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  1. Rampy

    Best deal on an AR-9?

    Why go AR platform for a 9mm PCC? Will be picking a CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S2 Pistol Micro w/ Brace up from my FFL Monday, it's a 9mm blowback PCC silencer ready (has a fake can now) https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-scorpion-evo-3-s2-pistol-micro-w-brace/ And will also be picking up a CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol w/ Flash Can and Folding Brace https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-scorpion-evo-3-s1-pistol-w-flash-can-folding-brace/
  2. Rampy

    NZ sparking panic buying here?

    SG ammo sells ammo, they have some mags, but a small amount, it's not like Thia there primary income..... Magpul has not put on a 2nd or 3rd shift, just the normal one.....no increase in production from what ive been told. Talked to CZ, my CC has been charged for the 2 Scorpion pistols I"ve got on order finally & they have over 3,400 of the Scorpion Mini pistols with brace on back order & the orders keep coming in....retailers can not keep them in stock, they are sold as fast as they come in the door....
  3. Rampy

    NZ sparking panic buying here?

    I hope you mark those Korean mags as training only and not duty use, they malfunction regularly and any hard usage will have issues..... Magpul Glock mags are the way to go, cheap and function better than OEM.
  4. Rampy

    AR15 Magazine question

    The ONLY "plastic" mags I own or will ever own other than OEM is Magpul, they make a superb product and you can find them cheap, why be a cheap fool and buy substandard mags in the 1st place....Nobody makes a better plastic mag than Magpul, all the other once copy Magpul.....
  5. Rampy

    Dayum Getting old aint for the weak

    Oh trust me, in 3 months have taken 2.....not about to abuse this little gold mine of joy and happiness & they are reserved for the worst of the worst.....
  6. Rampy

    Dayum Getting old aint for the weak

    They are going for blood to get you to pay, will take you to court to garnish your wages, but a lien on your house & anything you own..... I've been told the national average collected is pennies on the dollar due to so many illegals and welfare types & now they are going for anybody that has a chance of paying.....
  7. Rampy

    Dayum Getting old aint for the weak

    With the man made politically correct "opioid crisis" the VA is cutting back pain meds, I can't take anything OTC, nothing.....all I can take for any pain control is narcotics.....that's it...and have been told no, we will not give you any.... So I used my contacts and cherry picked the best pain management specialist in the region, now since the VA pays for me to go, they treat her like a VA Doc and anything she orders she gets.....I never ever ask for narcs, always want non narcotic methods, classes, anything but that little white pill......and have expressed it.... This last time I went she did not even tell me, just handed me a scrip for Vicodin...they never do that...she said as active as you are, as many road trips as your going on, as many days after you lay inbed with a heating pad but insist on living a good life, take these to knock the edge off on the bad days & when you run out let me know.... Sure makes a difference when traveling and doing stupid shat at home that normally ends you in bed for 2-3 days after the fact.....but it pissed off the VA as now they have to give me pain meds and can not say no....
  8. Rampy

    Dayum Getting old aint for the weak

    Sounds like your Doc is going thru the motions.....and ignoring you, but has his mind made up what's wrong from your chart before he sees you in person....... Find a new primary care, be that arsehole that pushes for a new Doc, your your own best champion and have to push and be an arsehole to get what you need anymore..... Till you find a primary care Doc that actually gives a shat......If you have to drive 50 miles or 100 so be it, I've driven 100 miles one way to see a Doc, it sucks, but I'm not getting shatty care and don't have to be that guy raising hell as the Doc is on his A game.....
  9. Rampy

    Dayum Getting old aint for the weak

    With the improvements in technologically they can do new C rays of your eyes and it's possible you cn get a feet first MRI...... New X rays as a CT are needed, will show what needs to be done and why......then you n say no, but your on record with new pictures..... Steroids can and do help, but you need a progressive old school Doc that's not burnt out..... Beats waking up one day and being told your in a wheelchair and will be shatting in a baggie the rest of your life.............
  10. Rampy

    Dayum Getting old aint for the weak

    I blew out my back in Korea, did it again in the sandbox....spent 3 days on a cot in a tent pissing in water bottles that time...... Physical therapy and drugs...... Had problems and PT kept me going, but kept getting worse....... Finally went to the Doc when I was working in the ER....cherry picked the Doc to see and got my ass chewed....set up X rays so I could get MRI as I had welded in the past, got spinal blocks that did not work, pyt on steroids and pain meds..... Next day woke up, could not stand up, could not roll over, could not piss in a bottle it hurt so bad......could lay there, scream and then pass out from the pain..... Finally let the wife call 911...... Both the ambulnace and fire that responded I worked with, knew all of them, worked with all of them, yet did not recognize anybody, BO was off the charts high as was pulse....but the VA does not receive ambulances so I had them throw me in our vehicle and I crawled into the VA's ER....or threw myself from the car, onto the gurney..... 15 of valum IV push every 2 hours & after 10mg of Hydromorphone and 4 hours I could piss, filled 1.5 1000 cc bottles......since I worked in the ER and knew people they were able to skip the CT and get me a "emergency" MRI......and I found myself up on med/surge after more valium and 2 more of Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) I was able to transfer myself to the beed on med/surge........by dragging and clawing as I refused to have them move me... MRI sent to VA's spinal trauma rehab center for reading......came back with a recommended dose of steroids so high nobody at the VA had ever heard of before.....Dr's consulted with Craig rehab hospital in Denver and confirmed dosage..... Was Iv and then oral steroids for 2 weeks, I had road rash scars that heals due to the steroids & other complications.....but was able to walk again.....and put off surgery cherry picking what surgeon I wanted to see, talked to lots of Doc's I knew along with paramedics and such, finally settled on one guy who went in and post steroids cleaned out a hunk of matter the size of your thumb pressing on my spinal cord....e cleaned it up and did magic that said I'd be good for 10 years..... 2 years later back on the table.....with one of the top 50-100 spinal surgeons in the world.....again cherry picked and he did fusions and inserted a device he had developed and designed...that thousands of cops, fire fighters and other people have had, less than a 5% rejection factor......I rejected.....2 years later his partner opened me up and did a fusion with custom designed hardware.....now I'm looking at yet another surgery......but going to Physical therapy, chiropractor and acupuncture a week, yep all 3 each week so I can walk and not get cut on again.....yet I know it's just a matter of tim
  11. Rampy

    Keeping my CDL dilemma

    So....I know this guy who got out of then.mil and picked up his CDL & went from the oilfield to OTR to running a route for Walmart & after 10 years he got sick of not having a life or home and quit..... Moved to the east coast, became a realator and insurance salesman & was making mad cash, his daughter had a baby & wanted him around...... he moved to where she was, he could not get a good job, cost of living was double in Colorado than it was out east, finally he got a good job....4 months later he was fired.. I found a killer job through a driver friend driving a set route M-F making over $90k a year starting, kicker was 5 years minimum experience & hazmat endorsements....as it was hauling explosives..... by the time he jumped thru thr hoops to get his CDL with endorsements back & apply for the job..... He’s now moved back east, working part time for Home Depo looking for a full time yob......
  12. Rampy

    Is being gay wrong?

    You do know the Bible was used to draft the Constitution as well as the amendments.....read the Federalist papers, our founding fathers were a religious bunch and believed in God and the bible & it played a important part in forming America.......
  13. Rampy

    Shot In the Face.......And Lived.....

    Nope, it's actually fact.......you can google the countries foremost expert on bullet wounds, he studied under Fackler even, is a trauma surgeon (dentist) and has a CV longer than you are tall. He can tell you time and time again how many people have been shot in the face/head with 308's that have not entered the brain pan, but instead were in the mouth and sinuses.....the 380 is a last ditch, screw it in a eye socket or ear and hop to God it will penetrate as you dump the magazine..... Yep, I've read lots of stories and reports about shot in the head the bullet followed the skull.....
  14. Rampy

    Is being gay wrong?

    The purpose of sex is not pleasure, it’s a biological function to have offspring, makes babies..... if sex is correct you will have babies.... if yiu can not have babies but stilll have sex, it’s wrong.... Science.......... thus being gay, homosexual or whatever you want to call it is against Mother Nature, against the laws of nature and wrong..... science....