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  1. meh77gmc


    You got it. Prayers are inbound.
  2. meh77gmc

    Dayumit I think my battery just went dead.

    10mm is known to be hardest to find wrench or socket in my box. Its. Like there is a toolbox gremlin that likes hiding the 10mm.
  3. meh77gmc

    Dayumit I think my battery just went dead.

    Yup. Corrosion or an ate up cable.
  4. meh77gmc

    Crock pot meatballs -grape jelly recipe

    I'm freaking hungry now.
  5. meh77gmc

    Now they're coming for MY guns!

    Tell that to 20-something Sheriffs in New Mexico.
  6. meh77gmc

    Now they're coming for MY guns!

    "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." -Thomas Jefferson
  7. meh77gmc

    New parts for 10/22 coming

    Perhaps I am confused (wouldn't be the first time), but I thought I was seeing that Wolf Match Extra for $7.50 per 50. I'm sure shipping would make it higher, but I was willing to try 100 or 150 rounds at that price.
  8. meh77gmc

    New parts for 10/22 coming

    The brown truck should be delivering 3 types of ammo on Wednesday. CCI Green Tag, standard velocity CCI, Lapua Center X, as well as a set of low profile scope rings. I found the Wolf ammo I was looking for, but my PC throws up red flags over Champion Shooter Supply's website, so I havent yet ordered any of that.
  9. meh77gmc

    New parts for 10/22 coming

    Well, I was able to shoot a few groups today after a few errands. My intent was to test the performance of the new F.J. Feddersen barrel as well as find out what ammo it likes. I did learn that I need to buy some scope rings that sit lower. I was a bit uncomfortable with my cheekbone too high up off the buttstock. I also learned to think things through ahead of time and NOT drink a double espresso before heading to the range. Hahaha! Testing the same ammo I used in the factory barrel test, I found that the new barrel likes The CCI Mini-Mags and the bulk box Federal Auto Match best so far. I still would like to get ahold of some Standard Velocity CCI, CCI Green Tag as well as some Wolf Match Extra. Today's shooting is off a bipod with a bag to squeeze at the rear, Temps in the low 60s with 10-20 mph wind speeds. The first two pics are from before with the factory barrel at the same distance of 50 yards... Not good by a large margin. Next is the groups from today with the Feddersen barrel and it's single sided polygonal rifling. I do think the barrel has more accuracy than I was able to get out of it today. I was a bit jittery today and could have used a cheek riser or lower rings, and the results showed. Still, I am pleasantly pleased with the new barrel.
  10. meh77gmc

    New parts for 10/22 coming

    The parts came in and I got her put together and zeroed quickly. There was not enough light left to shoot groups and test ammo, so I will save that for either tomorrow, or the weekend. I believe I will either send the BX Trigger group back to Midway or sell it. Turns out the stoning and work I did to the factory trigger feels better to me than the BX trigger. here is the before and after photos of the 10/22...
  11. meh77gmc

    New parts for 10/22 coming

    I will add those two ammo choices to my list.
  12. meh77gmc

    New parts for 10/22 coming

    Today, I borrowed the 4-14x scope off my AR and put two 5-round groups on paper at 50 yards as a "before" test, using five different ammo types I have on hand. The results were definitely NOT impressive with the factory 10/22. I ran two passes with a bore snake between each ammo change, then 5 seasoning shots onto a zeroing target before two 5-round groups for record. The two best ammo types I tried were the Winchester M22 Subsonic (averaged 0.90-inch groups) and the Aguila .22 Super Extra (1.05" average). The other tree ammo types (CCI Quiet, CCI MiniMag HP, and Federal Auto-Match) ranged from 1.5" to 2.25" groups. Pretty bad! But, it was really cool to be able to watch the CCI Quiet ammo through the scope, fly to the target. It advertises only 710fps, so I guess that is why. I took the lazy way out and ordered the Hogue OM stock anyway. When the parts get here I will put her all together an run the same tests again, and start trying to find the barrel's ammo of choice. Mike
  13. meh77gmc

    New parts for 10/22 coming

    Great idea! Thanks.
  14. meh77gmc

    1022 build

    I have been reading up on .22lr accuracy lately and have read multiple sources that show test results where 16" barrels have produced better accuracy than the same barrels in longer lengths. YMMV.
  15. meh77gmc

    New parts for 10/22 coming

    Coming my way, that is. I needed a threaded barrel to take advantage of my suppressor, so I decided to change the 10/22 from pinker to tree-rat sniper rifle. So. I ordered a Ruger BX trigger assembly, a nylon recoil buffer (so I wont hear the metal-on-metal contact from the bolt while using the suppressor) and the biggie... a threaded, 16.25", fluted tube of awesomeness called a FJ Feddersen barrel. I want to get a Hogue overmolded stock to house the .920" barrel, but I figured spending almost $300 (with shipping) was enough for now. I intend to sand out the barrel channel of the factory stock using a 1" dowel rod for the time being. I swear, buying gun goodies makes me feel like a kid waiting on Santa to come. P.S. Range report will follow in the near future. Mike