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  1. Rampy

    New build Blues

    Why a Grendel, what will that caliber get you, what will it do for you that you do not already have...... What is ammo availability like as well as cost..... Right now the CZ Scorpion is the king of PCCC’s, how long it will stay that way, who knows, but their are tons of aftermarket pieces parts, mags and such.....
  2. Rampy

    New build Blues

    Does it really matter what distance your personal range is??? Hell, in the military we shot M16A2’s at 25 yards with the tombstone targets that were sized for different distances, forget the actual ranges the tombstones were for, but they went from big to really freaking small Figure out what the “mission” you want the next weapon to play, what it’s role will be and that will help guide you along the path of the build..... Personally if it was me, right now I would stick with the same calibers you already have, the more calibers you have the harder and more expensive it will be to get ammonia, you are looking at at least 2 years from today before ammo availability gets better snd prices drop....... That’s why I went with QD on the Sandman, just a click away to change them with the muzzle device... Went with direct thread for the pistol can, it works better on pistols and what my usage is...
  3. Controlled anger is a learned response, it is not a natural response & the rioters are using your own anger/frustration and other emotions against you & so will the liberal politicians..... You have to be cold, calculating, emotionless in the face of these thugs.... It falls back upon the old Ashe he who caress less wins....so you have to show them you could care less what they say to you & then when they physically assault you, read to them from the good book.....
  4. In the Philippines we had nothing to eat for 30 days other than the 1st generation MRE’s, you could hear guys screaming and crying when taking a dump all over the compound
  5. Just waiting for this to hit the market, CZ’s Scorpion is the gold standard right now for PCC’s and the Scorpion Micro is the way to go for vehicles.....
  6. Rampy

    Good Morning!

    Lucky you, we have 2 Forrest fires in the area and the wind is kicking up pushing them so they really flare up and make a run....one of them is threatening 3 small towns (that have been evacuated) and we are getting lots of smoke and ash..... Id hate to see how bad it would be now if it had not snowed.....
  7. This is another reason I went with a AR pistol, it’s way easier to carry in a bag with a brace and 10.5 barrel & no need to SBR it or worry when crossing state lines....
  8. I’m betting the cops are almost always playing by the rules imposed by politicians...... Just like in over 100 days Portland’s mayor has said nothing......but now that anti anarchists will be protesting he is all kinds of upset and putting out warnings to them..... Long rifles suck in vehicles, no question about it & it takes training, skill and practice to be effective with them inside a vehicle.... People also do not realize vehicles are limited & if not moving, just another terrain feature to fight around...... In the car even a PCC is a big ass pain in the ass, but in the truck, it’s not quite as bad... However, our primary’s in vehicles are 9mm pistols with “hi cap” mags and a spare mag or 4.....backed up by a AR pistol or shotgun if/when we have to unass the vehicle... Personally I’m going back to the 12 Gauge with 00 buck as if it’s gotten that bad & I’m trying to escape a mob hell bent on killing me my idea is do as much damage in as short of a time as possible & short of claymores the gauge with OO buck really will take the fight to them..... Costa has a video of him doing vehicle training with a 45/70 lever rifle & watching him swing that thing in a car is quite impressive, but I can’t find that video....
  9. I need to get dash cams for the truck, have one in the car but it’s a couple years old and does not constantly record, it’s set up to record 1 min before and 1 min after a impact & it just takes medium bump for that.... We have had “protests” here but they are really nice and polite, do not block traffic, just wave and hold up signs & was told by one doctor out protesting that they are not stupid and do not want to get shot Sometimes it’s nice living in a remote backass place with more antelope than people
  10. Rampy


    This is old info, you can buy a “pistol” can that is rated for rifles, it all depends on the quality and knowledge of the manufacturer. The market is driving more multi cal cans as well as multi purpose
  11. Rampy


    I’ve got a 45 cal can that works on handguns & planning on getting my 45/70 barrel threaded as it’s also rated for 45/70 full house loads
  12. How much is to much, when do you cross the line going from mentally sharp to a old fool who has to wear diapers and shots himself in public on camera.... Anyone in Congress needs to have a physical every year, full blood screening and be able to pass cognitive testing & prove they are not addicted to or using illegal drugs, a alcoholic and able to keep from shatting their pants on National TV..... https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4909227/user-clip-jerry-nadler-bathroom-trouble-stage
  13. Rampy

    New build Blues

    Another question is.......ammo....what do you have access to and how much.....
  14. Rampy

    New build Blues

    20” AR15 with green tip ammo will punch thru steel body armor, it was designed to defeat Russian body armor How modular are those cans, can they be used on a 5.56 or are they limited to 30 cal, I do not remember.... The sandman series cans work with both 5.56 and 30 cal......
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