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  1. They still had a smoking area for students in the quad my senior year in Louisiana. Then I moved back to Kalifornia for the second semester. No smoking there, but the cafeteria had McDonald's, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. ETA-...and a whole bunch of babes that loved my southern drawl!
  2. Remember, according to the CDC's standards, a person is not considered "fully vaccinated" until a few weeks (I can't remember the exact number of days) AFTER the second shot. That family will be added to the official count of unvaxed infected.
  3. The .gov is pressuring everyone in the chain. The head of safety at the plant I'm working at got his primary MD to write a prescription for legit Ivermectin. His pharmacist told him the .gov is on pharmacies butts over it. Two months ago is was $20-ish for the prescription. Now it cost him over $500.
  4. Perhaps offering Honorable Discharges to those who refuse the magic potion is another round of purging the ranks, sort of similar to the Obama purge of the officer corp.
  5. On Hannity's radio show, a mom is claiming her 20 y/o son and some of his friends are facing a courts martial for refusing.
  6. Oooooooh, there are few things in life that compare to a hot bb down the ear hole!
  7. The water is not pretty at Dauphin Island. The fishing is good, however. If you want the pretty beaches and blue waters, you have to go East of Mobile bay. Gulf Shores, P-cola, Navarre, and east. Edit to add... Battleship Park is worth it.
  8. When I order from Midway, UPS will get it all the way to my town and then hand it over to the post office. That causes 2 to 3 extra days for it to reach my house. But I discovered if I put just a single box of any ammo in my order, UPS doesn't hand it off. I get it 2 or 3 days sooner.
  9. I sometimes have a hard time feeling sympathy for those on the islands with houses destroyed like in the photos above. I believe it stems from the local barrier island in my county. Dauphin Island has a bunch of rich people that build glorious homes on stilts. They wanted to keep us non-rich riff-raff off their island by tolling the only bridge on and off the island. Thankfully the state stepped in and said, "Nope, we own that bridge. No tolls." Then, with every storm that rolls in and damages their paradise, those same rich people want our riff-raff tax money to fix their damage and rebuild their private beach that washed away.
  10. We got 11.25 inches of rain here at my house from Ida. Luckily, we are not in a low area.
  11. meh77gmc


    Congrats man! I'm slightly less than half the way there. 17 years and some change.
  12. I see a definite lack of work ethic these days in my field. Again, it is mostly from the younger folks. But what really grates on my nerves is these 19 year olds that come in, straight out of a trade school that ONLY taught them how to pass a welding test, and expect the same wage as the guy welding on twenty feet away, with 10 or 20 years of experience, and 1st class skill. I had one pork-chop looking kid with peach fuzz on his chin come in with a new PipeLiner hood that had been cut down, and a $250 Heavy Hitter tig-rig strapped to his back pack (all three the new "style" for pipe welders apparently) that complained about making $4/hr less than my other welders that had been with my company for years. This kid wouldn't do anything if it wasn't welding. Wouldn't pick up a broom or empty the trash, or anything. I finally had enough of his whining and told him he doesn't weld good enough for 1st-class pay. "That's bullshat! I can weld with the best!" I gave up welding 5 years ago on Doctor's orders, after sucking down weld fumes for 16 years, and I swapped over to the fitting side of things, but he didn't know that. To him, I was just the shop supervisor and a fitter. I told him to go to lunch and I'll make the next two welds. When he came back and saw the welds, he was dumbfounded. I told him if a fitter like me can weld that much better than him, then I didn't need him. Told him to load up his tools and I'll inspect his box on the way out the door. Gawd, I hate the youth these days.
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