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  1. That is exactly what it did.... I knew I could count on you all to help me sleep tonight!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks...!!!! sorry for the silly questions.... I just wanted to make sure I didn't damage the gun.
  3. So, I got the new Comand Arms pistol grip (awesome grip) and put it on my AR. When I took the old one off I discoverd (much to my suprise) that there is a spring and a detent for the safety. I am new to ARs and discovered something I thought was different after I put the new grip on. I cannot turn the safety from fire to safe after I dry fire the gun....however, once I charge it again the safety works fine. At first glance this appears to be the proper function but I would like some expert opinions...you know...just to feel better. I think this is fine because typically if you are at the range and you fire your last shot the bolt slides back to wait on a new magazine. You can manipulate the safety in this configuration. It is only when you dry fire the gun without a magazine that you can no longer rock the safety from fire to safe. What do you think is the gun fine?
  4. I am actually buying a new upper for my Colt. I decided to go with the Stag Arms 2H. If they are still around I will buy another lower next year or the year after..... Then, I will have TWO ARs!!!!!! I would not recommend selling it...
  5. Thanks for the information. I was really worried about the optics having a conflit with the front sight. Most of the builds I see online have the fixed front sight. I would love to hear some more opinions if there are any out there.
  6. I am going to be getting a new upper very soon. I have been looking at Stag and I had a couple of questions. Their Model 3H does not have any sights. It does have a front sight gas block that I can put flip up sights on. If given a choice would you go with the 3H (no sights with gas block) or the 2H (standard front sights and flip up rear)? Why? The money difference is next to nothing but I am just looking for your opinions. What are the pros and cons of fixed verses gas block pop-ups? Thanks.
  7. Okay.... Nevermind. I just found a YouTube video that cleared everything up... Thanks for your help. Here is the link if anyone else is interested. Now, if anyone has any great suggestions about brands I am listening... I love the suggestions so far...
  8. Sadly, I am so new that I am not sure I want to change this out myself... the thought of flying springs scares me.... With my luck I will a)never find it or b) find it but not have any idea where it goes. If someone could use small words or pictures that would be great. Just to run down what I know so far.... 1) buy a full adjustable kit with tube, buffer, etc 2) remove the screw holding my stock on 3) remove my stock 4) remove the buffer spring (at the receiver end)... the manual show me how to do that. 5) now here is where I get lost.... Sorry for all the newbie questions but once I remove it I should be good from that point on.
  9. I am very new to ARs.... Will all adjustable stocks work on all ARs? I have a standard non-adjustable stock and I want to replace it with an adjustable one. Any suggestions? I know how to take the screw out and remove the standard stock but from that point I am clueless. I understand that it is important to get a stock that has the spring etc.... A little help please....
  10. How do you go about removing a standard fixed stock? I want to put on an adjustable one.
  11. I have a Colt Match Target Competition MT6700 20" barrel (standard pivot and takedown pins). I am looking for a good quality upper (does not have to be Colt). I am looking for 16" barrel and a flat top or removable handle. Any suggestions?
  12. I am new to AR-15s and I am looking for a quality 16" upper. I want either a removable handle or just a rail. I would like to have a high quality upper not the cheapest. I have a Colt Match Target Competition 20" barrel (standard size pivot and takedown pins). The new upper does not have to be a Colt just of good quality. All suggestions are welcome.
  13. I certainly will not be... I just love the new AR and the possibilities are endless.
  14. Thanks so much for your answers... I could not find difinitive information about the fire control pin size. My pivot and takedown pins are the same size so there will be no issues with the uppers. All I was getting from other fourms is that the fire control pins were not the same size and Colt was terrible for doing it... I just assumed since they made it a big deal that it had to do with fitting uppers. Now, I understand that if my takedown and pivot holes are standard then I am good to go. If I ever want to change the trigger I will have to make sure to use the larger pins. Finally: I can use an M&P Upper with my MT6700 Colt lower. Thanks again for your help. I can seem to always count on www.ar15armory.com
  15. My Colt has the same size pivot and takedown pins. (I believe this is the standard AR setup) So let me get this straight. The fire control group pins have NO bearing on upper and lower compatibility. Is this a correct statement?
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