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  1. Rampy

    Winter Traffic Jam.......

    Far as you can see, I80 backed up.......recipe for major problems right here.....
  2. Rampy

    Snow in Dixie!

    WINTER STORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT FROM 5 PM FRIDAY TO 8 PM MST SATURDAY...Heavy snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 5 to 9 inches below 7000 feet and over the Interstate 80 Summit with 10 to 14 over the North Laramie and Snowy Ranges.
  3. Kilt is not leather and I don't have a leather harness instead of a T shirt..... Mrs Rampy is well endowed enough to fit into a corset and such, but I'm not sure I'd like a few dozen guys motor boating her
  4. Ohhhhhh you kinky little devil, I've been told what goes on behind the scenes at those events.......have a couple friends who are big into it
  5. Rampy

    Another big fire

    Saw a video some out of state fire fighters shot of the fire load, fallen trees and such, it was over 5 feet deep and a dozer could not push thru it.....the fire fighters were shocked and not only have never seen such a mess, could not understand why it was allowed to get like that. Forget what they compared it to, but it was like running around in a fireworks factor with a lit road flare after somebody poured gas all over you...........
  6. Rampy

    More Snow....Is It Summer Yet.....

    Retired AF/SF, was a PJ but got shot to shat in Mogadishu and cross trained to SF.... I had orders to a "green door" assignment at hurlburt field, but my PRP status over rode that and ended up at Minot babysitting missiles.......
  7. Rampy

    More Snow....Is It Summer Yet.....

    Slowly melting now and another weekend snow storm is forecast, they are saying 4-6 or more inches possible......
  8. Rampy

    What do/did you call it....

    Grandma has a ice box in her root cellar, it was the original one you would put ice and sawdust into to keep food cold.......Dad would chop ice in the winger and they would store it in a Ice House down by the river for summer use.... We called the electric one a fridge.....freezer was on top of it and a stand alone unit.....
  9. Rampy

    Sad day

    Ugh.....not a fun day......
  10. Rampy

    Tell me about Nevada

    Sounds like Vegas, only more laid back........ Have a friend who's brother just moved out of Reno for some little town in AX about 20 miles from the border. She was saying his place in Reno had been broken into a few times while he was at work, more and more crime & got tired of all the shat so he moved closer to work just to get away from Reno.....
  11. Rampy

    More Snow....Is It Summer Yet.....

    was only 2*, not even coat weather........
  12. Rampy

    More Snow....Is It Summer Yet.....

    Have family on Merritt Island trying to talk us/me into moving there, looked at base housing on Patrick AFB as that would be a cool place to live..... Have a good friend who retired outside of P-Cola and keep bugging us to move out that way..... Wife can retire in a few years, once she does that who knows, but I'd love to love out on Merritt Island, seems one of the hidden gems in Florida......
  13. Rampy

    More Snow....Is It Summer Yet.....

    I' like 30-45 miles from the Nebraska border, forget exactly how far, but ya don't get much further east in state than here....... Ugh....snow hiking....it all melts or blows away with the never ending wind, only snow hiking I know of is WEST of here @ Vedauwoo The wind never stops, 60 mph wind is normal......on I25 semis routinely lay on ier sides to take naps in high wind....I80 in the winter is a death sentence....
  14. Rampy

    Tell me about Nevada

    Eastern Wyoming is a UGLY shat HOLE........flat barren, brown dust bowl 70% of the year........Cheyenne is going blue, Laramie is going blue, you have NOTHING east of I25 in WY worth a crap, small little meth ridden towns, old boy system and the wind never ever stops......... Was actually colder than 22, we got down to 2* from what I've been told.....have has 2 snow storms that had shut down roads.....