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  1. what really made my head hurt was they didn't even get to play with them, they just gave them up to be destroyed
  2. The problem with Element is every time I go in there I get yelled at from the wife
  3. My Wife and I foster for two different rescues and it amazing what people do to their dogs. Many would have just left her, so thank you very much for doing the right thing. On a lighter note we are moving farther out of the city where there is more of a coyote problem and my wife, who only likes to shoot .22's, is now looking at ar's to make sure our dogs don't need to worry about the problem.
  4. I was an FO and we used them on the ranges, but never when we were calling arty or mortars until we had a round land REALLY short. My team then always had them in when we were calling. I don't even remember having them during deployments.
  5. Which do you shoot better? I have shot glocks and I own 2 XDm's. I shoot the XDm's much better and have never had an issue with them. Buy what feels better and YOU are more accurate with.
  6. We're allowed to bait bear here in MN, I kinda find this like a game farm that puts troughs out, not all that sporting. However, I train a lot of dogs and the pheasant farms are great places to bring young dogs along or keep the rust off the older dogs in the off season
  7. Who voted for turkey? Does't Oprah have a site he can go to?
  8. Nope, born in Toledo OH, then Michigan, Iowa, Texas, and now MN. We are looking at South Carolina and Texas to move to though.
  9. Prayers sent from MN
  10. Thanks everybody, my curiosity has been satisfied and I can move on with my life
  11. I have heard all the differences between commercial and mil spec buffer tubes, but what I am wondering is does any one know why they started making diferent tubes? Thanks in advance it has been bothering me for a while
  12. I just saw a sign at Bill's in Robbinsdale that their spring show is Apr 9-11. C'mon up to birdtown and shoot stuff
  13. it's events like this that keep me employed
  14. The UN should just put the D.R. in charge of Haiti. Think of all the baseball players they could develop.
  15. It got up to 35 yesterday so we took the day off to go shoot
  16. how could "The Big Red One" not be anywhere on this page
  17. Vietnam bad. Evil americans with guns
  18. I hate you all. You can have my snow. It was 2 degrees here last night.
  19. See if you can go above her. Many moons ago, when I was in college, I did a paper on why the national endowment for the arts should be eliminated. Needless to say, the lefty teacher didn't like it so I recieved a lower than deserved grade. I went to her boss and had her look at it, and she changed the grade. The teacher for the class was only a grad student so that might be why it was changed, but if you are on the edge it might be worth a try. What was the paper about?
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