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  1. I've been around the forum for a while and have recently relocated to the Yakima area. Down the thread a bit I saw mention of a tract of land that is open for shooting. Any directions or locations for longer range outdoor shooting would be appreciated. Also, anyone looking for someone to head out to a range with, let me know!
  2. I have 3 of the Mec-Gar 18 round mags for my P226 with about 1000 rounds through them and I've never had a problem. YMMV.
  3. Thanks for that information. Being fairly new to this I was unsure on where to start with replacement parts...and will be adding the items you mentioned to my shopping list. I'm open to additional items as well if there are other parts that would be considered "must have" just in case. Thanks
  4. Price difference is about $65, the Addax bcg costing more....so the site discount would make a small difference. As far as buying both, I would rather acquire more parts at this point and start duplicating spares later.
  5. I have owned my AR15 for while now and have put about 1,000 rounds through it. I plan to start acquiring replacement/ spares for it and will be starting with the BCG. Actually I will be using the factory bcg as the spare and putting a new one in the rifle. The most likely choices will be either the Addax DLC or the BCM (auto version). Was also considering the Addax chrome but prefer black. Any advice or comments?
  6. I'd like to purchase some type of two way radios to have on hand for a worst case scenario situation. If anyone can suggest a model that works well as far as range, battery life or other features, that would be great. Also, any comments on which bands people feel will be important to have access to, whether just for listening for info/ updates? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks. I checked at Cabelas and a few other likely sites and there are a few options. I should have added in my first post that I'm trying to find something 4500+ in size...that seems to be where the trouble is.
  8. I have been trying to find a good quality, comfortable pack in camo. The name brand packs I have found such as Osprey or Gregory have great suspension systems and are very comfortable, but lack a camo option. The military style packs are functional, but not great for loading 60+ pounds and hiking multiple days. I realize the military guys do it...but there must be a better option. Any ideas would be great. Thanks.
  9. So I currently own a Sig226 in 9mm which I intend to take with me in a shtf situation. I am going to buy a new handgun soon for use as a ccw. I love the Sig but it's a bit too big for daily ccw. So the question is would it make sense to get something of the same caliber which would mean I only need to keep 9mm on hand, or would it make more sense to get a different caliber which gives me two types of "found" ammo I could use if it ever came to that? Thanks for any thoughts.
  10. Has anyone tried the esbit fire starters or the hexamine cooking tablets? The come in a sealed pack....I'll give them a try if nobody has any feedback.
  11. New to the show and just started acquiring. Currently have 16 30 rd Pmags for my AR/ Three Mec Gar 18 round and 2 15 round Sig mags for my Sig P226. It's my understanding that it's ok to keep the Pmags loaded, especially with the clip they have on the top. Let me know if I've missed something!
  12. Well, now that I have the new rifle I need to start acquiring spare parts. I'd like to start with the parts most likely to fail and go from there. I will most likely end up with enough to build a new complete weapon. If anyone can suggest some parts and the order in which they would buy them, that would be great. Thanks
  13. Well, I went with a combination. I returned the DPMS and he didn't really have anything else for me to choose from. I went down to the road to a larger shop and they had a few to choose from. Seeing how difficult it is to find something in stock, even online, I went with a Bushmaster lower and Stag upper that they had built. It ended up costing a bit less than the DPMS. It was fairly basic, which is what I wanted to start with. I should be able to get out with it sometime next week. Thanks for all the input!
  14. Would you trade in your DPMS for a Stag? That's another option for me.
  15. Thanks for taking the time. I just received an email from DPMS and they said it would be stamped "Chrome Lined" on the top of the barrel between the front sight and muzzle. It's not stamped, so I think I'll be returning it for something chrome lined. The store had a Bushmaster....I may go for that. I don't know much about it, but it seems chrome lined is something the gun should have. If I'm wrong in my perception of this, please let me know. Any other suggestions would be great.
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