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  1. Dead shot

    Return the DPMS?

    Stag's are good so are Bushy's I would go for one or the you like best TS really likes the Charles Daly brand I like Bushy and Armalite my budy is a DPMS fan any of the above are good and reliable weapons pick one the one that you like the best with the features you want and go for it ,rock river arms is a good one also were I ordered mine at all they could get at the time was a stag or bushy the were the same price and the bushy was in stock so thats what I went with
  2. Dead shot

    to my Grandfather

    we lost grandpa two years ago I would like to share his story with all of you he was in the Navy during WW II he was with the Task Force 7 composed of the carrier USS Yorktown the battleship USS Massachusetts and a powerfull flotilla of other warships was en route from the Marianas to the Philippines when they steamed head on into a typhoon Grandpa was a fireman he was in his bunk when it hit but took refuge with other off duty sailors inthe deckhouse by that time the Hull was rollin and pitching wildly with 110 mph winds it took a 70-degree roll grandpa said it started up and went down again it rolled on its side and he and another kid cralled out of a porthole they had to strip down in order to get out after they squeeze through the paussed to look around grandpa turned to say something to the kid he was gone never to be seen again he thought he'd better get away from the ship when a wave came in he jumped out and let the wave carried him away from the ship he didn't have a life jacket but got lucky and floated into a lift rafthe said it lookedd like a a haystack there were so many on it he didnt try to get on he helled on to a line around the raft for much of the 36 hours finnaly the sea grew calmer the 13 remaining men all managed to get on the raft and spent another 36 hours on the sea trying to stay out of the water and looking for sharks eventually two search planes from Yorktown spotted them and shortly the were rescued out of 250 men 62 survied from the USS Hull there was two other destroyers the USS Spence and the USS Monahan that also sank the survivors numbers from them were Spence 24 and thr Monahan was 8. Edward J. Price my grandfather in all the action they had seen none were or was as deadly as that typhone they were rescued Dec, 21 1944 we miss ya gramps
  3. Dead shot

    It's in my new bushnaster

    Thanks CB for getting the picture up for me I only tried once last night and thanks for the info TJ on the oil I have a can of trueflow that I usr on my hunting rifles its realy good for keeping the rust off but it dosent seem to be vary good as a lubricant will have to try some LSA on the action a friend told me to use some slick 50 on the action what do you think
  4. Dead shot

    It's in my new bushnaster

    here it is my Bushy and my 25 WSSM if I did it righthttp://s173.photobucket.com/albums/w68/dneel_2007/?action=view&current=DSC01078.jpg
  5. Dead shot

    It's in my new bushnaster

    Ok how do I post a picture
  6. I picked it up today took it apart cleaned everything old it down with Rem oil will have to get some CLP next time I'm in town will try and post a picture for all to see I did shoot one round threw her to make sure it was working love it cant wait to go to the range and see how she does
  7. Dead shot


    Thanks guys sounds like Eotechs the one to get it will probably be a while but that will be the one I pick up
  8. Dead shot

    New guy

    thanks Globemaster when you get the chance let us know how that 6.8 does as for the 25 wssm I realy like this round and already have a pretty good supply of ammo for my Abolt but I am thinking of giving that rifle to my son to deer hunt with and thought it would be nice to have in an AR platform
  9. Dead shot

    Need help zeroing in

    What I do with my hunting rifles when shooting from the bench is I set up with a 12in bag in front that way my chekweld is basicaly th same as shooting off hand hope this helps you
  10. Dead shot

    Need help zeroing in

    fsmitka find something to lean on and try that I have a bad habit of pulling my shots to the right when shoting free hand especially after shooting from a bench, also make sure you are putting or holding the gun in the same position every time shouldnt have a paralex problem with a leopold but its not out of the question with a scope or reddot if you dont put your chek needs to be in the same place every time I'm sure someone here will have more to add good luck
  11. Dead shot

    New and need a little help.

    Watch out ctznken you are getting AR fever it will cost you I am already there and its to late
  12. Dead shot

    New guy

    Thanks 103M 93G for the info I added that site to my favorites I've already got AR fever and dont even have mine yet I will get it next week and already looking to spend more money better find a part time job or the wife is going to be mad
  13. Dead shot


    what about a ATN I belive thats the brand I looked at price was around 110 I know you get what you pay for but it looked pretty good
  14. Dead shot

    New guy

    thats the only down fall the ammo is high but for long range shooting it would be fun
  15. Dead shot

    New guy

    Wanted to know what every one thinks of the olympic uppers was thinking of getting one in 25 wssm for my Bushy , reson I already own a browning A bolt in this caliber its awsome 1/2 groups at 100 yards think it would be killer in an AR what do you guys think Edited to get more responses- TS