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  1. Just think, if it wasn't for the kiwis trying to cheat in 1988 with KZ1 multi hulls may have never come to the Cup.
  2. It probably does, I have only been able to open about 25% on my phone today.
  3. I couldn't get past the headline
  4. My mother is a microbiologist and she has been talking about these bacteria for years. I couldn't open the articles because my phone is acting strange today, but I hope they mentioned how we brought some of these on ourselves by killing off all of the weaker strains by sanitizing everything and over prescribing antibiotics for things that didn't require them. Buckle up the road is going to get bumpy
  5. I'll take care of the cannons you take care of the time travel There are like watching grenades, you never know when one is going to blow up
  6. I am watching whenever I can. It is so weird now with the sponsorships and the crews from different countries on other boats. Those boats are really amazing though. They are way different then the old tubby 12 meters of the 80's
  7. Sorry to here that. That is one cancer that you really don't want to hear
  8. Good morning everybody
  9. Um that's the Russian chick beating the heck out of the thief. Still really funny
  10. yep THEY will make him look like a redneck
  11. The wife is taking me to it on Wednesday night. Apparently Hugh Jackman is in it and she wants to go, odd.
  12. Gray and slimy, just like mom used to make
  13. Very tasty, reminds me I have a bottle of Templeton calling when I get home
  14. Wow you have gotten really fast already
  15. Good morning everybody
  16. That is about the quickest way to get your car set on fire I have ever seen
  17. Yep, still happy to not have cable. He is a giant d bag
  18. I am one of the few with a windows phone. I have had an iPhone and an android and this is by far my favorite. There are not as many apps, but I have found every app I had with the other phones just not in the same quantities. If you need a machine gun sound app there are only a few dozen instead of hundreds
  19. That was a good birthday
  20. Gotta love uncle Ted. Glad you enjoyed your night off
  21. What's wrong with you, there is no good reason to eat kimchee
  22. For men or women? According to my wife I am still 12
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