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    Deer hunting, fish hunting, metal detecting, shooting, tinkering, hobby gunsmithing, college football (don't care about pro ball)and trying to make enough money to afford ammo!

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  1. meh77gmc

    Got grips!

    Nice! Next one, you'll have to do a checkering tutorial for us.
  2. meh77gmc

    Got grips!

    I'm looking forward to following this thread! I like these kind of things.
  3. meh77gmc

    Had enough of this BS

  4. meh77gmc

    Jordan Here I Come.... Anyone ever been?

    I can't imagine that flight in coach. My longest was Seattle to Seoul (and back a year later) and that sucked greatly at 19 years old. No way I'd want to do a flight like that at 42 after my knee replacement.
  5. meh77gmc

    Geaux Tigers!

    Geaux Tigers!
  6. meh77gmc

    LSU dealt out a whupping.

    Geaux Tigers!!!
  7. meh77gmc

    Anybody Drinking Tonight?

    Tonight, I am. I am consuming copious amounts of cold snacks while eating hot lasagna, in celebration of the Bayou Bengals' spanking of the Oklahoma Sooners. GEAUX TIGERS!
  8. meh77gmc

    A question about hunting

    My suppressed .22 is my friend in that situation.
  9. meh77gmc

    Conservation of energy, it is a law

    That depends. Is it an African chicken?
  10. meh77gmc

    Ughhh... Pet Trauma

    This is sad to hear, and I hate that you are going through it. I am a critter lover myself and can empathize with you. For the future, grinding pills with a mortar & pestle, then dissolving in water is an option if the meds were NOT meant to be a slow dissolving (measured release) type to start with. You have our thoughts and support as you deal with this situation. Mike
  11. meh77gmc

    1022 upgrade

    I did some trigger work on mine, modified the bolt release so it can be closed slingshot style, and added a FJ Feddersen bull barrel. That took my 10/22 from 2-3moa groups at 50 yards down to 5-shot groups under a quarter inch with CCI Standard Velocity ammo. The Feddersen barrels with their single edge poly rifling are pricey, but they are worth it. Just my .02 Mike
  12. meh77gmc

    FORD v FERRARI = Most Excellent Movie

    Y'all should quit pickin' on Rampy for the being in the Air Force. It is well known that the Air Force is a perfectly good alternative to military service.
  13. meh77gmc

    Things that make me angry...

    I love good groups. I hate wooden rulers.
  14. meh77gmc

    New watch came in today.

    Yes, one of the modes allows for the incremental adjustment of the hands as well as the mode dial, independent of the digital readout. I like knowing that as I can be a bit ocd as well.