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  1. 223 FRANGIBLE U.S.G.I. 50 GRAIN BULLET LEAD FREE AND NON-TOXIC REDUCED RICOCHET - LOW PENETRATION UNITED STATES GOVT. ISSUE sounds like the 2 boxes I have.... used some pliers to rip a few apart a few it's a thin jacket with crumbly brown stuff all the way through (nice thing about this semi-jacketed frangible ammo is it has less fouling that that full frangible crap) ammoman dot com - had some a while back for .50-.75 per shot (in bulk)
  2. yup, broke one apart and it had that brown crumbly material all the way through, just plain old frangible ammo http://www.tds-us.com/store.php?seller=tds...;disp=info#INFO
  3. http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/GunTech/N...&mc_ID=3017
  4. google it (it's how it pulls and breaks) my thought is keep it stock (unless you have more than one)
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