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  1. A private shooting club in Pasgagoula was holding a 600-yard F-Class match today and I thought it was about time for me to try it out. I have never fired a rifle past 300 yards before, but I put together this AR-15 just for this purpose, so... I drove down there, talked to the match director and told him my story. He was very friendly, and after giving me a run-down on how the match works he let me enter the F T/R class. I was a bit intimidated after seeing all the other rifles on the line. High dollar rigs in calibers like 6mm Dasher with 55x Nightforce scopes on them. .22 Noslers and 6.5Creedmores etc. And here I am showing up with an AR in .223 with a $400 Vortex on it. So, I had two goals I wanted to accomplish today. One- get a good 600-yard zero without looking like an idiot, and Two- NOT to crossfire onto another target that was not mine. Now is the time to attempt goal number one. I got set up, opened the ballistic app on my phone and brought up the data I had saved for the 77grain Sierra GMM ammo and the 24" BHW barrel. The app called for 15.4 minutes of elevation and 3.2 minutes of windage. I dialed up 15.5 and the 3.25 right. When the command to fire was given, I held dead center, exhaled and put pressure on the Geissele trigger until it sent my cold-bore shot on it's way. Then I waited for the man in the pits to pull my target. Only he didn't pull my target. Awww crap! I didn't see any dirt kick up under the target, so I thought (with horror) that maybe I sailed the bullet over the target and I would spend the next 1/2 box of ammo chasing my tail and looking like an idiot, trying to put a hole in a 6-foot square cardboard target frame just trying to get a good zero. All sorts of thoughts about failing my first goal were passing through my head and I sheepishly asked to director to check target #8. He radioed to the pits and my target went down. It came back up with the markers indicating a 10 at 3-o'clock. YES! I'm just gonna roll with it- no scope adjustments needed. My first 10 shots were three 10's and seven 9's. At this point I'm thrilled with the BHW barrel and this factory Federal ammo. But, for the second 10 shots of the string, the wind started acting funny and I dropped four shots into the 8-ring. Keep in mind all my dropped points were misses left and right. Vertically, from the first coldbore shot, to the last shot of the day, they stayed within a 1-MOA vertical spread. I just don't know the art of wind-wispering yet. During the last half of my second string, the wind started getting schitzophrenic. It changed directions from one side to the other without me noticing, so I was kind of shocked to see shot #34 land out the other side in the 6-ring. Four shots later, the wind flags were arguing with the mirage. The flags said left, the mirage said right. The mirage was correct, and I was wrong. I held for the wind flags and dropped another 6-bomb to the side the wind started the day blowing towards. ARGGG! All in all, I completely enjoyed myself, learned some things about using mirage to hold for windage, and succeeded in achieving my second goal- NOT crossfiring onto another target! Finished with a 540-4x. The overall winner was that guy with the 6mm Dasher @ 591-ButtloadofX I joined the club, got a key to the 600-yard range and look forward to completing goal #3 in the future. #3- All 60 shots in the 9-ring or better. Mike
  2. meh77gmc

    1022 upgrade

    I did some trigger work on mine, modified the bolt release so it can be closed slingshot style, and added a FJ Feddersen bull barrel. That took my 10/22 from 2-3moa groups at 50 yards down to 5-shot groups under a quarter inch with CCI Standard Velocity ammo. The Feddersen barrels with their single edge poly rifling are pricey, but they are worth it. Just my .02 Mike
  3. meh77gmc

    FORD v FERRARI = Most Excellent Movie

    Y'all should quit pickin' on Rampy for the being in the Air Force. It is well known that the Air Force is a perfectly good alternative to military service.
  4. meh77gmc

    Things that make me angry...

    I love good groups. I hate wooden rulers.
  5. meh77gmc

    New watch came in today.

    I finally bought a watch that I like and could afford. It is a GG-1000 Mudmaster model from Casio. It will replace the cheap, all digital Casio on days when I am NOT at work welding pipe. I like the G-shock watches for their resistance to being destroyed by the electrical currents when welding. picture of the work watch that I've had for a while first... ...and the new Mudmaster twin sensor (with compass and thermometer)... I am a happy camper. Even though I really wanted the GWG-1000 with the saphire crystal and triple sensors, I couldn't justify forking over $500+ for that one. I managed to get this model for right at $200 Mike Geaux Tigers!
  6. meh77gmc

    New watch came in today.

    Yes, one of the modes allows for the incremental adjustment of the hands as well as the mode dial, independent of the digital readout. I like knowing that as I can be a bit ocd as well.
  7. meh77gmc

    New watch came in today.

    It is a bit larger than I expected, but it seems to wear well. It doesn't try to roll around my wrist like others.
  8. meh77gmc

    New watch came in today.

    It isn't just you, my friend. I like that part too!
  9. meh77gmc

    New watch came in today.

    No, this isn't a diver's watch. The "Frogman" is their dive model. This watch is just for tadpoles, hence the "mudman" name.
  10. meh77gmc

    New watch came in today.

    Negative. I try to stay places where I am on TOP of the food chain, not part of it.
  11. meh77gmc

    Hey meh77gmc

    Thank y'all. It was a nice day for turning 42. Topped it off with some prime grade ribeye cap steak and pasta.
  12. meh77gmc

    I have no words....

    Who would put ketchup on waffles? That's just gross.
  13. meh77gmc

    Got the call today...

    ...from my dealer, that my tax stamp came in today! FINALLY. 252 days from "check cashed" to today's call. I will go pick my DeadAir Mask 22HD can on Friday when I am off work. I am excited!
  14. meh77gmc

    Got the call today...

  15. meh77gmc


    After last weekend's season opening performance I was happy with what I saw LSU do, but wanted to hold back my expectations until they played somebody good. Now, after watching the away game against the Longhorns, I am excited. GEAUX TIGERS! That is all.
  16. It happened here in Mobile, and I believe it isn't getting the typical outrageous coverage because it was a back shooter at a game between two black highchools. Although, the game was held at a stadium that is not on any school grounds, so maybe it didnt qualify for their "school shooting" tears.
  17. meh77gmc

    Hey, Computer Wizards

    The add-on I use with DDG is Privacy Badger. I have had no issues with it yet.
  18. meh77gmc

    what is considered a high power rifle cartridge?

    I dont know the clinical answer to the question, but my personal opinion would be along the lines of... any bullet at 90 grains or above at velocities above 2500fps at the muzzle.
  19. meh77gmc

    Retcop Has Spoken.......

    Wish I could buy John a beer!
  20. Very nice write-up. I always enjoy reading them, especially about the guns themselves.
  21. meh77gmc

    american muscle dilemma

    The HP these days amaze me. Back when I bought my '93 4-cyl Mustang. It came with 88-hp. The '93 Cobra had 240-hp. Now, the 4-cyl Mustangs are topping 300 horses.
  22. meh77gmc

    Gay Cake issue

    Not flagrantly flamboyant like carrot cake or upside-down cakes, but it was a little bit out there. I mean, who puts the letter "d" in bundt cake if not to draw attention.
  23. meh77gmc

    Gay Cake issue

    The wife brought home a cake from the store the other day. It tasted funny. I wo der if it was gay.