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  1. If colour doesn't/shouldn't matter, the 'protesters' haven't a leg to stand on.
  2. Further - Leasing is for people who buy a car based on a monthly payment. Buying is for those who buy based on Price. Generally. Although I know a lot of folks suckered into 'how much can you afford per month'? They don't learn. They lose a lot of money. Residuals and costs and all that - it will probably NEVER work out in the favor of the customer. Find a good used car; offer 'asking price, *out the door* - which is generally a pretty good deal. WALK AWAY if they try adding on stuff like 'document fees'. Documents fees are non-value-added to the customer. Customers do NOT care what it costs you to do business; don't get suckered into that. Or, pay those fees, but have the price of the car reduced correspondingly. My 2006 Expedition for $12k with 88k miles compares to a then-new 2013 Expedition: $38,xxx. For NO greater capability. I've spent $2k on a transmission (oops), and a few hundred in brakes and whatnot. The '13 looks better in my opinion, but $25,000-not-spent (notice: I didn't SAVE $25000. Not-obligating myself is not the same as not-spending) sure looks a LOT better. Couple that with less-expensive insurance and...well...to me it's win.
  3. If leasing benefitted customers as a whole, as opposed to the dealerships/makers, dealerships wouldn't offer them so much. Leasing = Giving lots of money and getting a verb in return. You get a 'car service' Buying = giving lots of money and getting a noun in return. You get a 'car'.
  4. Thank you Watson! I've been...I dunno. lots of places. Life is a whirlwind. Pending divorce (has taken nearly 3 years) looms. Work is...well. Uh. I'm happy to have employment! How's that answer?
  5. Thanks guys! Yes - the locker I'm looking at is 'flip a switch' type Roof rack is in design stages; I have ARB snatch strap; Nato fuel cans, Crosby shackles; 10k Winch w/ synth line, hi-lift...and - I go wheelin' with other people.
  6. I'm not sure how that one works. When installed as per the factory, it shuts off at 25mph, or 40? in four wheel low...and all that. In my truck - will take just a 12v switch and a relay. Will switch on, on-demand and stay until I decide. Much better, IMO.
  7. Thank you! $410 for the OEM locker. Will need a little modification for my truck's independent rear (mostly just drilling the pumpkin for the electrical connection for the locker), but I'd sure love it.
  8. Last year I sold my wrangler (35", BDS lift, etc) and picked up this 2006 Expedition. Small lift, tires, bumper and I am pretty close to done with her; next step - swapping in OEM Ford E-Locking rear diff and truetrac up front. Tires are 315/70/17 Duratracs; TAG Winch Bumper I have an Engo 10Klbs winch w/ sythetic line - just not installed at the moment.
  9. anyone suspect the .gov is hot-and-horney for a way to install more-controls on the lives of the citizenry?
  10. Last month I took my expedition out for a little sand time at silver lake sand dunes; western coast of Michigan. Semi-interesting vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nuZlvMs4CA
  11. God was never IN the oath. God didn't put himself in the oath, and I can PROVE God doesn't give a shat about the oath. An Oath is merely as good as the person taking it. However, a logical conclusion would be the Military to disband the chaplaincy; or at least forbid Benedictions, etc., and other official prayers.
  12. I know we're being tongue-in-cheek- or I hope...but remember 'weather' is not 'climate' - or it IS climate, but only after trend data forms. The problem is people want power over others. It's easier to get idiots to give up their liberty without a fight than for a armed-conflict. Thus, "progressives' pursue fantasty "problems" to scare the dimwits, who gladly give over their freedom/liberty just 'to be safe'
  13. I really like my Del-Ton rifle, although I steer people away from the company every chance I get - unethical business practice on their part and lack of even close-to-reasonable customer service. Wouldn't risk my money buying their stuff.
  14. will not let me upgrade - going through the online upgrade process brings me back to the begininng. In person, nobody at the VA hospital could tell me how, either saying "...you have to do that online'. :-/ (sigh)
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