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  1. Yea, I'd rather pay five extra bucks than argue with some narrow-minded hater.
  2. I would think they would still perform FFL services and transfer an AR even if they don't sell it in the shop.
  3. Hey, I recently bought a .308 bolt-action and have a Hawke Endurance 3-9x40mm lying around. When I bought the scope it was being sold as a good scope for a .223, which is what I initially bought it for. I was wondering if anybody had any experience with it on a larger gun though. I'd hate to put it on my .308 and have optics rattling loose or something. Thanks. --Surgery
  4. I always bring cash and even sometimes consciously leave the credit card at home. Reason one: it's harder to talk myself into spending more than I intended if I have to drive all the way home to get the card and drive back to the show and hope the item I wanted is still there and 2) sometimes "You want $650 for it? Damn, all I've got is $600" works.
  5. Hm, thanks for the thoughts guys. I'm looking at this one partly because it's cheaper and if I end up not liking it or feeling it's superfluous for my needs I'm not out that much.
  6. So, I've got the itch to buy more stuff for my AR and was wondering, is there a reason to have a VFG if I am not shooting full-auto? Or rather other than aesthetic reasons? Thanks.
  7. http://ag.ca.gov/firearms/forms/pdf/Cfl2007.pdf Start at page 14. Specifically mentions flare launchers on page 15. Looks like no fun.
  8. Check out brownell's website. They have a whole section of short videos on assembling an AR. I don't remember the exact details but I don't think changing a gas block was too terribly difficult. http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/lid=11614/learn/ is where the apropo video resides.
  9. I always oil the barrel after cleaning. I dab a patch in a bit of motor oil (yes, motor oil), run it down the barrel then run a dry patch down just to clean up any excess. Motor oil works just as well and is cheaper. Sometimes I cut up old t-shirts for patches too instead of buying them, works just as well for less money. It hasn't failed me yet, and my father has done the same for 30 years and this process hasn't failed him yet either.
  10. There's an excellent article in this month's Shooting Times about just that. Good read.
  11. Wait, everyone's done their taxes already? It's only February!
  12. Depending on how far back you like your scope mounted I would also suggest an extended charging handle latch. Something like this. It attaches very easily and makes one handed bolt cycling much easier (and depending on the position of your scope, at all doable).
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