like PWS. I don't know that I'd record and post myself using a pistol brace as a stock on a short barrel though. I bet he hears about that later.
  10. "Low Shelf for Accuwedge use" Sold me right there. Seriously though, a very nice rifle.
  11. That struck me as well. I haven't watched an execution video in a long time, watched this one, and my first thought was "Wow, they've come a long way from a crappy cellphone camera and bunch of people just shouting allah akbar."
  12. I'll throw my hat in the Arc'teryx camp. Black Diamond is another favorite for usually a little cheaper. 5 days? Something around 60L in volume.
  13. I try. Haven't gotten out hardly at all this winter, though.
  14. Nope. Authorized Apple dealers sell at the prices Apple tells them to. The refurbished ones are your best bet for a value though.
  15. I've seen some guys take those Timbersleds straight up Snow King at the Hill Climb out here, but they stay out of the ruts and out of the trees. Those things look fast though.
  16. Get the TuneIn app on your phone, or go to their website. It streams live from most am/fm radio stations, and as long as you're on your home wifi, you don't use any data.
  17. Don't remember which types, but I believe he had 4.
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