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  1. I had a McRee chassis dipped.....three times. I would really do your homework on who is doing it. Be sure they are a legit, major company with clientele not some guy in his garage. The first guy (local guy) I had do it failed miserably. It took alot to get him to understand it was sub par and needed done over. He finally did it and it still turned out like crap. This was a Kryptek pattern and it looked like water colors by a 5yr old. I sent it to another guy who has to strip, prime and recoat it. I decided on multicam for this go-round. He did a decent job, I was 80% happy with it. It wasn't perfect but I was to the point I was losing a ton of money shipping a aluminum chassis around multiple times. So I took it deer hunting. I live in Pa, deer season is in the winter. After the season I noticed down the sides the clear coat is messed up. Like it had water on it and it soaked in or something. Like if you place a cold beverage on a piece of finished wood, you know how it leaves a ring and screws up the finish? Similar to that. I don't know who does all the OEM guns that look so good.
  2. I ordered this one: http://www.plastixrevolution.net/products/308-ar-10-lr308-pin-upper-receiver-vise-block Suitable??
  3. Thats what everyone one uses to install and remove barrel nuts/muzzle devices on these? The blocks with the 2 pins? I saw the one at brownells but its out of stock, thanks for the other link.
  4. I am assembling a .308 DPMS upper. What vise block are you guys using? I can't find a clamshell like I have for a AR15.
  5. If there is a Rural King store in your area they have CORE15 rifles cheap. If not, get the Colt at wmart.
  6. So.....anyway about these plastic/nylon/poly/whateverthefktheyaremadeoutof lowers.. What I see is a company who is innovating. They looked at the failures of previous designs/companies and improved the product. I am not a plastics engineer, much like probably alot of people on here. So I am not qualified to say it's a good design or not. The only way to know is by testing. Get some of these out in the real world and see if they break. A lot of people say new things are junk. There was once upon a time that Aimpoints were new, did some people think they were junk? Surely, but their reputation now is outstanding. The colors will appeal to some folks. I would imagine the clear (bad ass btw) would appeal to trigger/lower component companies for shows. I would probably be interested in a OD green one for my .22LR upper. The stealth gray would match my pistol.
  7. I shot apprx 50 rounds out of it. Didn't have any malfunctions in that short range trip.
  8. Parts list: Andro Corp 10.5" upper Anderson lower Magpul stealth gray handstop kit, xtm panels and k2 grip....really like the k2! RRA lpk Dead On Arms no pin trigger guard Damage Ind pistol tube, sb15 diameter Sig SB15 brace Magpul mbus 2.5 buis Troy 9" mrf quadrail AAC blackout Eotech 512...temporary until I decide on either another PRO or the new Meprolight Magpul MS3 Magpul RSA HSP Thorntail mount Surefire X300
  9. You will probably laugh but I got them in a deal. Didn't know what they were or worth when I got them.
  10. No, no hoops here. Buy the parts and assemble The only legalities and the reasoning behind doing the pistol vs SBR is because....in my state you can't have a loaded long gun in a vehicle. You can have a loaded handgun in a vehicle as long as you have a CCW.
  11. You wont find those sights on magpuls website, or almost anywhere else for that matter. They are "unobtanium", no longer made
  12. Here are some more pics of the sights tho..
  13. Thanks all. Pistol tube, spring, buffer and castlenut arrived today. More parts later in the week. Sig brace will probably get ordered friday. You wont find those sights on magpuls website, or almost anywhere else for that matter. They are "unobtanium", no longer made
  14. I have more parts enroute. It should be functional by the end of the weekend. AndroCorp 10.5" barreled upper Troy 9" handguard AAC Blackout flash hider Anderson lower Magpul sites
  15. I have a Ross Schuler brake on my 700 AAC-SD. Cheap, efffective and he is fast. http://muzzlebrakesandmore.com/ROSS_SCHULERS_PAGE.php
  16. I don't have a Shield but I do have a 9c , it's a good size to easily conceal. I wear it in a kydex OWB holster.
  17. Adhesion problem, dipper din't prep it right most likely. I have had this happen with my first Kryptek dip on this chassis. The guy left the barrel channel tan (the painted under coating), it stuck out and I didn't like it. I masked everything off except the channel with 3M blue painters tape and hit it with brown krylon. Waited about 15 mins and pulled the tape off....along with patches of the film/clear. He re-coated it at no charge after some firm emails.
  18. There is a company that paints Kryptek in ceracoat.... or maybe it was duracoat... anyway they paint it. The quote was as much as the chassis but it was damn nice.
  19. That one currently has a Magpul stock on it. At first I tried it with a 1/2" riser and it was a bit high. I had the eagle pack from a previous rifle and adapted it to work. The original plan for that rifle was to be dipped in Kryptek Highlander camo and a Mission First Tactical BUSMIL stock in Kryptek. Well, back in January I got ahold of MFT about the availability and they didn't have a date. Hoping it would be "soon" I had the stock dipped in Kryptek. It turned out to be a disaster. It looked almost acceptable but peeled off. Sent it back and he re-dipped it, it looked worse and I was issued a refund after a small battle. Sent it to another vendor, he said he probably wouldn't be able to do much better with that pattern. My back up was Multicam, he said he could do it and make it nice. Since it was months later and I hadn't heard anything from MFT I told him to do Multicam and I would rock the CTR. I'm not really satisfied with the dip to be honest. It's light and more tan than I thought it was going to be. But my rifle was together and I could finally shoot the damn thing. Fast foreward to about two weeks ago, yes 8 months since first contact with MFT. They are sending me a BUSMIL in Kryptek. So I have been scouting new dippers to do the chassis in Highlander.
  20. Hey thanks, a lot of overtime at work went into that rifle. It's not finished yet though. Will be changing the stock and getting it re-dipped. Oct 24-28 doesn't work with my schedule. The weekend prior or after would have been gold.
  21. You can change the grip, mine has a BCM grip. Here is a quick pic:
  22. Rem 700 AAC-SD + McRee chassis + optic + ammo = dead things. Savage Hog hunter + McRee chassis + optic + ammo = dead things. About the triggers.."all" of the "tactical" guys replace them on both brands. I still have the X mark in my 700, if I ever get to the point that the trigger is holding me back I will replace it. But for now it's fine. I do like the accu-triggers though...
  23. http://www.mcreesprecision.net/remington-700.html Excellent stock and DBM all in one package.
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