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  1. After a month or so of the better food she is getting now the shedding will get better, not great she us still a GSD, but better. Get a furminator and brush her once a month or so with it and you can kind of keep it under control
  2. Nice job Pepper. There is a dog food called Soju that is dry but you mix it with water. We keep a bag around for a quick alternative to dogs that are on special diets we have to make sometimes. It is definitely not cheaper, but if you run out of stew it is quick
  3. Warning random hugger. That would keep almost everyone away from me and that equals true happiness
  4. I always laugh at people that tell me how great we have taken care of our vets. Going back to the civil war the best they have gotten is ignored. The only reason the ww2 vets got anything is because they saw their fathers get shot at in DC when they were trying to get what was promised, and they took what they were promised. I know a few people with gulf war syndrome and after the parade they were told to get bent because it couldn't be our benevolent rulers in DC's fault. I saw a little of the show, and even the semi hit redhead couldn't keep me from changing the channel
  5. Couldn't resist trying the chicken and waffles chips, they tasted like chicken and waffles. Definitely an acquired taste but not bad
  6. Those are the same numbers I posted twice. Yes DC has a higher murder rate, but TN leads the way in assults with a gun. I realize that many people want to stop anyone that looks different, but the constitution says you can't do that, like Pepper was saying. I am sorry constitution applies to everyone equally
  7. Please don't take that he wrong way, I was making fun of her, she was off and then sent herself to jail
  8. Yes I was talking violent acts with a gun per capita. After rereading dc is higher than TN, TN comes in second
  9. Here is a more condensed version http://www.amazon.com/wiki/Crime_in_Tennessee
  10. http://www.tbi.state.tn.us/tn_crime_stats/stats_analys.shtml Is the Wikipedia file per capita I can't open it on my phone unfortunately
  11. How so? Because two people have a disagreement
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