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  1. This is my first GSD, so other than knowing to have her hips checked out, and knowing that I'm going to be able to weave a quilt with all the hair I'm cleaning off of the carpets, furniture, and every surface where it can float or fly to, I'm not sure what to expect. I'm amazed the dog has hair on it with as much as we've brushed off of her (brush her with a shedding brush, clean it, repeat until it pulls no more loose hair off, daily) and vacuumed out of the carpets, it's a wonder she's not bald, but she's leaving tan hair everywhere she goes, and still has a thick, soft coat.


    After a month or so of the better food she is getting now the shedding will get better, not great she us still a GSD, but better. Get a furminator and brush her once a month or so with it and you can kind of keep it under control

  2. I always laugh at people that tell me how great we have taken care of our vets. Going back to the civil war the best they have gotten is ignored. The only reason the ww2 vets got anything is because they saw their fathers get shot at in DC when they were trying to get what was promised, and they took what they were promised. I know a few people with gulf war syndrome and after the parade they were told to get bent because it couldn't be our benevolent rulers in DC's fault.


    I saw a little of the show, and even the semi hit redhead couldn't keep me from changing the channel

  3. Mehhhhhh is all I could say about them. They really do taste like garlic bread, and I LOVE garlic cheese bread, just not sure that I want my chips to taste like garlic bread if that makes any sense.


    Now I have still not sunk so low as to buy the chicken and waffles ones............. REALLY?? What's that really supposed to taste like?


    Couldn't resist trying the chicken and waffles chips, they tasted like chicken and waffles. Definitely an acquired taste :lol: but not bad

  4. Let me let u in on a secret, theChattanooga free times press is a commie liberal anti gun rag, and what makes it worse, they quote the Tennessean and it is even worse. Even after making the alligation in the story they admit that DC was above TN in the stats.


    Here are some actual stats from 2010 posted in 1/11.





    Those are the same numbers I posted twice. Yes DC has a higher murder rate, but TN leads the way in assults with a gun.


    I realize that many people want to stop anyone that looks different, but the constitution says you can't do that, like Pepper was saying. I am sorry constitution applies to everyone equally

  5. This is what bugs me more than anything in these discussions. Often, I am more concerned with people's constitutional rights than even they are. Then someone who doesn't have all the facts complain about how cops violate people's rights, it's just frustrating. A good cop will make mistakes, and will occasionally violate someone's rights. It happens. They don't want it to happen, no one does, but a good cop rides right on the edge. They go as far as they can, without taking one step too far. Sometimes the turn of a phrase can turn a consensual conversational encounter into a "stop", where the person feels like they're not free to leave, and the whole dynamic changes. Sometimes simply the number of officers, the positioning of cars, body language, all can go into the equation, and can turn a valid, consensual contact into an illegal search or detention. It's why even after learning all about this stuff, even lawyers need to see hundreds, if not thousands of practical applications of case law to know what is, and is not reasonable. Trying to pigeonhole every circumstance into black and white boxes is impossible.


    Please don't take that he wrong way, I was making fun of her, she was off and then sent herself to jail

  6. This. Absolutely, unequivocally, this. Without reasonable suspicion, there is NO ability for the police to detain and frisk someone. There must be an articulable suspicion that the person may be armed, or pose a threat to the officer. I can't search someone just because I stop them either. I have to either have consent, or have something I can hang my hat on, such as baggy clothing with a suspicious lump, furtive movements, something. If someone is just standing there and their contraband is well concealed, giving away no clues, I may have to wave goodbye to them. I almost lost a dope case last week to that, but the idiot came back to my stop location (passenger in a car that was being towed/impounded), and then told me that she had drugs and paraphernalia in her purse, giving me probable cause to search it and find her marijuana, and her heroin. I thought sure as hell I'd lost all the dope in the car when she blissfully stood up and walked away, as I had no right to detain her. When she came back of her own free will, and volunteered that she left because she was scared about the dope in her bag, I almost fell over laughing.


    :facepalm: quite the supervillian

  7. Broken down murder per 100K and gun murders per 100K.


    To add despite having the lowest gun ownership rate, DC is the only "state" with double digit numbers in both murders and gun murders.

    Yes I was talking violent acts with a gun per capita. After rereading dc is higher than TN, TN comes in second

  8. When it comes to constitutional rights, you are right, I am going to think in absolutes. If we don't we are hit with "you don't need an AR15".


    If someone gets raped by someone who is 6' wearing a hoodie than that is reason to stop, if someone is walking dressed how they want to dress that is not. If they are trespassing at a park after hours that is reason, if they are walking down a street at any time of day or night that is not, there is no law on walking.


    What other parts of the constitution should we ignore?

  9. So following the logic presented here we should be searching the bank accounts of any business person because they are the ones that would embezzle or collect the DNA from every guy on a club because a girl might get raped

  10. If you ask me, this thread shows racism is alive and well in America.


    The title says "Another Black Guy Gets It." Talk about giving everyone a label- a perfect example. Why not just title it "Another Guy Gets It?"

    Yep, and the more we drive in the wedge the harder it is going to be to convince anyone to see things our way

  11. I had a GSP growing up. Great dogs. You never see them around here though.

    They a pretty popular in the Midwest, I think their a lot more pointers down around you. I really like the GSPs they are really nice dogs. We have been doing more with the wires lately though

  12. We have the German Pointer rescue booth in the dog club tent. They want to make sure the event stays close to its roots so dog clubs get greatly reduced rates or in our case a free space. Breeders and trainers have to pay, but if you are a 501c3 they get you in

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