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  1. ToeCutter

    Delta Elite Worth It?

    Buy a Rock Island IMHO...
  2. ToeCutter

    Springfield XDM 10mm

    I kinda like the XD and I am considering buying a Xdm in 10mm.
  3. ToeCutter

    Springfield XDM 10mm

    I kinda like the XD and I am considering buying a Xdm in 10mm.
  4. ToeCutter

    Black Friday deals

    Yeah and with the Black Friday cyber code.: BFCYBER. final bill came to $584.72! so at 11% off it was another 72 dollars saved. You guys need to jump on this!
  5. ToeCutter

    Black Friday deals

    Optics planet has a pretty awesome buy 1 get 1 free on Burris scopes! I bought these....https://www.opticsplanet.com/burris-veracity-3x-15x-50-free-fullfield-ii-3-9x42-riflescope.html
  6. ToeCutter

    Snow checked a new snowmobile

    That's awesome OP. Start'em young and teach them safety! I had a really bad wreak on my Yamaha Nitro XTX back in 2013. My neck will never be the same.lol
  7. ToeCutter

    headache rack for trucks

    https://www.spyderindustries.com OP, this is the answer you seek!
  8. ToeCutter

    Ruger SR1911 10mm

    Um yeah, find me a S&W 610 and I will buy it right now! Or you could just sell me one of yours?!
  9. ToeCutter

    Rock Island 10mm

    Well I finally did buy a Rock Island ultra A2.... It is pretty sweat 1911. The grip frame is big as was to be expected. But this is not and issue for me as I have pretty large hands... I will post pics later...
  10. ToeCutter

    Rock Island 10mm

    I have been ogling the new Double stack version from Rock Island. I was really leaning towards the P220 but then i saw the Rock Island 1911... I really want both... http://armscor.com/firearms/rock-series/rock-ultra-fs-hc-10mm/
  11. ToeCutter

    Mike Rowe's 27 Points on a Mans Man

    Am I the only one who's gaydar alarm is triggered by the fact the Mike Rowe is single, and I believe never married and lives in San francisco.... Just sayn
  12. ToeCutter

    The weapon hunter TV show...

  13. ToeCutter

    Billion dollar blimp on the loose!!

    From the sound of it these "blimps" would probably be useful for the targeting and surveillance of citizenry too, yes...
  14. ToeCutter

    The weapon hunter TV show...

    So, I was channel surfing and ran across a new TV show on the Smithsonian channel. The show is called The weapon hunter. In this episode the host tracks down a MG 42 and fires it. It was pretty awesome and you guys should check it out! http://www.smithsonianchannel.com/shows/the-weapon-hunter/1003807
  15. ToeCutter

    The dead acog horse

    LOL, He is just being a smart ass by suggesting that 5x50 op! Anyway the 3.5 is larger because it has to be in order for it to have the large field of view that it does. It's size is the trade off... And the 3.5 is exactly what I will be buying as my next optic for a 16" 1/7 H-bar. But yes I think it would physically be a little to large on 12.5" barreled gun. On that rig I would go with the 3x30 TA33 series for the ranges you want to shoot. Which begs asking, why are you wanting to shoot you're 12.5" gun out to 5 and 600 meters? It just seems counter intuitive. If it was my gun I would get the 2x20 ACOG and have an awesome little stubby rig for any task under 300 meters. But thats just me.