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  1. Sounds interesting. How do you fit a contractors bag in an altoids can??
  2. Great looking knife!! How strong is the lock?? Looked on their website, guess you have to contact the dealer to see prices. Are you aware of any of their dealers ?
  3. I almost always carry 2 knives. One for utility, which will sport a plain blade. The other knife will have 50/50 blade and serves for social/survival work.
  4. I carry a pair of "Blackouts" at work. Really like the Ken Onion assisted opening. Gave my wife a "Chive".
  5. I have several, and have always had good luck with them. I also think they offer a good value for the money.
  6. Great looking knife. I will be anxious to hear about how it handles. Whenever I used to get a new knife I would go out and make a two person brush leanto shelter, and see how it would take it. Ruled out some good knives, that I thought were going to be "THE ONE". That knife looks like it has good weight forward... I'll be curious...
  7. Great thread. We have a Big Berky gravity filtration system Several 55 gal Blue drums An inground pool, for non potable water. and a couple of 275 gal food grade tanks. As far as the water bed storage, beware that many of those that were made with baffles were treated inside with algacide, and can be toxic.
  8. If SHTF, our plan is to hold fast with what we have prepared. But should a Bug-Out be necessary, most likely our armament would of course be based on mobility. If useing a vehicle, the list would be long !! Should we have to set out on foot, each of us would be equipped alike. AR-15 Carbine Main defense Glock 19 Sidearm Glock 26 E&E kit I would also carry a Beretta 87 22LR for small game. Wife would also carry a Kel-Tec .380 for deep concealment. She has a Cold Steel Tanto & a couple of folders. I would most likely carry Either a Bardsley survival or A Trail Master, along with a couple good folders. Would pack All the mags and ammo we could lug with the rest of our gear. If the situation allowed the use of a bycycle or garden cart, then a good deal more could be carried to augment your Ruck and standard arms.
  9. Testing your skills and your gear before you need them is absolutely the way to go. Good Job.
  10. F.N.G here! I have had a couple of "Enforcers" over the years. One a Universal and the other a Plainfield. The Plainfield is the better of the two manufacturers. By themselves they really are pretty worthless. Too big and bulky for a pistol and no stock for use as a rifle. Mostly spray and pray... The last one I had though, I experimented with mounting a LASER, and a red dot sight. Both were a vast improvement, especially the LASER. But still not enough to make me buy another one.
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