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    Deer hunting, fish hunting, metal detecting, shooting, tinkering, hobby gunsmithing, college football (don't care about pro ball)and trying to make enough money to afford ammo!

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  1. meh77gmc

    My Ladies Are Due Today

    Dayum, that's a scary statement.
  2. meh77gmc

    Any Division 2 Players?

    I sometimes play it, as I received it free when I bought a new AMD graphics card. That being said, I obviously play it on the PC. I don't do xbox or ps4 stuff.
  3. meh77gmc

    It might be Monday....

    I think "Farm to Market Rd." is the most popular road name in Texas
  4. meh77gmc

    Finally got one with no fliers!

    Yeah, I haven't bought it by the brick. I've only bought 250 rounds of it so far.
  5. meh77gmc

    Finally got one with no fliers!

    It is some good ammo. I believe the "SK Rifle Match" is identical to the Lapua CenterX ammo, and 7 cents/round cheaper too. Samehead stamp, same factory, same oily film on the cartridge and the same nasty smell when fired. Just cheaper.
  6. meh77gmc

    Finally got one with no fliers!

    Ha! There are a few mobile homes on this property, and to stretch it past 88 yards I have to tape the target to the side of the neighbor's trailer.
  7. meh77gmc

    Finally got one with no fliers!

    I agree, but I will have to wait until the neighbor isnt at home, because I only have 88 yards to use when they are home.
  8. meh77gmc

    Finally got one with no fliers!

    This one is going in my wallet, because it was hard earned. Hahaha! 50-yards, prone off a bipod. Ruger 10/22 with FJ Pedersen polygonal barrel & Vortex Diamondback 4x24 FFP.
  9. meh77gmc

    I Did Something Stupid with my "Smart" Phone.

    I installed Duck duck go and checked the box to make it my default browser instead of Chrome. Then I believe I went in and "disabled" Chrome IIRC. That may be an option for you.
  10. meh77gmc

    Scope advice

    I recently made my most expensive scope purchase to date and got a Vortex Diamondback Tactical in 6x24 and am pleased with it for the $400 price. It lacks a zero stop on the turrets, but it has all the other features you listed. I really like having a FFP with turrets that match the reticle.
  11. meh77gmc

    Assange arrested in London

    Didn't he say, years ago, that everything would automatically be released if he was arrested or killed?
  12. meh77gmc

    Im fliyng Jeff Foxworthy!!

    Do it!
  13. meh77gmc

    The Armory is in mourning.

    Dang, I really hate hearing this kind of news. G will certainly be missed.
  14. That what I was going to say also, but I couldn't remember how to spell "oil".
  15. meh77gmc

    More shop tinkering. This time a Glock sight pusher.

    Will plastic have enough muscle to push a rear sight?