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  1. luke1450

    Imus in the Morning

    imus is ok depending on what he is babbling about however,ill stick with opie and anthony.
  2. wideglide.throw some rhinehart pipes on it,pick air cleaner of your choice,get ecm tuned and you will be good to go.
  3. luke1450

    i need new boots

    i need new boots.my chippewa loggers soles are falling off,i guess the glue is junk.they are only 5 mos old.also tag says made in china.i need something durable yet comfortable.im thinking of somthing along the tactical side for comfort and durabilty.also must be waterproof.made in the usa is a plus.any suggestions woud be helpful
  4. luke1450

    NJ is the worst state in the Union

    quit your bitchin' i live in mass.i can get a red ryder bb gun or a squirt gun,thats about it.
  5. luke1450

    What's your PSN : COD4

    always looking for people to play zombies on world at war.Ax_Wound. ps3
  6. luke1450

    Getting rid of fleas

    avantix works well on dogs...no cats,it could make em' sick.i got a call last week to a house where the oid couple was removed by emts.house was so infested we had them on our legs in the DRIVEWAY!!!!. we used a gas powered mosquito sprayer in the house.5oz pyrithin to 3 gals of water.that killed everything....everything crawling.that is not a normal treatment.it was the worst thing the company owner had ever seen in 23 years,including nightmare bedbugs. the house was condemened.the neighbor paid for our services.
  7. luke1450

    2 Girls 1 Bike......

    i want to be that bike.
  8. luke1450

    I eagerly await these PS3 games:

    fallout 3 is in my top 3.i played that game forever.good bang for the buck.
  9. luke1450

    If Britany was President.........

    spit roast
  10. luke1450

    What size do you like your partners?

    isnt treasure also called booty?
  11. luke1450

    What size do you like your partners?

    im shallow,ive seen deeper puddles.i used to fish with a net(it didnt matter).i met my wife and she is in great shape.i could never ever go back to the heavyside.although.......beauty is only a lightswitch away.
  12. luke1450

    Noooo Not Another Man With a Gun.......

    i think he is a "plant" to make the gun culture look "scary".
  13. luke1450

    level 26 zombies!!!

    what location did you try to defend or where you runnin and gunnin?we used the catwalk in the teleporter room near the original toybox location.
  14. luke1450

    If I shoot my .......................

    just be happy it isnt bedbugs.i have treated many,many houses and apartments and i still get creeped out.