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  1. Ok, who hacked Rampy's account?
  2. Here in Alabama, the "stop and identify" statute (I think that is what it's called) says if you are operating a motor vehicle you DO have to produce ID for an officer when he asks for it. However, if you are not operating a vehicle (such as a passenger, or a pedestrian) then you DO NOT have to produce ID, but you are required to truthfully give the officer you legal name and address.
  3. Hmmm, that is possible. We were at a bench and I was trying to hit small targets with irons, so I might have been too gentle on the shoulder and trigger. I will have to look at the trigger to see if it is from the factory or if it is aftermarket of some kind.
  4. Good afternoon y'all. My brain is confuzzled and I don't know where to start my diagnostics at. I took a new-to-me 16" LR308 (cheap Oracle from DPMS) to the range to zero a new set of irons and play a little. In 40 rounds of 7.62 ammo in Lake City brass, I had about a good dozen of them fail to fire due to light primer strikes. I got tired of that and switched to 10-round mag of Winchester White box in 7.62. That ammo doubled with my son on the rifle. So, I took over. First shot- no problem. Second shot- went full 3-round burst before I could get my finger off the bullet button. I'm glad we we the only ones at the range when this happened. So, what should I start looking at first to get rid of this problem? I want this thing to run right. Thanks for your time. Mike
  5. I was listening to a local 2m repeater and heard a QSO with a guy talking about setting his table up for the gun show the following day. He had ARs and ammo. He said he was going to mark everything up double and see what he sells. I got pissed and shut the radio off so I wouldn't end up breaking any FCC rules.
  6. I hope things work out and match well for you setup. The DPMS I have was a gift and being an inexpensive (and 2moa when tested with a scope) model, I decided to put iron sights on it only. I went with the barrel mounted C4 sights along with the Apollo muzzle brake from Ultradyne. I run the Apollo S brake on my Savage bolt gun and am sold on the performance. Hopefully the sights and brake will arrive this week, so I can test them out while I'm on vacation from work.
  7. While I don't have an answer for you, I did take a measurement on my DPMS Oracle. I measured 3 times and got .154" Seems to be like yours. While I do eventually want to put a free-floating handguard on it, I will not worry about the measured rail because when the big, brown truck arrives this week it will have a barrel-mounted front sight.
  8. Oh my lawd! My laughing muscles are hurting now!
  9. There is no "conspiracy theory" in saying solar panels do not produce power when the have a foot of snow covering them, because the fact is, they do not work with a foot of snow covering them. There is no conspiracy in the fact that wind turbines do not produce electricity when they are frozen stiff, nor when they are shut down in winds that are too strong. Coal fired and gas fired power plants do produce electricity in high winds, freezing temperatures and with snow covering them. So do nuclear power plants. There is zero "conspiracy theory" in these facts.
  10. Ya should see the looks I get when I wear a shemag to places like the gun counter at Academy.
  11. Oh lawd, that brings back memories from my days as a helper in the fab shop. We had this tweaked out welder who liked to cut up Zanex (spelling?) Like it was cocaine, and snort it at work. I've seen him weld like that.
  12. They built a Buc-ee's on I-10 between Mobile and P'cola. No idea why. Huge though. I think something like 80+ gas pumps.
  13. Good luck with your blood pressure when you see how much homo, lgbt-qrstuv "Discovery" crams down your throat.
  14. meh77gmc


    I believe I was at 20/200 before yesterday, with .5 diopter of astigmatism. 23 years ago as a young army private, I was at 20/400.
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