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  1. I think I know that fleamarket. West of Pawpaw, North off 94 until the Tee, take a left and go about 5 miles. Flea market is on the right at the big curve in the road. I remember going to that flea market with my grandma, grandpa, and uncle. Must be 30 years ago now when they were all still alive. Wandering around with them and picking up old stuff that would clean up or work on the farm. I just closed my eyes and I can almost smell that old dodge conversion van grandma and grandpa had... Serious nostaliga memory trip. It was a better time then, and a better flea market too. Thanks for the memories Lon.
  2. Between atf ruling 2011-4 and this letter https://www.guntrustlawyer.com/files/2015/02/Transport-a-Title-II-as-a-Title-1-across-state-lines.pdf You can transport your NFA items built out as complete title 1 items. But you can't put them back into title 2 status in the new location. You would have to return to the original state with them as title 1 guns then reassemble them as title 2 and then legally transport the title 2 items across state lines.
  3. If you build your SBR back into a title 1 type firearm, you can transport it where ever you want. You will need to keep it as a title 1 weapon (but can store it anywhere you can legally have that type of gun) until you get your form 20 back. After the 20 comes back you can move the SBR to your new home.
  4. So when the majority of this country is Muslim, and those folks use their voting mass to pass laws to impose their will on Christians like they currently do in places like Egypt; you will be OK with that and support it because that is religion. Pay your jizya tax and hope they don't kill you for daring to believe different than they do. The First Amendment is intended to (among other things) protect us ALL from the state imposing ANY mandatory religious practices. The right to pray, and the right NOT to pray. The right to practice your religion right up until you impose your religion or lack of it on others. If you want to bring your God into school, then you open the door for EVERY God to come in along with them. Christianity alongside Islam, Buddhism, Scientology and Satanism would all get their prayer day of the week. If you want Christianity in schools, but not any of these other religions, please close the shutters on your glass house before casting more stones.
  5. Are any of these idiots, er... concerned people... who think these stores are racist doing the right thing by no longer buying anything there, or are they knowingly and willfully continuing to support a racist company? Hopefully starvation kills off the stupid brain cells first.
  6. This weekend I rented a Dodge Challenger and went from MN to Battle Creek, MI and back. 90/94 to 39 to 80 around Chicago. Overnight there were very few trucks on the road. I stopped for a nap about 2:30 at the Loves just East of the I39 & I80 interchange and up and rolling again about 530. Shortly after 6 AM, all of a sudden 2 lanes packed with semis 10 feet apart rolling at 65 as far as you can see.
  7. So if you call the local cops on the guy, say he is threatening to send men with guns to your house to assault you and your family and steal your valuable personal property, what happens? This claim is 100% true for any person speaking in support of these laws.
  8. Drill a hole in a couple of the larger bits and insert a rod and you then have a handy stand to hold your bits steady while painting too. Cool find.
  9. I know you need to be careful on ammo selection for your gun. Some of the rounds that are good in other calibers do not perform the same out of a small 380. I don't know if it has been corrected but one of the high end Hornady loads (I think critical defense, but not sure) would consistently fail to expand when fired from actual 380 pocket guns. Make sure you test whatever you end up with for both reliability and performance as advertised before you count on that cool little blaster.
  10. There has been discussion from batef folks about modifying the brace in such a way that it no longer works as a brace being an invite for legal problems. Leaving the strap there avoids this issue, and as you said keeps it together so it braces better anyway.
  11. You could pin and weld one of these https://www.griffinarmament.com/Spartan-3-Silencer-p/gasp3.htmor these https://www.griffinarmament.com/GP5-5-56-Suppressor-p/gagp5.htm to get you ovef 16" and then add a stock.
  12. I used to shoot matches with Steve. Dude knows his stuff.
  13. Just goes back to the old honest saying: you are what you eat.
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