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    Deer hunting, fish hunting, metal detecting, shooting, tinkering, hobby gunsmithing, college football (don't care about pro ball)and trying to make enough money to afford ammo!

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  1. meh77gmc

    Got the call today...

  2. meh77gmc


    After last weekend's season opening performance I was happy with what I saw LSU do, but wanted to hold back my expectations until they played somebody good. Now, after watching the away game against the Longhorns, I am excited. GEAUX TIGERS! That is all.
  3. It happened here in Mobile, and I believe it isn't getting the typical outrageous coverage because it was a back shooter at a game between two black highchools. Although, the game was held at a stadium that is not on any school grounds, so maybe it didnt qualify for their "school shooting" tears.
  4. meh77gmc

    Hey, Computer Wizards

    The add-on I use with DDG is Privacy Badger. I have had no issues with it yet.
  5. meh77gmc

    what is considered a high power rifle cartridge?

    I dont know the clinical answer to the question, but my personal opinion would be along the lines of... any bullet at 90 grains or above at velocities above 2500fps at the muzzle.
  6. meh77gmc

    Retcop Has Spoken.......

    Wish I could buy John a beer!
  7. Very nice write-up. I always enjoy reading them, especially about the guns themselves.
  8. meh77gmc

    american muscle dilemma

    The HP these days amaze me. Back when I bought my '93 4-cyl Mustang. It came with 88-hp. The '93 Cobra had 240-hp. Now, the 4-cyl Mustangs are topping 300 horses.
  9. meh77gmc

    Gay Cake issue

    Not flagrantly flamboyant like carrot cake or upside-down cakes, but it was a little bit out there. I mean, who puts the letter "d" in bundt cake if not to draw attention.
  10. meh77gmc

    Gay Cake issue

    The wife brought home a cake from the store the other day. It tasted funny. I wo der if it was gay.
  11. meh77gmc

    A Little Warm?

    I'm starting to wonder if Lower Alabama is the second closest planet to the sun. I used to only think it was the armpit of the south.
  12. meh77gmc

    California Earthquake??? Tail Of The Dragon..

    The earthquake has grabbed my attention, as it's epicenter was only 11 miles away from the town i grew up in. I still have one cousin in that nothing town. I've felt many quakes growing up in that desert, but nothing as strong as the 7.1 they just got.
  13. meh77gmc

    Monday again....

    2.3L Ford Ranger
  14. meh77gmc

    Monday again....

    I started my Monday off a blown head gasket. Yay.
  15. meh77gmc

    Some of you may not get this...

    Got it, and I'm only 41