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  1. Went to Dairy Queen last week & got a nanner split…..was so disappointing I’ll never get one at DQ again…….
  2. Never been, it sounds like a must see kind of place but was reading it’s buried in snow and only partially open with extremely limited services Will definitely try and see it
  3. Castro District is a icon of the gay community Lombard street is the crooked one Not going to San Francisco this trip, last time was in the SRT, got pulled over for “speeding” while bicyclists were passing us and had a ricer chase us down with a crazy female screaming the SRT was illegal, to loud and lowered (it’s all stock) and that she was a cop & waving a fake badge……. I yelled I’ve got a badge also, let’s compare them & she took off like a bat out of hell
  4. Takes me back to high school, had a range with 22 rifles from some government loan programs, most of em were bolt action but they had 1-2 pump 22’s Was incredible program & remember getting several medals over a couple years….wonder what they were for as I can’t remember & no idea what ever happened to them
  5. Yep I got tired of it and stopped posting here, that reminds me I need to fill up the power tank with c02 Sorry I can’t help ya with your question
  6. Been many many years since we were in Tucson, last time stayed on DM & did a ride along with a bud on the Tohono O’Odham res and now “my” old EC-135 Looking Glass is on display, I wore out lots of boot leather guarding it at Offutt in all kinds of weather…. Dont want to hit Tucson in the summer, the heat will melt me…..finalizing timing/hotel reservations for this trip tonight, hitting Joshua Tree NP and from there Tucson or Vegas (wife leaning towards Vegas and the steak/lobster at Golden Steer, Vegas oldest steakhouse if she can get reservations) while I want Oregon Pipe Cactus NP and Tucson
  7. If your planning a trip to Yellowstone Jackson Hole is stupid expensive but most people stop in on the way to the Tetons & Yellowstone 8ish miles south of DuBois WY is a Smithsonian quality military vehicle museum & of your in the area well well worth stopping at. We stay in Lander or Riverton with Lander my first choice when going to the military vehicle museum Nevada City MT is where we stayed in a 120 ish year old cabin in a old west park. Victor MT is a really cool old west kind of tourist town Yellowstone is a wonderful place, best very early in the spring after it opens or just before closing up for the winter season Cody Wyoming out the East entrance to Yellowstone is wonderful town, was up there a few weeks ago… Irma hotel/restaurant for historic Buffalo Bill hotel he owned and named after his daughter Irma…..
  8. I don’t compare my pre lock S&W revolvers to current ones, just like how I don’t compare my bespoke custom lightweight 1911 to my AMT Hardball They each are individually independent and unique, selected for a reason and mission/fun I only shoot 38spl in the 3” Colt King Cobra as well as in the 3” S&W Performance Center M19 carry comp. I’m more accurate and have faster accurate follow up shots I find 3” revolvers the sweet spot for concealed carry/accuracy while my 442 is great for deep concealment along with the .22 LCR with the 442 inching out the LCR only cuz I’ve had it for decades…..and thinking about getting a new no lock performance center 442 I do really want one of the new 3” Pythons
  9. Rampy

    New IPhone

    Very cool, I’m waiting to upgrade as I actually don’t need a new iPhone and as expensive as they are why do it before your current phone has hit its life expectancy or breaks Did not know they have a 3D imaging program that sounds like fun IPhone now uses USB-C and not the pain in the ass lightning connection to charge??? I’m jonsing for the satellite communications aspect, after my stroke’s being out of cellular coverage does stress me out. We have a weboost cell extender in the truck and it does work rather nicely but still it’s just a extender
  10. I’ve had one for several years, you can also get one if you are disabled (if you have a blue ADA parking tag) The lifetime seniors pass (age 62) was increased to $80 but if you travel or close to a park (s) it’s worth it
  11. I’ve got 2 generations of relatives in a riverside cemetery and a 3rd generation in Garden Grove cemetery and the land that was named after relatives is now part of Moreno Valley Looks like this trip will also be pre planning for another trip in the car to actually go into the large urban areas
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