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  1. Here’s some not very well known info about Magpul Mags, some others and the testing they go thru..... PMAGs are at around 31,800 rounds between magazine related stoppages in Aberdeen tests. over 12,000 rounds between stoppages for all causes. They pass all hot weather, cold weather, and ambient drops, plus salt water, UV exposure, long term loaded storage hot and cold. They pass drop free from all TDP spec lowers up to 180 degrees and down to -60, also. Lancer failed the USMC initial testing, doing worse than the USGI variants with both legacy and M855A1 ammo to the extent that they were barred from further testing. They also don't perform well in dust. I love me some Chuck Vlasek, but Lancer's mags are a hard sell. They're not Hex mags or ETS bad, but there are challenges in the materials chosen and interfacing them. It's the Government standard. Magazine related stoppages are most bolt overs and any instance where the round does not make it into the chamber. When the round makes it into the chamber, but the bolt doesn't close, or if the primer doesn't ignite, or if it's a bolt over or doublefeed from a rifle cause, incomplete extraction, or if there is parts breakage, the stoppage is charged to the rifle or to the ammunition. In the case of multiple possible factors, the stoppage is charged as unknown/unattributed and goes into the general stoppage numbers. Those numbers came from a 250k round test vs USGI EPM. So, the rifles in the test went an average of 12,000+ rounds between ANY stoppages, and when you remove stoppages, as above, that are charged to the rifle and ammo, it's 31,800+. The TOP test plan involves full auto fire, adding lube every 600 rounds, and basic cleaning every 1200 rounds. There are additional tests which do the same thing with rifle and ammunition at -60 and at +180, after being in a dust cabinet, etc. Sent from my iPhone
  2. What Chicago Pizza place has the “best” Chicago Pizza..... For my money it’s Lou Malnati’s and that’s where we’re going 😜😜😜😜😜
  3. Rampy

    Went to a new Doc today

    Now that the Yanks own Whataburger are things going to change???
  4. Rampy

    Trijicon MRO

    They back their product......the RMR is not designed for a handgun & look how many are on handguns...when they break (and they will) they stand behind them & have developed Gen 2 RMR's that are said to be even more stronger and takes more abuse.....
  5. Rampy

    Trijicon MRO

    Did you call? Normally they are shat hot for taking care if issues
  6. Rampy

    Trijicon MRO

    I buy in bulk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. Rampy

    Trijicon MRO

    ......G was the man who set up group buys..... if you want a group buy, you do the legwork and not beg others to do it so you get a good price.....
  8. Rampy

    “Best” Chicago Pizza is...........

    The damage done by the Tornado here in Marshalltown makes me want to cry...and it’s been over a year.....
  9. Rampy

    “Best” Chicago Pizza is...........

    If we had time....Spook Cave” is a place from my youth I really want to see again.... Actually, once we leave Marshalltown...might take the non toll toad route to Pa and bypass Chicago, been debating that issue.... Giordanos is very tasty, but what I can remember Lou’s was a tad better....
  10. Top 3-4 people have been corrupted by the "power" and "wealth" & will do anything to stay in power.....they have the BoD set up with so many members to keep them from attempting to remove them from office....it's a ugly political mess and the guy I know on the BoD is working hard to get the snowball stopped before it turns into a avalanche.....
  11. You should watch the video of the making of it.........
  12. This.........my 2 M1's with AP ammo and good trigger pullers will slow down some people...but if it's dark..... Several guys I know belong to a local group, they have plans to put large bore rifles (bolt, semi and legally owned full auto) on overlooks at a couple choke points to shut down the interstate a few miles south of town, where they would block the road it puts everybody on foot....and they plan on having lots of bad intention people coming up from Denver and surrounding cities.....
  13. Been doing some research, looks like we will be driving down the outer banks of NC & staying a couple days in Buxton out on Cape Hatteras & then across to Cedar Island & Fayetteville. Then will be zipping across to Cherokee or somewhere semi close to Deals Gap/Tail of the Dragon so we can hit it early in the morning.... Looks like 3 different ways, one to get over to Cherokee, any suggestions on scenic/historic route?
  14. Somewhere around 8, 9 or possibly 10 July is when we should be in the area.......
  15. Bringing this back for reference and notes I've lost.......
  16. Rampy

    Pittsburgh Here Comes Rampy............

    After Gettysburg it look like its off to the Chesapeake bay bridge, Fayetteville, Deals Gap/Tail of the Dragon (finally) and then Nooga.......
  17. Better watch out, Rumpster will be heading out to Pittsburgh and some wonderful Primanti Brothers Anybody know if War Wagon is still it Pittsburgh??? Going to zip over to Diamondback Covers and have them install a custom one on the Raptor & then head out to Carlisle & the Army War College and final resting place of a good friend's best friend/Godfather of his daughter Randy Shughart & pay my respects.....after that, who knows Hershey for some of the worlds worst chocolate, possibly a cheese steak or two in Philly along with a few historic sites and down to Gettysburg..... We shall see if PA can handle the Rumpster and survive
  18. Rampy

    ZQI Turkish 9x19 ammo any good?

    Cheap = training ammo and if it does not go bang...then malfunction drills..... Can you get a couple boxes to give it a test run with???
  19. Rampy

    Had my upper EMG today

    Ain't they fun.....Just wait till you get a EGD and a Colonoscopy in the same day....
  20. Rampy

    Went to a new Doc today

    You mean juice from the tomato
  21. Rampy

    Picked up a OBDII Dongle.........

    After playing wit it....woza, it picks up a ton of sensors and crap I'm all kinds of lost about Can do all kids of code reading, you name it it can read it, plus it's compatible with several other apps, but so far I'm just using the one that came with it. Found this stored, must have been from when we were in Canada....Ford told us they put a scanner on it and no codes, but this was not a surface code, but one I had to dig around to find