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    Game Fair

    Awesome glad you enjoyed it
  2. Chesapeake Light Craft has IMHO the best selection and customer service, I have also used Glen L and Guillemot. The canoes I did I borrowed the strongbacks from a friend and the sailboat I am toying with was published a few years ago in Wooden Boat magazine. That should get you on the right track. I would suggest starting with a stitch and glue kit, but if you start with just plans and cut the pieces yourself you can customize it. I usually help with a class in Jan and Feb if you want to come to it
  3. I have built a bunch of stitch and glue kayaks, 2 strip canoes, a small lap sail/rowboat, and I am gathering the ambition to build a strip sailboat. Lots af fun and almost as addictive as BRD
  4. Good luck. We had a dog with the cone of shame and my wife painted ot like a flower for Halloween, he still wasn't happy to wear it
  5. I would guess there isn't as much call for blued anymore because it is not as durable as some of the other finishes. I would rather have blued also, but my shotguns only have two shots and I wear tin cloth into the field
  6. As I sit here with two laying on my lap, I understand your dilemma. We just put $1700 in one and they didn't find anything conclusive. Going the cheaper, less invasive route that will probably work is the right thing to do. The neuter doesn't change them as much as people say and they recover pretty quickly usually
  7. Good morning everybody
  8. Went sent a wirehair out to a couple that lives very close to central park last year. The couple takes it there daily when the are in town and I guess there is a time or place that they can let him run off leash. The first report back from them is the dog caught 2 squirrels and a bunch people freaked out a asked who they were going to call to report the dog. I think the squirrels are staying a little farther away now
  9. Friendly fire isn't Incoming fires have the right of way
  10. Good morning everybody
  11. That is also their defense mechanism in the wild, if they are about yo get caught by a predator they just die. One of my wife's favorite things to do at the state fair is go to the rabbit cages and point out meat rabbits and fur rabbits. It usually scars the city kids.
  12. Good morning everybody
  13. Your still wrong about kimchee, but I will give you a pass if you send me some pickles.
  14. Fishing sounds really good today. Have fun hope the new flies work
  15. I haven't ridden that one, but the dual purpose bikes I have tried all seemed top heavy. They were fun just I didn't feel like I had as much control on the street
  16. Nice, I have been tempted, but other projects have always taken precedence
  17. No that's fine. Probably the cleanest place in the hospital
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