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  1. When was the last double suicide bombing.... Can anybody remember?? I can’t...... Even the terrorists know how week Biden is, what a arse clown he is & look at the results of America putting a senile old diaper wearing fool in the White House...
  2. Know a couple guys who were in Selection and pre selection & ended up in med platoon or whatever the proper term is & got med boarded out......that shat can take a serious toll on your body and beat it to death..... Crispy is is a awesome dude, met him once at Black Rifle.....freaking powerhouse..... I tried to stay in shape....till the ambulance & fire department showed up at the house....I could not even sit up, could not roll over, could not move without excruciating pain, pain so bad I did not even recognize my wife, did not recognize the ambulance crew, but they were co workers and I worked with both of them on the ambulance......I’ve been told I need yet another surgery directly due to military service....have bone on bone in my spine....trying to put it off as long as I can..... It sure is easy to sit on the sidelines talking shat about making a living wage and not getting the VA disability people earned with blood..and still earn it every day after getting out of the military...... Such is those who are petty and jealous
  3. Well, you know what they say when you assume something....... You can have both combat related and non combat related service connected disabilities.....and the VA does not differentiate except in the wording, I have both combat and non combat service connected disabilities..... Just like VA math is non standard math, while I’m at 90% according to the VA, when you apply straight math it comes out to 170%......so you also can not assume anything about the percentage either..... And it has absolutely nothing to do with being able to make a livable wage, whatever the hell that is..... SSDI is calculated differently, uses different rules and regulations and means something totally different than VA disability, so once again comparing them is like saying a banana is the same as a watermelon...... Never mind you pay into social security and social security disability is based off of how much and how long you paid into it.....so if you are getting SSD, all you are doing is getting your money back.....
  4. I have a friend who is a retired USMC Major, is 100% SC disabled and is currently a GS 14 in government service & his wife is also a disabled Marine as well as currently a DNP and they both have disabled veteran plates, but they also travel, take vacations and such. People see what they want to see and do not see what it takes/took to get to where they currently are and assume that since they have disabled plates, they are required to live in a single wide mobile home, drive a 20 year old broken down mini van and be druggies or drink & not productive members of society.....
  5. But.....But.......but Ignorance abounds when it comes to veterans and disability, so many people assume they know more than they actually do & then get all kinds of butt hurt when they find out they know less than they actually do & what they assume they know is wrong..... Just like people think the VA is a insurance program of some kind and refuse to believe it’s actually a health care provider & not insurance..... Or the fact that VA disability is actually compensation for loss of income due to physical abuse/damage that a person in the military had happen to them while on service to the nation & is not the same thing as social security disability..... People see “disabled” and assume you are “disabled” and thus can not work, can not live a “normal” life due to their ignorance in knowing/understanding the VA disability system..... Guess you have to be “injured” in “combat” to suffer some kind of physical injury or get hurt somehow for it to “count” in some people’s minds.......guess being Airborne and jumping out of aircraft over and over snd over & destroying your back, knees, ankles does not count if you have never been in “combat” Or all the other injuries that happen to people..... Just like title 38 CFR sets the definition of “veteran” but other laws/rules and regulations also apply depending on the use of the word “veteran” Just like how you might be a “veteran” if you were in the Marines, but for whatever reason you were not ever awarded the globe/anchor and thus you are not a Marine.....
  6. Don’t blame ya, was just shotgunning links and such so people can check em out and do whatever they think is best.....
  7. You are a evil man, picked up 2 bags today & have 1/2 a bag gone already whike the wife drives
  8. One thing really good about Wayne the thief is he has taken a huge, powerful pro gun organization and fragmented it, sent millions of gun owners to other pro gun groups and several new ones have sprung up..... So his being a total shat head thief, had done some good.....
  9. None of the wack a doodle anti gun communists have any idea what the NRA is, how it functions or anything...
  10. Sounds quite tasty, I’m starving......
  11. That shows they have a stupid high case of false positives with this testing method and that anybody who tested positive without symptoms needs to be re tested..... The PCR method of testing is so broken, it’s a gloriously lucky test that actually says you really have it & not just another false positive.... This was just publicity released info as the WHO has already released it to medical professionals https://www.who.int/news/item/20-01-2021-who-information-notice-for-ivd-users-2020-05
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