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  1. Rampy

    300 blackout mags

    I've had issues with colt mags, other GI mags and magpul mags, not a fan of lancers and other cheaper ones. You could be lucky, I don't clean guns worth a shat and run them dirty, that could accentuate the problem, never paid much attention to it as dedicated 300black mags made the issue go away. The R&D and testing & then refining magpul mags was intense and they shot more 300black developing the mags than all of us will shoot in our lifetimes combined.
  2. Last I knew truckers ate with hands and mouth...and sometimes fork, spoons and knives, just depending on what they are munching on......
  3. Rampy

    300 blackout mags

    Luck, not shooting much??? It exists and can be prevalent from what I've been told. Magpul was asked to design 300 black mags due to magazine related failures on hard ran & abused guns. Remember what the 300 black was originally designed for and it's usage....and in that world magazines are expendable....they needed a mag that worked 100% of the time.
  4. Thanks, some great info here
  5. And this is why I was Air Force...the smart branch of the military
  6. Rampy

    300 blackout mags

    When I run 300 blackout in 5.56 mags I get about a 90% function rate, they do not function 100% of the time. However, I've never had a magazine related malfunction of any kind when I run 300 blackout in 300 blackout Magpul mags.
  7. Rampy

    300 blackout mags

    Magpul does not make any "clips" Most 300 blackout will work in most 5.56 mags, but not all 300 will work in 5.56 mags. However, magpul designed new followers specifically for the 300, the mags are a tad different and designed to feed 300 black into the chamber, the geometry is different for 300. Just like how you can not use the Magpul D60 drum mag with 300 blackout, it will lock up tighter than a drum & need to be taken apart.....
  8. Rampy

    any other time, this would get you shot

    Seems everybody is saying you have to have a mask on when outside/in public and some places are threatening fined and even jail if you do not comply..... Tried getting 2 bottles of everclear for some jungle juice and cant find any........had to make a different recipe using vodka and was not as good or as strong
  9. Rampy

    The Stupidity Never Ends

    We were in Silverton 2 times last year, really love the area, but dang the tourist population has exploded......Been going there as far back as I can remember with the parents, I'd have to guess mid 70's sometime. From what I've gathered the locals/residents are all in favor of locking out tourists and visitors, they are all scared and say they don't have a doctor in town or any medical facilities & can not feed all the strangers either.
  10. Ugh....I'm still looking and have no idea....we get liquid soap, have not used a bar in no idea how long & the rest is mumbo jumbo to me, I get the big bottle of liquid body soap, use it on hair and body, Crest/Colgate tooth scrubber paste stuff & then the right guard stink stick.....and that's the extent of my knowledge about hygiene products.... Have some beard wash and oil, but meh...almost always for get to use it lol.....
  11. Rampy

    The Stupidity Never Ends

    Add Ouray Colorado to the list of places throwing out seasonal home owners, visitors and non residents....telling them to go away or go to jail till we want your money back & even if you travel to Ouray from another town in Colorado, you are ordered to self quarantine, can not even leave for food, or any other reason for 14 days...... All these towns are saying they have limited medical, limited food and such and can not support anybody else and do not come there, but it's fine for them to leave, shop or do whatever they want & come home without any problems at all and they are happy to feel safe like that....... Why don't we just put up walls around each state, put checkpoints out and then do the same on each town inside the state...restrict all travel....
  12. Rampy

    The Stupidity Never Ends

    Silverton was the 1st, Moab has followed suit, I've lost track of the little towns in ski resort territory who have done the same to some extent, Buena Vista has put checkpoints out, blocking state highways and not letting in anybody but residents, if you ave 2 homes and the primary one is somewhere else, you are not considered a resident and denied access to your home.... They say it's to protect the residents, but are letting in truckers, businesses, medical and other "essential" like the beer delivery trucks and frozen pizza guys....as none of them could ever have COVID19. However, they are also saying it was due to so many people coming into town and buying everything us & then the locals could not purchase anything....as it was all sold out.... No locals can leave town, go anywhere they want shopping, buy anything they want and come back into thiere safe little town, not being exposed to anything and able to shop and buy items cheaper elsewhere.... So why is it they can come and go, not get infected and not bring COVID19 back & yet at the same time ban people who they claim were doing the exact same thing they are doing...
  13. How do you know that, you can not make such a claim.......
  14. One huge problem they had & had no idea how to deal with it, EMS, Fire and helicopters were getting shot at & not just once or twice, but it was a all the time thing by the flipping thugs & the libs has no idea how to deal with it....and so they went off the deep end doing really stupid shat.... And the mayor of NO at that time is still in prison......
  15. It is playing out elsewhere.....