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  1. Sorry - just noticed the alert. They're all Ed Browns, and all of these are chambered in .45 ACP. Top left is a Kobra Carry (4.25"), and is the first Brown I owned. Grips are from Grips by Esmeralda Top right is a Kobra (5"). This gun was a gift from my wife for our 11th ('Steel') Anniversary. Grips by Esmeralda. Middle left is an Executive Elite model (5"), Centennial Edition. It has 'Centennial Edition' roll mark on the slide, a special serial number featuring John Moses Browning's initials, and also has 'JMB' on the barrel bushing. The grips are legal ivory. Middle right and bottom are both Executive Carry models. The bobtailed one is blued, and also has Grips by Esmeralda. Both have crowned barrels, recessed slide stop pins, and carry cuts (Hi-Power cuts). The SS one also has a flattened and serrated slide, and the rear of the slide checkered. I'm sorry, I don't recall where I got those grips. Since this picture was taken, I've also picked up a Brown Kobra CCO LW. 4.25" slide on an aluminum alloy Officer sized frame, chambered in 9 mm. It matches the other two Kobras in color and grips. All of my 1911's have a .156" u-notch rear sight and gold bead front sight.
  2. Oops, sorry for the double post.
  3. Got this a couple weeks ago and added some of Esmeralda's grips.
  4. http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=7611/Pr..._FIT_BARREL_KIT
  5. Well I sent the pics in to Kimber and they asked me to send the gun in. Should there tomorrow, and we'll see what we see. This is my onliest 1911, so I'm without right now. And I don't like it a bit So I ordered an Ed Brown Kobra Carry.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. It was just pointed out to me that there appears to be some peening on the slide stop notch. Is that what you guys see, too? If so - what do I do about it? This is the factory slide from Kimber - should I send these pics to them?
  7. Here are a few pictures of the barrel lugs on the slide of my 1911. I've circled three areas at the lugs in the first picture that are wear areas that I didn't notice the last time I had it apart for cleaning. Notice the darker half-moon shaped areas at the front and rear edges of the lugs. I cannot feel any depression in these areas with my finger, but it is clear that there is some wear going on by the way that the carbon/oil has collected at these spots. My question is whether this is typical wear, or something to be concerned about. I have ~1,000 rounds through this pistol.

    45 acp

    I have a Custom TLE II. Most accurate pistol I've ever had. Mine's been problem free after the break-in period (about 200 rds).
  9. X2 I got a Charles Daly upper earlier this year. It is very nice - good quality.
  10. Great. Those guys have done wonders with Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge.
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