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  1. Nice flow from image to image. Now, make one with Obomb!ah's head on storm troop & you know who all on the recieving end. STONEAXE- out

    Warning, Will Robinson!

    Happy Veteran's Day! Yep, those pesky .22s can cause a lot of excitment. - Also heard that they work just fine as replacement fuses in older model cars & trucks. -That's if you want to add your name to the rapidly growing list on the Darwin Awards. Have fun & God bless all- STONEAXE out-

    A question for the people in the know

    Good Morning, ( vic's is John C.) ( ** is held due to lawsuit) Don't know much about hit men & tools used by said individuals, but when 6'4", 250#+, well built railroad tech friend of mine was AD'ed in right back above kidney he fell against me like he'd been hit by ball bat. Guest at our private pistol range was "sighting in" his son's .22 semi rifle. think it was 10/22, but not inportant. Anyway, this guy's walking towards us from stage left range carrying rifle by pistol grip- FINGER INSIDE TRIGGER GUARD- w/o ear protection- BOOM! Desert Eagle .44 Mag being tried out fires. Friend facing me literally falls into my arms, knocks both of us down. He's consious but thrashing around screaming wanting to know who hit him. I look up and i'm staring up at the barrel of that little ol .22, man oh man. anger, fear, rage, what the heck are you thinkin' flash through my mind. I yell at ** to point his rifle away from us and start searching vic for cause of injury. Yep, U guessed it. itty, bitty, tiny little hole, plugged with fat tissue & no blood leak. stain on gray warmup pants was clue where hit. here's the punchline- John lived, Dr.s had to open him up front & back from ribcage to pelvis, back ribcage to upper cheek to clean him out. bullet nicked rib, calved, & sent frags into every organ below his diapram. multiple surguries for adhesions & leaks, addiction to painkillers, divorce, and bankruptury. he lives, .22 didn't kill him, but in this one case, I know it stopped & put a full sized, tough man on the ground. STONEAXE, out-

    I hate stupid people.

    Oh Yeah! That's a good lookin' pair of boxers(?) you've got there. Keep 'em cool, I wish the old roadox had an AC. Those are some lucky dawgs! God Bless & Have a great day! STONEAXE out-

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning & God Bless, All Vets, Current Service Volunteers, and Family Members! May this Hallowed Day be a day of good memories, comfort, and well deserved appreciation. Have a Great Day and Know that You Are Appreciated! God Bless You All! STONEAXE OUT-

    New member/New Wilson Combat 10mm

    Well said Hunter! I believe a lot of the "10mm" faithful my not know the sorted history of Lt. Col. J. Cooper, (God rest his soul), the smuggled Cech. pistols, and the Need for flatter shooting, accurate rounds, along with more cap. God Bless, STONEAXE, out

    The Human Race

    I like it! Kind of along the story of the man & wife driving through the country. She spots mules, asses, and pigs in field and asks,"Relatives of your's?" He smiles and replies, "Yep, inlaws." God Bless and be safe, STONEAXE-out

    Newly discovered

    WOW! Finally i get it. The reactions occuring during the formation of the morassium contain dark matter that, when allowed to have its way, consumes even more energy and resources in reproducing even more dark matter, continuing the reaction until totality is achieved, at which time dark matter becomes totally unstable and anarchy radiates outward from the source-. now i'm getting scared, STONEAXE- out

    If Obama was honest...

    Ain't it the TRUTH! Socialism is wonderful if you're the one sharing the goodies. Be Good & God Speed, STONEAXE out-

    Sex in the Shower

    Good one. Bet the "brut" guys were a little bit nervious reading the questions to those inbreed city buggers. Try to have a good day, last night still seems like a bad movie. STONEAXE out-

    Please shut up.

    Good day to ya, Aye that's true, But- what is it you're learnin', skills, facts, insight, and reasoning, or that a liberal w/ a degree can "earn" more per year than 2-3 hard working blue collars, & don't even get me started about how we pay so much more to be entertained by "mega stars and grownups playing games" than by school teachers, firemen, police, & military? be safe, STONEAXE out-

    GPS Units

    Steel pot-not Kevlar, m16 mags- last time i checked Aluminium, small steel spring, brass&lead ammo, except of course 106s w/ steel penetraters- main prob. steel hood on D&1/2. Hope she didn't get you too far into unfriendly zone. God Bless and keep your powder dry & your compass away from ferrous- STONEAXE-OUT

    Blow out kit

    sorry about that, still trying to work my way 'round this keyboard, not my thing. bugout kits- stuff you need when flood hits, or unexploded ord. goes off when dim bulb tries to AcyOxy his way inside to see what's inside.(Arkoma, OK-yesterday). folks were ordered to leaves homes by "authorities. so- keep your BO kit as unthreatening as possible. break down your black gun and don't flash your sidearms, keep it real, but keep it friendly looking. God Bless & hope you never have to use it. Better to have & not need it than to need it & not have it- STONEAXE out