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  1. I'm not as talented a photographer as some of the people here nor do I have anything asides from my camera phone, but here she is!
  2. Haha, pics will be up early next week. I'm living in CA now and I'm on my last few days of the 10 day waiting period. And all the accessories have been backordered through like 3 different retailers so it'll be a couple months before EVERYTHING is put together.
  3. It's been a while since I got a chance to post, but I recently picked up a SA MC Operator. This is going to be my first 1911 and I've already got a few upgrades planned for it, but I'm sure some of the experts here will be able to help me out with either opinions or advice on what I should or should not do. So far I'm looking at the following: -Wilson Combat checkered plate for front strap (temporary until the whole gun craze dies down and the local gunsmiths don't have 6-12 month turn around times) -5 CMC 10 round mags -3 CMC 8 round mags -Wilson Combat magwell -VZ G10 grips (not sure exactly which ones yet or which color would work best with the od green/black gun) -Storm Lake threaded barrel -Surefire X300 Ultra
  4. My Ares hasn't let me down yet. In fact I'm thinking of picking up a second one in a different color.
  5. I personally have the Gen I myself. I prefer it over the BCM one since the older generation allows you to charge the rifle with your left hand like you would an AK-style rifle.
  6. I know Samson makes one of theirs specifically for Adams Arms GPUs. If you browse their website you can choose different configs and then above the add to cart button there should be a drop down field where you can choose the AA compatible rail.
  7. Check his feedback. The last 5-6 are exactly identical and all posted at the same time.
  8. Aye, but it extracts fine for my friends. I've pretty much given up on the 1911 platform as a defense option for me. They are strictly range toys for me.
  9. Last word from me unless this topic changes course again :P It's just such a pity cause I love the look of a well put together 1911. Ed Brown, Nighthawk, Kimbers, etc. It's just too bad that they'll only ever be range toys for me. As for curse, I wouldn't doubt it. 1911's also tend to love throwing their ejected brass - when it does eject - right into my eyepro. Scratched the crap outta a pair of $350 Oakleys (and it's ONLY costs $80 to replace the lens!!!)
  10. Thought that was the problem too, but neither of the two rangemasters I asked to watch me shoot noticed anything off about my grip. Also, I've never had a problem limp wristing any other gun so it doesn't seem likely I'd be subconsciously limp wristing with a 1911 either.
  11. http://www.mfiap.com/smallarms/m4-fake.shtml Scroll down further for options on how much barrel you wanna cover. And yes the real HK416 is a short piston GPU.
  12. I don't like 1911s. I can't shoot them properly. Every single one of these that I've shot always jammed on me and me only. The owners, friends I'm with, and even strangers will have no problems so I'm convinced that 1911s just hate me. With that said, they look sexy and are one of the best looking handguns out there. Also, I feel you can no longer sit this one out TJ :P
  13. ARMS makes a folding FSP/gas block combo: http://www.armsmounts.com/default.asp?mode...=sights&id=[hsh]41-B. My buddy has it on his AR and he's never complained about it being loose.
  14. The mid length gas system will also offer you more choices if you want rails longer than 7''.
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