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  1. Check with the manufacturer, Easton used to give you a frees dozen. Nice shot through
  2. Good morning everybody
  3. Well, I can honestly say I am extremely disappointed in everybody. Here is a perfect time to help our brother in need justify a new toy and you people are telling him how to make due with what he has, sad. LT what you should do is very similar to what everyone is telling you. Shoot 10 to 20 times with your hunting bow, but if you want to shoot more and work on form after take out your new target bow that is set up a lot lighter and shoot as many as you want with that. You're welcome, happy shopping
  4. Good morning everybody
  5. Had the same kind of thing yesterday. I woke up and my foot was really swollen around a cut I had, so I hemmed and hawed about going to urgent care, but I went, got checked out, and was put on some antibiotics. Today I show up to my first customers house, I had never met him just his wife, he is in a wheel chair with no legs. He lost them to a "minor cut" that got infected. We are all 10 foot tall and bulletproof, but we have to remember to listen to the warning signs
  6. A extra large zip tie (flex cuff) can be used to hold open a leg trap or body trap put out by a careless trapper and zip ties have a lot of uses, buy I am trying to figure out the justification of carrying the weight of bolt cutters over socks and band aids. You will definitely need fry socks if you are walking and you will probably need minor first aid supplies before a tourniquet. First aid supplies are light and shouldn't be just tossed out as unneeded.
  7. Good morning everybody
  8. Great now I am going to have nightmares
  9. good morning everybody
  10. I can't wait for the home version to come out
  11. Good morning everybody
  12. How's your big bad hunting machine? Still cowering from the 4th
  13. So, as a lot of you know, my wife and I foster rescue dogs, a lot of them. Mostly German Wirehairs and Shorthairs, but also the occasional lab and pointer thrown in. Over last few years we have had 43 come through our doors and all have been adopted out to good families and are doing well. A few days ago my wife sent me a text and said "we need to talk when you get home, it's nothing bad". This, of course, peaked my interest and I hurried home when I got done with what I was working on and when I walked in I was greeted by Olive, our current foster. I quickly noticed that she was wearing new collar with her name on a tag, all of the fosters get tags with the rescue info and our numbers no name. She then told me she has been thinking and since Olive fits in so well and she is such a good dog and blah blah blah, that we should keep her. We always made fun of the fosters that can't let go of the dogs they are taking care of and called them "foster failures" so there you have it, my wife is a foster failure and we have new dog for hunting season. Funny thing I don't remember getting a vote
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    What do you think of New Glarus
  15. harry1


    Natty Ice....you make me a little sad
  16. harry1


    We have a few local ones that are really good if you can find them by you. Surly Furious IPA, Fulton Sweet Child of Vine IPA, and anything by Summit brewing. I'm a big fan of the Rouge beers too
  17. Why stop at two, ten fingers would really get it moving
  18. good morning everybody
  19. Greetings, welcome to the armory. Don't worry there are nothing, but good positive influences around here to help you stay well within any budget you set for your next rifle
  20. Since we are going down the dark path of 40 dog, you can't beat wild Irish rose
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