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  1. Those worms better stay away from my Reba!
  2. I am surprised at how shallow the epicenters have been with the Lugoff quakes. 1-4km deep, compared to today's quakes near Okinawa being 24-113km deep. I am curious what that means.
  3. My mom got dismissed from jury selection in a capital murder trial in California decades ago for answering honestly. When asked how she felt about capital punishment she answered, "I think every courthouse that handles capital cases should have a wall out back, stained red and pockmarked with bullet holes."
  4. LMAO! Wrong thread bro. This thread appears to be about expensive apartments, not marxists/democrats/Biden or stolen elections.
  5. As a teenager I had to push-mow two and a half acres of that nice thick, NE Louisiana grass...twice a month. As an adult, I haven't mowed a yard but once in the last 22 years.
  6. A civilian instructor I had in AIT was a Huey guy. He said they sat on their flak jackets and hung their M60 out the door on bungie straps, until they discovered the recoil was causing 7.62 rounds to go through the rotor blades.
  7. I think the wallet pain is just a shock to me because this will be the first time in 24 years that I've had a car note to pay. I was pleased to know that full coverage on the new car is only bringing my insurance up by $16/month. My 18y/o daughter asked if I can add her to the insurance. NOPE. That would triple my premium. LOL
  8. The weekend started out great. I had Friday off, so I wanted to prep for a "Unknown Distance" match on Saturday at the range. The website stated they were running a rimfire division as well, so that is the direction I was headed. I threw the Gen II PST on my best shooting .22 and took my son to the range, to gather dope. It was the perfect day for rimfires. Pleasant temps with ZERO wind! With a 20moa rail on the 10/22 and some shims in the rings, I was able to dial out to 325 yards, with enough reticle to hold-over out to 400. The CCI Standard Velocity 40gn did well at 300 or less, but was opening up groups terribly at 400. While I was there, the Mrs. called, and I messed up. I answered the phone. Well, she says her mini-van started making a funny noise on the way to work that morning, she looked at the gauges and the water temp was in the red. So she turned the heater on full blast and finished the last mile to work. After it cooled for a few hours at work, she fired it up and added water. "Baby, I don't know where the water was going, but it drops back down after I fill it. Can you do something?"" I'm 40 miles away at the range. Her office is 10 minutes from our house. I told her to let it cool back down, and when I get done at the range, I'll come down there and give the van a good, stern talking to. That was the WRONG answer. "Nevermind! I'll put water in it before I leave work and add more if it gets hot on the way home." We ended up getting home just about the same time, and I popped the hood and all that good energy I had from the range session said, "See ya Homie. Time to bounce!" The idling engine sounded like it was running underwater. I didn't even look at the temp gauge. I went straight for the dipstick. Yep, the dipstick showed about 12-inches of foamy chocolate milk on it. An '06 with 210K miles on it with either a cracked head/block or a blown head gasket has a trade-in value of about $250, and $500 if the engine is good. I told her we are car shopping Saturday instead of shooting steel at the match. It Is kind of an ironic back story to this all. About 3 years ago, I was driving a '96 Ford Ranger that was due for new shoes. I forked over the $$$ and put four new tires on it. One week later, the thermostat housing bolts backed out and emptied the engine of coolant and resulted in a cracked head. I found a 92' Ranger for $500 and bought it. I've been driving it ever since, and (depending how many times the odometer rolled over before I bought it) it has either 251K or 351K miles on it now. The irony comes in fact that I just put two brand new front tires on the minivan 9 days before this newest incident. Well, fours hours at the dealership and she ended up with something she liked. Happy wife = happy life. Although I felt like I needed a bath after dealing with those people. And I will try to shoot the next time my range holds a match. http:// 300 yards target through the scope... http:// 5 round group (slow fire) I don"t know where the missing shot went... http:// My son bet I couldn't go ten for ten on the yellow target at 300. Rules were, rapid fire, as fast as I could squeeze the trigger...
  9. $4 in Mobile for regular this morning, on the drive to work. I'm fixing to buy a goat to ride to work.
  10. DaVinci Resolve is a top-of-the-line editing software that is free. It does take compute horsepower to edit and render video, regardless of the program used (especially at higher resolutions). This was my first attempt experimenting with Davinci Resolve...cell phone camera style.
  11. Well, I thought I wouldn't be able to enter the match because my new 6.5 barrel got delayed, but apparently they are running a .22LR only match following the same rules. Yay! Time to slap the PST on the .22 and gather dope.
  12. Ok, I feel like there may be an obvious answer to this quandary of mine, but I am going to ask it anyway. To set the stage, the new X.O. of the range I belong to is planning to put on a competition in March. $50 entry fee (20 competitors) with $1000 to 1st, $300 to 2nd and $150 to 3rd place. It shall be five stages of 10 steel targets, each stage at an unknown distance (our range maxes out at 1000yds). Competitors will be paired off for one to act as spotter for the other, and vice-versa. Fewest misses wins. NO electronics allowed on the firing line, with the exception of electronic ear protection. So, no range finders, Kestrals, etc. I know the math and how to use my MOA reticle to range targets of a known size, but this dude threw a wrinkle in the mix. "All targets will be 1-moa in size". How the hell do I range targets at unknown distances with my reticle, when they are all going to fill 1-moa? I'm perplexed. Please tell me I'm an ID-ten-T, and there is an easy answer. Mike
  13. Beans. 6.5Creed And KC Masterpiece as well.
  14. I wonder if Hillary is already writing her condolences to Durham's family, for his impending suicide.
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