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  1. BulldogN

    A new addition to our family

    Great looking pup! A excellent addition to any family ......
  2. BulldogN

    new rail and mbus

    +1 Looks great!
  3. BulldogN

    I got CLOWNS!

    Okay, I'm in! Send it my way.
  4. BulldogN

    BRO group buy

    Yep, having the tactical overwatch that was offered in with the BRO Group buy built. I can't wait to get this thing together.
  5. BulldogN

    BRO group buy

    Dan, Thanks for the update. I appreciate your participation in the Group Buy and look forward to seeing your handy-work with the cerakote. Jay
  6. BulldogN

    Black Rain Ordnance Group Buy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to all the winners, can't wait to see everyone's builds. Jay
  7. I have got them on my leupold VX-L just because nobody else offered any covers for it at the time. I have butler creek on some of my other rifles and they serve their purpose. To me they are alot better than the covers Leupold provides but not that much better (weighing the cost difference) than the butler creek, but I do love the looks of the Aluminas on the scope. Hope this helps you some! Jay
  8. BulldogN

    Black Rain Ordnance Group Buy!!!!!!!!!!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You James!
  9. BulldogN

    sportical 5.56

    Very Nice!
  10. BulldogN

    Black Rain Ordnance Group Buy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Project "Rainmaker" BRO upper receiver and charging handle are heading to Addax for the 18" SPR. I had the upper rec/lower rec/ and barrel cerakoted OD Green and everything else will be black. Magpul UBR, Magpul MIAD Grip, DPMS lower parts kit and I think I am going to send the trigger to Bill Springfield to be worked. I am thinking about the leupold Mark 4 CQ/T but I am not 100% sure what optics I will be going with, but that will be on down the road once my funds replenish themselves. (Open to any recommendations on the optics) I can't wait to get everything together. Jay
  11. BulldogN

    Black Rain Ordnance Group Buy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chris, sent you an email today. Jay
  12. BulldogN

    Black Rain Ordnance Group Buy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hot d@mn I finally won something. Thank you ar15armory, James, BRO, Amelon coatings, and Addax Tactical . Now the tough part is choosing the color and trying to find the funds for the 18" Addax Tactical Lite SPR (hopefully). Thanks Jay P.S. James I sent you a couple of PM's with my contact info and just wanted to make sure you got them.
  13. BulldogN

    Black Rain Ordnance Group Buy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Somewhat of a newbie, been away for a while but would love to get in on this! jchtrh, I will send you an IM to see what all you need. thanks! Jay
  14. BulldogN

    Welcome To AR15Armory.com

    Hello All! Glad to be back. I joined probably over a year ago after my dad gave me my first AR, but do to family and financial issues had to sell it. Well with God's help, I finally made it through and was able to purchase another one . Look foward (again) to all the great info and expertise you guys share and am glad to be back to shooting again. Jay
  15. Just wandering about this brand. What are the good/bads with them? Thanks, Jay