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  1. Lucky Gunner puts togeather a great video explaining this.....and what/how/why Ballestic jel is a good test medium... I got to observe a FBI gel test couple years back....and it took all day for one caliber and 3 different barrel lengths.......
  2. Rampy

    My Wife vs. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

    Nope, that is one ice cream I’ll never eat, they are very anti cop, anti military and extremely pro socialist
  3. I personally know 3 people that work at a place called “mount weather” or better known as “raven rock” They live in West Virginia & 2 of them live in the same subdivision & when we stayed with them they were saying everybody they knew in the subdivision were all retired military and worked in the DC area......
  4. Rampy

    Must Watch Video, Seriously a Must Watch

    Can’t post it here as it’s on Tucker Carlson’s Facebook page and I’m on mobile device..... Tucker was saying he got a call by the pink shirt guy freaking out....they had been getting death threats and worse.....he called the cops.....nothing.....called all private security in the area and the last one he called told him to run away, abandon the house and let it burn down....... he was like no freaking way, this is out home and we are staying...... Insane how he could not hire anybody and was thrown to the wolves..... If I had the needed crap with us I’d drive down and offer to camp out with them if they feed and housed us.....it pissed me off so bad....
  5. The guy at the hotel asked “what brings you to town” My reply....”we followed the roads in our car till we got tired” Clerk was like WTF Tonight so far we are the only people in the hotel, had 5 vehicles in the parking lot last night & when I asked today, was told they did not have any reservations & we were it so far.....
  6. We were told to stay home, not travel, wear masks and social isolate by the governor as the C19 numbers are going up...... so we are 11 hours from home, have not put a mask on once & have no idea what is going on around here for the 4th, but we are celebrating American Independence
  7. Rampy

    Elk Are Now Racist?

    Dude, Hamburgers are racist as are state parks......
  8. Rampy


    Seeing lots of N95 rated masks in Casey general stores and others around here.... But not many people wearing them you’re healthy compared to me, I’ve got tons of lung issues from the gulf/burn pits and such....as well as diabetes (never till my 3rd back surgery & stay in the VA hospital & then transferred by ambulance to a level 1 trauma center as the VA really freaked up and almost killed me) oops, I should wash my hands.....forgot today and beeen out all day...... Take me a month of Sunday’s..... Just today saw several people wearing masks inside vehicles with windows up, one lady talking on her cell phone and chewing on the top strap of her mask...... saw 3 people all in the early/mid 20’s exchanging masks and trying them on to see what looked best on them..... We ate at a grocery store/cafe place.....they had all the required signs on the doors and such....not one single employee had a mask on.....I asked and was told their employer was mandated to provide everything, but they all refused to wear em.....it was great and I told the waitress ( a very hot looking mid 20’s African American in front of my wife) if I was not afraid she would kick my grumpy old man’s ass, I’d grab her and kiss her after telling her how very attractive she is & how she made me so happy not covering up her sexy face... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 She was shocked/stunned and then laughed and kissed my cheek after we talked for a bit about all the shat that’s going on......
  9. Everyone needs to step back and watch this video, it’s the truth and spot on.
  10. Rampy

    I LOVE Iowa........

    We drove across 90 (in the dark) on the way west and then 94/15 to 20 and up 287 around west yellowstone to bozeman on the way home & stayed in Caldwell Idaho.......so far I like the northern part of ID better than the southern, but it was night and want to see more of the northern part.....the southern part was not bad, but hot, hot and boring on the interstates
  11. Rampy

    I LOVE Iowa........

    Had to come home as the wife's ID card expired tomorrow......and went to get it re nued today as well as grocery shopping on base, but the base is back to lock down and only allowing retirees on base for 4 hours twice a week..... Might head back to Iowa......the CDC and everybody is saying stay home over the 4th weekend......and wear masks if you go out.......so like a good little obedient slave to the man, we are ooking at making another road trip...... O possibly to Idaho.......
  12. DOD went into HPC-Charlie and locked down all bases for Covid-19 and then 3ish weeks went back to HPC-Bravo and allowed retirees on more than 2 days a week for 4 hours (that was done so they could clean the BX/commissary before and after trying to reduce covid and keep active duty healthy) Now due to a "spike" in numbers they are doing it again, just did not tell anybody this time......and all ID cards are extended till Sept or Oct or some such....so they won't expire...
  13. Yep, it's like that everywhere.....was going on base today to the commissary and got turned around....thanks to Covid 19 retirees are only allowed on base twice a week for 4 hours each time....
  14. Should have seen the video on facebook, 2 white teens attack a middle aged black guy as he tried to tear down BLM signs across the street from his house....one white punk attacks him....screaming black lives matter and calling him a racist and such.....it was bizzare.....how stupid and ignorant these brainwashed idiots really are..... The black guy was like WTF....are you stupid or on drugs....