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  1. Factory made with some customer supplied parts count? American Spirit Arms left side-charging upper with matched lower receiver, shop provided LPK including an ASA branded Harris drop in trigger and tube though I provided a Phase 5 Tactical EBR and Ergo deluxe grip with palm swell and Magpul ASAP and CTR. I also supplied a Daniel Defense 16" Lightweight barrel, Doublestar low profile gas block, Smith Enterprises "Good Iron" muzzle break, Magpul MOE handguards. After it was built they test fired it before shipping it to me and I then added my BUIS choices and other accessories. Pictures are in the Photo Gallery, I'll look for them and link them later or direct load after I get home from work.
  2. I think they CAN be worth it. I went with Young MFG Match, chromed when I had my AR built. Brand new matched receivers by ASA and there was, and still is, virtually no slop/play during cycling. Watch some of the super slow motion videos on YouTube and you'll see the BCG flopping around vertically as well as side-to-side during cycling. No I have not used a high speed camera set up while I have shot mine, but there is no descernable movement or play (compared to my memories of my Army days) of the BCG when assembling my upper after cleaning. Yes, these parts do rub against each other during cycling and over time that will cause things to loosen up, especially given that the receiver is a softer metal than the BCG. I just use a light coat of grease on the BCG and add a few drops of light oil or Machine Gun Lube from Weapons Outfitters before firing. Thing is slick cycling and cleanup is easy peasy. I got mine from Rainier Arms if it matters, though there are a number of reputable vendors that carry match grade BCG's. YMMV, but for me I thought it was worth it and I haven't looked back on my decision.
  3. Strike Industries Foregrip [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v457/tyggrr65/Arms/AR/IMAG0272.jpg[/img] Okay but first here is a quick "before" shot. [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v457/tyggrr65/Arms/AR/P4216121.jpg[/img] So I had a MagPul AFG2 on as it was the only thing I found suitable to fit my use and confort needs, not a fan of the vertical style foregrips.....to each their own. I recently (actually through Facebook) happened upon a new product being introduced a couple of months ago. I was intrigued and after I saw the pictures I asked how much it weighed compared to the Magpul offerings.....they gave the numbers and I (in the apparent perpetual need to keep my build as lightweight as I can) ordered one. [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v457/tyggrr65/Arms/AR/IMAG0275.jpg[/img] [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v457/tyggrr65/Arms/AR/IMAG0276.jpg[/img] They weren't lying about it being lighter. When I was considering my foreend options I popped in at Rainier Arms and "felt" my way through the options. I couldn't do that this time like I did with the AFG2, which I chose over the AFG as it was lighter and also less bulky than the original version. This new item is a little thinner and shorter in overall length and also has a few refinements the AFG2 doesn't. [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v457/tyggrr65/Arms/AR/IMAG0278.jpg[/img] [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v457/tyggrr65/Arms/AR/IMAG0277.jpg[/img] Concerned about it "holding up" and not breaking as a cheap piece of plastic furniture, well, I don't go beating my AR around on things but this seems to be plenty solid and if I had to guess I do believe it's made of a poly resin and not purely plastic. According to the marketing at their website, you can mount it in a variety of ways to suit your needs/wants whereas the AFG2 is pretty much a single option. There is a curved cutout at the one end(rear as I have it mounted) so you can wrap your thumb around that end if you wish, or if mounted the other way around, your index finger. Anyway, there are a few options and you can explore them for yourself. It is the Cobra Foregrip and [url="http://strikeindustries.com/shop/index.php/rifle-enhancements/ar15-platform/s-i-cobra-fore-grip/tactical-fore-grip.html"]Strike industries[/url] is the manufacturer and they make other items if you are interested. I also have their "Cobra Trigger Guard" mounted on my AR now too visible in this shot. [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v457/tyggrr65/Arms/AR/IMAG0273.jpg[/img] No I am in no way affiliated with them, but when I am happy with a product, I don't mind saying so :) Author Growler67 Category Submitted 10/15/2012 05:21 PM  
  4. Hornady makes Steel Cased Match ammo in 55gr and 75gr. I've shot 200 rounds of the 75gr and my AR had NO problems with it. Unlike the Russian ammo in the comparison, Hornady bullets are copper jacketed and does not cause the erosion wear the harder or dual metal jacketed bullets used by the Russian manufactured stuff. I wouldn't worry about shooting the Hornady stuff......I've never shot any of the Russian stuff and don't intend to.
  5. The hi-cap mag ban went through pretty quick after the North Hollywood incident. I left (after going back after getting out of the Army) in June 1994....the mag law went into effect July 1st. Except for going back to deal with estate business I haven't gone back.....will be glad when everything is settled and I no longer have to go back. Traffic, cost of living, crime, libtards have all gotten worse since I left....only reinforced ALL the reasons I left to begin with.
  6. The article I linked showed that the biggest difference was the bullet used and its composition. The Russian made ammo all had bullets with harder jackets than the Hornady copper jacketed tested. I attribute the erosion and excessive wear directly to that facet. The malfunctions that were attributed to ammo were confined to the dirty, underpowered and inconsistant Russian made ammo tested. Though the article and test were pretty well thought out, planned and executed.......I think the title is misleading. The CASE material was the least tested and evaluated facet and they could've included Hornady Steel Cased Match ammo in 55 gr but they cited cost as the reason they did not. Was it a "definitive" test, I don't think so and they appear to be willing to accept the same. Personally, the only Russian ammo I have is .410 slug and I'm cool with that. I have not nor do I ever intend to feed any Russian made ammo through my AR unless and until they change the bullets they load with and even then I will likely remain cautious and reluctant.
  7. I put THIS on mine and don't have an issue with muzzle rise/flip. Getting back on target is quick.
  8. Pretty good info and write up here on this very subject: http://www.luckygunner.com/labs/brass-vs-steel-cased-ammo/ I will say that the case material wasn't really evaluated with regards to chamber wear or wear of the associated parts. Other than that I have the answer I needed to know about steel cased ammo. I've shot 200 rounds of Hornady Steel Cased Match 75gr without issue. However, the bullets were copper jacketed and again, I didn't have any issue with the cases being steel through my chamber or associated parts. Cycling was just fine and every rounds cycled and fired just like Federal AmEagle or BVAC I've fired through my AR. Point was made of cost for ammo vs replacement barrel on another forum I posted this on. You decide for yourself.
  9. Feinstein announced a couple months ago that she intended to reintroduce more gun control legislation and then this came up again today: http://www.thegunmag.com/un-celebrates-oba...al-gun-control/ When Obummer disembowels the Bill of Rights to remove the 2nd Ammendment, he will touch his Socialist spark of tyrannyto to the 2nd American civil war and revolution will be upon us once again.
  10. What barrel length and twist rate do you have? It will influence your choices and the responses you get.
  11. Once you get it zeroed, crank the rear sight all the way right and count your clicks. Write it down, then put it back to zero and confirm it held. Once confirmed, use a small piece of paper with your number written on it and use a small piece of clear tape to secure it to the inside of your grip. If you ever forget or it gets "adjusted", you can always get it back to where you confirmed it was zeroed. Same sort of thing for the front, but crank it down as far as it'll go counting the clicks. If you go up it'll come out of the post. You can mark your paper: F 13 R 18 ....for example. Piece of paper need not be much bigger than 1/2 inch square.
  12. Don't see a response in this thread and didn't get a PM. Questions still stand.
  13. BATFE will eventually go after these and bump stocks as a means to circumvent NFA.....mark my words.
  14. Rediculous on SO many levels. I wonder which lawyer in this litigeous society will retire first, has every hallmark of being a :kevinstrain:
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