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  1. I have a bunch of misc. stuff available for sale. It is all BRAND NEW, has never been worn or used, just some surplus stuff I had bought & never put to use. Everything was bought within the last year. Shipping on everything is only $1.75 for USPS First Class mail except for the larger items. I'm not really looking for any kinds of trades at the moment, just cash right now. Just PM me if interested. Thanks for looking. IRA stripped upper & lower set in their Flat Black Ceramakote coating (I won't split this up) - $750 Titanium Toothpick (medical grade Ti, about 3" long) - $25 Maxpedition MOLLE straps - $5 High quality 6x6 pouch w/MOLLE straps (I forget the actual maker, but it is one of the better ones) $15 HSGI Pistol Mag pouch (there are 2 of them) $10 each Blue Force Gear Vickers Black Padded Cobra Sling - $100 VTAC QD Heavy Duty Sling Mount - $15 Darn Tough Socks (there are 2 pairs) - these have never been worn, only washed once. Size Large - $15 each Covert Threads Rock Sock in Black, Large (never worn, just washed once) - $10 Surefire E2DL Defender LED (brand new with new batteries, just no packaging) $150 Minox BD 8x32 Binos WITH aspheric glass! (Have box, lens covers warranty card everything.) - $250 Magpul spare buttpad & sling mount - $5 each Pelican Case Foam (about 2'x3' I forget which model it goes in at the moment can get more info if you're interested) - $100
  2. Still available - price drop to $175 SHIPPED to move fast! (add 3% for paypal fees unless you send as a gift) Thanks.
  3. I've got a BNIB HEST/F knife that I would like sell. Here are a couple of pics of the knife: Ti Framelock G10 Handle D2 Blade Steel It's bad arse! $225 shipped.
  4. Just wondering if anyone here (or some where else) was doing a MEGA Group Buy? I'm looking to pick up an "H" Lower... Thanks
  5. Ok, any where in particular? Gimme some good aspects of colordo vs. Montana or South/North Dakota etc. I dont honestly care what state the land is in, I'm not partial to any place yet. So the options are wide open.
  6. that reporter can go F herself. Man I give that guy a lot of credit for staying cool & calm and handling her objections perfectly. Shes a moron and hes at least realistic. As much as a christian car dealer giving away AK47's can be haha
  7. What is the love & fasination with the M1 Garand? Whats different with the M1 carbine?
  8. You really post a lot of weird and sick shat.
  9. Where is land still "cheap these days"? (i.e. 1,000-2,000 an acre or less) I'd like to get 50-100 acres around mountains and places with lots of forrest to hunt. I want a place with a big river or stream that I can fish & use for drinking water. (I will also make sure there are wells on the property incase stream is contaminated) Nice rolling hills etc. Want to be able to farm year round for various things, so the climate much match. Can anyone point me to a particular state so I can then start going a little deeper?
  10. But would you bet your life on it like you would the good, american made mil spec stuff from a place like bestglide?
  11. If you want TRUE military 550 go here: http://www.bestglide.com/550_cord_info.html Thats the legit stuff. Maybe a few dollars more than the other junk, but when it comes to serious survival gear, I'm not skimping.
  12. I think they are pushing the license so you can participate & learn now, so when SHTF, you know how to use the tools you have. Its really a good point. I'm probably going to pick mine up eventually. I was really sold on the Garmin Rhino beacuse of the GPS screen. So do you guys think I should get that or a Yaesu HAM? Are they making any handhelds that are shielded? I'm going to build a compound in the ground and wrap it with EMP shielding. - if I had the funds, I would seriously do it.
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