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  1. Facebook is working with the cell phone companies in tracking yur every move, what you look at on line and then using it to make money & even worse, it's being used in your credit rating...Don't for a instant think not having a facebook account is keeping them from watching you, it's all over your cell phone & you need to get rid of your cell phone to keep facebook from tracking you and knowing your every move/shopping habits..... Plus it's learning how to be SkyNet in real time......some really spooky shat here people.... https://theintercept.com/2019/05/20/facebook-data-phone-carriers-ads-credit-score/?fbclid=IwAR0oNkBvl5T1GnVscql4WNKQnBJYM-3EHcJF1-qqR_ScwLP94UaKP4StKTg https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/20/facebook-ai-robots-curiosity-tactile/?fbclid=IwAR0SaBlymlN4P-CyEYSjq_QLeAFRB63gulobxHValy-IdQX0b7l9sGU9Rkk&guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9sLmZhY2Vib29rLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAANHwH4OHqbBcnCZRXBSPdtzUKmiuqkgupeawoqx1sqG_wR7KoP_3ndgSEOC9pUO83tPbcB9zFhdx6Q_pUSHQZN-KD7lR8FNTMBa_BEa3O98sAiefVXXotfaJCvWdpZNsN6-Rv6bWsbWd6IrHWsEunkRA7M4Am4glpNbivA1nhszc
  2. Rampy

    work boots?

    Chances are you would have won that one and the car would have been wrapped around a pole/tree or sticking out of a building as they have no idea how to drive something that will put you sideways without any problem. One guy I knew in a car club had no idea how to drive, but he knew he was a shat hot driver......he was asking for tips on how to keep from smoking the tires as a V6 mustang smoked him...told him to learn to drive.....he got pissed and un friended me on facebook and left the car club as others were telling him stuff like that, but way harsher.....was told a coupe months later he crashed hard trying to race a mustang....and ended up in the hospital for his stupidity........
  3. Rampy

    work boots?

    My pops was blind, learned to drive on a old Farmall tractor & then a 1952 Cadillac and a 1973 Chevy pickup.......by the time I was legal to drive had over 200miles of gravel road driving , put it in the ditch many a time and had to get the tractor to pull me out....and even drove to/home from school sometimes as the bus ride was 2 hours......
  4. Rampy

    work boots?

    Lady photographer here took this picture of the car a couple weeks ago, nephew was along and could not be bothered to watcher her or help or even hang out watching her....said cars are boring and he wants to take pictures of nature.....
  5. Rampy

    work boots?

    He's a idiot, I tried hooking him up with a lady who specialties in cars and he refused, also tried hooking him up with a prorate/wildlife photographer and once again He refused. Said he does not need the help, he has watched videos on You Tube and knows what to do......She is taking him out there as a learning tool, he's never been to a big city other than Denver and knows way less about life than he thinks he does. His attitude is that people want him to work for them & they will come to him and not he has to work at it and learn it.....
  6. Rampy

    work boots?

    Problem is, he thinks he's a hipster, but is not, believes what he sees on YouTube and does not think he needs any schooling to become a photo journalist and says he can take public transportation to where he needs to take pictures.....we don't have very good public trans here & the silly guy walks 4.5 miles to work and then home & complains about feet hurting We have all offered to teach him & our daughters have tried over and over and he get's really pissed off and refuses......I gave up, don't understand that just like I don't understand why he refuses to go to school to learn how to take pictures or working for a photographer to learn the trade.....
  7. Rampy

    work boots?

    My Nephew has it in his mind to move to Portland and become a free lance photographer....So my sister and her bull headed kid (refuses to learn how to drive) are driving out this summer & staying in Portland's Pearl District so he can see it first hand and play tourist as places he wants to take pictures at......
  8. Rampy

    work boots?

    Last month went from Phonex to Vegas then up to Yosemite National Park & over to Napa Valley & up to Mount Shasta & then to Bend Or and across Idaho in the car, just went out for a "weekend" drive and made a loop Going back to Napa Valley to take a wine train and this time go north leisurely instead of driving non stop while the sun was up & then sleeping in car when dark or a cheap motel.......not exactly sure wehre we will go, but Portland has come up...... Looking at driving out to Bellingham, WA in the Raptor next year, hopping on the Alaskan Ferry and taking a trip to Alaska.......
  9. Rampy

    Seeking Advice: Gun Safes

    Reason I went with Ft Knox, was on a structure fire at a old home/auto shop that caught on fire in the shop and burnt to the house. Ft Knox safe was kept in 3rd floor roon in a 90+ ueat p;d home.... We found the safe in the basement, fell from 3rd floor into a water/junk/rubble filled basement.....when the owner got it open, it was dry and his guns were still in great shape.....
  10. Rampy

    work boots?

    Don't remember if I knew about the Danner factory store or not....might have to swing into Portland where were out that way in July/Aug......
  11. Rampy

    Modern Medicine and the Staff people

    I gave up verbally asking to be refereed, now I use the secure messaging forms and send E-Mail, they have to acknowledge what you said and sent it & can not ignore it..... I'm working on one now to my pain management speciallast to see if she will tell the VA to send me to a Neuropathy center that treats Neuropathy with a laser somehow....it's a brand new thing from what I've been able to find....
  12. Rampy

    Seeking Advice: Gun Safes

  13. Rampy

    PTSD awareness

    When I renewed my TS/SCI after getting married to a Canadian national........told my security manager (who did not have a sense of humor and was a stick in the mud) that the new wife's parents were card carrying members of the Canadian communist party.....and how would this effect my clearance......
  14. Rampy

    work boots?

    Had a pair of Danner Ft. Lewis boots the 1st year they came out, wore em in NE winters and Krean winters.....used light coatings of Snow Seal on em and thick wool socks & my feet never ever got cold....Might be freezing cold out and I was frozen, but my feet were always warm....liked em better than the issue bunny boots & the only thing better I ever found was Wellco N-1B Air Force Snow/Extreme Cold Weather Mukluks Boots, sprayed with water proofing and then wearing thick heavy wool socks and thin nylon socks..... However, when I wore em out and had supply replace em....the new replacements had thinner leather and were just not as warm for some reason or as comfortable. Nice thank about them you can have the soles replaced on Danners (or could)
  15. Rampy

    Modern Medicine and the Staff people

    Stateside the vast majority of military bases have closed the base hospital's ER and gone to clinics without ER services and have gone so far as to contract out ambulance services to local civilian ambulances, but the base fire department usually provides a EMT response.... Now some bases still have hospitals, but mostly those are HUGE training bases and such....when I was in San Antonio needed to go to a ER, I had my choice of the VA, Wilford Hall and BAMC. BAMC was the choice and woza was it a good choice....was easily the best ER I've ever been in....and they were very free with pain meds unlike the VA...... VA is undergoing a MASSIVE change and implementing a new program called the Mission Act in July (I think it is) and going to be lots of changed coming and one is a qualified Vet will have 3 "free" visits to a participating urgent care....Like this is going to be turning part of the VA into a insurance program when in reality the VA is NOT an insurance program...... Last fall went to local urgent care 3 times and had a 10-15 min till till being seen by a provider.....under Tricare thatg's now allowed without a referral....however, going to a ER is another thing....and if you don't say the right word and call in the allotted time, your screwed....... Trycare Vs Try West Vs VA, all have pro's and cons.....I got a bill from physical therapy and contacted the VA who was like duhhhhh i don't know....so called Try West and they were on the ball, had a 3 way conference call and the PT was told they signed a contract making it illegal to bill a veteran and did they want to keep the bill....was told nope, they will drop it....however, lots of private insurance has gone so far as to report unpaid VA (choice program) bill to the veterans credit score..... My provider of choice is a Nurse Practitioner, they started out life as a RN, have hopefully worked the floor as well as different areas and some even in the ER and worked thier way up to provider and for my money better than PA's or Docs, I've yet to have. NP who would not actually listen to me, while PA's and especially Doc's do not listen..... Electronic Health Records are the devil, they have destroyed face to face provider/patient care, now the provider is stuck documenting in the computer and doing even more paperwork in you allotted time....