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  1. Rampy

    45 Super have any of you converted a 1911?

    The Spartan is made from armscor frame and slide with STI internally, it’s from the Philippines, you can tell it’s not a in-house STI, but for the price a good shooting pistol. however, it can be tricky to get them to run right and might be expensive converting it to 45 super running hard cast so it feeds 100% of the time. All depends on what needs to be done & how it feeds/ejects.... If you go that conversion don’t put a shock buff in, they fall apart and lock up the action. STI is all new company, new management & lots of new gunsmiths, one of the top guys went to STI from another well known high end 1911 handgun company, if you give them a call I’m sure they will help you one way or another, but they are not going to blow smile up your backside. If you have a 357 revolver or a 9mm, look at Buffalo bores hard cast outdoors man ammo, daughter is carrying my Roland special G19 elk/antelope in bear/cat country with the 147gr hard cast +p, I’m carrying 357 hard cast 180gr ammo, got tired of jumping a 6” 629 44mag and wanted a shorter barrel and don’t have any problem with the 180gr hard cast 357 mag. daughter has a leather holster that holds the g19 tight agsinst her Upper chest & the Comp on the G19 really tames recoil. a guide up in AK killed a bear with 9mm hard cast a few years back, it’s more important about how accurate you are and how many rounds you can hit the target with as fast as possible than a hand cannon that hits like a mule, but knocks you on your butt. get some buffalo bore ammo, shoot a couple mags thru the gun to make sure it feeds (unless your going the revolver way) as the bullet profile might hang up Have seen a couple blacks & even saw a griz, but he was feeding on berries and we left post haste. I’ve tried to had a 12ga close or a 45/70 scout rifle handy but at times just a pistol. heavy hard cast, high velocity is the way to go with deep penetration and personllY is rather have a 45 Colt instead of a 45 super, but if your comfortable with it and shoot it fast/accurate & load hard cast, dot see why it won’t work for you. not long ago got to shoot a 10mm 1911 that was hand built, silly thing cost almost $10k, but it was unreal, major tack driver and sooo mild recoil you would never know it was a 10mm. outdoors types I know most all carry 44 or 45 Colt, a couple 357 & one a 9mm, but they all swear by heavh hard cast lead bullets with a gas check & driven very hot.
  2. Rampy

    Wolfgang Car Care Products

  3. Rampy

    Wolfgang Car Care Products

    Drove thru Stuart Florida, beautiful area & very nice people.....though about G ... sitting on the beach in the morning, black rifle coffee & soooo peaceful... Anywhooo, used chemical guys stuff, meh, not impressed and guys in car club have used F11 and other miracle finishes...and I really looked into ceramic coating the Charger... hiwever, been to a open houses & 2 detailing clinics at Adams polishes, one for the car & one a 4x4 cleaning detailing clinic after going wheeling. not a fan of ceramics, wax is good, but wears off and not a good protector, but looks sharp and deeper shine. adams has different washes, ton of products actually and if you watch the website sales for 15% off and free shipping now and then... have spent 3-400 or more there, use them in the charger before a show or to just keep it ereally good looking. The wheel cheaper cuts brake dust and turns purple, excellent wheel cleaner. also clay bar windshield and seal it before each trip, water beads up and don’t need wipers, use the glaze on the inside of the windshield and windows, no digging and sparkling clear, really cool.. however they have one produce that we use the crap out of, H2O Guard and Gloss, it’s a sealer/protection that was water activated and we sprayed it on after every 2-3 trips they the car wash, really great product and wverybody in car club uses it before a car show, one person spends about 40 hours before each show and uses it on top of wax to seal in the wax & shine with depth. with the abuse the Raptor has had, it really makes it shine/pop and has protected the paint from bugs/poo and even a few brushes that dragged across it wheeling in narrow places. https://adamspolishes.com/products/adam-s-h2o-guard-gloss?gclid=Cj0KCQjwn_LrBRD4ARIsAFEQFKus_pMbyEuInfpmQqasBMk5pbtKcIKV-fVJpX0LfXIKBoXurCELXBsaAuLQEALw_wcB
  4. Rampy

    Retcop Has Spoken.......

    Not exactly, please review this link and watch the 2 posted videos
  5. Rampy

    Retcop Has Spoken.......

    Backstory, I posted this video and Retcop had nothing good to say and instead was making fun of and laughing at something he did not understand & refused to ask questions and learn what he did not know.
  6. Rampy

    Retcop Has Spoken.......

    I was asked to clarify a couple things No sir, it was NOT a private message, it was posted here in this thread, please review it at your leisure on page 3.
  7. Rampy

    Retcop Has Spoken.......

    And since I'm such a mean arsehole and bully......I'm going on a walk about, might or might not be back, but since Retcop has spoken have a good one..... All I know is the guy in the video you posted as good stuff mentioned "Roland Special" so many times when talking about citizens taking on mass shooters that I went to the website because I had no idea what a Roland Special was. I wanted to see this super weapon. The $2,500 for a "Roland Special" price came off of their website, and that was the first I knew it was a modified Glock, which the guy in your video believed having theis weapon gave someone the ability to take on groups of terrorists with AKs. That was the mindset of the guy. With a lesser gun, and/or one of less ammo capacity, it was no-go. BUT, armed with a Roland Special, the armed citizen could consider "wading into a group of terrorists armed with AK's" with this fine sidearm came from a video you presented as good information. So I had the audacity to challenge the thinking on the video you posted (I figured the guy who makes "Roland Specials" was a sponsor of the show, and as to the price-straight of the website. It is really not a hard concept to grasp that we all have choices and what works for some does not work for others. Your obsessive need to criticize or make fun of people who simply have a different opinion than yours, or God forbid, dare to challenge you is extremely tiresome to me, and quite a number of other guys on the board. Maybe you could reflect on that for a moment, but I'm not holding my breath. Shoot what you like, and like what you shoot, and do it well. The guy behind the trigger is infinitely more important than the trigger he is pulling, as long as the weapon is reliable, durable, and inherently accurate enough to solve the problem. You are one of those people, IMO, who comes off as a gear snob, a name dropper, and no matter where he goes, he believes he is the smartest guy in the room. (I used to work like a guy like that) That in itself would be tolerable, but when it is combined with personal attacks, it goes way over the top, IMO, and that of others here. I pray you will gain some wisdom as you grow older; that just because you can act like an A-hole, it is not always the best life choice. I have no idea why you have such personal animosity towards me, other than the fact that you do not intimidate me, and I am not afraid to challenge you when you spout BS. It really does not make much difference. You compulsion to always be right, and to attack or ridicule people who disagree has chased many a new member from this board. Yet you persist in interjecting your toxin. Being so self centered, abrasive, and not caring about how you treat other people is not a sign of strength or manliness, in fact it is the exact opposite. This constant need to prove how cool you are, or rather, how dumb everyone else is compared to you, usually comes from deep seated insecurities. It is not healthy, IMO, for you to regularly display it in an online community. Ultimately, this is a business, and such attitudes are not conducive to gaining and retaining new members, many of whom start out without the "Rampy approved" gun, gear, training, or experience. While other members will encourage and guide them to other options, here comes Rampy with his "how stupid can you be" and his dozens of ROTFLMAO emoticons. Classy. Hopefully all the men we have here who are willing to work with new folks are able to overcome your metaphorical peeing on all the trees to prove you are the baddest mofo on the board. That's the last I'll have to say on the relationship (or lack thereof) between you and I, and your insistence on posting things that try and diminish me in the eyes of others. I am secure in myself and I am happy to stand on my training, my experience, and my reputation. Having said that, I have no concern that your rantings, especially the two long, absolutely vicious posts from several months ago are going to change members opinion of me, be it good, bad, or indifferent. The only things those posts did was expose you as the type of person you really are. Rampy, I think a little introspection and the attempt to change your mindset about all the non-existent absolutes you try and force into all the variable and individual needs and opinions regarding different firearms, gear, self defense tactics etc., would be absolutely phenomenal. All you have to do is prepare yourself for the fact that someone else may have a valid reason for choosing something other than what you think is the best, no matter what category it is in, or what famous instructor you name who uses it, or what really primo gear you use or are planning to use because it is "the best". The only smart choice. In the meantime, I will keep you in my prayers, and keep enjoying this community of great people. John
  8. Rampy

    New hunting rifle for my (adult) son...

    And then you went on to make fun of "the bearded one" not knowing what you did not know and did not ask. Instead of making fun of "the bearded one" why don't you ask who he is....and what his background is, if you don't know what the Roland Special is (even if it's been posted here a few times) ask...its not that hard to be humble and ask. Did you bother to check this out and watch the videos I posted?? I don't understand why your always making snide comments and attacking me and my inability to see things your way and why you refuse to talk about your past training, classes you have taken and such, you saying you were a instructor, a teacher, what instructor development classes did you take, how long ago has it been since you have taken any classes??? Never said I know everything and in fact I know very little, I'm always learning and growing, learning new techniques, new technology now methods & improving, I'm not stuck in the 80's with old ideas that have been improved on over the years....got to love how you blame me for chasing people away, it's all my fault cuz I'm mean, nasty, hurt your internet feelings and always have to be right....not that time has passed you buy, your ideas are old, old teachings and now your irrelevant & refuse to be open minded and learn from somebody you can't stand. Not my problem you have issues with me and allow personal feelings to get in your way of learning and growing.
  9. Here ya go, download hour 2 Wednesday 21 Aug and listen to it, its full of knowledge bombs and ideas, well worth your time to listen and learn, no question about it LockNLoad Archives http://www.gcnlive.com/JW1D/index.php/archivespage?showCode=114
  10. Semi local BBQ joint has a new thing on Tuesday, it's buck a wing night & you buy 6 wings get a beer for a buck also.... and they season the wings and smoke em on the same rack they do ribs and such & then sell out of em really quick. I've had 12 wings and 2 bottles of Bud light for about $15 & dang are they good....
  11. Rampy

    Another D*** Reaper (MQ-9) Shot Down Over

    Actually they are worth about 15 mil each give or take a few mil and what weapons/sensors they have onboard..... When I was at Indian Springs got to see the old versions up close and personal. Now they have upgraded weapons & sensors and yes, they have threat detectors on them, it take about 1.5 seconds if the drivers are in Indian Springs to relay commands, it's not instantaneous, but has a lag.... Much better for intel than the U2 and also can kill ya unlike the U2, it's also hard to see and shoot down, but it can be done & cheaper than loosing a F15E and crew...... Hard telling what the mission was, but anything that flys can be shat down and who knows they could have TCN's in camp watching them launch and notifying somebody to track and shoot em down after launch.....or somebody could get lucky.....
  12. I know most people won't spend the time to watch this modcast, but why not it's full of great info about STI and the 2011 & where that platform is going.....listen to the bios of the 3 guys talking and then see what they have to say about the STI 2011 platform......
  13. Rampy

    New hunting rifle for my (adult) son...

    Personaly I hate paying that much, it's a emotional thing Vs logic, I know it's better, but ugh..... Forgot about SWAF, have one of their1st scopes on my Larue Stealth and it's more accurate than I am, but it's also a heavy rifle.....