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  1. Seems o be a very popular optic and one that actually sells what they display at SHOT unlike so many other companies.......
  2. Rampy

    Cleaning up a 686

    Not good, not good at all, please tell me you will be raising cain with them to actually fix it.....
  3. Rampy

    Already broke two days ago

    Seems they are impossible to find.......however, here is a picture of one taken at Shot on a STI Staccato pistol
  4. Rampy

    Bushy Red Dot

    If it’s a Bushmaster product, why is it. It not on Bushmasters web page, in their catalog & only sold by 3rd parties not associated with bushmaster.....
  5. Democrats say freak you, we expected more protesters, you wasted your time, we are still pushing gun control, so deal with it https://wset.com/news/at-the-capitol/richmond-braces-for-gun-rights-rally-on-monday
  6. That’s the female who got arrested, she was trolling and looking for problems
  7. Rampy

    Bushy Red Dot

    Define hell...they were a South African optic....came to America in the early 80's imported by the founder of Trijicon, then the ACOG was developed and the South African OEG was out dated, the original mounts came loose, they lost zero, shifted POI under hard use....but hey, running around in Nebraska with one, working with some army rangers @ Camp Ashland with one, bumping thru jungles on Okinawa with one, using one in a Korean winter, the PI year round.... not to mention all the other cool guy places we went with them......must not be that hard on em.......however, I will admit, I'd rather have a old and heavy starlight scope than a POS South African optic that really sucked when it was abused. But the up side of them....was how Trijicon became a company and the ACOG was designed.....
  8. Rampy

    Bushy Red Dot

    Don't even get me started on that hunk of shat.....yes it was one of the 1st...but ugh....no way in hell would I buy one now unless I needed it to fit a retro build like one I carried in my youth.....
  9. Rampy

    So far so good in RIC...but...

  10. https://www.facebook.com/sonsoflibertygw/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARBk-6fO59fWY3TsdMuTQACmydjg_rzLksdNYDL1KzEzNY4-VoGvhJbuTY64tlP9UJXOpAswkWwjHeAZ&hc_ref=ARQG6SO363P-QYDVOoqWAFxhtQQp01Cs5susKnXjRl8ldelMUMUglN3ZcRZrXGF36KY&fref=nf
  11. Have not looked at the media, latest I'm seeing is 25k and this is from bloggers & industry insiders who did not go to SHOT, but went to the protest as they live in VA.