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    Guns...duh. Check out my blogs: thethreegs.wordpress.com and abloodyowl.wordpress.com

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  1. Suscipio Letum

    Got a new car

    Thanks guys. I'm looking forward to taking her out onto some trails. I cant stop looking at it!
  2. Suscipio Letum

    Got a new car

  3. Suscipio Letum

    And once again, BHO ignores the law.

    You know, when I first read the OP, I thought "This is probably somebody spamming a FWD: joke around the internet, but lo and behold I did a google search and it's right there on the Whitehouse.gov website. Unbelievable.
  4. My first thought didn't run to terrorism, it ran to false flagging. More and more people were beginning to support the idea of off-shore drilling here in the states. Now something like this happens along...right?
  5. Suscipio Letum

    Delete your info off this website

    http://www.spokeo.com/search?q=Barack%20Obama Wooooow.
  6. Suscipio Letum


    If they become popular enough, Youtube will make them a "Youtube partner". Then, based on the number of advertising clicks they produce from ads on their page, they will get a percentage of the revenue. It's typically a pitiful amount, nothing to live off of, but like I said you have those insanely popular ones like "Fred" that are making bank.
  7. Suscipio Letum


    What's bad? They make money doing these videos. One guy on there, who plays a character named "Fred", the most obnoxious person alive, makes 6 figures. And all he does is make youtube videos.
  8. Suscipio Letum


    I'm so gonna use this for a ringtone or something.
  9. Suscipio Letum

    Anyone familiar with Torrance, CA?

    I was born there. Other then that I'm completely unfamiliar with it.
  10. Suscipio Letum

    Please tell me

    That's just about pointless man. A lot of bandwidth for 5-7 hours of single player. The fun is gonna be in the coop missions.
  11. Suscipio Letum

    Computer question

    Do you still have access to the outlook account on windows 7? If not you may be able to access it via Outlook Web Access, though I'm not sure. Here's a link about it: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/...0860351033.aspx
  12. Suscipio Letum

    This is already in the arcade

    World of Warcraft?
  13. Suscipio Letum

    This is already in the arcade

    Who's getting splinter cell: conviction for pc?
  14. Suscipio Letum

    Anybody play EVE Online?

    That would be cool, indeed. Any idea what kind of engine they're looking at for their in-station graphics? Unless they plan on using the same engine they use for space flight. That would be interesting. Do they have different classes of vehicles? Like freighters, fighters, etc?
  15. Suscipio Letum

    Good Morning Armory

    You pansies are just now waking up? BWAHAHA