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  1. Yep, it's called intelligence gathering.....and when you refuse to use all sources at your disposal all you are doing is spinning your wheels and planning on defeat...just like the old white guys who refuse to learn and grow & instead as set in thier ways like they did in the 50s and 60's Times are a changing & if you do not learn and grow, you are dooooomed
  2. Video shows she was actually actively climbing thru a broken window/part of the door, so she was in the middle of doing something illegal...... However, a black cop shot and killed a white woman who di not have any weapon, was not doing anyting to warrant the use of deadly force (going by the fed's own playbook on use of force) and yet he still walked away without as much as a slap on the wrist...... What would have happened if a white cop shot a black woman....breaking in......talk about riots and burning down the town......
  3. What hearings??? Pelosi & Schumer (and AOC/squad be design) will prevent any hearings.... Taliban/ISIS/ISIS-K are all cut from the same bolt of cloth...anybody thinking they are anything but a pack of rabid dogs that need put down is a freaking idiot and liberal democrat......
  4. That's cuz you have no idea what you are talking about and have never studied Sun Tzu and Von Clausewitz If you had, you would understand why some people are on social media and what one can learn
  5. Not just that, but they are actively working to silence the non far leftist idiots, look at who they jail Vs who they do not , actions always speak louder then words and they never ever ban/jail a leftist and are always doing it to those who do not think.speak the same leftest agenda bullshat
  6. I am actually glad you did not have any malfunctions, that is a very good thing with a brand new blaster and WWB & it is sweet you enjoyed shooting it Vs thinking it was meh.......... What distance were you shooting at??? Does not look bad for such a small pistol & never having shot it before, just takes time to learn the handgun & how best to grip it/aim with it
  7. Yep, they are actively working to cover it up
  8. Nothing like using a 1980’s era holster in 2021, bet your drive s 1980’s era Dodge K car, eat and drink like you did in the 80’s and party like it’s 1999
  9. Have looked extensively at them, exchanged a few e mails with them and almost went with a couple of holsters from them, but ultimately did not Depending on the brand of metal clips…….they have a very high tendency to crack and break at the bend that goes over the belt, they are not stressed/heat treated to flex like needed And some do not properly grip the belt & the holster will pull out of the pants Plastic clips also have the same problem, depending on the source Watch the mouth of pancake holsters, if they do not have a metal reinforcing band like Milt Sparks or Mitch Rosen holsters they will collapse after pulling the handgun out and cause major problems re holstering, even the leather reinforced ones have this issue over time and will need to be watched closely. My custom Staccato C holster is feint with a leather band & it’s starting to soften and collapse due to how much I have worn it. On our trip to the S/E I learned really fast that leather sucks in high heat/humidity areas, was sweating my ass off under/around the holster & it got sticky/funky from all my sweat. Switched to a Kydex holster (same gun) and was way more comfortable
  10. I got a 30 day ban for posting a approved gif from the Facebook list of approved gifs Apparently it’s bullying and harassment when you post a gif Facebook approved saying “are you stupid”
  11. Shame Texas DPS can’t line em up and March em back the way they came……
  12. Yep, everyone involved needs to be hammered, the person flying the drone knew what they were going to do and did it knowing multiple non combatants and children were going to die Following orders is not a excuse for slaughtering children and aid workers
  13. Liberal democrat soy boi’s Look close, they left their suit socks on, all a bunch of hipsters playing tough guy freedom fighter
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