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  1. We got it for free....and then it switched to just under $7 a month with our cell plan...... Obviously, could not watch todays episode, but have watched them all twice without them improving....guess im just old and senile.....
  2. Capitalism is a wonderful thing......and if you have not noticed, the ammo makers have addressed the shortage of ammo and shortage of primers & that it takes time and tons of money to build a primer plant, let alone expand ammo production...... Go tell the old white guy who is waiting for ammo shipments to come in and then buys it all up creating peak ammo......ammo hoarding is a real thing and look who is doing it.... Hell, if you looked at the statistics about how many guns are being sold to new gun owners, how much ammo is produced in America....... One place I buy ammo from actually says where and how much they get primers, powder and such from and the costs, they are documenting how expensive those items are now and why.....and how little they are actually making per cartridge sold....and yet they dropped 50k 9mm rounds and sold them all in under3 minuets....
  3. Wanda vision stinks......and it's not gotten any better..... Plus with all the anti gun crap and other woke liberal garbage disney is pulling, just canceled disney plus.....
  4. Bet you had 2 mommies, one to suck the sperm bag off and then he spit it into your test tube so the lab could produce you
  5. You have never seen a meltdown old lady...... You can eat shat, freak off and die....... Now go suck bidens diapers and watch heels up harris suck her way into the history books as being the highest paid prostitute
  6. Per the rules, if it is not in read, it did not come from a staff person, but instead a member..... And if you look, after he said something, I did not try to go around the filters....and for the record all I was originally doing was spelling it out for the idiot and the filters had never even crossed my mind.
  7. Got to love back door gun control https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2021/02/16/california-de-certified-handguns/
  8. Their is many many different causes of tinnitus, one of the most common is loud noise damage to the little hairs in the ear that convert sound to electrical impulses
  9. Why is Biden such a racist....and why do you support his racism.... Do you have any KKK tattoos to celebrate Biden’s racism??
  10. Why is it everyone in favor of abortions has already been born??
  11. You have yet to see a lack of self control, I’m not the pervert who supports a demented old hate filled racist that has to wear a diaper & hide behind military fencing, razor tape, troops snd checkpoints he hates. Why is it DC is now a military occupied city with extra fencing, razor tape and checkpoints..... Has Biden even came out of hiding other than to play Mario kart
  12. Since you are such a staunch Biden supporter, why don’t you self abort snd prove how much you love the hate filled demented diaper wearing racist.....
  13. It’s a shame your mom was not a Biden supporter, she could have aborted you & the world would have been a little better.....
  14. How does it feel to be so <snip> stupid you need to be reminded to breathe.... Not everyone can support a child molesting racist, but you sure can & do it proudly... <snip>
  15. Hopefully this passes, has some much needed updates..... https://bacon.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=601
  16. Wearing a mask when it’s really cold, snowing and blowing does help keep the old lungs from having spasms, so that is good 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  17. Stop giving TSA so much credit, they are inept at best and it’s nothing but window dressing so the general public feel safe... Its all about feelings and not providing security..... I know a federal Air Marshal who processed thru TSA “security” with a loaded handgun and never got caught in 2019......and the stories he tells are unreal.... If they really wanted true security, it would be done like how Israel does it, but that would hurt to many snowflakes feelings
  18. I asked the audiologist about this when I had my hearing test.... Was told B12 injections do not work and the best thing I could do is totally give up caffeine as that seems to have the best results of anything..... she was saying by the time you develop tinnitus the damage has been done and nothing will heal it, all they can do is treat the symptoms
  19. As long as they live in Texas and are subject to the rules they make it's got to be better.....
  20. I was told that's racist......
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